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228 examples of  loopholed  in sentences

228 examples of loopholed in sentences

" Kelson quickly availed himself of the loophole she gave him.

It was near two hundred yards in length from east to west, and some fifty in width, but rude enough, consisting merely of a row of logs set upright in the ground and projecting some twelve feet above it, loopholed, and sharpened at the top.

The doors and shutters were all strong and double-barred, and moreover were loopholed in a way that enabled us to command both approaches.

Soon after the Russians had been driven from the salient of the Malakoff, the French troops occupying it were fired on from the lower part of the old masonry tower, which was loopholed, and inside which five officers and sixty Russian soldiers had taken refuge.

"Look out for arrows," continued the speaker, as he crawled to a loophole between Rudolph's and the captain's.

In other words, they discovered a loophole which they termed legal, on the principle that the parts should suffer for the whole, and that this principle was an integral part of the plan of Russian government.

But I am perfectly aware of the difficulty, almost impossibility, of doing justice to men from some of whose forms of thought I am greatly repelled, who creep from the sunshine into every ruined archway, attracted by the brilliance with which the light from its loophole glows in its caverned gloom, and the hope of discovering within it the first steps of a stair winding up into the blue heaven.

At one end there was a door, with a little grating; at the other, close to the ceiling, at a height of ten or twelve feet, there was a loophole with a fluted glass window.

Had these foul Orders admitted of no loophole through which my honour might with difficulty wriggle, I should have taken the only course possible to me.

Evidently missing both shots, he settled to await a better target, eyes intent to the loophole.

I think that an English jury, not having the judicial loophole of 'Non Proven,' would have been bound to acquit her.

"I found there," I replied, "a turret stair Leading from level of the ground above Down to a vault, whence, through an opening square, Half window and half loophole, you look forth Wide o'er the sea; but the dim-sounding waves Are many feet beneath, and shrunk in size To a great ripple.

[Fr.]; glimpse, glint, peep; gaze, stare, leer; perlustration^, contemplation; conspection^, conspectuity^; regard, survey; introspection; reconnaissance, speculation, watch, espionage, espionnage [Fr.], autopsy; ocular inspection, ocular demonstration; sight-seeing. point of view; gazebo, loophole, belvedere, watchtower.

role; policy &c (line of conduct) 692. contrivance, invention, expedient, receipt, nostrum, artifice, device; pipelaying [U.S.]; stratagem &c (cunning) 702; trick &c (deception) 545; alternative, loophole; shift &c (substitute) 147; last shift &c (necessity) 601. measure, step; stroke, stroke of policy; master stroke; trump card, court card; cheval de bataille

[Means of escape] loophole &c (opening) 260; path &c 627; refuse &c 666; vent, vent peg; safety valve; drawbridge, fire escape. reprieve &c (deliverance) 672; liberation &c 750. refugee &c (fugitive) 623.

Adj. defending &c v.; defensive; mural^; armed, armed at all points, armed cap-a-pie, armed to the teeth; panoplied^; iron-plated, ironclad; loopholed, castellated, machicolated^, casemated^; defended &c v.; proof against. armored, ballproof^, bulletproof; hardened.

The attention of the table became as fixed and frigid as that of the midnight sentry at a loophole.

A long loophole had been fashioned in the thick wall on a downward slant, so that a marksman might command anyone who crept forward to fire the fort.

Against this loophole Luffe leaned his ear.

"Do you listen!" said Luffe, giving way to Dewes, and Dewes in his turn leaned his ear against the loophole.

The doors were barricaded, the shutters closed upon the windows and loopholed, and provisions were brought in from the outhouses.

It cannot be more than five feet wide and eight feet long, with an open loophole to the wind.

At dawn, hearing the drawbridge fall, I looked from a loophole and saw old Bell-the-Cat, wrapped in sables, come from Tantallon keep.

The church had been placed in a state of defence, all its walls loopholed, and around it had been constructed a work consisting of a wall and parapet, with towers of brickwork armed with field-pieces en barbette at the angles.

Sandy seized the loophole through which to escape with his honour.

Roof it over with boards, small logs, or brush, and heap dirt on top, aiming through the small trench or resulting loophole.

A loophole . . . . . . . . .

These lofty rooms, whose thick walls kept out the heat in summer, and the cold in winter, were only lighted by a small window or loophole, closed with a square of oiled paper or of thin horn.

If there is any flaw, if there is any possible loophole for escape, he does not make the due deduction and accept the evidence with that deduction, but he ignores it entirely, and goes on to the next item just as if he were leaving nothing behind him.

A number of square stone towers about thirty feet high, loopholed and crenelated, are visible from the caravan-track between Shiráz and Khaneh Zinián, where we rested the first night.

The latter is crenelated, loopholed for musketry, and mounts six cannon of a very primitive kind.

