55 examples of lonsdale in sentences

Lebom Lonsdale, Lord ...

Lord LONSDALE spoke next to the following effect:My lords, notwithstanding the confidence with which the late measures of the government have been defended by their authors, I am not yet set free from the scruples which my own observations had raised, and which have been strengthened by the assertions of those noble lords, who have spoken in vindication of the motion.

Lord LONSDALE next spoke, to this effect:My lords, it is not without the utmost grief and indignation, that I find this house considered by some who have spoken in vindication of this bill, as obliged to comply with any proposals sent up by the commons for raising money, however destructive to the publick, or however contrary to the dictates of our conscience, or convictions of our reason.

Lord LONSDALE next spoke to the effect following:My lords, the bill, on which we are now finally to determine, is of such a tendency, that it cannot be made a law, without an open and avowed disregard of all the rules which it has been hitherto thought the general interest of human nature to preserve inviolable.

Lord LONSDALE next spoke to the effect following:My lords, the arguments of the noble lord have by no means influenced me to alter my opinion; nor do I now rise up to pronounce a recantation of any of my former assertions, but to explain one of them, which the noble lord has been pleased to controvert.

In the winter of 1788-9 Boswell began a canvass of his own county, He also courted Lord Lonsdale, in the hope of getting one of the seats in his gift, who first fooled him and then treated him with great brutality, Letters of Boswell, pp. 270, 294, 324.

"At Quorn," I repeat, and then I find the letter which Lord Lonsdale was writing.

And with many, many thanks for your extreme kindness, Believe me Yours very truly, (Signed) LONSDALE.

Forty days were consumed in a short march of eighty miles; and when the decisive battle was fought, though the main body had reached the left bank of the Ribble near Preston, the rear-guard, under Monroe, slept in security at Kirkby Lonsdale.

LONSDALE, first Earl of brutality to Boswell, ii. 179, n. 3; courted by him, i. 5, n. 2; v. 113, n. 1; a cruel tyrant, v. 113, n. 1. 'LOPLOLLY,' i. 378, n. 1.

LONSDALE, Frederick.

The Lonsdale waistcoat.

Saisons (Lonsdale)

LONSDALE, Frederick.

R89189, 21Jan52, Frederick Lonsdale (A) LOOMS, GEORGE.

The Lonsdale waistcoat.

Saisons (Lonsdale)

As for Martin Green, Walter Lonsdale and Joe Digby, they contented themselves with hoping that they might receive their badges as second-class scouts when the camp was over.

The day before Merritt, Hiram Nelson, Paul Perkins and the three "tender feet"Martin Green, Walter Lonsdale and Joe Digbyhad been told off by Rob as on "pioneer service"; that is to say, that they had gone down to the island in the Flying Fish.

" Cook duty fell that day to Hiram Nelson and Walter Lonsdale, and under the scout master's directions they soon had potatoes peeled, beans in water, and a big piece of stew meat chopped up with vegetables in a capacious pot.

Point Lonsdale, the west entrance point, being kept open of Shortland bluffa cliffy projection about two miles within itleads into the entrance; and a clump of trees on the northern slope of Indented Head, was just over a solitary patch of low red cliffs, as we cleared the northern mouth of the channel.

When in the latter we saw Flinders Point between Lonsdale and Nepean Points, and as we came down the channel, the last two points were just open of each other.

[Footnote X: The "terrace walk" is at the foot of the garden, attached to the old mansion in which Wordsworth's father, law-agent of the Earl of Lonsdale, resided.

[Footnote q: There is a cave, called Yordas Cave, four and a half miles from Ingleton in Lonsdale, Yorkshire.

A better position would be on Lonsdale Point, when the light would be seen by vessels coming from the eastward as soon as they rounded Cape Schank.

55 examples of  lonsdale  in sentences