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1142 examples of  limping  in sentences

1142 examples of limping in sentences

They all stood and watched the limping traveller.

Men who had been limping and despondent before broke into wild dances of joy.

" Knight and man-at-arms, limping and afoot, on horses weary and blown, they came at the summonsarcher and pike-man they came, a blood be-spattered company; many were they that staggered, faint with wounds, and many that sank upon the trampled grass a-swoon with weariness, but in the eyes of each and every was the look of men that triumph.

And ever as they went came scattered groups of Sir Benedict's stout rear-guard, staggering with weariness and limping with wounds, the while, upon the plain beyond, Eric with his men-at-arms and Walkyn with the survivors of the foresters and Giles with his archers and pikemen, holding the foe in play, fell back upon the town, compact and orderly.

We found her limping along, and shoved through the bush for the river, so she needn't walk.

I believe that for a moment he had it in his mind to throw the heavy portfolio away, willing to lose what he believed to be the most valuable of all the plunder that might be found, rather than miss the excitement of the chase; but, fortunately, just then John Sammons came limping back with a wound in the leg which had been inflicted by a savage whom he afterward succeeded in killing.

Once at Jerusalem, where the pilgrims kneel'd, I strewรจd powder on the marble stones, And therewithal their knees would rankle so, That I have laugh'd a-good to see the cripples Go limping home to Christendom on stilts.

They resolved at least to hold their ground, and to advance as they might, were it only by limping through the deep snows a few slow miles a day.

He leap'd too far, he got a hurt, He now does limping go.

" "Huh!" grunted Toby, rubbing his head ruefully as he came up, and limping in the bargain, "t-t-that was him, all r-r-right then, Obed.

Andy Lasher could be easily seen, as he always took it upon himself to be the high pin of any gathering of the clans in which he moved; then there was the fellow who had been caught stealing from the traps of Jesse Wilcox that morning, still limping painfully whenever he walked.

We could see him stumbling up the path, limping to favor his leg.

As we came limping home through the streets of our village, I caught sight of my own Smith & Wesson revolver in the hands of a mere boy of fifteenthe son of a well-known Arab outlaw.

for some reason Michael at once sprang back to his place, and whipped up his limping steed.

" A tall man, but much bent at the shoulders and limping in one leg from an old hurt aggravated by rheumatism.

Hot and sweating men striving to renew some part or improvise, by bullock hide "reims," a temporary road repair that will bring them limping back to the advance base.

Wellhere I come, limping to my new tyrant's feet, like Goethe's bear to Lili's.'

The captain had heard that the Governor was an eccentric, but he was hardly prepared for the curious figure who came limping feebly down his quarter-deck, his steps supported by a thick bamboo cane.

He whipped out his sword, but they scattered in every direction and continuing their swift, limping gallop, disappeared in a cloud of dust.

To make the gods merry, the celestial clown Vulcan tuned his polt foot to the measures of Apollo's lute, and danced a limping galliard in Jove's starry hall: to make you merry, that are gods of art and guides unto heaven, a number of rude Vulcans, unwieldy speakers, hammer-headed clowns (for so it pleaseth them in modesty to name themselves) have set their deformities to view, as it were in a dance here before you.

"Racey, you're limping!" "Not me," he lied.

For an Oedipus-People is coming fast With swelled feet limping on, If they shout his true name once aloud

Gold can make limping Vulcan walk upright; Make squint eyes straight, a crabbed face look smooth, Gilds copper noses, makes them look like gold; Fills age's wrinkles up, and makes a face, As old as Nestor's, look as young as Cupid's.

Then you must bear in mind that this is a day of "official" accounts that would make a limping dog of Ananias.

Suppose you open up, and tell me?" "I was tickled half to death to see how Percy tried to walk, as if nothing was the matter with him, when all the time he couldn't keep from limping; because, don't you see, one or several of those bird-shot Felix scattered around last night, must have stung him about the legs.

He was a man about fifty years of age, largely made about the shoulders and chest, but stooping a good deal, and limping heavily in one leg.

To interpose obtained his end; He gloried in his limping pace; The scars of honour seamed his face; 10 In every limb a gash appears, And frequent fights retrenched his ears.

40 He rose; and limping from the fray, By both sides mangled, sneaked away.

Next Gout appears with limping pace, Pleads how he shifts from place to place, From head to foot how swift he flies, 19 And every joint and sinew plies; 20 Still working when he seems suppress'd, A most tenacious stubborn guest.

What you say about the soldiers may be true, but the fact is that I've been in the country more than three years, and I haven't seen any soldier limping.

