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9021 example sentences with  loaded

9021 example sentences with loaded

"Montgomery frankly stated his father loaded the vessel."

When Mr. Dallas went to see Lord Byron at his house in St. James's Street, he found him loaded with letters from critics, poets, and authors, all lavish of their raptures.

Hannah took her station in the little outside hall one blustering afternoon, watching through the side window till Cordelia climbed the porch steps loaded to her chin with wood; then Hannah braced her back against the outside door.

Alice interrupted his impassioned discourse by putting the loaded toasting-fork into his hands, "while I make the tea?"

The latter could be heavily loaded and left to run down alone.

At the top, he found the others had loaded the sledges and were ready to start.

Sometimes she crept into mangrove-fringed lagoons, and sometimes stopped at lonely beaches and sent loaded bo

Mayne, however, ought to know what depth to expect, and Kit hoped he had loaded the vessel to correspond.

"You loaded up some of the coffee," Adam remarked in a strained voice.

Another thing; Mayne will get the old boat off tomorrow, and when he's loaded up I want you to take me out and land me on the creek I marked behind Salinas Point.

"On the contrary," declared Peggy stoutly, "if it's loaded it may serve to get us free.

"If what?" "If the gun was loaded, which is most unlikely."

The manner in which the vessel was loaded to the water's edge has already been more than once alluded to.

They are all in the Gothic style of architecture and loaded with that variety of ornament and diversity of beautiful marbles which distinguish the churches of Italy from those of any other country.

"I'll waste na time from the tailorin'," began the Scot disdainfully, but paused as I pointed a loaded finger at his head.

It was loaded like Plooie.

Having then re-appropriated the camp-stool, I ordered in the escort, fixed bayonets, loaded my revolver with ostentation, and commanded my friend to re-enter alone, which he did, and, as Americans say, "quickly."

Under the messenger's guidance, and attended by Gerรดme and a guard of five men with loaded rifles, I set out.

They never think of resting for one moment during the chupao, but ride on over the territory on which it is made at the rate of eighty or ninety miles a day, until they have loaded their camels with as much pillage as they can possibly remove; and as they are very expert in the management of their animals, each man on an average will have charge of ten or twelve.

The mine is working now, and the ore is carted down by teams of horses to the sea; a steamer had loaded up one cargo and sailed away with it to South America, and another steamer waits already for the next load.

The messengers with their loaded packhorses rested for an hour, talked to the men at work on the building, learned that the old gentleman in the white waistcoat and gold chain was Geissler, and then they too went on again.

Loaded and straight shoulders are very bad faults.

SHOULDERSPlaced well back in the body, and fairly muscular, without being loaded.

The truck was being loaded with the brewery's enlivening product.

Five blocks down Geneseo Street Starling had turned out to permit the passing of Trimble Cushman's loaded drayand he had inexplicably, terribly, kept on turning out when there was no longer need for it.

High in the centre would be the motor truck of Trimble Cushman, loaded with cases and nursed through the muddle by a cool, clear-eyed youth, who sat with delicate, sure hands on a potent wheel.

All ranks and all conditions in the empire Thou hadst wronged, to make him great,hadst loaded on thee, On thee, the hate, the curse of the whole world.

There is a certain austerity about Emily Brontรซ, a superb refusal of all extravagance, pomp, and decoration, which makes her verses look naked to eyes accustomed to young lyrics loaded with "jewels five-words long".

Some men in a boat loaded with hay stopped to ask me what was the matter, but they could tell me nothing.

We were so much put to it for teams to remove the medicines and bedding, that I determined rather to lose my own baggage than put it on any cart intended for that purpose; and had not a gentleman's team, already loaded with his own goods, taken it up, I must have lost it.

As the great guns were raised from the pits in which they had been cast, and were declared ready for proof, Decatur ordered each one to be loaded with repeated charges of powder and ball, and pointed into the woods.

At the time of my visit, the crop was just beginning to think of getting ripe, and the great lazy vines, each one creeping for several feet along the ground, were severally loaded with dozens of delicately-tinted berries, plump and fair as British beauties, which silently drew to themselves and absorbed the rays of the sun, turning them to color and succulent subacidulousness.

On the 13th we broke camp, loaded ourselves and all our belongings on the launch and the house- boat, and started up-stream for Tapirapoan.

A palm, loaded with scores of the pendulous nests of the troupials, stood near the door.

Two days before we ourselves started with our mule-train, a train of pack-oxen left, loaded with provisions, tools, and other things, which we would not need until, after a month or six weeks, we began our descent into the valley of the Amazon.

These were loaded with much difficulty, and bucked like wild broncos.