This is called the "Shah Mirdan," and is surrounded at the base of the hill by high mud ramparts, with bastions at intervals, loopholed for musketry.

I believe that at one time the French Government hoped to avert it; and that, up to the latest period, some members of that Cabinet would gladly have availed themselves of the smallest loophole through which the Spanish Government would have enabled them to find their retreat.

The trench twisted snakelike in a general north and south direction, and was fitted every few feet with metal firing-shields, loopholed for rifles and machine guns.

The infantry trenches along the river, cut in the clean sand and neatly timbered and loopholed, were like model trenches on some exposition ground.

Judith having carried away the lantern, he was left in total darkness; but on searching the cell, which was about four feet wide and six deep, he discovered a narrow grated loophole.

The loophole opened on the south side of the tower, near one of the large buttresses, which projected several yards beyond it on the left, and was more than twenty feet above the roof; so that it would be certain destruction to drop from so great a height.

Anthony at a window, Sally at a crack which made an excellent loophole, they remained moveless.

It was she who noted a niche which might serve as a loophole for one of the posse, and she fired at it, aiming low.

Naturally here, the words of the opening canto of "Marmion" are recalled to our memory "Day set on Norham's castled steep, On Tweed's fair river, broad and deep, And Cheviot's mountains lone The battled towers, the donjon keep, The loophole grates, where captives weep, The flanking walls that round it sweep, In yellow lustre shone.

She urges me to it, and leaves me no loophole for escape.

He had left himself no loophole.

This kept the creature at a safe distance, although he began trotting around and around, as if to seek some unguarded loophole through which to compass the destruction of the man who had thus invaded his dominions.

The lower windows were barricaded, and the whole building loopholed for musketry fire.

Having passed the ruins of the monastery, whose high loopholed walls and strong tower showed that it had once been a fortress as well as a religious house, I was soon rising far above the valley of the Tarn.

Neither was lighted by window or loophole, and but for the candle I should have been in utter darkness.

The English, who used it as a refuge, had shown much sagacity in its selection, for the enemy that attacked them there would have been compelled to climb up the face of the rock beneath by following zigzag ledges, while the besieged behind their loopholed wall were raining arrows and bolts upon them.

In addition to its embattled parapet, it is protected by three high slender towers, machicolated, crenellated, and loopholed.

" They hurried, slipping and floundering, along the wet trench, and turned at last into another zig-zag one where a step ran along one side, and men muffled in wet coats stood behind a loopholed parapet.

At intervals along the parapet men watched through periscopes hoisted over the top edge, and every now and then one fired through a loophole.

The line dropped, and while some lay prone and fired as fast as they could at any loophole or bobbing head they could see, others lit bombs and tossed them into the trench.

There is only one loophole, and the attorney-general himself is to guard thatthe path round Anvil Rock.

The walls of such buildings as were left standing were loopholed for musketry.

In vain he cast his eyes around in quest of a loophole of retreatthere was none.

He leaves no loophole for the green-eyed monster to creep in.

Breastworks had been thrown up, and the walls of houses loopholed for musketry.

In this way I shall make for myself a loophole of escape, in case he should ever regain his throne.

At any moment it seemed to us the gates might open, or some loophole be visible by which we might throw ourselves upon the darkness and vanquish it.

He walked along at a jog trot, and he looked furtively about as if for a loophole of escape.

The room was about eight feet long by six wide, and lighted by a long narrow loophole extending from the ground to the roof.

Through the loophole they could now hear a roar, and crackling sounds, and a sudden glow lit up the country.

" Harry was so placed that he could command a sight through the loophole, and he exclaimed, "They are riding away!"

They would long since have been roasted, were it not for the cool air which flowed in through the long loophole, and keeping up a circulation in the chamber, lowered the temperature of the air within it.

They rode, however, directly toward the turret, and then, when they halted, Harry saw the figures of two ladies who were pointing toward the loophole.

Harry now stepped from the ladder on to the door and shouted at the top of his voice through the loophole.

Half an hour later long ladders tied together were placed against the wall, and Jacob speedily made his appearance at the loophole.

" Soon a bottle of water was passed in through the loophole, and then three or four ladders being placed in position, the men outside began with crowbars and pickaxes to enlarge the loophole sufficiently for the prisoners to escape.

" Soon a bottle of water was passed in through the loophole, and then three or four ladders being placed in position, the men outside began with crowbars and pickaxes to enlarge the loophole sufficiently for the prisoners to escape.

Even then it appeared incredible that any one could be alive, and the shout from the loophole had surprised almost as much as it had delighted them.

As the lantern threw its feeble glimmer on this group, and I surveyed them through my loophole, I thought I had never seen so wild and savage a picture, such enormous shadows, such bold outline, such a startling flash on the face of their leader, such light retreating up the threatening arches.

