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92264 examples of  loved  in sentences

92264 examples of loved in sentences

"All were loved and all were regretted, but life is made up of forgetting.

<i>Everybody loved him</i>; 'dear saint,' as I used to call him, and as <i>I do not doubt he now is!!</i>

All who loved me loved Mossy.

All who loved me loved Mossy.

The magnificent peacock would wander off two miles, choosing the railroad track for his rambles, and loved to light on Si Evans's barn; then a boy must be detailed to recover the prize bird, said boy depending on a reward.

He gave to the Nation, as the friend he loved the dearest, a fortune which he had inherited.

The hackneyed expression to describe the decadence of an age is "that the civilians loved money and the soldiers feared death.

"A man had two sons, an' one obeyed him for fear o' the whip, an' the other, because he loved his father, an' could not bear to grieve him.

"The one that loved him," said the boy.

"A man had two neighbours, an' one stole not his sheep for fear o' the law, an' the other, sor, he stole them not, because he loved his neighbour.

Now which was the better man?" "The man that loved him.

"An' the good God is he not greater an' more to be loved than all kings?

"Very pretty," Melinda thought, while Mrs. Jones fell to comparing her, mentally, with the deceased Abigail; wondering how Richard, if he had ever loved the one, could have fancied the other, they were so unlike.

But here Melinda made a mistake; for though Ethelyn respected her husband, and had learned to miss him when he was gone, and the day whose close was not to bring him back would have been very long, she did not love him as a husband should be loved; and so there was nothing to fall back upon when other props gave way.

I suppose, though, it was because you loved Dick so much," simple-minded Andy said, trying to remember if there was not a passage somewhere which read, "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and cleave unto his wife, and they twain shall be one flesh.

There was a clenching of his fist, a shutting together of his teeth, and an impulse to knock the boasting Frank Van Buren down; and then, as the past flashed before him, with the thought that possibly Frank spoke the truth and Ethelyn had loved him, there swept over him such a sense of anguish and desolation that he forgot all else in his own wretchedness.

It had never occurred to him that Ethelyn married him while all the time she loved anotherthat perhaps she loved that other stilland the very possibility of it drove him nearly wild.

It had never occurred to him that Ethelyn married him while all the time she loved anotherthat perhaps she loved that other stilland the very possibility of it drove him nearly wild.

She surely was all over that love before she promised to be my wife, else she had not promised; and so the only point where she is at fault was in concealing from me the fact that she had loved another first.

Perhaps she did not love him, and never would; but he had loved her, oh! so much, and if he lost her he would be wretched indeed.

It was better to wait, she thought, until she could truly say, "I loved Frank Van Buren once, but now I love you far better than ever I did him.

She could not say that she loved her husband as a true wife ought to love a man like Richard Markham, but she found a pleasure in his society which she had never experienced before, while Aunt Barbara's presence was a constant source of joy.

She shall not disgrace herself, for with all her faults she is my wife, and I have loved her so much.

They were far advanced in the knowledge of metal-work and shipbuilding; they engaged in commerce; they loved music and had an acquaintance with letters; and when disputes arose among them, these were settled in duly constituted courts of justice, presided over by a trained lawyer, called a brehon, instead of being settled by the stern arbitrament of force.

and I loved it as my life."

" The ancient Irish loved their laws and took pride in obeying and enforcing them.

They worked cheerfully, prayed fervently to their gods, loved their women and children devotedly, clung passionately to their clan, and fought at the call with alacrity.

For the man she loved was standing regarding her with horror.

From seeing him, he wondered, from wondering he loved him, from loving he adored him: he knew at once he was no common man.

And I remain of that loved band the last.

Thereupon the author of this thought it necessary to produce new persons from the old ones; and considering the late Indian Queen, before she loved Montezuma, lived in clandestine marriage with her general Traxalla, from those two he has raised a son and two daughters, supposed to be left young orphans at their death.

