65 examples of lohengrin in sentences

Yet was not his next work, "Lohengrin," of a popular character?

He had the plan for a comic opera; indeed, he had sketched it as early as 1845, at the same time as the plot of "Lohengrin.

In truth, headquarters like Bayreuth are no longer needed, for all the German cities now vie with one another in their efforts to interpret the Wagner operas according to the composer's intentions; and his influence on other musicians, which began with the performance of "Lohengrin" under Liszt, in 1850, is to-day greater than ever,more powerful, perhaps, than that ever exerted by any other master.

He began to whistle a bar of Lohengrin.

"At La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, where Madame Caterna achieved a genuine success as Elsa in 'Lohengrin,' which we played without music.

The band of the cinema led the entourage, and played a free choice of appropriate music, "Lohengrin" before the governor's palace, and "There'll be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-night" as they passed Lovaina's.

"At the close of my last Paris sojourn, when I was ill, unhappy, and in despair, my eye fell on the score of my 'Lohengrin,' which I had almost forgotten.

A pitiful feeling overcame me that these tones would never resound from the deathly pale paper; two words I wrote to Liszt, the answer to which was nothing else than the information that, as far as the resources of the Weimar Opera permitted, the most elaborate preparations were being made for the production of 'Lohengrin.'

" It was in "Lohengrin" that he first put in play his theory of the marriage of poetry and music, his idea being their complete devotion, with poetry as the master of the situation.

He was so discouraged, however, by this time, by finding no encouragement at home, and a frenzy of hostility from the critics,a frenzy almost incredible at this late day, in spite of the monumental evidences of it,that for six years, after the completion of "Lohengrin," he wrote no music at all.

Elsa weds him (Lohengrin) promising never to ask of his country or family.

Lohengrin Opera, by Richard Wagner.


The story of Lohengrin.

A chorus of young musical friends came first, singing the words and music of Lohengrin.

CUPID AND PSYCHE To a student of comparative literature the story of Cupid and Psyche is one of those tales which are current in many countries (and of which Lohengrin is a familiar instance), that were originally intended as object lessons to enforce the moral that women must not be too inquisitive regarding their lovers or husbands, who may seem monsters, but in reality are gods and should be accepted as such.

To address beings by their intimate first names, beings of the opposite sex especially, was a miniature sacrament; and the story of that premature audacity of Elsa with Lohengrin never failed to touch his sense of awe.

There is a magnificent echo around certain parts of the Königsee, and swans sailing majestically on the breast of the lake remind one of the Lohengrin country.

In spite of her efforts, Lohengrin seemed suffering as it came from the complaining organ.

LOHENGRIN, hero of a German 13th-century poem; son of Parzival, and a Knight of the Grail; carried by a swan to Brabant he delivered and married the Princess Elsa; subsequently returning from war against the Saracens, she asked him of his origin; he told her, and was at once carried back again by the swan.

Wagner adapted the story in his opera "Lohengrin." LOIRE, the largest river in France, 630 m., rises in the Cévennes, flows northwards to Orleans and westward to the Bay of Biscay, through a very fertile valley which it often inundates.

Guardian and oppressor of Else, 202; defeated by Lohengrin, 203.

Holy Grail on, 185; Frimoutel weary of life on, 189; Parzival's first visit to, 193; Gawain on the way to, 197; Parzival's second visit to, 199; Parzival king on, 200; Lohengrin's return to, 201; Else goes to, 203.

Lohengrin the, 203. SWE'DEN.

Nearly allied and interwoven with this cyclus of sagas is that of the Holy Grail, in which the spiritual knighthood is glorified; and in this epoch we meet three of the grandest poems of the Middle Ages, the Titurel, the Parsifal, and the Lohengrin.

65 examples of  lohengrin  in sentences