35 examples of longest-running in sentences

" Mrs. Musters (her husband re-asserted his right to his own name) had in the long-run reason to regret her choice.

The use of any one article of either class as a measure of value tends in the long-run to injustice either towards creditors or debtors.

This gives a fine effect to the eye, but cools quickly, and is not in the long-run satisfying.

Therefore I think it probable that the result will prove that, in following the dictates of his own generous nature, he adopted the course which in the long-run will be found to have been the wisest.... I do not like to speak too confidently of the future.

The result of the combats at Chioggia, though fatal to it in the long-run, did not at once destroy the naval importance of Genoa.

But to urge on that account that we should spike away the peaceful foreigner, would be a view of international relations not in the long-run favourable to the interests of our fellow-countrymen; for we are at least equal to the races we call obtrusive in the disposition to settle wherever money is to be made and cheaply idle living to be found.

The result in the long-run may be so, but not for the reasons they supposed, or from blindness to the indulgence of their bad passions.]

One of his "long-run" fairy-tales, as he would call them, was that each morning as he went to business, he really started out in search of a million pounds, which was somewhere awaiting him, and which he might break his shins over at any moment.

Nor do I think it pays in the long-run.

The man bustled about altering the lights, in order to show his work off to the best advantage: "Do not take this trouble; what really matters will be the light of the piazza;" meaning that the people in the long-run decide what is good or bad in art.

In the long-run we find that the current opinion formed by successive generations remains true in its grand outlines.

Did not DAN O'CONNELL, in his famous vituperative contest with a Dublin washer-woman, triumph in the long-run by calling her an unprincipled parallelopiped?

The ideal criminal is, unhappily for him, deficient in qualities that are capable of restraining his unkindly or inconvenient instincts; he has neither sympathy for others nor the sense of duty, both of which lie at the base of conscience; nor has he sufficient self-control to accommodate himself to the society in which he has to live, and so to promote his own selfish interests in the long-run.

Nevertheless all the sticks succeed in passing down the current, and in the long-run, they travel at nearly the same rate.

It is better economy, in the long-run, to use the best mares as breeders than as workers, the loss through their withdrawal from active service being more than recouped in the next generation through what is gained by their progeny.

Perhaps, too, his foolish, slatternly wife bore part of the blame, for his home had always been comfortless, and such companionship must, in the long-run, tell on a man.

I never have been able to make up my mind whether ideal love was the best, or if love with a great deal of common-sense in it was not the most philosophical and better in the long-run.

I believe him to be a noble-hearted and honourable man; a little neglectful or disdainful of conventionalities, wearing his faith in God and his more sacred feelings anywhere than upon his sleeve; but a man who cannot fail to come right in the long-run.

Economic fluctuations in the United States; a systematic analysis of long-run trends and business cycles, 1866-1914.

But this world is not for the weary, and in the long-run it is the new and variant that matter.

They know that the chance is against them,one in twenty, let us say,and that in the long-run one in twenty is as good as two to one to effect their ruin.

I'll be even with him in the long-run.

Whether the latch-key system, or that of free correspondence, may not rob the flowers of some of that delicate aroma which we used to appreciate, may be a question; but then it is also a question whether there does not come something in place of it which in the long-run is found to be more valuable.

BALD`ER, the sun-god of the Norse mythology, "the beautiful, the wise, the benignant," who is fated to die, and dies, in spite of, and to the grief of, all the gods of the pantheon, a pathetic symbol conceived in the Norse imagination of how all things in heaven, as on earth, are subject in the long-run to mortality.

Oh yes, quite fairly, any one with wits about him can make his profit in the long-run among the Court set.

35 examples of  longest-running  in sentences