3866 examples of linking in sentences

" According to Professor Dewey, some such linking or joining is necessary "to foster that sense which is at the basis of attention and of all intellectual growth, the sense of continuity."

So depart All untruth from out my heart; All false ways of speaking, thinking; All false ways of looking, linking; All that is not true and real, Tending not to God's Ideal: Help mehow shall human breath Word Thy meaning in this death!

You may be as humble as you like, and John will fit you: as illustrious as you like, and John will blaze as splendid as your deeds, linking you with that great order of nobility of which John Milton, John Hampden, and John Bright are types.

And so, linking his arm with the worthy major, he calmly wended his way to Baobab Villa, amid the ringing cheers of the populace.

Roland Warren was pretty intimate at the house, but so far as I can discover there was no scandal linking the names of Warren and Mrs. Lawrence.

Somehow it had come to be a bond linking certain sides of their natures which they did not show to each other when they met and talked.

The author, at the Archaeological Concourse of Béziers, in 1838, obtained deserved encomium for his "Ode to Riquet," the creator of the great Southern French Canal, linking the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Leagues higher up than the mountain rested a presence of cirri, already white and luminous with full daylight, and from them drooped linking wreaths of orange mist, clinging to the rosy-violet granite of the peak.

Nowhere have I seen such breadth of solemn forest, gloomy, were it not for the cheerful interruption of many fair lakes, and bright ways of river linking them.

You see, I warned him once before, about another thing, and he might think I was linking it in my mind with that.' 'With Jane,' I said, and he nodded. 'Yes.

Likewise they shared in some, at least, of the benefits and advantages accruing from the linking together of the organized workers in one strong body.

Linking together the organized women of the same city, it brings them, through the National League, into touch and communication with the trade-union women in other cities.

The Admiralty is crowded with living counterparts of Captain Kettle, offering their services in any capacity, linking up the Merchant Marine with the Royal Navy in one great solidarity of the sea.

Turning, and linking an arm in that of each of his guests, Mr. Jefferson led them into the house, followed by the servants carrying their travelling things.

O curse of Kings, Infusing a dread life into their words, And linking to the sudden transient thought The unchanging irrevocable deed.

By linking up, however, what is known antecedent to that period with the precise data available regarding the following it, and by checking the inferred results with what little evidence exists respecting the obscure epoch of Rumanian history, it has been possible to reconstruct, almost to a certainty, the evolution of the Rumanians during the Middle Ages.

Linking the spaces.

A man at times arrives at a truth or an idea after spending much time in thinking it out for himself, linking together his various thoughts, when he might have found the same thing in a book; it is a hundred times more valuable if he has acquired it by thinking it out for himself.

Most of all was I gratified, however, in thus linking forever the name of my native town with one of the most momentous occurrences of modern times.

Necessity had driven her into linking her fortunes with those of Sir Marmaduke.

Long-distance telephony in the field involves a considerable amount of "linking-up."

Straight I wheeled my easy-chair in front of bird, and bust, and door; Then, upon the cushion sinking, I betook myself to linking Memory unto memory, thinking what this slave of parrot-lore What this lank, ungainly, yet complacent thrall of parrot-lore Meant by its "Obstructive Bore."


In each speech from different tenants there was some intimate friendly allusion about herself, too, linking her always with Tristram; and these parts hurt her particularly.

When she was not actually present, he yet took her with him through the wide regions of his studies-set her figure in old Greek landscapes and surrounded it with dim shapes of lovelinesssaw her sometimes as the perfection that went into marblemade her a portion of legend and story, linking her with Nausicaa and Andromache and the lost others.

3866 examples of  linking  in sentences
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