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17304 examples of  listen  in sentences

17304 examples of listen in sentences

In reply to it he said: Men of GlengarryMy heart warms within me when I listen to your manly and patriotic address.

"Do you listen!" said Luffe, giving way to Dewes, and Dewes in his turn leaned his ear against the loophole.

"Sit here, close to me, Dewes," said Luffe in a whisper, "and listen, for I am very tired."

"I wish I could last just long enough to travel down to Calcutta and make them listen to me.

"Listen to me, Dewes.

Oh, there are instances enough to convince if only people would listen.

Listen to this," and she began to recite:

They had a little table to themselves, and while she talked, and talked with now and then an anxious glance at Linforth, he was content to listen or to answer shortly.

Listen!" Into the quiet and dimly lit place of flowers the music of the violins floated with a note of wistfulness in the melody they playeda suggestion of regret.

I pray you, then, not to confound the two ideas as you listen to the criticisms I shall have to proffer.

Often he said to me: "I've got to write dialect poetry; it's the only way I can get them to listen to me."

If I should listen I would have no self-respect left.

"Now listen closely," said Hardy, his voice sounding strangely far off, yet each word distinct.

" "And was it because I was unwilling to listen thatthat you did what you did later?"

"II will listen," she said falteringly, "to all you have to say.

"Alas," cried he, sadly, "Bonaparte fell because he would not listen to the truth, and I shall fall because they would not tell me the truth!"

"Madame," exclaimed Louise, "you listen with as much composure as if I were reciting a story of the last century!" "

"We cannot withdraw ourselves from duties that devolve upon us; the name we bear obliges us to listen to the appeal of unhappy nations.

It was a sensation of mingled bitterness and sweetness to feel that she was not a stranger among this people, and it therefore now afforded her the greatest delight to chat with those she met, and to listen to their naïve and artless words.

And listen more than you talk.

Yet do not feel that you must never indicate any trouble of your own, for it is conducive to selfishness when a wife hides all her worries and indispositions to listen to those of her husband.

The burglar paused for an instant to listen and then, with a sudden effort, wrenched away his right hand, which flew to his hip-pocket and came out grasping a small revolver.

In the hall I paused for a few seconds to listen.

"Presently I came to a gate at the entrance of a cart-track and here I halted to listen.

She has hardly Curiosity to listen to Scandal of her Acquaintance, and has never Attention enough to hear them commended.

I would fain know, says the Sultan, what those two Owls are saying to one another; listen to their Discourse, and give me an account of it.

listen while the Muses sing.']

His delight Was to keep him whole hours standing in front of his door, obliged to listen and to pay attention to all his words.

Recognising equality with no one but Luna, to him only he addressed his conversation, as though the others had no other duty but to listen to him in silence; if anyone spoke to him he pretended not to hear, but continued addressing Gabriel.

He beckons for one Sure 'tis no Anthem nor no borrowed rhymes Out of the Schoole of vertue; I will listen A Song.

I perhaps may listen To termes of reconcilement; but if these In every circumstance are not subscrib'd to, To th' last gasp I defie thee.

For weeks he drilled the class on a bit of lyric melody, of which a passage is here given: "One, two, three, ready, sing," he would say, his ruler cutting the air, and all began: Listen to the bird, and the maid, and the bumblebee, Tra, la la

" "I'll listen," said she, laughing.

"Hush, boy! Listen.

In the middle of the big, open bridge, he stopped to listen.

At a corner he stopped to listen.

Now I want ye t' listen, careful.

Now I've found you, and I'm going to tell you all, and you've got to listen to me.

"Let us listen to what this boy has to say.

Now listen, Hank.

Now listen, Hank, here's the plan" Still talking, the ill-assorted pair entered the ruinous shack.

In the middle ages the whole body of those who sought a liberal education were to be found crowded into the limits of university towns, where alone were teachers to listen to and manuscripts to copy: the population of such university centres then numbered hundreds where to-day it numbers tens.

Take himBill, listen to me, you fool!

"This Committee," he stated in his calm, judicial tone, which chilled the growing fire of excitement and held the men silent that they might listen, "this Committee regrets that in the course of its unpleasant duties it must now and then rouse the antagonism of a bad man's friends.

Tied their tongues into hard knots tryin' to tell me somethin' I didn't have time to listen to, and looked like they wanted to see my hide hangin' on a fence.

and I guess, since you have been So distant from us now for two long years, That you will gladly listen to discourse, However trivial, if you thence be taught 15 That they, with whom you once were happy, talk Familiarly of you and of old times.

Delighted much to listen to those sounds, And feeding thus our fancies, we advanced Along the indented shore; when suddenly, Through a thin veil of glittering haze was seen 45 Before us, on a point of jutting land, The tall and upright figure of a Man Attired in peasant's garb, who stood alone, Angling beside the margin of the lake.

" "Dear to be sure, how strange," put in Mrs. Cross, again pausing in the act of mastication, and preparing to listen to further details with heightened interest.

Well, I did get tired o' watchin' en layin' there, starin' and sighin', so I did begin to tell en about somebody I did think a deal on then, but have a-changed my mind about now; and he did listen and laugh a bit, but I could see he were a-thinkin' about his own sweetheart all the time.

You know that to-day" "I know," she said, cutting me short, as if she did not wish to listen to that which I might say next; "I knowI was present in the Judgment Hall.

"Now listen well and be slow to speak.

"Listen!" said Otho, with his hand on my shoulder.

"Hush, lad, and listen.

I would listen for your feet upon the stair, dear love.

" It was a strange marriage night, this of oursthus to sit on the roof of the Tower, under the iron beacon which had been placed there in my grandfather's time, and listen to the hum and murmur of the city, straining our eyes meanwhile through the darkness to catch the first spear-glint from the army of the Prince.

