651 examples of looping in sentences

She unhooked it, looping it over one arm.

The salient was a huge bulge, almost twenty miles in depth, turning southwest from Combres at the north base and Hattonville at the south and looping down around the towns of St. Mihiel and Ailly.

In due time he made his escape, and was to be found later looping the loop above Turkish camps in the Sinai Peninsula.

Imagine looping the loop in the air!

Apart from the agony of having to talk in this fashion of one who, except when he was looping back rings and causing me to plunge into swimming baths in correct evening costume, had always been a very dear and esteemed crony, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

"Correct me if I am wrong," I said, with a certain stiffness, "but I assumed that you were apologizing for your foul conduct in looping back the last ring that night in the Drones, causing me to plunge into the swimming b. in the full soup and fish.

"Why, I seem to have the blood going to my head, just as happened when looping the loop, and hanging too long in stays.

He was flat on his back, his arms pinioned to his sides, and bringing himself astride the Frenchman's body so that each knee imprisoned an arm Howland coolly began looping the babeesh thongs that he had snatched from the table as he sprang to the door.

" Bruce was looping a buckskin thong about Muskwa's middle, making of it a sort of handle by which he could carry the cub as he would have conveyed a pail of water or a slab of bacon.

But if we drop the thread of our idea without knotting it, or looping it to some fact,if we stop our work without leaving something inserted to keep the breach open, how soon all becomes a blank!

Katherine slipped one loop of rope over his shoulders, put the other looped rope into his hand, then laid an oar on the mud.

Previously we betake ourselves to our chambers, and, entertaining a vague notion that Fashion's expanse may prove inconvenient, we are looping up our trailing robes in fantastic folds, when a tap at the door.

One feature was clear, and that was a broad looping of silver among the hills, a river with slender tributaries dodging swiftly down to it from either side.

He had seen the trail looping around the spot where the rattler's length had been coiled in the sand, or where a tentative hoof had opened the squirrel's hole.

We hastened down the staircase, as quickly as the loop-hole light would allow, (for this part is to be lit with gas,) and returned to the front court by the large door at which we entered.

Judging by his advertisement he is an expert in looping.

She declared afterwards that it move in "looping circles," but what she perhaps meant to convey was "spirals.

But, clearest of all, she saw the manner of their going; for she recognized in their tumult of escape by the window open at the top, the same wide "looping circles"spirals as it seemedthat she had seen upon the lawn those weeks ago when Sanderson had talked.

He took the beaver, and looping up one side of the brim, he fastened it with a golden brooch taken from his own shirt front.

Three women, grouped around her, rose and stooped and swayed, putting a touch here and a touch there, gathering in, looping up, and altering until all was to their taste.

But the oars had scarcely dropped into the water before dark, tapering, serpentine ropes had bound them, and were about the rudder; and creeping up the sides of the boat with a looping motion came the suckers again.

Hasheesh dreams, because they so often occur during some momentary lapse from normal consciousness and are therefore measurable by its time scale, are particularly rich in the evidence of the looping of time.

Again, the down-stream angler contends that when a fish is fastened on a hook, taking the lure in a current, that he is more likely to be well hooked, hence more certain of capture when the line is tense, than when rising to a floating bug at the end of a looping line and leader.

The snow has smothered the rivers, and the great looping trestles run over what might be a lather of suds in a huge wash-tub.

Away to the eastward began a winding ragged blue line, looping back upon itself, and then winding away again, growing wider and bluer.

651 examples of  looping  in sentences