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322 examples of  loyal to  in sentences

322 examples of loyal to in sentences

I'm told if you can manage to win her confidence she will be very loyal to you.

Mrs. Atterbury is too loyal to the Confederacy to conceal anything.

It was also reportedthe information having been brought in by scoutsthat on the second day of the siege the British commander had sent to the fort a messenger, who, with many high-sounding words, recited the love of the king for those who remained loyal to him, and the punishment which would be inflicted upon those who continued in rebellion.

He ardently preached the crusade and was eagerly loyal to St Peter.

Uncle John frowned, but was loyal to Haggerty.

The sepoys had proved themselves brave under fire, and loyal to their salt in sharp extremities; but they are the most credulous and excitable soldiery in the world.

One of the members of Company K was a former neighbor of the disloyal farmer, and he made it his particular duty to see that this team, at least, should be loyal to the government.

"We shall, happily, still have an opportunity to prove that friendship in our daily attitude and actions towards the millions of men and women of German birth and native sympathy who live amongst us and share our life, and we shall be proud to prove it towards all who are in fact loyal to their neighbors and to the government in the hour of test.

I'm bound to say that now thousands of I.W.W. laborers are loyal to the United States, and that made me switch.

My faith in Gunsaules was not great, yet the probability was that he would remain loyal to whichever party held the upper hand.

"We have many foreign people in this country, lonesome, homesick peoplesometimes we complain that they are not loyal to usand that is true.

At the time he was so suddenly made Chief Magistrate of Mexico he was not commanding the Mexican army, but was merely a recently appointed major-general who happened to command that small fraction of the regular army at the capital which was supposed to have remained loyal to President Madero and his constitutional government.

He is beautifully loyal to that sovereign directress, even when he appears most to betray and desert her.

Thus Mike was ever loyal to his employer.

Upon that record must rest the justification or the refutation of Mr. Wilson's implied charge that I was not entirely loyal to him as President and that I failed to perform my full duty to my country as Secretary of State and as a Commissioner to Negotiate Peace by opposing the way in which he exercised his constitutional authority to conduct the foreign affairs of the United States.

Loyal to the last cartridge and after whenever it was ranch business, none of the 88 punchers ever felt it incumbent upon him to go out of his way so far as Lanpher personally was concerned.

The people continued loyal to a king whom God had selected, but Samuel "came no more to see Saul until the day of his death."

The Lord promised him the kingdom of Israel, and (if he would be loyal to the faith)

Most of them, unlike the kings of Israel, were true to their exalted mission, were loyal to Jehovah, and discouraged idolatry, if they did not root out the scandal by persecuting violence.

In 1142 Henry, then nine years old, was brought to England with a chosen band of Norman and Angevin knights; and while Matilda held her rough court at Gloucester as acknowledged sovereign of the West, he lived at Bristol in the house of his uncle, Robert of Gloucester, the illegitimate son of Henry I., who was still in these troubled days loyal to the cultured traditions of his father's court, and a zealous patron of learning.

How it could have got there she could not imagine ... unless Chou Nu had dropped it by inadvertence, which seemed as far-fetched as to suppose she had left it there by design; for that would mean Chou Nu had been bribed to convey a surreptitious note to her mistress; and Sofia knew that the Chinese girl was at once too loyal to her "second-uncle," and too much in awe of "Number One," to be corruptible.

They were loyal to the truth for which they fought.

They were also distributed to many merchants and manufacturers who had been loyal to the government.

For centuries the English people had been wonderfully loyal to their sovereigns; but deeper than their loyalty to kings was the old Saxon love for personal liberty.

They may have been intolerant, narrow-minded, brusque and rough in manners, and with little love or appreciation of art; they may have been opinionated and self-sufficient: but they were loyal to duties and to their "Invisible King."

Power rests in the hands of the monarch and of a bureaucracy of military and civil officials, responsible to him alone, and traditionally and fanatically loyal to the monarch who is, before all things, their War Lord.

Montesinos says that those who were most loyal to the Amautas were few in number and not strong enough to oppose their enemies successfully.

Washington himself found that those who styled themselves in old country parlance "The Gentry," were loyal to King George rather than to the colonies, and while his own men were inclined, at times, to doubt the sincerity of the Father of his Country, the very men with whom he was suspected of being in sympathy were denouncing him with vigor.

Pope's attack did destroy her best asset, her growing reputation as an author, but instead of following Savage's ill-natured advice to turn washerwoman, she remained loyal to her profession and in her later novels gained greater success than she had ever before enjoyed.

He is loyal to his leader and to his friends.

"Say, rather, your adoring friend, who one day, God willing, hopes to prove to you that there are British hearts which are true and honest as yours, and that none will be more loyal to you than mine own.

Then, when our experience is large enough and ripe enough, being enriched and stimulated by the stored-up experience of humanity, as recorded in tradition, custom, Bibles, and Epics, we attain to the moral sense, and realize that we are bound to be loyal to something greater than self.

