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48566 example sentences with  lowest

48566 example sentences with lowest

They had basked for a short season in the sunshine of liberty, and thought themselves secure from the iron grasp of Slavery, and the heel of the oppressor, when in the height of their exultation, they had been thrust down to the lowest depths of misery and despair, with the oppressor's heel again upon their necks.

Since then the discoveries of von Baer and others have shown not only that the egg is common to all living beings without exception, from the lowest Radiate to the highest Vertebrate, but that its structure is at first identical in all, composed of the same primitive elements and undergoing exactly the same process of growth up to the time when it assumes the special character peculiar to its kind.

He was of the lowest negro type, from which only field-hands can be made,coal-black, with protruding heels, the ape-jaw, blubber-lips constantly open, the sightless eyes closed, and the head thrown far back on the shoulders, lying on the back, in fact, a habit which he still retains, and which adds to the imbecile character of the face.

Physically, and in animal temperament, this negro ranks next to the lowest Guinea type: with strong appetites and gross bodily health, except in one particular, which will be mentioned hereafter.

Ernest threw his into the fire before his mother could stop him, while Harry said he would spend his for the very meanest thing he could think of; and that very night he bought some sausages with it, to satisfy, as he said, only their lowest wants.

Were those European barbarians of the Drift Period a primeval race, destroyed before the creation of our own race, and lower and more barbarian than the lowest of the present inhabitants of the world?

When this conference ended, Carteret immediately put into press an extra edition of the Morning Chronicle, which was soon upon the streets, giving details of the crime, which was characterized as an atrocious assault upon a defenseless old lady, whose age and sex would have protected her from harm at the hands of any one but a brute in the lowest human form.

She was a girl of the lowest class, hardly clad in black rags, and there she lay with hanging jaw, in a very crooked and awkward pose, a jemmy at her feet, in her left hand a roll of bank-notes, and in her lap three watches.

There was a religious sect in the Past which called itself 'Socialist': and with these must have been the truth, man being at his best and highest when most social, and at his worst and lowest when isolated: for the Earth gets hold of all isolation, and draws it, and makes it fierce, base, and materialistic, like sultans, aristocracies, and the like: but Heaven is where two or three are gathered together.

At eleven, my conveyance arrived; the steps were let down, and, when down, they slanted under the body of the carriage; my foot slipped from the lowest step, and I grazed my shin against the second; but at last I surmounted the difficulty, and seating myself, sank back upon the musty, fusty, ill-savoured squabs of the jarvey.

But when they were come to the brow of the hill, where they could see a great way into the valleys and woods, which lay towards the north-east part, and where the island lay lowest, they shouted and hallooed till they were weary; and not caring, it seems, to venture far from the shore, nor far from one another, they sat down together under a tree, to consider of it.

These cannot at the lowest estimate be less than twenty-five millions.

It is well watered, filled with lakes, springs, meadows and running streams, all draining to its lowest point, and forming the head waters of the San Luis Rey River.

"Good, honest Buxton" had made up his mind that the world should be somewhat the better for his having lived in it, and he had chosen as the object of his beneficent labors the very lowest of his fellow-subjects,the negro slave of the West Indies.

When I drew near he dropped down from bough to bough till he reached the lowest, a few feet from where I stood, and showed by every movement how glad he was to see me.

Far from being confined to the higher orders of society, it has found its most disinterested admirers in the lowest walks of life.

His character, in some respects, was similar to that of George Morland; he was rather too much addicted to convivial pleasures, yet was ever solicitous to mix with the best company, and his polite manners always rendered him an acceptable guest; in this respect he was unlike Morland, who, it is well known, loved to select his companions from the lowest class of society.

"Welter upon the waters, mighty one And stretch thee in the ocean's trough of brine; Turn thy wet scales up to the wind and sun, And toss the billow from thy flashing fin; Heave thy deep breathing to the ocean's din, And bound upon its ridges in thy pride, Or dive down to its lowest depths, and in The caverns where its unknown monsters hide Measure thy length beneath the gulf-stream's tide.

We chose a clear track to the edge of the cliffs, but could find no low place in these, the lowest part being 24 feet sheer drop.

The temperature remains high, the lowest yesterday -13°; it should be much lower with such calm weather and clear skies.

The temperature has been down to -23°, the lowest yet recorded heredoubtless we shall soon get lower, for I find an extraordinary difference between this season as far as it has gone and those of 1902-3.

Tuesday, June 20.Last night the temperature fell to -36°, the lowest we have had this year.

They soon reached the lowest branch, and at last came to the ground very near me.

The proudest are generally those who can bend the lowest.

While these critics allow only two degrees, we might in fact with more propriety say, that there are five: 1, the quality in its standard state, or positive degree; as wise: 2, in a higher state, or the comparative ascending; more wise: 3, in a lower, or the comparative descending; less wise: 4, in the highest state, or superlative ascending; most wise: 5, in the lowest state, or superlative descending; least wise.

