221 examples of lire in sentences

Let us say at this point that the rigid application of compensation for damages should never be displaced by imprisonment, because this would be equivalent to sanctioning a real class distinction, for the rich can laugh at damages, while the proletarian would have to make good a sentence of 1000 lire by 100 days in prison, and in the meantime the innocent family that tearfully waits for him outside, would be plunged into desperate straits.

"Do ye see that buttherfly?" continued Miss O'Kelly, putting her finger against the glass; "it's marked two hundred lire, and that's eight pounds.

A motor-car no doubt makes little of the journey; but a carriage and pair such as I chartered at Florence for forty-five lire has to be away before seven, and, allowing three hours on the top, is not back again until the same hour in the evening; and this, the ancient way, with the beat of eight hoofs in one's ears, is the right way.

To the Cascine also in the spring and autumn several hundred Florentine men come every afternoon to see the game of pallone and risk a few lire on their favourite players.

The pari-mutuel system is that which is adopted at both the pallone courts in Florence (there is another at the Piazza Beccaria), and the unit is two lire.

At last, Bianca's husband being killed in some fray, she was free from the persecution of her family and ready to occupy the palace which Francis hastened to build for her, here, in the Via Maggio, now cut up into tenements at a few lire a week.

The Otto di Guardia e Balia met and deliberated the matter, and imposed a fine of four thousand gold lire.

When he desires the fire to be opened he gives the necessary commands or signals, including the range at which the sights lire to be set.

You can imagine the excitement over this mysterious stranger with an unlimited supply of gold lire and big silver medjidies, asking not what kind of blankets, but how many did they have, how long would it take them to make not one, but fifty mattresses!

Mais il voulut avant la lire à

qu'on l'invitait à lire sans retard: "À demain les affaires sérieuses!"

À QUELQUE CHOSE MALHEUR EST BON Certaine autorité médicale défend de lire au lit; mais avec toute sa science ce docteur semble ignorer qu'il y a des livres admirablement écrits pour guérir de l'insomnie.

Pourquoi ne faut-il pas lire au lit?Le médecin dont il s'agit paraît-il laisser de côté un certain aspect de la question?Quel avantage

y aurait-il à lire au lit de certains livres?Avez-vous jamais entendu parler d'un "conte à dormir debout"? 110.

est le sens de ces deux mots que je vois sur l'enseigne de ce café: "Soda Water"?Mon cher ami, vous ne savez done pas lire?

FEUILLETER, lire négligemment et à la hâte.

LIRE, parcourir des yeux ce qui est écrit ou imprimé en prononçant, ou non, les mots.

Mon guide, pour apprendre a lire, a ecrire et a parler francais, by Undine de Livaudais & Rene Samson.

Mon guide, pour apprendre a lire, a ecrire et a parler francais.

La machine a lire les pensees.

Histoires a lire entre hommes.

Mon guide, pour apprendre a lire, a ecrire et a parler francais, by Undine de Livaudais & Rene Samson.

[Footnote: Il y en a dans la même bibliothèque un autre exemplaire noté 7972; mais celui-ci, mutilé, incomplet, trèsdifficile à lire, par la blancheur de son encre, ne peut guères avoir de valeur qu'en le collationant avec l'autre.]

Eh bien, ayez comme moi le courage de le lire; et si vous lui accordez d'avoir vu peut-être Constantinople, la Palestine et l'Egypte (ce que moi je me garderois bien de garantir), à coup sûr au moin vous resterez convaincu que

"I wonder," began a tentative voice, "if those fellows last night were indulging in a leg-pullwhat is called in this country a lire-jambewhen they assured us" WHOO-OO-OO-OO-UMP!

221 examples of  lire  in sentences
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