They finally got all their longhorned beasts loaded and started on the trail with them.

The children played about with unconcern throughout the ceremony, one of them throwing high in the air, and again catching in his hands, a loaded feather, a kind of shuttlecock.

Except at one or perhaps two points a very big dugout, lightly loaded, could probably run all these rapids.

Half a dozen times we ran over rapids, and, although they were not high enough to have been obstacles to loaded Canadian canoes, two of them were serious to us.

If we brought the murderer in he would have to be guarded night and day on an expedition where there were always loaded firearms about, and where there would continually be opportunity and temptation for him to make an effort to seize food and a weapon and escape, perhaps murdering some other good man.

But our loaded dugouts would have shoved their noses under every curl.

for your dice (as the Abbรฉ Galiani said of Nature's) are always loaded, and you may make your book the heir of Memory in two ways,by contriving to get the fire of genius into it, or to get it into the fire by the hands of the hangman.

While these generous officers were fulfilling, with so much politeness and kindness, these acts of humanity, Major Peddy entered the room, followed by other slaves, also loaded with things, which he came to offer to the friend of the naturalist, Kummer, by whom he was accompanied.

Some sailors, thinking that the others were going to abandon them, loaded their muskets, and were going to fire upon the boats, and particularly upon the boat of the captain, who had already gone on board.

The sailors, who were loaded with what they had pillaged from us, were more fortunate than we, a handkerchief procured them a glass of water or milk, or a handful of millet.

He gave notice to us all, in the name of the English Governor, that two other boats loaded with provisions, were coming.

Loaded with dynamite.

Williams tells us (106) of a chief on Thithia who was addressed disrespectfully by a younger brother and who, rather than live to have the insult made the topic of common talk, loaded his musket, placed the muzzle at his breast, and pushing the trigger with his toe, shot himself through the heart.

At the same time Lieutenant Hampton got twenty men together, out of the rout, and ran forward, calling out: "Loaded guns advance, empty guns fall down and load."

Special care had to be taken not to let the loaded animals brush against the yellow-jacket nests, which were always plentiful along the trail in the fall of the year; for in such a case the vicious swarms attacked man and beast, producing an immediate stampede, to the great detriment of the packs.

The Indians loaded themselves with plunder, and, taking with them the wretched woman, moved off, and travelled all night.

They felt that the efforts made by Congress to preserve peace by treaties, at which the Indians were loaded with presents, merely resulted in making them think that the whites were afraid of them, and that if they wished gifts all they had to do was to go to war.

These men built a wooden fort at the mouth of the Cumberland River, and held the boats that passed to trade with Spain; one of the boats that they took being a scow loaded with flour and biscuit sent up stream by the Spanish Government itself.

The loaded camions began to move just after dark.

Diderot did not offer himself; he set out for St. Petersburg; the Empress Catherine had loaded him with kindnesses.

The whole of the five guns, loaded heavily with canister, were discharged into the smoke of la Divina Providenza.

The boats were next seen coming round the bows and stern of the felucca, dashing earnestly at their real enemy, while their two carronades returned the fire, this time loaded and aimed with deadly intent.

" "I was about to say, Captain Cuffe, that had not the lugger fired her first broadside just as she did, and had she given us time to get out of the range of her shot, we should have come in upon her before she could have loaded again, and carried her in spite of the breeze that so much favored her.

The frigate had found one of the feluccas loaded with naval stores, including some ten or fifteen barrels of tar; and it instantly struck Griffin, who was burning to revenge the defeat of the morning, that the prize might be converted into a fire-vessel.

The Rev. Jonathan Boucher tells us that he was compelled to preach with loaded pistols placed on the pulpit cushions beside him.

At the proper time, with my sermon in one hand and a loaded pistol in the other, like Nehemiah I prepared to ascend my pulpit, when one of my friends, Mr David Crauford, having got behind me, threw his arms round me and held me fast.

In the same state, Loyalists were subjected to such invidious special taxation that in 1785 one of them confessed that 'those in New York whose estates have not been confiscated are so loaded with taxes and other grievances that there is nothing left but to sell out and move into the protection of the British government.'

On being requested to name an outside date for the evacuation of the city, he declared that he could not even guess when the last ship would be loaded, but that he was resolved to remain until it was.

Three of the five chambers were loaded.

And at worst, if the crimes be so flagrant, that a man is laid aside out of perfect shame, (which rarely happens) he retires loaded with the spoils of the nation; et fruitur diis iratis.

