60 examples of losse in sentences

That goe to loose their owne to purchase but The breath of others and the common voyce; Them that will loose their hearing for a sound, That by death onely seeke to get a living, Make skarrs there beautie and count losse of Limmes

You freed the State from warres abroad, but 'twas To spoile at home more safely and divert The Parthian enmitie on us; and yet The glory rather and the spoyles of warre Have wanting bin, the losse and charge we have.

Weele not belie our teares; we waile not thee, It is our selves and our owne losse we grieve: To thee what losse in such a change can bee? Vertue is paid her due by death alone.

Weele not belie our teares; we waile not thee, It is our selves and our owne losse we grieve: To thee what losse in such a change can bee? Vertue is paid her due by death alone.

Ile And liv'd beloved, whilst my good stars did smile; But clowded once with this world's bitter crosse My joy to grife, my gaine converts to losse. Asca.

"The smoke of tobacco (the which Dodoneus called rightly Henbane of Peru) drunke and drawen, by a pipe, filleth the membranes (meninges) of the braine, and astonisheth and filleth many persons with such joy and pleasure, and sweet losse of senses, that they can by no means be without it."

Whether she were one of that rivers nymphes, 15 Which did the losse of some dere Love lament, I doubt; or one of those three fatall impes Which draw the dayes of men forth in extent; Or th'auncient genius of that citie brent*; But, seeing her so piteouslie perplexed, 20 I, to her calling, askt what her so vexed.

With manie garlands for his victories, And with rich spoyles, which late he did purchas Through brave atcheivements from his enemies: 655 Fainting at last through long infirmities, He smote his steed, that straight to heaven him bore, And left me here his losse for to deplore. VI.

His losse by lacke of thee to heaven hent*, And with last duties of this broken verse, Broken with sighes, to decke thy sable herse!

The hearts of men with selfe-consuming fyre, 275 Thenceforth seemes fowle, and full of sinfull blame And all that pompe to which proud minds aspyre By name of Honor, and so much desyre, Seemes to them basenesse, and all riches drosse, And all mirth sadnesse, and all lucre losse.

Then weigh what losse your Honour may sustaine, If with too credent eare you list his Songs; Or lose your Heart; or your chast Treasure open [Sidenote: Or loose] To his vnmastred importunity.

This is our losse: yet spight of Phoebus, we Will keepe our FLETCHER, for his wit is He.

My ruyns shall reach all: the valiant Soldier, Whose eies are unacquainted but with anger, Shall weep for me because I fedd and noursd him; Princes shall mourne my losse, and this unthanckfull, Forgetful Cuntry, when I sleepe in ashes, Shall feele and then confes I was a father.

Should these rarities (Faithlesse as are your wondrous promises) Lead me into the hazard of my soule And losse of such ay-lasting happinesse As all earths glories are but shaddows to? Cyprian.

Cods my life, she abuses her best unkle; never trust me if it were not a good revenge to helpe her to the losse of her widow-head.

Gladd to bee rid of such a slavery, Yet sadly weepinge for her casket's losse, That which included ample testimony Bothe of her name and parents.

For thy sake Shee shall bee myne too, and (in her) I'l thinke The powers above have for my single losse

But that in part they did comiserate Our so greate losse by sea.

Come, boy, retreate not, only I intend With thy lifes losse this bloody warre to end.

'Twas for my fathers sake, not for thine owne; That, to thy lifes losse, thou hadst throughly knowne

But that relenting nature playde her part, To save thy blood whose losse had slaine his heart: And it repents me not hee doth survive, But that his fortune was so ill to wive.

There was but fewe yeres that they escaped w'thout a greatter losse of their goodes and cattalles, by spoyle or thefte of the Scottes or Ryddesdale men, then would have paide for the pasture of theyr cattail in a much better grounde.

Victor I will remaine, Or on this earth be slaine, Never shall shee sustaine Losse to redeeme me.

ll. 36 and 37. reparable a losse and easily recoverd.

"I laughe not at another's losse, I grudge not at another's payne; No worldly wants my mynde can toss, My state at one dothe still remayne: I feare no foe, I fawn no friende, I lothe not lyfe nor dreade my ende.

60 examples of  losse  in sentences