The superlative degree increases or lessens the positive to the highest or [the] lowest degree; as, wisest, greatest, least wise.

The repetition of the word degree, in saying, "The superlative degree increases or lessens the positive to the highest or lowest degree," is a disagreeable tautology.

Again, as soon as any given comparative or superlative is, by a further elevation or intension of the quality, surpassed and exceeded, that particular degree, whatever it was, becomes merely positive; for the positive degree of a quality, though it commonly includes the very lowest measure, and is understood to exceed nothing, may at any time equal the very highest.

If a ladder be set up for use, one of its rounds will be the highest, and one other will be the lowest, or least high.

The highest rounds, or the lowest, if we indulge such latitude of speech, will be those near the top or the bottom; there being, absolutely, or in strictness of language, but one of each.

Buchanan, who long preceded him, has nearly the same words: "The Superlative increases or diminishes the Positive in Signification, to the highest or [the] lowest Degree of all.

Again: "The superlative degree increases or diminishes the positive to the highest or [the] lowest degree of which it is susceptible.

Murray has inserted in his Exercises, among "unintelligible and inconsistent words and phrases," the following example from Milton: "And, in the lowest deep, a lower deep Still threat'ning to devour me, opens wide.

which way shall I fly Infinite wrath, and infinite despair? Which way I fly is Hell; myself am Hell; And in the lowest depth, a lower deep, Still threat'ning to devour me, opens wide, To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heaven.'

But Milton supposes the arch-fiend might descend to the lowest imaginable depth of Hell, and there be liable to a still further fall of more tremendous extent.

He delighted to dwell upon the lowest bodily functions of human nature.

It is sometimes helpful to reduce a great writer to his lowest term, in order to see what the prevailing bent of his genius is.

This lowest term may often be found in his early work, before experience of the world has overlaid his original impulse with foreign accretions.

One day she read in his eyes that he could take but the nearest and lowest; and that moment arose in her heart the wailing cry: 'The King is dead!'"...

Hence, when menaced with a prosecution for his definition of Excise in his Dictionary, so far from offering apology or promising alteration, he called, in his Idler, a Commissioner of Excise the lowest of human beings, and classes him with the scribbler for a party.

Other kinds may admit of this naturalness, which of the lowest kind is the chief merit; but in painting, as in poetry, the highest style has the least of common nature.

She arrived at Waitemata, port of Auckland, situated at the lowest end of the Gulf of Chouraki, on the east coast of the northern island, and landed the fishermen who had been engaged for the season.

But I gather no confidence from hence: my father always said, "If you see them come again, they will begin by their lowest people; their chiefs will not appear till the end."

"A minimum age limit of eighteen years and a maximum age limit of forty years are fixed for those who enter the lowest grades in the service.

Her work carried her into the lowest strata of society, and her compassion, her efficiency, and her courage were daily called upon.

But if the rate is likely to fall, importations are for months meager, stocks of goods are reduced to the lowest point, and when the lower rate goes into effect, large importations follow to the injury of domestic producers.

However, most of the separate rates, as well as the general average rate, were the lowest ever levied by Congress, except that there was no free list and that 5 per cent was imposed upon all goods not otherwise enumerated.

The average ad valorem rates under the nearly four years of the act of 1857 were about 20 per cent on dutiable and 16 per cent on free and dutiable (the lowest in the century between 1812 and 1913).

She lay crushed under a mountain of debtten thousand million francs; she was reduced to the lowest depths of wretchedness, ruin, and disorder, and it was at this crisis in her life as a nation that fate placed a child of four on her throne, and gave the reins of power into the hands of the most dissolute man in Europe.

We stand by the lowest terrace in a plenitude of flowers and verdure; the ancient village church leans its grey pointed wooden tower, as if it would fall; it produces an effect in the landscape: we would not even be without that large flock of birds, which just now chance to fly away over the mountain forest.

Be it known to your majesty that I first went to these new countries in search of trade, in which I was occupied for four years, during which I experienced various reverses of fortune; at one time raised to the summit of human wishes, and afterwards reduced to the lowest ebb of misery, in so much that I had resolved to abandon commerce, and to confine my exertions to more laudable and safer exertions.

If ever this was true in the history of the church, we may expect it to be emphatically so when, in the last days, the world is in its aphelion as related to God, and the wicked touch their lowest depths of iniquity and sin.

I have a mind, while you are still here, to ask them what I am worth at the lowest price."

Joining their forces, he and Ropata invested Ngatapa closely, attacked it in front and rear, and took the lowest of the three lines of intrenchment.

It had been the favorite ground of his prospecting exploits, its lowest flank had been scarred in the old enthusiastic days with hydraulic engines, or pierced with shafts, but its central position in the claim and its superior height had always given it a commanding view of the extent of their valley and its approaches, and it was this practical preeminence that alone attracted him at that moment.