His Majesty seeing the general alacrity of his people, immediately issued out commissions, and formed regiments of horse and foot; and having some experienced officers about him, together with about sixteen who came from France, with a ship loaded with arms and some field-pieces which came very seasonably into the Severn, the men were exercised, regularly disciplined, and quartered, and now we began to look like soldiers.

At the end of her confinement she is taken to water by the women of her family and bathed; the paint is rubbed off her body, her arms and legs are loaded with brass rings, and she is led in solemn procession under an umbrella to her husband's house.

At the end of the time she bathes, her person is loaded with ornaments, her face is grotesquely painted with red stripes on a white ground, and thus adorned she is brought forth in public to be admired by everybody.

The machine-guns were loaded and fully manned; several pieces of apparatus that the Master had been perfecting in his cabin were brought into the lower gallery; everyone was commanded to smarten his personal appearance.

All hands jumped in; she was but a sixteen foot boat, an' we loaded her down to the gun'l a'most.

The second chose the flour as his diet, but he fared no better, for the flour was loaded with plaster of Paris.

Arriving there the man saw the house, loaded it on to his wagon and started for home.

He was, however, at home again by the time the dinner-bell summoned the younger ladies from the inspection of the trinkets and the gentlemen from the live stock, all to sit round the heavy oaken table draped with the whitest of napery, spun by Lady Archfield in her maiden days, and loaded with substantial joints, succeeded by delicacies manufactured by herself and Lucy.

One of these lovers repudiated your claims upon him, and turned coldly from the idea of uniting his fate to that of one who had even for an hour been a suspected lunatic; the other declared himself willing to take her as she was to his arms, even though her own were loaded with the chains of a mad-house!

The man who shot him had loaded his pistol with a silver button torn from his vest.

Have not the golden petals fallen from the fractified blossoms of the Banisรจria, and has not the fruit-loaded Arum yielded its faded spathe to the storm?

When the fruit is ripe, choose those bushes enjoying a southern aspect, and which are most convenient in their shape, and most loaded with fruit, and surround them with thick straw mats, so that they shall be completely sheltered from atmospheric cold and other changes.

Families lined up one hour early as 75 volunteers, including NASCAR employees and Brian Crichton, president of Talladega Superspeedway, loaded grocery bags full of food, water and hygiene supplies into about 750 vehicles.

He noted that the countyโ€™s Housing Authority is already loaded with a waiting list of 90,000 applicants for housing assistance.

Heone count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

Slides loaded with too much information and too many bullet points are detrimental to the attention being afforded the speaker.

This one comes loaded with an Intel i5-8250U CPU, a 500GB HDD, 8GB RAM, and Windows 10 Pro.

This team was loaded.

"Those servers are lightly loaded, because everything that can be moved off has already been moved off," he said.

To avoid being targeted for its dilithium, the ship's supplies are loaded onto Book's ship and cloaked to hide them.

Trump wrote Weichselbaum should serve no prison time for a long-running scheme in which 20-year sentences went to the mulesโ€”people who drove cars and vans loaded with drugs from Miami to Cincinnati.

A transport truck with a fake name came and loaded up the hot tubs without permission.

C-25 Mixed Colour Audio Cassettes 50 pieces50 pieces of 25 minute normal bias tape loaded into various coloured cassette shells.

Came down home & rigged up box on new waggon & loaded wheat (12 bags) to be gristed tomorow.

Charges pending include transporting big game without the tags attached, illegal possession of big game, and transporting a loaded firearm on a vehicle.

China has ordered grain ships loaded with unapproved GMO products to be returned to the USA or burnedโ€ฆand so on.

CN Rail's Graham Dallas said that on Friday, the tanker that derailed was moved up the steep embankment it tumbled down without incident and will be loaded onto a rail car and taken away.

โ€ โ€  Coated paper can only be loaded through the Document Insertion Unit-L1 or Document Insertion/Folding Unit-H1.

Dr. Madcow's Web Portal - Educational Web Portal loaded with resources to help users learn to use their computers more effective.

Each hole has a spring loaded contact underneath so that when you poke a wire into the hole, a clip grabs onto it.

Even if they did keep the body and drivetrain style, it would be loaded to the max with electronics and gadgets to make it fit to todays standards and then there would still be people complaining about that change.

Even if youโ€™re a vegetarian, protein should never be far from your mind โ€” beans, nuts, eggs, broccoli, brussels sprouts and lentils are all loaded with the stuff thatโ€™ll make your workouts stick to your bones!

In many instances, malware is unknowingly loaded into a computer or phone when users surf an infected site.

I think there's a danger, in fact, that somehow decisions made by the organization heavily loaded with patronage appointments would be seen to be more legitimate because it has a few elected members.