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114 example sentences with  lookers-on

114 example sentences with lookers-on

His enormous head of curled red hair not only presented a central parting on top and a very much one-sided parting and puffing-out behind, but actually covered both his ears; while his ruddy semi-circle of beard curled inward, instead of out, and greatly surprised, if it did not positively alarm, the looker-on, by appearing to remain perfectly motionless, no matter how actively the stranger moved his jaws.

"I am only a looker-on at the tragic farce that is being played here," she continued, after a little, "but lookers-on, you know, see most of the game.

"I am only a looker-on at the tragic farce that is being played here," she continued, after a little, "but lookers-on, you know, see most of the game.

Presently, having drunk the wager, they went indoors again, all but a tall fellow who had been a looker-on, but had not been of the Lennox company.

The sight of the deliberate wound, the blood, the cry of agony that came from the victim, the calmness of all the lookers-on, filled me with horror and rage indescribable.

He made an attempt with his crutches to get out of the way, hurrying onand I will allow that this attempt of his seemed to me very grotesque, so that I could scarcely help laughing; the other lookers-on in the street laughed too, though some put on an aspect of disgust. '

They bear awhile in silent envy the annoying sight of the rollicking crowd and the joyful JOHNNY with his troop of apprentices, who have all they can possibly do to attend to their numerous customers, and who receive their broad pieces of money with a careless ease that makes the fingers of the lookers-on tingle.

"Boldly at least," retorted the friar; and then he blamed the duke for leaving the cause of Isabel in the hands of him she had accused, and spoke so freely of many corrupt practices he had observed, while, as he said, he had been a looker-on in Vienna, that Escalus threatened him with the torture for speaking words against the state, and for censuring the conduct of the duke, and ordered him to be taken away to prison.

It would be indeed a desperate undertaking, to think of making anything interesting in the way of a Roman de Sociรฉtรฉ in this country; still useful glances may possibly be made even in that direction, and we trust that the fidelity of one or two of our portraits will be recognized by the looker-on, although they will very likely be denied by the sitters themselves.

Camping parties who put up telescopes are always supposed to be corporations with particular privileges, and curious lookers-on gather around, and try to enter what they consider a charmed circle.

One of the lookers-on pushes up and gets a glimpse within.

That looker-on was Midshipman Dan Dalzell, who, as the reader knows, sometimes displayed a good deal of temper.

They are a theatre to themselves, and a looker-on is not wanted.

In many, but little feeling is shewn for the poor blacks; and they seemed to think less of their own fate than I did, who was merely a looker-on.

Even the lookers-on were different now.

Let it take warning by the Whigs; and suspect (as many a looker-on more than suspects) that its triumph may be, as with the Whigs, its ruin; and that, having done the work for which it was sent into the world, there may only remain for it, to decay and die.

He turned to the lookers-on.

I was merely a looker-on, a passive spectatoruntil the right moment arrived.

Do all that is possible to keep back the crowd of curious lookers-on, whom a morbid curiosity has gathered about the injured person.

That the exactions never or rarely take shape in words is, to the unbiassed looker-on, only an exasperating feature in their tyranny.

At first Augustine listened as a critic, trying the eloquence of Ambrose, whether it answered the fame thereof, or flowed fuller or lower than was reported; "but of the matter I was," says Augustine, "a scornful and careless looker-on, being delighted with the sweetness of his discourse.

We are lookers-on at most of the things in life worth doing."

Don't you know that destiny, whether it be guided by other powers or not, was never meant to be shaped by the lookers-on?" Norris Vine shrugged his shoulders and turned toward the door.

To the lookers-on it seemed only a meeting between two very distinguished and attractive-looking people, naturally interested in each other.

He shook his head in answer to the name; He heard, but wished he had indeed been gone, Or only to have stood a looker-on.

Spectator N. spectator, beholder, observer, looker-on, onlooker, witness, eyewitness, bystander, passer by; sightseer; rubberneck, rubbernecker [U.S.].

The pride and pleasure of all lookers-on

The reader may believe, if he will, that the bird is aware of the imitative quality of the notes, and amuses itself by heightening the delusion of the looker-on.

As lookers-on find most delight, Who least perceive the juggler's sleight; And still the less they understand, The more admire the slight of hand.

Crowds of lookers-on surrounded the soldiers who were mounting guard by the recaptured pieces, the women and children asking them pleadingly if they would have the heart to fire upon their brothers.

Mr. Officerdo us the favor to request the reverend monk of St. Bernard to draw nearer, that the people may learn the esteem in which their patient charities and never-wearying benevolence are held by the lookers-on.

"Corpo di Bacco!I wish this were so; but thou hast much the best of the matter, even in the way of amusement, reverend pilgrim, though to the looker-on it would seem otherwise.

It consisted of suddenly raising as many fingers as had been shown by one's adversary, and gave rise to a great amount of amusement among the players and lookers-on.

