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284 examples of  linden  in sentences

284 examples of linden in sentences

The Gallic rooster shall "cackle, cackle, clap his wings and crow," Unter der Linden.

On the other side of the paper was written very neatly, still in Archie's writing: '3 LINDEN MANSIONS, CADOGAN SQUARE, KNIGHTSBRIDGE.

Guests at feasts wore garlands of flowers tied with the bark of the linden tree, to prevent intoxication; the wreath having been framed in accordance with the position of the wearer.

A poet, in his paraphrase on Horace, thus illustrates this custom: "Nay, nay, my boy, 'tis not for me This studious pomp of Eastern luxury; Give me no various garlands fine With linden twine; Nor seek where latest lingering blows The solitary rose.

Then, you know that many Italians live just north of Linden Street, and there's a block or so of Polish homes between Linden and the next street south?"

Then, you know that many Italians live just north of Linden Street, and there's a block or so of Polish homes between Linden and the next street south?"

Bright shines the sun athwart the linden-trees; One little cloud alone steals o'er the sky, As o'er the widening stream below steal I, Fann'd by the same faint perfume-laden breeze; Bird-music answers sweetly through the air, The unheard warbling of heart melodies; Thus go I dreaming, free from faintest care, Swift floating down the River.

Through the interpreter he said: "Linden birds have been singing in my ears to-day; be careful on the march you are going to take.

It now holds regular services in the parlor of the residence of the pastor, at 1414 Linden avenue.

This inner court or garden, 700 feet long and 300 feet wide, containing nearly five acres of land, is planted with lime (linden?)

A rocket was fired as soon as the body moved, to give notice to Linden for the firing of the minute guns.

'Linden,' continued Sir Christopher, 'that fellow was my servant once.

'No, no, Linden, we must not be so hard-hearted; we must forgive and forget;' and so saying, the baronet threw out his chest, with the conscious exultation of a man who has uttered a noble sentiment.

Flax and Hemp come from the inner bark of their respective plants (Linum usitatissimum and Cannabis sativa), and Russia matting is made from the bark of the Linden (Tilia Americana).

CHANTECLER Thou smilest on the sunflower craning after thee, And burnishest my brother of the vane, And softly sifting through the linden-trees Strewest the ground with dappled gold, So fine there's no more walking where it lies.

The linden tree, intermixed with various evergreens, form an interesting and beautiful bouquet around it.

Nothing can really dissemble the fact that the long scene between Nora and Mrs. Linden, which occupies almost one-third of the first act, is simply a formal exposition, outside the action of the play.

Mrs. Linden does not, like the dames of the sewing-bee, fade out of the saga; she even, through her influence on Krogstad, plays a determining part in the development of the action.

Let me only ask the reader to compare the scene between old Werle and Gregers in the first act of The Wild Duck with the scene between Nora and Mrs. Linden in the first act of A Doll's House, and mark the technical advance.

Here again it is instructive to compare the scene between Hedda and Thea, in the first act, with the scene between Nora and Mrs. Linden.

Perhaps Mrs. Linden might with advantage have been retained, though not in her present character of confidant, in order to show Nora in relation to another woman.

It would have been quite possible for Ibsen to have sent up his curtain upon Nora and Mrs. Linden seated comfortably before the stove, and exchanging confidences as to their respective careers.

What he saw, however, made a deep impression on his mind, and on his return to Scotland he published the beautiful lines beginning, "On Linden when the sun was low."

He showed himself more wakeful than any other general, and, as he desired his associates also to be alert, he wrote orders on twelve tablets (such as are made out of linden wood)

I heard a bird on the linden tree, From which November leaves were falling, Sweet were its notes, and wild their tone; And pensive there as I paused alone, They spake with a mystical voice to me, The sunlight of vanish'd years recalling From out the mazy past.

Berlin: occupation of, after Jena, excellent conduct of French troops of occupation; excesses committed by troops of Rhenish Confederation; insolent conduct of troops raised by Prince of Isenburg; art treasures of, respected by French Republican Armies; Unter den Linden; Brandenburger Thor; public buildings; streets; statues of great men in the Wilhelm Platz; Churches; the officers of the Army; anecdote of Blucher.