His glacial theory had put him among the geological chiefs, and as to animated nature he had ordered and systematised, from the lowest plant-forms up to the crown of creation, the human being.

Fenestrae three, large, the lowest the largest, arranged in a triangle.

Roscommon continues to have the ninth lowest number of Covid-19 cases in the twenty-six counties.

Tamil Nadu registered 5,609 new cases on Monday, its lowest count since July 21. However, the number of Covid-19 in the state has increased even as the number of new cases slowly decreases.

That's the same general pattern for other vaccines: US and Latin America born are consistently the highest, European born consistently the lowest.

That’s why our annual rates increases are the lowest of all metros who’ve tabled budgets so far.

The average price is $615, the lowest price $102, and the highest price $8,100.

The average temperature last year was about 1.5 degree Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) above the 30-year mean, while rainfall dropped to its lowest in figures back to 1900.

The best location to place the radon tester is inside a room that is well-used and represents the lowest area in the house.

The bill that had more attention than the rest was Chris Loder’s, which increases the maximum sentence for animal cruelty from 6 months to 5 years, meaning the UK goes from having one of the lowest punishments in the world to one of the highest.

The cut, effective from the start of next month, would see Saudi Arabia producing only 7.49 million barrels of oil a day, its lowest output since 2002.

The daily case count on Monday was the lowest Illinois has seen in more than a month, although testing is also down across the state over the past week, likely due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The day in Star Trek mythology that humanity, at its lowest point (and a time-displaced Picard at his most bitterly disillusioned) took the silly risk of being optimistic, and everything changed.

The death penalty has been on the decline in the United States, with seven states carrying out 22 executions last year, the second-lowest number since 1991.

The forecast, nine months after the pandemic first hit, reveal that the region is predicted to see only 0.9 per cent growth in 2020 - the lowest since 1967.

The fund inflow through P-notes in December was the lowest since February 2009, when the cumulative value of such investments stood at ₹60,948 crore, according to the data.

The fund's distribution is one of the lowest around, but this is due to it attempting to achieve its targeted NAV return.

The Gators are still expected to play the Peach Bowl against Cincinnati, but Florida may end up being the lowest ranked team in that game.

“We offer thoughts and prayers to every death in our state, but five deaths is the lowest number we have had since this started,” Cuomo said Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Which of these golfers will have the lowest overall score for the tournament?

While 29% of coronavirus cases were among those ages 20-44, the percentages of ICU admissions were lowest in this age category.

While Amazon is listing at $219 (the lowest price ever) and a 5-qt.

While Goku’s able to make his way through the lowest ranked members of the Red Ribbon Army with little to no trouble, General Blue proves how they’ve been able to take over the world so effortlessly.

According to a KPMG study, total business tax costs in Canada are the lowest in the G7 and 48% lower than those in the United States.

After 15 years, western redcedar, birch and hybrid poplar had the lowest mortality rates caused by A. ostoyae.

After the first vote all candidates receiving no votes or the lowest number of votes were removed from consideration.

Compare auto insurance quotes today and choose the best coverage for the lowest price.

Rotations that included flax or cereal forage crops had the lowest energy efficiencies.

Smartphone usage was highest among students in Toronto at 65 percent while Montreal was the lowest at 50 percent.

Some of the lowest-quality student bows feature synthetic fibreglass "hair".

So you had to maximize to bring things up to max level to prevent things being down in the "quantization" theshhold I call it (it's the area right around the lowest amplitude you can achieve with 16-bit.

Testosterone showed peak concentrations 5-7 h after light onset and lowest concentrations during the dark phase of the cycle.

That we got all the way to the second-lowest ice extent in the melt season, following the coldest winter in eight years, is remarkable and reflects the dramatic and sudden change underway at the top of the world.

Their prices may not be the lowest, but I like this place.

The Prius gets a good share of its fuel efficiency by cheating the wind with an ultra-low 0.24 coefficient of drag (Cd), which is among the lowest of current production passenger cars.

The research shows that posted the lowest job growth, the lowest wages and the lowest post-secondary education attainment rates.

The research shows that posted the lowest job growth, the lowest wages and the lowest post-secondary education attainment rates.

The research shows that posted the lowest job growth, the lowest wages and the lowest post-secondary education attainment rates.

The resulting carbon footprint per megajoule would be the lowest of any other option in the world today, by a large factor.

The used silicon sensor itself can endure extreme burdens in the lowest measurement range of 250 mbar and can perform millions of pressure cycles.

Bake 20-25 minutes (starting knishes on lowest oven rack and raising to top rack after about 10-12 minutes) until tops are browned and knishes are cooked through.

Well, that's the lowest F2 you're ever likely to see from me.

We pay the lowest cost for hydro in the entire country.

We still have the lowest rates in workers compensation in the country.

Yet she points to a startling statistic: “Fifty per cent of our caloric intake in Canada is now from the lowest level of processed foods, called ultra-processed, which means very few nutrients,” she says.