In vain, O mortal men, your prayers implore The aid of powers below, which want it more: A God more strong, who all the Gods commands, Drives us to exile from our native lands; The air swarms thick with wandering deities, Which drowsily, like humming beetles, rise From our loved earth, where peacefully we slept, And, far from heaven, a long possession kept.

then have you loved before? Cort.

'Tis true I loved, but she is dead, she's dead;

You said, you loved me for resembling her.

[Aside. Suppose one loved you, whom even kings adore:

His mind is shooksuppose I loved you, speak, Would you for me Cydaria's fetters break? Cort.

I'll preserve, But virtue you too scrupulously serve: I loved not more than now my country's good, When for its service I employed your blood:

More cruel than the tyger o'er his spoil; And falser than the weeping crododile: Can you add vanity to guilt, and take A pride to hear the conquests, which you make? Go, publish your renown; let it be said, You have a woman, and that loved, betrayed.

Can I not gain belief how I have loved?

I loved thee not before; but, Odmar, know, That now I hate thee, and despise thee too.

'Twere vain to ask thee what thou canst not give; My breath goes out, and I am now no more; Yet her, I loved, in death I will adore.

In thy loved bosom let me breathe my last.

Ev'n that confirms me, I have loved amiss; Since thou canst know I love, and not imagine It must be Philocles.

To be his wife, I could forsake my crown; but not my glory: Yetwould he did not love Candiope; Would he loved mebut knew not of my love,

And he to use me thus, he whom I favoured, Nay more, he whom I loved? Ast.

See there, Asteria, All we have done succeeds still to the worse; We hindered him from seeing her at home, Where I but only heard they loved; and now She comes to court, and mads me with the sight on't.

When fatal lethargy o'erwhelmed my soul, My loved one strove to rouse me, but in vain; And now, when I would fain in slumber deep Forget myself, full soon remorse doth wake me.

let me rather Heap curses on myself, who, though endowed With reason, yet rejected her I loved.

My loved one came but lately to my presence And offered me herself, but in my folly I spurned the gift, and now I fondly cling To her mere image; even as a madman Would pass the waters of the gushing stream, And thirst for airy vapours of the desert.

my dear friend, why were you so ill-natured as to tell me the truth? While all entranced, I gazed upon her picture, My loved one seemed to live before my eyes

Let there be no question whether he may or may not have left offspring; Rather be it proclaimed that whosoe'er Of King Dushyanta's subjects be bereaved Of any loved relation, an it be not That his estates are forfeited for crimes, Dushyanta will himself to them supply That kinsman's place in tenderest affection.

But this power of discernment was denied them, and only in after years, with the loved ones of their own firesides close about them, was the whole picture revealed.

He loved her and desired her all his own.

It was very dark now, for a bank of clouds hid the glory of the evening sky, and he could see only the mere outline of the woman whom he so passionately loved, the small head with the fluttering curls fanned by the wind, the graceful shoulders and arms folded primly across her bosom.

And she loved these evening strolls in the great, peaceful park, at evening, when the birds were silent in their nests, and the great shadows of ivy-covered elms enveloped her and her romance.

" She allowed him to put his arms round her now, glad that the darkness hid the blush on her cheeks; thus she loved him, thus she had first learned to love him, ardent, oh, yes!

he murmured, with a pathetic emphasis on that little word "if." "As a friend I mean," she rejoined still cold, still cruel, still womanlike in that strange, inexplicable desire to wound the man who loved her.

Kate loved to have her hovering about like that, and yet the sight of her, so fragile, so fluttering, added to the sense of sadness that was creeping over her.

We feel very sure that, as a prominent temperance writer says, "It very often happens that women who send out their loved ones with an agony of prayer that they may be kept from drink for the day, also send them with a breakfast that will make them almost frantic with thirst before they get to the first saloon.

He said to himself, and he would have said to anybody who was entitled to call upon him for an explanation, that he had always loved children, and that the beauty and goodness of this child had deeply interested him.

