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That fact, at any rate, was brought home to them by the unbroken spirit of the troops who held the line in France and Flanders in 1915 against all attempts to break through; and at Neuve Chapelle, or Loos, or a hundred other minor engagements, only wanted numbers and ammunitionabove all ammunition!to win them the full victory they had rightly earned.

The men of the Dominion swept the Germans from the famous hill, defeated all counter-attacks, and thus gained command of the entire Loos salient.

It was on this hill that the British forces under Sir John French were badly broken in their efforts to reach Lens in the first battle of Loos, in September, 1915.

This long-awaited movement was no isolated attack, costly but ineffectual, like those of the English at Neuve Chapelle and Loos, but "a carefully studied and deliberately prepared campaign of severe pressure upon Germany at each of her battle fronts."

CANADIANS STRENGTHEN THEIR FRONTS Along the portion of the western battle front held by Canadian troops, there were frequent heavy bombardments by the enemy during the month of July, but the gallant soldiers of the Dominion consolidated their positions won in battle at Loos and elsewhere, and fully held their own.

During the night of January 14 a party of British troops entered the German lines east of Loos.

In addition to the usual artillery activity the enemy's positions were effectually bombarded southeast of Loos and opposite the Bois Grenier. GERMANS DRIVEN BACK.

For several days after the first dash on Monday morning, April 9, the British tore through the German defenses on an extended front north and south of Arras, from the north bank of the River Scarpe to the German trench system just south of Loos, and straddled the iron line of Hindenburg by April 13 as far as a point seven miles southeast of Arras.

On April 16 the extension of the British attack nearly to Loos threatened to pocket Lens, just as a loop had been thrown around St. Quentin, and the fall of this industrial city with its rich coal mines was considered inevitable.

I found that his friends lived at Morpeth, that he had been taken prisoner during the Loos advance of September 1915, and that he had died about a year later of typhoid fever in a German camp.

"Das ist das Loos des Schönen auf der Erde.

On Vimy Ridge I sit at rest With Loos and Lens outspread below; An A.D.C.the very best Expounds the panoramic show; Lightly I lunch, and never yet Has quite so strong an orchestration Supplied the music while I ate My cold collation.

R102711, 21Nov52, T. Morris Longstreth (A) LOOS, ANITA.

R102776, 18Nov52, Anita Loos Emerson (A) LOPEZ, SABATINO.


Anita Loos Emerson (A); 25May55; R150380.

R102711, 21Nov52, T. Morris Longstreth (A) LOOS, ANITA.

R102776, 18Nov52, Anita Loos Emerson (A) LOPEZ, SABATINO.

The First Hundred Thousand closed with the Battle of Loos.

The whole proceeding reminds me of nothing so much as our own 'artillery preparation' before the big push at Loos.

Since then we have undergone certain so-called "operations" in the neighbourhood of Loos, and have put in three months in the Salient of Ypres.

Ypres was a household word to them; Plugstreet was familiar ground; Givenchy they knew intimately; Loos was their wash-potor rather, a collection of wash-pots, for in winter all the shell-craters are full to overflowing.

Wagstaffe's thoughts went back to a certain soft September night last year, when he and Blaikie had stood on the eastern outskirts of Béthune listening to a similar overturethe prelude to the Battle of Loos.

But Loos had taken his friend from him, and he, Wagstaffe, only was left.

"Loos was child's play to it," says onea member of a certain immortal, or at least irrepressible Division which has taken part in every outburst of international unpleasantness since the Marne.

55 examples of  loos  in sentences