They saw themselves, doubtless, marching down the streets of Berlin as now they were marching down the streets of Saintesand they kept flinging back through the frosty dark: "Il est rougeet noiret blancEt fenduau derriered..." Chapter VI "The Great Days" They were playing "The Categorical Imperative" that evening at the Little Theatre in Unter den Linden.

Round the corner from Unter den Linden, under the dark windows of the Information Bureau, you may see part of the price.

" It was about this period that Walter Savage Landor sent to her these exquisite lines: "The hay is carried; and the Hours Snatch, as they pass, the linden-flowers; And children leap to pluck a spray Bent earthward, and then run away.

Under the solemn shade of lofty linden-trees lying, Which for centuries past upon this spot had been rooted, Spread in front of the village a broad and grass-covered common, Favorite place of resort for the peasants and neighboring townsfolk.

New York succeeds in making Broadway what the Toledo, the Strand, the Linden Strasse, the Italian Boulevards are; but the street is notoriously blocked and confused, and occasions more loss of time and temper and life and limb than would amply repay, once in five years, the widening of it to double its present breadth.

There she had tied my boat to a slender linden-trunk: and sadder now than Gethsemane that familiar boat seemed to my eyes, for I knew very well that I should never enter it more.

The bridge was an eighteenth-century bridge, with a foaming weir on the left, and on the right there was a sentimental walk under linden-trees, and there were usually some boys seated on the parapet fishing.

From there they were put on the Molly Hamilton boat and went to Linden, Arkansas, on the St. Francis River.

When we got to Memphis we come to Linden on a boat "Molly Hamilton" they called it.

I come on a boat from Memphis to Linden.

There were some linden-trees planted in a hollow square before the parvis of the Cathedral, and stone benches set beneath them.

"Walking down Unter den Linden in Berlin, with upturned moustache, he looked a most Teutonic German.



" Their governess said that would be too much to expect, and if they remembered the most important things she would be quite satisfied, "We will take the linden, lime, or basswood, treefor it has all three of these namesthis evening," she continued, "and there are nine or ten species of the tree, which are found in America, Europe and Western Asia.

" [Illustration: THE LINDEN OR LIME TREE (Tilia).

"'The linden has in all ages been celebrated for the fragrance of its flowers and the excellence of the honey made from them.

The real linden honey is of a greenish color and delicious taste when taken from the hive immediately after the trees have been in blossom, and is often sold for more than the ordinary kind.

It is used for the famous Tunbridge ware, and is called the carver's tree, because, as the poet says, "'Smooth linden best obeys The carver's chiselbest his curious work Displays in nicest touches.'

"So numerous are the purposes to which the bark, wood, leaves and blossoms of the lime, or linden, tree can be applied that centuries ago it was called the tree of a thousand uses.

Linden is the name by which it is always known on the continent of Europe, and there it is indeed a magnificent tree, forming the most delightful avenues and branching colonnades.

One of the principal streets in Berlin is called 'Unter den Linden.'

One of these, the old linden tree of Soleure, in Switzerland, was spoken of by an English traveler two hundred years ago as 'right noble and wondrous to behold.

" "Lime, linden and basswood," said Clara"three names to remember for one tree.

The name linden is quite common with us, and it will be well for you to remember that it is also called lime, so that when you go to Europe you will know what is meant by lime and linden.

The name linden is quite common with us, and it will be well for you to remember that it is also called lime, so that when you go to Europe you will know what is meant by lime and linden.

It has been hinted that this same formic acid was what made honey a poison to many people, and that the sharp sting of some honey, notably that from bass wood or linden, originated in this acid from the poison sac.

Mrs. R.M. Bennett 2.50 Lake Linden.

Linden, Genesee County, Michigan. June 1923.

The Linden walk tragedy.

Under the linden tree.

Under the linden tree; an interlude.

Illustrated by Carl Linden in collaboration with Tom Jones.

LINDEN, CARL. First aid: surgical and medical.

The linden trees.

The linden tree.

By Linden A. Mander.

By Linden F. Edwards.

Linden, Genesee County, Michigan. June 1923.

The Linden walk tragedy.

The Linden walk tragedy.

by Carl Linden in collaboration with Tom Jones.

LINDEN, CARL. First aid: surgical and medical.

The linden tree.

By Linden F. Edwards.

