6229 examples of loaded in sentences

We loaded our guns on to trucks, and waited several hours in the station yard for the promised train.

A big table in one corner was loaded with bottles and glasses, indicating the intemperate habits of the inmates, while on the chimney shelf were rows of pipes and jars of tobacco.

And Bruno always is like a loaded gun-barrel, just a little spark and he is on fire and explodes.

I was considered too young to participate in any of the joint spelling matches, and my heart was heavy within me every time I saw a great four-horse sleigh loaded with joyful boys and girls on their way to one of the great contests.

As I saw the great sleigh loaded for the coming struggle the thought occurred to me that if I only managed to secure a ride without being observed I might in some way be able to demonstrate to the older scholars that in spelling at least I was their equal.

BelowY. M. C. A. Secretary H. F. Butterfield, with a volunteer detail of the 104th Infantry, 26th Division, loaded with cigarettes, chewing gum, and tobacco for the boys of the 104th, who were chasing the retreating foe in France.

They buckled on their knapsacks, And they loaded up their guns, To the tune of Yankee Doodle, They whipped those Turks and Huns; For their hearts were with the colors Of the red, the white and blue, And they've shown those fiendish Prussians What the Yankee Dude'll Do.

"Boss, I'm powerful glad to see you home," replied Jake, as he received bundle after bundle until he was loaded down.

A man may be big enough and strong enough to tip over a box car, loaded with pig iron, but if his heart is one of these little ones intended for a miser, with no pepper sauce running from the heart to the arteries and things, and a liver that is white, and nerves that are trembly, and no gall to speak of, why a big man is liable to be walked all over by a nervy little man who is spunky, and gets mad and froths at the mouth.

The show was a failure at that town, and when we loaded the train the managers held a meeting in our car to decide what in thunder was the matter with the animals.

Her tender feet soon wounded were, and sore With the rough travel, and the weary way, And her slight limbs, o'ertask'd and loaded, bore Less lightly up their burden day by day; But, nature failing, Love imparted power To bear her steps up to the resting hour.

It is also loaded with aqueous vapor, imparted to it like the heat, not in the depth of the lungs, but in the upper air passages.

The people who recount them live in the most wild and beautiful scenery, under a sky ever loaded and fantastic with flying clouds.

The limits of the bed are as yet undefined, but there is good reason to believe, from the position of it, that with proper apparatus ships could soon be loaded with them.

After satisfying himself that the weapon was fully loaded he stuffed it down inside the waistband of his trousers.

That refined, intellectual old veteran of fifty, with the whole world at his feet, loaded down with the cares of government, as temperate as he was ambitious, and bent on new conquests, would not have been chained and enthralled by a girl of twenty-one, however beautiful, had she not been as remarkable for intellect and culture as she was for beauty.

But hardly had he left Octavia, and set foot again in Asia, before he sent for his Egyptian mistress, and loaded her with presents; not gold, and silver, and precious stones, and silks, and curious works of art merely, but whole provinces even,Phoenicia, Syria, Cilicia, and a part of Judea and Arabia,provinces which belonged not to him, but to the Roman Empire.

He enters into the most august circles as an equal; his dignities and honors are confirmed; he is loaded with presents and favors; he is the most marked personage in Europe; he is almost stifled with the incense of royal and popular idolatry.

She was the mainspring of all political cabals and intrigues; even the Queen treated her with deference, as well as loaded her with gifts, and Godolphin consulted her on affairs of State.

These means were provided, and a loaded pistol was taken also, to enable a signal-shot to be fired, should circumstances seem to require further aid.

" Stimson had a good deal to say now, as the two picked their way across the field of snow, always walking on the crust, which in most places would have upheld a loaded vehicle; the subject of his remarks being the difference between the two races as respects their ability to endure hardships.

The more I resiled from their excessive civilities, the more I was loaded with them.

Slavery and poverty, then, are only two forms, I might almost say only two names, of the same thing, the essence of which is that a man's physical powers are employed, in the main, not for himself but for others; and this leads partly to his being over-loaded with work, and partly to his getting a scanty satisfaction for his needs.

The bells were continually tolling for burials, and the dead-carts went their melancholy rounds at night and were constantly loaded.

After which he returned, loaded with spoils, to Morocco, where he died.

6229 examples of  loaded  in sentences