114 examples of lookers-on in sentences

The sight of the deliberate wound, the blood, the cry of agony that came from the victim, the calmness of all the lookers-on, filled me with horror and rage indescribable.

They bear awhile in silent envy the annoying sight of the rollicking crowd and the joyful JOHNNY with his troop of apprentices, who have all they can possibly do to attend to their numerous customers, and who receive their broad pieces of money with a careless ease that makes the fingers of the lookers-on tingle.

He turned to the lookers-on.

Do all that is possible to keep back the crowd of curious lookers-on, whom a morbid curiosity has gathered about the injured person.

To the lookers-on it seemed only a meeting between two very distinguished and attractive-looking people, naturally interested in each other.

Crowds of lookers-on surrounded the soldiers who were mounting guard by the recaptured pieces, the women and children asking them pleadingly if they would have the heart to fire upon their brothers.

It consisted of suddenly raising as many fingers as had been shown by one's adversary, and gave rise to a great amount of amusement among the players and lookers-on.

The lookers-on were, as I was told, nearly all princes.

The lookers-on laughed very heartily, and as it was well to put a good face upon the matter, Nicholas laughed too, when he had succeeded in disengaging himself; and rescuing the astonished Smike, climbed up to the coach-roof after him, waving farewell, as they rolled away.

" Had Mr. Creakle not entered the room at that moment, there is no knowing what might have happened, for the highest pitch of excitement had been reached by combatants and lookers-on.

So did others in turn, so that it was seven o'clock before it was all finished and, for a small tournament, the lookers-on never saw better jousting in their lives.

Every day since she and the cart went into partnership, she had gone into town with a dead certainty in the minds of lookers-on that it would break down in five minutes, and a triumphant faith in hers in its unlimited endurance.

There was in this something so startling that the lookers-on were beside themselves with amazement.

Only partially disturbed by a military insurrection, headed by the turbulent General José T. Monágas, which was soon suppressed, the administration of Paez was such as surprised all lookers-on in America and Europe.

The stump, which was left standing, presented such a large surface that a party of thirty couples have danced with ease upon it and still left abundant room for lookers-on.

Others shot arrows at the windows where lookers-on might be.

There was as many lookers-on as actors.

The lookers-on were in different case.

When thou art called into public power, And when a crowd of suitors throng thy door, Be sure no great offenders 'scape their dooms; 77 Small praise from lenity and remissness comes; Crimes pardon'd, others to those crimes invite, Whilst lookers-on severe examples fright.

The lookers-on selected the finger, and the insensibility was tested by a strong electric current.

Almost as fine a spectacle is the sight of the "Kaikouras," or "Lookers-on."

During one of these, desiring a confederate from the lookers-on, he approached a slender and refined-looking man, who was following the necromancer's proceedings with as much interest as anybody.

We found him laid upon a sofa in one of the sitting-rooms of the inn, pale, rigid, insensible, and surrounded by an idle crowd of lookers-on.

There were games going on before long at almost every table, and groups of lookers-on gathered about those who enjoyed the reputation of being skilful players.

The room was very small, and filled with lookers-on.

114 examples of  lookers-on  in sentences