" Numbers of wounded passed him, some stretched on litters, which men wearing the red badge of the ambulance corps were bearing to the rear, others limping along bleeding from hurts more or less serious.

what's all this fuss and feathers about?" demanded the old retired traveler, as he came limping along, with his crutch and cane.

Of all the files of men, he marcheth in the last, and comes limping, for he is shot, and is no man of this world.

The Major and the elephants hurried back, and met the man limping along, bleeding from several scratches, and with a nasty bite in his shoulder, but otherwise more frightened than hurt.

But when we remember that, of all dramatic openings, there is none finer than that which shows Richard Plantagenet limping down the empty stage to say "Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York; And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house In the deep bosom of the ocean buried" we feel that the axiom requires large qualifications.

Soon were seen The father and his sons, those wolves I mean, Limping, and by the hounds all crush'd and torn And as the cry awoke me in the morn, I heard my boys, the while they dozed in bed (For they were with me), wail, and ask for bread.

One got a kick on the shin, and limping up to Boggley said, "Sir, I am wounded; I cannot play," whereupon another ran up to the wounded one, crying, "Courage, brother.

Who says he can't go as far as that limping horse?

" He ran down the steps, but before he could reach the huddled figure it gathered itself fearfully together and fled, limping and staggering across the yard, through the gate and around the corner of the street.

And patiently, longingly, out of the night, apart from the others,far apart, Came limping and sorrowful, all alone, the little gray lamb of the weary heart, Murmuring, "I must bide far away: I am not worthymy fleece is gray.

Then, limping along on his poor blistered foot and dragging his sock through the snow, he went back to his aunt's house.

You are the same who tossed a bone to the limping dog and made him a bed in the stable?

And then suddenly, across the lawn, came a black, bedraggled object on four legs, limping painfully, and lifting its feet as though there were lead on them.

The look of this was not pleasant to Pretty's eyes; but the excitement of the situation was much increased when a glance out of the side of his eye showed him that the first thug had regained enough nerve to come limping forward in the endeavor to throttle him.

So Mr. Bernard thanked Helen for her interest without the aid of the twenty-seventh letter of the alphabet,the love labial,the limping consonant which it takes two to speak plain.

In limping past our sleeping place, he had stopped and said something about taking me away with him, which so frightened my sisters that they believed my life in danger, and would not let me move beyond their reach while we remained in that dungeon.

So the two little guinea pig children slipped under the fence and ran up across the hilly field, and the farmer, who was limping along, calling "Co Boss!"

He had not been absent more than a quarter of an hour, when he returned limping into the house.

"I'm sorry, very sorry," he continued, limping to the sofa; "I was going out again immediately.

But I had not half reached the ogival bazaar-portal, when looking anxiously back, I saw that she was limping after me.

The glorious old minstrel himself came limping to the gate, and took me by the hand in a way that made me feel as if we were old friends; in a moment I was seated at his hospitable board among his charming little family, and here I have been ever since....

One would come carrying an arm in one hand, and declaring that it had a mighty pain in it, and he could not use the hoe no way; another would make his appearance with both hands on his breast, and with a rueful look complain of a great pain in the stomach; a third came limping along, with a dreadful rheumatiz in his knees; and so on for a dozen or more.

Would ye please the dead, Bring sinful souls, not limping carcases To test her power on; which of you hath done that?

Dimly he could see the heaped clusters of dead that lay out in the open, the crawling and limping figures of the wounded who sought safety back in the cover of their own trench, and more than that he could see men running with their heads stooped and their gray coats flapping about their ankles.

His grasp of the rail being broken, he was gradually being pushed, limping, to the dock.

It was weather to take the courage out of the strongest man, and the sight of the soaked and shivering wounded, packed in the jolting carts or limping through the mud, gave me, hardened as I was, a painful contraction of the heart.

From the hard roads and freezing wind, my feet became very sore, and after limping along in excruciating pain for a league or two, I filled my boots with brandy, which deadened the wounds so much, that I was enabled to go on in a kind of trot, which I kept up, only stopping ten minutes to dinner, till we reached Heidelberg.

" When Mrs. Eliot had gone limping down the path, Mrs. Endey said: "You got your front room red up, Emarine?"

John M. Chilton, a leading member of the bar of that place, thus describes his first appearance in the Circuit Court of Warren county: There arrived, with other members of the bar, from Natchez, a limping youth in plain garb, but in whose bearing there was a manly, indeed

A Serjeant limping on behind, Shews justice lame as well as blind.

"Oh no, sir; all right, thank you," replied the man, rising alertly and limping to the sledge.

