113 examples of livings in sentences

Cry to thy thoughts, let this thought never cease "I have been justice of my sovereign's peace, Lord of fair livings; men with cap and knee In liveries waited hourly on me.

He had a considerable independence, besides two good livings, and he was not in the least addicted to locking up his daughters.

The merits and characters of our old poets and actors are censured by the author with great freedom; and the shameful prostitution of Church preferment, by the selling of livings to the ignorant and unworthy, laid the foundation of Dr Wild's "Benefice, a Comedy," 4to, 1689.

are livings gotten by paying?

Why, here is a gallant young drover of livings.

Fond gull, whom I would undertake to bastinado quickly, though there were a musket planted in thy mouth, are not you the young drover of livings Academico told me of, that haunts steeple fairs?

Marry, with my lands and livings my father has promised me. LELIA.

And now came fast upon us that black day, the twenty-fourth of August, 1662, when such numbers of faithful ministers were stript of their offices and livings because they would not go against their consciences; and our own Mr. Truelocke among them.

Either the king, or the lord chancellor, or the universities, or the nobility, or the county squires had the gift of the "livings," often bestowed on ignorant or worldly or inefficient men, the younger sons of men of rank, who made no mark, and were incapable of instruction or indifferent to their duties.

This was obtained for Crabbe in order that he might hold two small livings in Dorsetshire, Frome St. Quintin and Evershot, to which he had just been presented by Thurlow.

The two Dorsetshire livings were of small value, and as Crabbe was now looking forward to his marriage with the faithful Miss Elmy, he could not have afforded to reside.

He visited periodically his Dorsetshire livings, introducing his wife on one such occasion, as he passed through London, to the Burkes.

Shortly after, the duchess, anxious to retain their former chaplain in the neighbourhood, gave Crabbe a letter to Thurlow, asking him to exchange the two livings in Dorsetshire for two other, of more value, in the Vale of Belvoir.

However, when the young and beautiful duchess later appealed to him in person, he relented, and presented Crabbe to the two livings of Muston in Leicestershire, and Allington in Lincolnshire, both, within sight of Belvoir Castle, and (as the crow flies) not much more than a mile apart.

His connection with the two livings was to extend over five and twenty years, but during thirteen of those years, as will be seen, he was a non-resident.

Dudley North would fain have solved the problem by giving Crabbe one or more of the livings in his own gift in Suffolk, but none of adequate value was vacant at the time.

He had been absent from his joint livings about thirteen years, of which four had been spent at Parham, five at Great Glemham, and four at Rendham, all three places lying within a small area, and within reach of the same old friends and relations.

E. Incumbents of Church Livings.

A correspondent in Number 4, writes to inquire for information relative to the "names and birthplaces of incumbents of church livings prior to 1680, and the patrons of them.

12,483, with the title "Ecclesiastical Visitation of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, held in March and April 1543, by Nicholas Harpisfelde, Official of the Archdeacon of Winchester," folio, containing the names of the incumbents and churchwardens of the livings in those counties.

At Ely, Bishop Sparke gave so many of his best livings to his family that it was locally said that you could find your way across the Fens on a dark night by the number of little Sparkes along the road.

The number of Protestant clergymen was extremely small, as many as six, seven, and even ten livings being frequently held by a single individual, and of these many were absentees, and their place filled by a curate.

This was just a time when the numerous vacancies that had taken place were not yet supplied, and many livings were unfilled for want of candidates.

Fellowships, livings, curacies, intended careers, were given up.

The livings were all small, so that there was no temptation for ecclesiastics of birth and high position in society to come there.

113 examples of  livings  in sentences