All judicial or legislative assemblies at which the King considered it his duty to be present were thus designated; when the King came there simply as a looker-on, they were more commonly called plaidoyers, and, in this case, no change was made in the ordinary arrangements; but when the King presided they were called conseils, and then a special ceremonial was required.

He might have been a disinterested looker-on.

To the looker-on, it seemed that the traveller did nothing which was worthy of such careful record.

The lookers-on were, as I was told, nearly all princes.

Poor Peter's state was betrayed by the irascibility which wreaked itself on a jostling waiter, and found cause for loud remonstrance in the coldness of the coffee and the badness of the cigars; and Bowen, with something more than the curiosity of the looker-on, wondered whether this were the real clue to Undine's conduct.

But even this availed them but little, for almost every ship lay nearer to the line of cliffs than she did when night fell; several were close to the foot of the rocks, and the lookers-on noticed that some which had lain near the shore were missing.

Meanwhile the column was advancing, the crowd singularly enough melting before it as if by magic, while those on the scaffold who were able to command a complete view of the square, observed with surprise that the rear of the crowd was rapidly dispersing, the people hurrying away down the various streets, while the lookers-on at the windows left them, only a man here and there continuing at his post.

Jack was with many others a spectator of this scene from Cathcart Hill; but it must not be imagined that even a vague idea of what was passing could be gleaned by the lookers-on.

The accumulation of knowledge has been so great, that we are lost in wonder at the height it has reached, instead of attempting to climb or add to it; while the variety of objects distracts and dazzles the looker-on.

But it is a game at cross-purposes all through this dangerous pastime; and perhaps its very contretemps are what make it so interesting to the players, so amusing to the lookers-on.

She walked up and down the beach until she assured herself that the Bannisters and Miriam were not among those who had come as lookers-on, or merely to breathe the salt air and enjoy the ocean view.

The lookers-on laughed very heartily, and as it was well to put a good face upon the matter, Nicholas laughed too, when he had succeeded in disengaging himself; and rescuing the astonished Smike, climbed up to the coach-roof after him, waving farewell, as they rolled away.

We have returned from Sant' Elmo, and, evening having arrived, are sitting in the smoking-room of the Hotel de Grande Bretagne, conversing with one of the English Volunteers, when our friend General Jn of the British Army, one of the lookers-on in Naples, comes in, having just returned from "the front."

Immediately a ring was formed, and kept, until Douglas rose the victor, and without further ceremony pitched into one of the lookers-on, and stopped not until he, too, was soundly thrashed, when, with flashing eye and clenched fist, he said,"Now, boys, if that's not enough, come on, and I'll take you all together!"

Everything that is well and gracefully performed appears easy to the looker-on.

Lookers-on, I grant you, often see the best part of the game, Still, to ride the roads and live with hounds are things not quite the same.

Had Mr. Creakle not entered the room at that moment, there is no knowing what might have happened, for the highest pitch of excitement had been reached by combatants and lookers-on.

Notwithstanding, so keen was the interest we continued to feel, that the top-sail was again backed, and there we lay, lookers-on, as indifferent to the risks we ran, as if we had been ashore.

This meeting with a man who makes friendly offers of service may seem a small matter to the mere looker-on; but it ceases to be so when one knows his motives: and, since that time, I have had but too many opportunities to see for what end these offers are made.

He has fairly discovered that he cannot, like Thackeray, narrate a story as if he were a mere looker-on, a mere "knowing" observer of what he describes and represents; and he has therefore taken observation simply as the basis of his plot and his characterization.

So did others in turn, so that it was seven o'clock before it was all finished and, for a small tournament, the lookers-on never saw better jousting in their lives.

To the lookers-on the marriage was repugnant, and can hardly have been a happy one for the young girl, as Harvey was 'a deformed man and in years.'

Every day since she and the cart went into partnership, she had gone into town with a dead certainty in the minds of lookers-on that it would break down in five minutes, and a triumphant faith in hers in its unlimited endurance.

The Athenianised Roman, though he had deliberately withdrawn himself from the distracting factions of his native city, which he seldom revisited, kept on the best terms with the leaders of all parties, and seems to have taken a very lively interest, though merely in the character of a looker-on, in the political events which crowded so fast upon each other during the fifty years of his voluntary expatriation.

There was in this something so startling that the lookers-on were beside themselves with amazement.

In the Parque Central were other walkers, chatting groups, and lookers-on.

Hearts must be all alike to her at such a distance, but the faces to the looker-on were so different.

How far a simple looker-on could supply them if so minded!

"Been more or less of a looker-on all your life, eh?" he suggested.

No one deigned to answer; glances of indifference, even scorn, passed among the silent lookers-on, but that was all.

It fell in the crowd of lookers-on, and struck a stranger who was standing there.

Only partially disturbed by a military insurrection, headed by the turbulent General Josรฉ T. Monรกgas, which was soon suppressed, the administration of Paez was such as surprised all lookers-on in America and Europe.

