52 examples of loaden in sentences

Eugenius discovered sitting loaden with many Irons, a Lampe burning by him; then enter Clowne with a piece of browne bread and a Carret roote.

My honourd Father, your griev'd Daughter thus Thrice every day to Heaven lifts her poore hand And payes her vowes to the incensed Powers For your release and happy patience, And will grow old in vowes unto those Powers Till they fall on me loaden with my wishes.

This scoffing, careless fellow, Little John, Hath loaden hence a horse 'twixt him and Much, A silly, rude knaveMuch, the miller's son.

3 "Fond world, that ne'er think'st on that aged man, That Ariosto's old swift-paced man, Whose name is Time, who never lins to run, Loaden with bundles of decayed names.

Trifling the theme, not so the poet's praise, If great Apollo and the tuneful Nine First, for your bees a proper station find, 10 That's fenced about, and sheltered from the wind; For winds divert them in their flight, and drive The swarms, when loaden homeward, from their hive.

The poor inhabitant beholds in vain The reddening orange and the swelling grain: Joyless he sees the growing oils and wines, And in the myrtle's fragrant shade repines: Starves, in the midst of nature's bounty curs'd, And in the loaden vineyard dies for thirst.

The sun is high advanced, and downward sheds His burning beams directly on our heads; Then by consent abstain from further spoils, Call off the dogs, and gather up the toils; 10 And ere to-morrow's sun begins his race, Take the cool morning to renew the chase.' They all consent, and in a cheerful train The jolly huntsmen, loaden with the slain, Return in triumph from the sultry plain.

This was a fatall stroak, to me a heavy, For my remissnes wilbe loaden with it.

But his fault is only this, that his mind is [somewhat] too much taken up with his mind, and his thoughts not loaden with any carriage besides.

All the happiness Bestow'd upon me, turns into disgrace; Gods take your honesty again, for I Am loaden with it; good my Lord the King, be private in it.

Oh, I am loaden with suitors; for indeede I am faine to beare with any of them, I have a dumbe-shewe of all their pictures, each has sent in his severall shadow, and I swear I had rather have them then the substance of any of them.

The two other great Boughs were very plentifully loaden with Fruit of the same kind; besides which there were many Ornamental Branches that did not bear.

and with that, I fired again among the amazed wretches, and so did Friday; and as our pieces were now loaden with what I called swan-shot, or small pistol-bullets, we found only two drop, but so many were wounded, that they ran about yelling and screaming like mad creatures, all bloody, and most of them miserably wounded, whereof three more fell quickly after, though not quite dead.

"Now, Friday," says I, laying down the discharged pieces, and taking up the musket which was yet loaden, "follow me;" which he did with a great deal of courage; upon which I rushed out of the wood, and showed myself, and Friday close at my foot.

" "Loaden me down, too; I'll take it a mile," said Fly. "Give me that beautiful cross to carry, auntie.

Our syntax, therefore, is not to be taught by general rules, but by special precedents; and in examining whether Addison has been with justice accused of a solecism in this passage, The poor inhabitant Starves in the midst of nature's bounty curst, And in the loaden vineyard dies for thirst.

Besides, he had sent by land camels loaden with provisions to meet us, lastly, the Moors were desired to respect us, and to render us assistance: so much good news revived us, and gave us fresh courage.

Nephew, said I, if you will leave me there, and call for me as you came back, I care not if I give my consent: but he answered, that the merchants would not allow their vessel loaden with an infinite value, to return there again, which was a month's sail out of the way; besides, Sir said he, if I should miscarry, was your request granted, why then you would be locked up as before.

Not full sails hasting loaden home, Nor the chaste lady's pregnant womb, Nor Cynthia teeming shows so fair, As two eyes, swoln with weeping, are The sparkling glance that shoots desire, Drench'd in these waves, does lose its fire.

The Coach was drawn by six milk-white Horses, and loaden behind with the same Number of powder'd Foot-men.

The two other great Boughs were very plentifully loaden with Fruit of the same kind; besides which there were many Ornamental Branches that did not bear.

I've so much on't, and am so loaden with strong understanding, I fear, they'll run me mad.

I've so much on't And am so loaden with strong understanding, I fear, they'l run me mad, here's a new instrument, A metamatical glister to purge the Moon with, When she is laden with cold flegmatick humours, And here's another to remove the Stars, When they grow too thick in the Firmament.

Alas, before your Poverty, We were no men, of no mark, no endeavour; You stood alone, took up all trade, all business Running through your hands, scarce a Sail at Sea, But loaden with your Goods: we poor weak Pedlers; When by your leave, and much intreaty to it, We could have stowage for a little Cloath, Or a few Wines, put off, and thank your Worship.

with what unnatural sins Will they suppose me loaden, when my life Is sought by her that gave it to the world?

52 examples of  loaden  in sentences