114 examples of lookers-on in sentences

Camping parties who put up telescopes are always supposed to be corporations with particular privileges, and curious lookers-on gather around, and try to enter what they consider a charmed circle.

One of the lookers-on pushes up and gets a glimpse within.

Even the lookers-on were different now.

As lookers-on find most delight, Who least perceive the juggler's sleight; And still the less they understand, The more admire the slight of hand.

Mr. Officerdo us the favor to request the reverend monk of St. Bernard to draw nearer, that the people may learn the esteem in which their patient charities and never-wearying benevolence are held by the lookers-on.

The lookers-on were, as I was told, nearly all princes.

But even this availed them but little, for almost every ship lay nearer to the line of cliffs than she did when night fell; several were close to the foot of the rocks, and the lookers-on noticed that some which had lain near the shore were missing.

But it is a game at cross-purposes all through this dangerous pastime; and perhaps its very contretemps are what make it so interesting to the players, so amusing to the lookers-on.

We have returned from Sant' Elmo, and, evening having arrived, are sitting in the smoking-room of the Hotel de Grande Bretagne, conversing with one of the English Volunteers, when our friend General Jn of the British Army, one of the lookers-on in Naples, comes in, having just returned from "the front."

Lookers-on, I grant you, often see the best part of the game, Still, to ride the roads and live with hounds are things not quite the same.

" Had Mr. Creakle not entered the room at that moment, there is no knowing what might have happened, for the highest pitch of excitement had been reached by combatants and lookers-on.

Notwithstanding, so keen was the interest we continued to feel, that the top-sail was again backed, and there we lay, lookers-on, as indifferent to the risks we ran, as if we had been ashore.

Every day since she and the cart went into partnership, she had gone into town with a dead certainty in the minds of lookers-on that it would break down in five minutes, and a triumphant faith in hers in its unlimited endurance.

No one deigned to answer; glances of indifference, even scorn, passed among the silent lookers-on, but that was all.

It fell in the crowd of lookers-on, and struck a stranger who was standing there.

Nor were intelligent lookers-on in foreign lands less severe in their judgment: "Mr. Buchanan's message," said the London "Times," a month later, "has been a greater blow to the American people than all the rant of the Georgian Governor or the 'ordinances' of the Charleston Convention.

His eye falls on no one, but seems to pass beyond the lookers-on, and to rest on space.

Disputations on theoretical differences seem to me like disputes on the principles of a fire-escape among those whose sole rescue depends on at once committing themselves to it, since the most perfect understanding of its principles is utterly in vain if they continue mere lookers-on; while others, with perhaps far less head-knowledge, are safely landed.

A gentleman, who was of the lookers-on, subsequently told me of the conduct of the populace.

Pleased, as a boy, with his young bride, Richard was all attention, and Ethelyn had only to express a wish to have it gratified, so that casual lookers-on would have pronounced her supremely happy.

The lookers-on were in different case.

On the world's stage, when our applause grows high, For acting here life's tragic-comedy, The lookers-on will say we act not well, Unless the last the former scenes excel:

Lookers-on asked for more stable executives and more definite lines of cleavage.

As such, they were soon classed, and lookers-on were only occasionally reminded that they held a special brief.

We found him laid upon a sofa in one of the sitting-rooms of the inn, pale, rigid, insensible, and surrounded by an idle crowd of lookers-on.

114 examples of  lookers-on  in sentences