Lockwood may be a little indistinct, but he is properly so, for he is not a character, he is a mere impersonal looker-on.

Before they reached the spot, however, Lawrence M. Keitt, another South Carolina Representative, came rushing down the main aisle, brandishing his cane, and with imprecations warning lookers-on to "let them alone."

Nor were intelligent lookers-on in foreign lands less severe in their judgment: "Mr. Buchanan's message," said the London "Times," a month later, "has been a greater blow to the American people than all the rant of the Georgian Governor or the 'ordinances' of the Charleston Convention.

The stump, which was left standing, presented such a large surface that a party of thirty couples have danced with ease upon it and still left abundant room for lookers-on." Sequoia gigantea.

His eye falls on no one, but seems to pass beyond the lookers-on, and to rest on space.

But when, put at its highest, it is confronted with the "giant evil" which it is supposed to be sent into the world to repel, we can only say that, to a looker-on, its failure seems as manifest as the existence of the claim to use it.

Others shot arrows at the windows where lookers-on might be.

It was probably at these words that, the lookers-on also waxing wroth, Tanneguy Duchatel told the duke that the time had come for expiating the murder of the Duke of Orleans, which none of them had forgotten, and raised his battle-axe to strike the duke.

Disputations on theoretical differences seem to me like disputes on the principles of a fire-escape among those whose sole rescue depends on at once committing themselves to it, since the most perfect understanding of its principles is utterly in vain if they continue mere lookers-on; while others, with perhaps far less head-knowledge, are safely landed.

About two Days since I was reproached with an old Grecian Law, that forbids any Man to stand as a Neuter or a Looker-on in the Divisions of his Country.

While I busy myself as a Stranger upon Earth, and can pretend to no other than being a Looker-on, You are conspicuous in the Busy and Polite world, both in the World of Men, and that of Letters; While I am silent and unobserv'd in publick Meetings, You are admired by all that approach You as the Life and Genius of the Conversation.

But, Sir, I am told you are a famous Mechanick as well as a Looker-on, and therefore humbly propose you would invent some Padlock, with full Power under your Hand and Seal, for all modest Persons, either Men or Women, to clap upon the Mouths of all such impertinent impudent Fellows:

A gentleman, who was of the lookers-on, subsequently told me of the conduct of the populace.

Pleased, as a boy, with his young bride, Richard was all attention, and Ethelyn had only to express a wish to have it gratified, so that casual lookers-on would have pronounced her supremely happy.

It was about four in the morningthe fire still burningwhen Mrs. Holabird went round upon the out-skirts of the groups of lookers-on, to find and gather together her own flock.

There was as many lookers-on as actors.

But I think it prevented my ever being more than a looker-on.

The lookers-on were in different case.

10 Such was his force of eloquence, to make The hearers more concern'd than he that spake; Each seem'd to act that part he came to see, And none was more a looker-on than he; So did he move our passions, some were known To wish, for the defence, the crime their own.

When thou art called into public power, And when a crowd of suitors throng thy door, Be sure no great offenders 'scape their dooms; 77 Small praise from lenity and remissness comes; Crimes pardon'd, others to those crimes invite, Whilst lookers-on severe examples fright.

On the world's stage, when our applause grows high, For acting here life's tragic-comedy, The lookers-on will say we act not well, Unless the last the former scenes excel:

Perhaps appreciation is a wasting though a generous quality of the mind and heart, and best left to lookers-on, who have plenty of time to develop it.

In "The Lyons Mail," Dubosc the wicked man was easy enoughstrange that the unprofessional looker-on always admires the actor's art when it is employed on easy things!but Lesurques, the good man in the same play ("The Lyons Mail"), was difficult.

It is at first incomprehensible that one should have suddenly grown to be an object of interest and curiosity to one's fellow-creatures, after having been so long a looker-on.

The lookers-on selected the finger, and the insensibility was tested by a strong electric current.

But, in these cases of crystal-gazing, the detail was too copious to be conveyed, by a looker-on, in a wink or a cough.

Almost as fine a spectacle is the sight of the "Kaikouras," or "Lookers-on."

Lookers-on asked for more stable executives and more definite lines of cleavage.

As such, they were soon classed, and lookers-on were only occasionally reminded that they held a special brief.

During one of these, desiring a confederate from the lookers-on, he approached a slender and refined-looking man, who was following the necromancer's proceedings with as much interest as anybody.

We found him laid upon a sofa in one of the sitting-rooms of the inn, pale, rigid, insensible, and surrounded by an idle crowd of lookers-on.

But a flirtation, after all, unless in a one-act comedy, is not entertaining to the mere looker-on; and oh! must not those bridesmaids who sometimes accompany a happy couple in their wedding-tour, have a dreary time of it? CHAPTER XXVII.

There were games going on before long at almost every table, and groups of lookers-on gathered about those who enjoyed the reputation of being skilful players.

The room was very small, and filled with lookers-on.

I have been more a looker-on than an active agentand I have witnessed a frightful death-scene."