735 examples of lovelace in sentences

And yet I was upon one of my master-strokeswhich was, to take advantage of the captain's inquiries, and to make her own her marriage before him, as she had done to the people below; and if she had been brought to that, to induce her, for her uncle's satisfaction, to write him a letter of gratitude; which of course must have been signed Clarissa Lovelace.

You know, Mr. Lovelace, that there is a consent, as I may call it, in some minds, which will unite them stronger together in a few hours, than years can do with others, whom yet we see not with disgust.

'A like application, he told me, had been made to his sister Harlowe, by a good woman, whom every body respected; who had intimated, that his niece, if encouraged, would again put herself into the protection of her friends, and leave you: but if not, that she must unavoidably be your's.' I hope, Mr. Lovelace, I make no mischief.

I have staid my full time, Mr. Lovelace.


I was going on; when interrupting me, You see, Mr. Lovelace, said she, how you have embarrassed yourself by your obliquities!

You see that your uncle wants only to be assured from ourselves that it is so Not another word on this subject, Mr. Lovelace.

And may I, Mr. Lovelace, never be happy in this life, if I submit to the passing upon my uncle Harlowe a wilful and premeditated falshood for truth!

Urge this point no further, Mr. Lovelace.

To permit this, is to go on in an error, Mr. Lovelace.

I hope, Mr. Lovelace, there is no occasion, in our present not disagreeable situation, to answer such a question.


As Mr. Lovelace pleased.

And will you be so good as to allow of this, Mr. Lovelace?

And let me ask you, Mr. Lovelace, said the Captain; yet not so much from doubt, as that I may proceed upon sure groundsYou are willing to co-operate with my dear friend in a general reconciliation?

You know not, Mr. Lovelace, how near my heart this hoped-for reconciliation is.

And O Mr. Lovelace, how happy I shall be, when my heart is lightened from the all-sinking weight of a father's curse!

an outcastAnd you, Mr. Lovelace, to behold all this, with welcomeWhat though a little cold at first?


[The Lady, in three several letters, acquaints her friend with the most material passages and conversations contained in those of Mr. Lovelace's preceding.

We have both been extremely puzzled, my dear, says she, to reconcile some parts of Mr. Lovelace's character with other parts of it: his good with his bad; such of the former, in particular, as his generosity to his tenants; his bounty to the innkeeper's daughter; his readiness to put me upon doing kind things by my good Norton, and others.

Letter XIX. See also Mr. Lovelace's own confession of the delight he takes in a woman's tears, in different parts of his letters.

Mr. Lovelace is a proud man.

But why, my dear, should these men (for Mr. Lovelace is not singular in this) think themselves above giving these beautiful proofs of a feeling heart?


735 examples of  lovelace  in sentences