1142 examples of limping in sentences

Men who had been limping and despondent before broke into wild dances of joy.

Once at Jerusalem, where the pilgrims kneel'd, I strewèd powder on the marble stones, And therewithal their knees would rankle so, That I have laugh'd a-good to see the cripples Go limping home to Christendom on stilts.

They resolved at least to hold their ground, and to advance as they might, were it only by limping through the deep snows a few slow miles a day.

We could see him stumbling up the path, limping to favor his leg.

As we came limping home through the streets of our village, I caught sight of my own Smith & Wesson revolver in the hands of a mere boy of fifteenthe son of a well-known Arab outlaw.

for some reason Michael at once sprang back to his place, and whipped up his limping steed.

Wellhere I come, limping to my new tyrant's feet, like Goethe's bear to Lili's.'

The captain had heard that the Governor was an eccentric, but he was hardly prepared for the curious figure who came limping feebly down his quarter-deck, his steps supported by a thick bamboo cane.

To make the gods merry, the celestial clown Vulcan tuned his polt foot to the measures of Apollo's lute, and danced a limping galliard in Jove's starry hall: to make you merry, that are gods of art and guides unto heaven, a number of rude Vulcans, unwieldy speakers, hammer-headed clowns (for so it pleaseth them in modesty to name themselves) have set their deformities to view, as it were in a dance here before you.

"Racey, you're limping!" "Not me," he lied.

Gold can make limping Vulcan walk upright; Make squint eyes straight, a crabbed face look smooth, Gilds copper noses, makes them look like gold; Fills age's wrinkles up, and makes a face, As old as Nestor's, look as young as Cupid's.

Then you must bear in mind that this is a day of "official" accounts that would make a limping dog of Ananias.

To interpose obtained his end; He gloried in his limping pace; The scars of honour seamed his face; 10 In every limb a gash appears, And frequent fights retrenched his ears.

40 He rose; and limping from the fray, By both sides mangled, sneaked away.

What you say about the soldiers may be true, but the fact is that I've been in the country more than three years, and I haven't seen any soldier limping.

what's all this fuss and feathers about?" demanded the old retired traveler, as he came limping along, with his crutch and cane.

But when we remember that, of all dramatic openings, there is none finer than that which shows Richard Plantagenet limping down the empty stage to say "Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York; And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house In the deep bosom of the ocean buried" we feel that the axiom requires large qualifications.

Who says he can't go as far as that limping horse?

" He ran down the steps, but before he could reach the huddled figure it gathered itself fearfully together and fled, limping and staggering across the yard, through the gate and around the corner of the street.

And patiently, longingly, out of the night, apart from the others,far apart, Came limping and sorrowful, all alone, the little gray lamb of the weary heart, Murmuring, "I must bide far away: I am not worthymy fleece is gray.

So Mr. Bernard thanked Helen for her interest without the aid of the twenty-seventh letter of the alphabet,the love labial,the limping consonant which it takes two to speak plain.

" When Mrs. Eliot had gone limping down the path, Mrs. Endey said: "You got your front room red up, Emarine?"

And she starved and sang; And like the wind, she roved and lurked and shuddered Outside your lighted windows, and fled by, Storm-hunted, trying to outstrip the snow, South, south, and homeless as a broken bird, Limping and hiding!And she fled, and laughed, And kept me warm; and died!

And as for Ned, I am sure he would rather a thousand times escort you back to the rue St. Honoré than to sit here chatting with an old fellow like myself," said Mr. Morris, and he went off limping and laughing, leaving the others to follow quickly.

"We was just beginning to wonder when he came limping in in this state.

1142 examples of  limping  in sentences