322 examples of loyal to in sentences

Mrs. Atterbury is too loyal to the Confederacy to conceal anything.

Uncle John frowned, but was loyal to Haggerty.

The Lord promised him the kingdom of Israel, and (if he would be loyal to the faith)

How it could have got there she could not imagine ... unless Chou Nu had dropped it by inadvertence, which seemed as far-fetched as to suppose she had left it there by design; for that would mean Chou Nu had been bribed to convey a surreptitious note to her mistress; and Sofia knew that the Chinese girl was at once too loyal to her "second-uncle," and too much in awe of "Number One," to be corruptible.

They may have been intolerant, narrow-minded, brusque and rough in manners, and with little love or appreciation of art; they may have been opinionated and self-sufficient: but they were loyal to duties and to their "Invisible King."

Power rests in the hands of the monarch and of a bureaucracy of military and civil officials, responsible to him alone, and traditionally and fanatically loyal to the monarch who is, before all things, their War Lord.

"Say, rather, your adoring friend, who one day, God willing, hopes to prove to you that there are British hearts which are true and honest as yours, and that none will be more loyal to you than mine own.

It failed because you remained loyal to your convictions.

The attempt to govern as far as possible through the Great Chiefs was a wise one, but it was hampered by the fact that these powerful leaders, however loyal to the Protectorate, knew no methods of administration but those based on extortion.

Regiments loyal to the Czar were hastily summoned to fire upon their revolting comrades.

Her interest in America was very great, "For poets, (bear the word!) Half-poets even, are still whole democrats: Oh, not that we're disloyal to the high, But loyal to the low, and cognizant Of the less scrutable majesties.

The Sha-t'o, who had remained loyal to the government, revolted the moment the government had been overthrown.

Could he trust himself to be decently loyal to Ormsby if he should stay?

How can a newspaper which expects revenue in the form of advertisements from any incumbent government remain loyal to its reader?

Presuming him to be innocent, we must confess, as to her, that she has been simply loyal to her husband,with such loyalty as every married man would desire.

His friends in the Conference Chamberthe legislative bohemia of "ex-honorables" and unsuccessful aspirants, who were loyal to him in gratitude for passes to the floorwere encouraging him and prophesying victory.

Their aim was clearly to emphasize the supreme importance of fulfilling faithfully the demands of the law, even in the face of bitter opposition and persecution, and the certainty that Jehovah would deliver those who were loyal to him.

Emily Meeks was one who stood loyal to Hinpoha.

It was his idea that the nation should make payment of an appraised value in freeing the slaves that were in the ownership of citizens who had remained loyal to the government.

"Although the times seem dark, and men's minds may waver for a while, they will remain loyal to their ancient allies.

" Randolph Shaw, loyal to his feudal promise, appeared in the road a couple of hundred yards away.

You cannot be loyal to a crowd as a crowd.

He was an amiable, tactful man of commanding ability and unimpeachable integrity, actuated by the best of motives and loyal to the highest ideals.

Wires were commandeered and messages sent to several towns in the northern part of the State to men known personally by members of "The Hundred" as fearless and loyal to American institutions.

I think, however, that no one can doubt that he was quite loyal to Prussia and really wished to bring the matter to a satisfactory issue.

322 examples of  loyal to  in sentences