1694 examples of lore in sentences

[Footnote 1: Arichandra, the Martyr of Truth: A Tamil Drama translated into English by Muta Coomâra Swâmy; cited in Conway's Demonology and Devil Lore, II., 35-43.]

He was familiar with the lore of the supernatural, and knew the doubt he expresses to be not without support.

Knowe thi contree, look up, thank God of al!" The finest character in the company is that of the Parish Priest, who attends to his flock like a good Samaritan: "But Cristes lore, and his apostles twelve, He taughte, and first he folwed it him-selve.

" There was one other thing that Beattie detested nearly as much as "metaphysic lore."

Learning N. learning; acquisition of knowledge &c 490, acquisition of skill &c 698; acquirement, attainment; edification, scholarship, erudition; acquired knowledge, lore, wide information; self-instruction; study, reading, perusal; inquiry &c 451.

And in the process, his own thought, like the bass in an organ, always dominates everything and is never drowned by other tones, as happens with minds which are full of mere antiquarian lore; where shreds of music, as it were, in every key, mingle confusedly, and no fundamental note is heard at all.

"The fact is that there's so much tradition and legendary lore connected with the old place, and its early owners were such a set of bold and defiant robbers, that for generations the peasantry have held it in awe.

At the end of the evening, Fox, who prided himself on his classical lore, came up to and said to him, 'Sheridan, how came you to be so ready with that passage?

It faced towards the river and the Aventine, i.e. south-east, according to the rules of augural lore, like all Roman public buildings of the Republican period.

Come, open all your lore.

"I've told him how all the subalterns come to you for Palestinian lore" "Ach!

A scholar, a moralist, a metaphysician, a theologian, learned in all the lore and trained in the best methods of the schools, he is distinguished from most scholars by his broad grasp of every-day life.

Philippa's piercing peacock squeals, Uttered in moments of expansion; The grime and splendour of the meals Of Mrs. Knox and of her mansion; The secrets of horse-coping lore, The loves of Sally and of Flurry All these delights and hundreds more Are not forgotten in a hurry.

In other words, the danger is one always associated, by the instinct of folk-lore, with forests; it is enchantment, or the fixed loss of oneself in some unnatural captivity or spiritual servitude.

The folk-lore concerning the Wrekin is, of course, rich and full of detail.

Bed of disease, secret-place of the unclean, and graveyard of the seas; yet, this yellow-breasted fiend, ancient in devil-lore, can smile innocently as a child at the morning sun, and beguile the torrid stars to twinkling.

Lonesome Ben (1900) Essay Superstitions and Folk-Lore of the South (1901)

I have been schooledhave caught Lore from Hebrew, deftness from the Moor Know the rich heritage, the milder life, Of nations fathered by a mighty Past.

Cotton Mather came posting down All the way to Newbury town, With his eyes agog and his ears set wide, And his marvellous inkhorn at his side; Stirring the while in the shallow pool Of his brains for the lore he learned at school, To garnish the story, with here a streak Of Latin, and there another of Greek: And the tales he heard and the notes he took, Behold!

Possibly these grave and candid, deep and fervent theologians, whose opinions on theology are quoted everywhere, whose works are spread over the globe, and whose lore is stupendous, may yet discover that there is a divine flavor even in a soup à la Mexicaine.

The elephant-lore of the Hindus.

The elephant-lore of the Hindus; the elephant-sport (Matanga-lila) of Nilakantha; translated from the original Sanskrit with introd., notes, and glossary by Franklin Edgerton.

Earth-lore, geology without jargon.

Earth-lore, geology without jargon.

I gained the important information that "sto, fido, confido, assuesco, and preditus" govern the ablative, and other valuable lore; but when I asked the teacher where the Latin vernacular came in, she replied that that would come to me

1694 examples of  lore  in sentences