But I will not delay my reader to listen to me!

Listen to me.'

"'Now, listen, and bear my lesson well in mind: there is but one proper way of reciting those lines, do you hear?

The crowds listen respectfully now, and the police are friendly.

Listen to the wintry blast Moaning, shrieking, howling past, Striking with tremendous force Rocks and forests in its course; But it blows the windmills strong, And it sends big ships along.

Let us listen, for we may hear too: "My home," began the Waterdrop, "is in the wide blue sea, where I live with many, many other drops.

I never made them listen to sermons, or even to lectures.

" "If anybody will listen to his reading.

Instantly he dismissed the thought that had forced itself into his mind, and began to listen attentively to the proceedings of the conference.

Untiringly would she listen to and speak on Mrs. Greville's favourite theme, her Mary; and now she sat beside her, enlivening by gentle converse the hours that must intervene ere Alfred came.

*atender a* heed, listen to; attend *atento* attentive; *su y seguro servidor* sincerely yours *atisbar* take a peep; spy out *atrás* backwards *atravesar* cross; pierce *atreverse a* dare *atrevido* bold *atribuir* attribute *atufarse* be angry *aturdir* stun, bewilder *aún* yet; still; even; when placed before the word modified it is written without the accent *aunque* although *ausencia*

listen *ese, esa,* dem. adj.

listen, I say *ojalá* exclam.

no longer remained with them, so as to enable them to tell anything, he said [to revive their spirits] "There is no person in this world to whom rare and strange incidents have not occurred; although I am a king, yet I have even seen strange scenes, which I will first of all relate to you [to inspire you with confidence and remove your fears]; do you listen to it with your minds at ease," The Darweshes replied, "O king, peace be on thee!

[from relating it]; for I shall not have strength of mind to recount it, nor will you have the composure of mind to listen to it."

Neither was the fair Natalie indisposed to listen to his addresses; but her father could not be expected to countenance the suit of a gentleman, however well born, who had not a ten-sous piece in the world, and whose prospects were a blank.

How irksome, to have to entertain a young lady; to be obliged to talk when I did not feel inclined; to listen when I was impatient and weary; to have to thank her, perhaps fifty times a day, for meaningless expressions of condolence or affected pity; to tell her every morning how I was!

They alternately listen to her and turn to stare at me; so I know that I am the subject of their confab.

She pauses to listen.

She sank down upon the floor by my couch, so as to be on a level with me, took my hand and Kate's, and then, taking breath, said: "Listen, Kate, and don't be agitated.

It is not customary to call upon young ladies, of whom you have never dared to consider yourself other than an acquaintance merely, and hold their hands while you listen to their hearts beating.

Wellesley dear, do listen to that darling Hastings Clive, how sweetly he prattles!

The same audience that becomes almost intoxicated with the excitement of the Italian opera will listen with the fullest, serenest pleasure to the majestic symphonies of Beethoven or to the sublime choruses of Handel.

I try to stay it while I listen; it only floods the way.

And sometimes when the day went by And brought no maiden he would sigh, And lean and listen for her velvet tread; And he would drop his hands and say, "My music cometh not to-day; Pray God she be not dead!"

"These English are putting every man they have got into a final and ridiculous attempt to make us listen to peace terms.

I have already severely tried the latter, by the unequivocal expression of my opinions on the subject of slavery, and, though I perceived that it required all his self-command to listen with anything like patience to my highly incendiary and inflammatory doctrines, he yet did so, and though he was, I have no doubt, perfectly horror-stricken at the discovery, lost nothing of his courtesy or good-humour.

They seemed to listen to me attentively, and one of them exclaimed, with great satisfaction, that they saw I made no difference between them and white girls, and that they never had been so treated before.

Having furnished the topic, you need only listen; and you are sure to be thought not only agreeable, but thoroughly sensible and well-informed.

" To listen well is almost as great an art as to talk well.

It is not enough only to listen.

Having furnished the topic, you need only listen; and you are sure to be thought not only agreeable, but thoroughly sensible and well-informed.

" To listen well, is almost as great an art as to talk well.

It is not enough only to listen.

As Dalrymple rested on his oars to listen, a boat which we had outstripped some minutes before, shot past us to the landing-place, and its occupants, five in number, alighted.

But of what use is it to trouble you with these things?" "This use, that it does you good to tell, and me to listen.

You listen to what I say.

"You admit the truth of my suspicions," continued la belle Barbérie, "and cannot be insensible of my justice, when I add, that henceforth" "Listen to me, Alida," cried the youth, half breathless in his haste to interrupt a decision that he dreaded; "hear me, and as Heaven is my judge, you shall hear only truth.

Breathless, more with the excitement of her imagination, than with any actual fear created by this new cause of alarm, the maiden quitted the balcony, and stood motionless to listen.

"You would have proof of my identity: listen.

Although apprehension of some indiscreet exposure was certainly the feeling uppermost in his mind, he was not entirely without some of the weakness which caused Oloff Van Staats to listen and to gaze with so much obvious interest and secret awe.

But at last she said, nestling closer, "Tristram, won't you listen to the story that I must tell you?

How can I listen to anything but the music of your whispers, when you tell me you love me and are my very own!" Zara did, however, finally get him to understand the whole history from beginning to end.

They have met to listen to words of passion and bitterness, to doctrines of strife, to denunciations and criminations against their fellow-men.

I am almost ashamed to acknowledge that I would hold my breath and strain my ear at times to listen to these murmured stories, self-addressed, as I have never done to receive the finest ebullitions of eloquence or the veriest marvels of the raconteur.