7 examples of live-ins in sentences


The Cook-who-liked-living-in-the-Country, the Gardener-with-the-Generous-Disposition, and several other Good Dreams burst out laughing.

Ann rested comfortably on the large lap of the Cook-who-liked-living-in-the-Country, and Peter snuggled close beside her, holding Mittens tightly in his arms.

Something analogous to the "living-in" system was in force.

In all probability, however, it was not only the enforced lessening of their wages, but some of the many irritating conditions as well that always attend any plan of living-in, whether the employé be a mill girl, a department-store clerk or a domestic servant, that goaded the girls on, for we hear of "dictation not only as to what they shall eat and drink and wherewithal they shall be clothed, but when they shall eat, drink and sleep.

The "living-in" system was the order, each laundry providing board and lodging for its employés.

As to wages, under the wretched "living-in" system the girls received but eight dollars and ten dollars a month in money.

7 examples of  live-ins  in sentences