The voice of brotherly lovefor he had tenderly loved his erring brothersaid, "No."




We loved England; we respected, revered her; we were bound to her by ties of blood and race.

For right is might, and truth is God, and He upholds our cause, The grand old cause our fathers loved,Freedom and Equal Laws!

Few men were more before the public than he, and yet he loved privacy more than publicity.

He knew, loved, and admired Mr. Choate.

Ye stray and gather, part and fold; The wind alone can tame you; I think of what in time of old The poets loved to name you.

Oh, I loved well, Such love as none can tell: It was so true, it could not make him know: For he was blind, All light and all unkind: Oh, had he known, would he have hurt me so?

"I loved once before I loved you.

"I loved once before I loved you.

"Yes, I loved the girl.

We loved each otheryou understandI have no time to tell you, but you understand, Anna, that these few relics of memory that I give you at random are beautiful, incredibly beautiful.

and she told me the episode, which had so vividly impressed her, how Rossetti had promised the lady he loved to let her keep forever the manuscript of the book he had written for her, and if she died, to lay it beside her in her coffin.

"For a moment in the midst of time I knew how much I had loved her, she who had been alive and who was dead, who had been the sun and who was now a kind of obscure spring under the earth.

No one ever has loved, does love, or will love mankind.

" "I knew you were waiting for me and that you loved me," she said, in a voice gentler

She loved the sky, the light, which the unformed little being would love some day.

She loved the chilly dawn, the sultry noontime, the dreamy evening.

She seemed to say to them, 'He will live in spite of you, he will use you, he will subdue you either to dominate you or to be loved by you.

They loved their Army, their Emperor, and Hindenburg, and believed implicitly in all three.

This sight evoked new assaults from my guides upon "the beasts" whom they accused of wanton and wilful violation of the arboreal beauty which the Allenburgers had loved.

Another charging wave swept by this soldier, and as he looked up he saw the face of the man he had respected and loved more than all other men, the face of Anton Lang, the Christus of Oberammergau.

For she thought she loved him now the more deeply, because, although she was not reconciled to his absence, it seemed to keep alive the memory of what he had been before his one wild act separated them.

It loved to play upon the bank with the servants of the cacique, and especially with the young son who was in the habit of feeding it.

'Love one another,' says he, 'as I have loved you.'

But here my bosom is to madness moved; I suffer by the wrongs of him I loved.

He loved a woman's face to look ciselรฉe, he said.

She loved her father, her aunt, her cousins of the Tancred family, and her friend, Lady Anningford.

Tristram, she knew, loved her stillroom maid's brown bread and butter.

"When I was watching that poor sick girl," she continued, "I thought I could have loved her, she was so beautiful and gentle, as she lay there, white and thin, and never speaking a word against you, Philip, but thinking of her friends far away, and asking to be taken homehome, where her mother was sleeping under the sodhome, to be loved and kissed again before she died.

"When I was watching that poor sick girl," she continued, "I thought I could have loved her, she was so beautiful and gentle, as she lay there, white and thin, and never speaking a word against you, Philip, but thinking of her friends far away, and asking to be taken homehome, where her mother was sleeping under the sodhome, to be loved and kissed again before she died.

And I would have loved her if I hadn't hated you so much that there wasn't room for the love of any living creature in my bad heart.

I had no wish either to mortify or wound the man I had loved so tenderly, but from whom I felt now wholly severed, as though the shadow of a grave had intervened between us.

You love my son, or have loved himin this I could not be mistakenand his affection for you is sincere and unaffected, despite the concessions a designing woman, who conceives herself slighted, has wrung from his unwary lips, on purpose to mar his prospects, and blight your happiness, I well believe.

Plainer women than I are loved and sought in marriage, who possess no gift of fortune or accomplishment.

"I have loved you," he said, hoarsely, "far more than you will ever understand.

She possessed a leading spirit, and loved to rule whether by right or sufferance.