Just now I had a fellow killed before a loophole.

"Sergeant of the Guard put this man in the guard-room and keep him under arrest until he is sent for," and, night-glasses in hand, he climbed one of the ladders leading to the platform erected a few feet below the top of the well-loopholed wall, just as a shot was fired and followed by others in rapid succession on the hill

Every man who could use a rifle was at loophole or embrasure, ammunition was plentiful, all non-combatants were hidden.

As their magazine-fire slackened, dwindled to a desultory popping, and ceased, the mob with a howl of triumph surged forward to the gaping gateway, trampled and scattered the glowing remnants of the fire, swarmed yelling through, andfound themselves face to face with a stout semicircular rampart of stone, earth and sandbags, which, loopholed, embrasured and strongly manned, spanned the gateway in a thirty-yard arc.

But where Mr. Thurston came to a halt in front of a dead wall, Scovill's scheming mind saw the loophole.

There was the parchment prepared with all the niceties of wording that so many generations of lawyers had polished to the highest pitch; not a loophole, not so much as a t left uncrossed, or a doubtful interlineation.

I left a good loophole in case you had changed your mind.

The fort itself was an oblong square, and required three hundred men to man its walls; it was built of mud, with a large bastion at each angle three and four stories high, and loopholed.

It was generally remarked as being a particularly strong place, the approach leading through orchards surrounded by mud walls six or seven feet high and loopholed, the lanes intersecting them being barricadoed as if to be held to the last extremity.

The latter, however, were not only resolute and well-armed, but were also on the alert to guard against surprise; the Indians were discovered as they advanced in the gray light, and were at once beaten back with loss from the loopholed stockade.

Its stout, loopholed palisades enclosed some forty cabins, there were strong block-houses at the corners, and it was garrisoned by fifty good riflemen.

But they did not succeed in deceiving the veteran Indian fighters who manned the heavy gates of the fort, stood behind the loopholed walls, or scanned the country round about from the high block-houses at the corners.

" "Then how did people who were unhappily married get rid of one another?" "They didn'tif the courts ruled that they had actually been marriedbut that left a loophole.

In all my battlefield visits in Europe I have not seen a single cemetery wall that was not loopholed.

One morning he was awoke by sounds as of thunder, in spite of a tiny ray of sunlight filtering through his loophole; hearing the jailors in the corridors near, he understood the mystery.

Jemina, he said, had helped some when pointed at Manuel's scowling face; but Jerry opined that he would hereafter take the twins along too when he rode out anywhere, and that he guessed he'd cut another loophole or two in his cabin walls.

When the latest witnesses were telling their story, I noted the possible contradiction, and hoped it might prove a loophole of escape.

The only loophole left by which a realistic treatment could find its way into pastoral was when, as in Folengo's macaronics, it was not the actual rustic life but the conventional representation of it that was the object of satire.

It stood about twice as high as the outer, was also topped with live wires and lights, and was loopholed for defense.

Those walls, no less than a hundred feet high, were cunningly loopholed for defense.

Bobby, have a look through this sniper's loophole.

Can you see any bayonets twinkling in the Boche trenches?" Bobby applied an eye to the loophole.

Some go to the fire-trench, others to the machine-guns, others again to observation postsor O.P.'swhence a hawk-eyed Forward Observing Officer, peering all day through a chink in a tumble-down chimney or sandbagged loophole, is sometimes enabled to flash back the intelligence that he can discern transport upon such a road in rear of the Boche trenches, and will such a battery kindly attend to the matter at once?

But when, peering through the improvised loophole, he next caught sight of his officer, Angus had emerged from the house by the cellar window, and was creeping with infinite caution behind the shelter of what had once been the wall of the estaminet's back-yard (but was now an uneven bank of bricks, averaging two feet high), in the direction of the German machine-gun.

Barricades were built across what was known as Inspectorate Street while the I.G. stood by and refreshed the thirsty workers with beer from his cellar; the big gate was loopholed, the walls strengthened, and clumsy look-out platforms, reminiscent of the Siege of Troy, constructed.

The only loophole she had for herself was one which she realized already was highly unlikely to serve her.

When stationed at the loophole, little recked Sir Giles of the mighty cathedral that frowned upon him like the offended eye of heaven.

This was not Bismarck's plan; he fulfilled all the technical requirements in the strictest way; he carefully abstained from any action which he could not justify by an appeal to the letter of the Constitution; the government of the country was carried on with vigour and success; he allowed no loophole by which his opponents might injure his influence with the King.

He explained that Lord Findon had come to see Cuningham's picture, which he had commissioned, but not without leaving himself a loophole, in case he didn't like it.

But, before we come to this conclusion, how careful must we be to examine every other possible explanation of Mrs. Macdonald's facts, how rigorously must we sift her own explanation of them, how eagerly must we seize upon every loophole of escape!