A SONG Dry leaf trembling on the branches Before the blast, Poor heart quaking in the bosom For woe thou hast; Ah what matter if the wind then, Withered leaf from blooming linden Should scatter wide? Would for this the twig or branches Have wailing sighed?

There are musical passages that make me see the sea, blue and boundless, with silvery waves, and this, though I have never seen the ocean; other works bring before me woods and castles, or groups of shepherds with white flocks; with Schubert I always see two lovers sighing at the foot of a linden tree, and certain French composers bring before my mind's eye beautiful women walking among beds of roses, dressed in violet, always violet.

In my opinion the casual open-air music of Germany is another of the disappointments of Europeto be set down in the same category with the linden trees of Berlin and the trousers of the French Army.

Each horse has a bridle made of the bark of the linden-tree.

Where in history are the horrors of the curse more graphically told than in the words of Canon Linden, an eye witness of the demonic deeds at Trier (Treves) in 1589?

She had now her ten thousand francs a month for "pin-money," her luxuriously appointed palace at Charlottenburg, and her Berlin mansion, "Unter den Linden," with its private theatre, in which she and her Royal lover, surrounded by their brilliant Court, applauded the greatest actors from Paris and Vienna.

Sometimes it appears as if the lake ended in small rivulets between dark pines and rocks, when suddenly another large lake, surrounded by corn fields and meadows, opens itself to view: the light-green linden trees, which have just unfolded their leaves, shine forth before the dark grey rocks.

Two men, the one a horse-dealer, the other a tax-collector or receiver, who were sitting at a table beneath the large linden in front of the house and imbibing their drink, had been watching the work of the robust old man.

" CHAPTER II ADVICE AND SYMPATHY As he turned around toward the house with the laborer, he saw that the place under the linden had already been reoccupied by new guests.

After they had emerged into an open space at the foot of the hills, they both sat down on a large stone, which lay there beside several others in the shade of a mighty linden.

Ten days later, another attempt was made on the Emperor's life; this time a man of the name of Nobeling (an educated man who had studied at the University) shot at him while driving in the Unter den Linden, and wounded him severely in the head and arms with large shot.


Great linden, oak and beech trees shadow the walk, and in secluded nooks little mountain-streams spring from the side of the wall into stone basins.


The men and women whom I met in the street escape description; the flรขneurs of the Unter den Linden are exactly like the flรขneurs of the Boulevard des Italiens.

This avenue, bordered by splendid houses, is planted, as its name indicates, with lindens; trees "whose leaf is shaped like a heart," as Heinrich Heine remarksa peculiarity which makes Unter den Linden dear to lovers, and eminently suited for sentimental interviews.

Before I came to Berlin I heard so much about Unter den Linden, that magnificent street of the city, that I could scarcely wait to get to it.

I pictured it lined on both sides with magnificent linden-trees, gigantic, imposing, impressive.

I had had no intimate acquaintance with linden-treesand I wouldn't know one now if I should see itbut I had an idea from the namelinden, lindenthat it was grand and waving; not so grand as an oak nor so waving as a willow, but a cross between the two.

Though I arrived in "Unter den Linden" two hours before the procession was due, I could not get anywhere near the broad central avenue down which it would pass.

The little ones were brought to the front by the police, and boys were even permitted to climb the sacred Linden trees that they might better see what the Fatherland had done.

There was a blue patrol along the Unter den Linden now.

On Unter den Linden paced the blue patrol.

The street was "Unter den Linden."

Frederick sits among the tree-tops of Unter den Linden, and about his pedestal are life-size figures of the men of his age whom Prussia holds most worthy of honour.

On Unter den Linden is a strong square building, erected, after the model of a Roman fortress, to be the quarters of the main guard.

The vast building of the University stood on Unter den Linden, opposite the palace of the king.

It rises among fortifications the plan for which Albert Dรผrer drew, with narrow windows in the thick masonry of the towers, the battlements worn by the pacing to and fro of sentinels in armour, and an ancient linden in the court-yard, planted by an empress a thousand years ago it is said, with as green a canopy to throw over the tourist to-day as it threw over those old Hohenzollerns.

In the spring at Berlin, passing by the not very conspicuous royal palace on Unter den Linden, one day I studied the front with some interest.