They now began to fear that, in spite of dogs and men, the wounded bears would escape, when an opportune crack in the ice presented itself, into which they both tumbled, followed by the yelping, and we may add limping, dogs.

But, as I now perceive too late, I fashioned the legs of this figure unevenly, and the joy I have in its life is less than the shame that I take from its limping.

He led the way into the naked and desolate November forest, and they came to the steel-colored Wolflake hard by the gray hut: and Niafer found she was limping, for Manuel had not got her legs quite right, so that for the rest of her second life she was lame.

Yet it is a far queerer thing that your first child, whom no stork fetched nor had any say in shaping, but whom you made of clay to the will of your proud youth and in your proud youth's likeness, should be limping about the world somewhere in the appearance of a strapping tall young fellow, and that you should know nothing about his doings.

Old Major Elliott was there, limping along, for his horse had been shot, but none the worse in himself.

And she starved and sang; And like the wind, she roved and lurked and shuddered Outside your lighted windows, and fled by, Storm-hunted, trying to outstrip the snow, South, south, and homeless as a broken bird, Limping and hiding!And she fled, and laughed, And kept me warm; and died!

She was still lost in wonder over it when she heard footsteps and looked around to see Oh-Pshaw appear between the trees, limping painfully and weeping.

But only a moment; then he went limping off on his three sound legs, and hid himself away from all sympathy, in some unknown spot.

And as for Ned, I am sure he would rather a thousand times escort you back to the rue St. Honorรฉ than to sit here chatting with an old fellow like myself," said Mr. Morris, and he went off limping and laughing, leaving the others to follow quickly.

Six clouds of dust in one was all the limping straggler had seen when he called his glad warning, for a tall hedge lined half the cross-road up which the whirlwind came; but a hundred yards or so short of the main way the whole battery, still shunning the field because of spongy ground, swept into full view at a furious gallop.

The magic of limping John; a story of the Mexican border country.

The magic of limping John.

The magic of limping John.

The adventure of the limping man.

SEE Anderson, Camilla M. STEWART, A. W. Truth comes limping.

Truth comes limping.

The magic of limping John.

The dingy trap and limping rawboned hack which carry her to the outskirts of the town scarcely harmonise with so much glory.

Soldiers passed them, limping, bloody rags dripping from thigh or knee; others staggered along with faces the colour of clay, leaning on the arms of comrades, still others were carried out feet first, sagging, a dead-weight in the arms of those who bore them.

Moreover, we are most keenly sensible of every malformation of the skeleton; as, for instance, a stunted, short-legged form, and the like, or a limping gait when it is not the result of some extraneous accident: while a conspicuously beautiful figure compensates for every defect.

Half an hour later, when Winchester got back to the ship, limping with a hurt in his leg, and with his people exhausted and mortified, it was found that the undertaking had cost the lives of seven good men, besides the temporary suspension of the services of fifteen more.

All subduing, all destroying, In his ragged garment poor, Drags he,on his crutches limping Noiseless reeling through the door.

When we took the road the mare was limping.

The worst was trying to walk without limping, and to talk cheerfully and encouragingly with that agony tearing at him.

' "The mare is a rack of bones, limping, weary, sore.

Later in the evening poor old Blackbird was brought out of his stall, and, after receiving the farewell caresses of master and mistress, was led away, limping, to the kennel pasture.

Our little mob fell back, the man I had thrown limping, and Dick McGill rubbing the side of his head.

The morgue wagon pursued its way down the Rue de Rivoli, while we risked colds, croup, and everything else in an endeavour to find a "grand bain," splashing through puddles but marching steadily on, Jimmie in a somewhat strained silence limping uncomplainingly at our side.

But Starr was limping to the table, and Mrs. Starr was telling them to come and have supper.

Then came Otho limping from his fall and shot me with a bolt from behind his men.

This situation is called limping bimetallism (or the halting double standard), tho this is a contradiction of terms.

There was other pain, too, in the limping feet cased in the last of the babooches, now stiffened with blood.

Presently the section boss came limping along painfully, and sat down on the bank in the warm spring sunshine.

He threw a stone and hit the unsuspecting dog which, frightened out of his sleep, first snarled and then, limping on three feet and howling, went in search of consolation to the very place from which the hurt had come.

When Fitz-Roy was discharged, he came to me, limping on two sticks, to pawn his court-suit, and told me his story.

" He sighed, and slid down from his horse, And limping went to a spring-head nigh.

The dogs rush off, the bull-dog whining and limping in the rear.

I leaped off the table and ran, limping, to the deck, I do not know why; I was driven by some quick and irresistible impulse.

"We was just beginning to wonder when he came limping in in this state.