It failed because you remained loyal to your convictions.

Fichte did not continue loyal to this principle, that the state is merely a legal institution.

The attempt to govern as far as possible through the Great Chiefs was a wise one, but it was hampered by the fact that these powerful leaders, however loyal to the Protectorate, knew no methods of administration but those based on extortion.

There is probably a majority, and certainly a powerful minority, in the seceding States, who are loyal to the Union; and these should have that support which the prestige of the General Government can alone give them.

By dint of ceaseless watchfulness and vigilance, at last he gained a clue to their retreat, and lost no time in following it up, taking with him Kit Nubbles, the errand-boy at the Shop in old days, who, though now in the employ of kind Mr. Garland, was still loyal to the memory of his beloved Miss Nellyand only too grateful to be allowed to go in search of her, with the stranger whom she would not recognize.

For this very reason, discerning it quickly, Leslie had been loyal to him; and he, with all his boy-vehemence of admiration and devotion, was loyal to her.

So I tried just as hard as I could to forget himon account of Mother, so as to be loyal to her.

Regiments loyal to the Czar were hastily summoned to fire upon their revolting comrades.

And what has made it more difficult, it prevailed most extensively among the families of the highest rank, and among the natives, communities and provinces which were most loyal to the British crown.

The reply of Don Alonso was characteristic of the brave leader: "If you had been as loyal to your king in hindering the entry of these pirates as I shall be in preventing their going out, you had never brought this trouble upon yourselves nor upon our nation, which has now suffered so much through your cowardice.

If it had not been for Monk and his army, the rest of the nation would have been loyal to the son of the illustrious Oliver.

Her interest in America was very great, "For poets, (bear the word!) Half-poets even, are still whole democrats: Oh, not that we're disloyal to the high, But loyal to the low, and cognizant Of the less scrutable majesties.

Accordingly it is a moral duty of the State to remain loyal to its own peculiar function as guardian and promoter of all higher interests.

But the kid was loyal to Grim with a courage and persistence past belief, and Grim knew how to worm the truth out of him and make him keep his word, which is more than some of the professional reformers know how to do with their proteges.

The Sha-t'o, who had remained loyal to the government, revolted the moment the government had been overthrown.

" In spite of her willfulness and caprices Mrs. Wilmott was full of generous impulses and loyal to her friends.

Could he trust himself to be decently loyal to Ormsby if he should stay?

How can a newspaper which expects revenue in the form of advertisements from any incumbent government remain loyal to its reader?

A gentleman: a man Of wit and taste; the top of company; Loyal to ladies; one whose eye is keen For friends, and keener still for enemies.

I have sometimes been glad, as my time came to face the long question which life puts to-day to all women who think and feel, and who care for other women and are loyal to them, that I had those early visions of my own to look upon.

Ask Him this morning to make you so loving and loyal to Him, that whatsoever He does, all day long, may please you, because it has pleased Him to do it.

It made him true and loyal to God's cause.

We need have no further concern than to be loyal to Him.

Presuming him to be innocent, we must confess, as to her, that she has been simply loyal to her husband,with such loyalty as every married man would desire.

His father, the Marquis del Dongo, was loyal to the Austrian masters of Lombardy; and during Fabrice's absence his elder brother Arcanio had laid an information against him as a conspirator against Austrian rule.

" "Maybe she's still loyal to her own country, though," said Hinpoha, "and if the chance ever came to help Hungary's cause she'd feel in duty, bound to do it.

Loyal to the family to the point of sacrifice, he served, with the couple itself, to fill out the Holy Trinity of the Brull religion that was the faith of all the District.

His friends in the Conference Chamberthe legislative bohemia of "ex-honorables" and unsuccessful aspirants, who were loyal to him in gratitude for passes to the floorwere encouraging him and prophesying victory.

And cry"Who is loyal to the Emperor!" I will overturn the tablewhile you attack Illo and Terzky and dispatch them both.

They indicate that probably within a generation after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple, in 586 B.C., the Jewish colonists in Egypt built for themselves far up the Nile, and possibly at other points in this land of their exile, a temple or temples to Jehovah; that they remained loyal to God and the institutions of their race; and that in the midst of cosmopolitan Egypt they preserved intact their racial unity.

Nevertheless, in spite of these temptations, there were many who proved themselves loyal to Jehovah.

Their aim was clearly to emphasize the supreme importance of fulfilling faithfully the demands of the law, even in the face of bitter opposition and persecution, and the certainty that Jehovah would deliver those who were loyal to him.

At Jehovah's direction he was to establish a glorious, universal kingdom, the citizens of which were to be the saints, the faithful Jews who remained loyal to Jehovah during the long, cruel persecutions.

Nevertheless the outcome of this battle proved different from what was expected by both sides, for those who had invited Demetrius to come to them did not continue loyal to him although he was the conqueror, and six thousand Jews out of pity because of the change in Alexander's condition, when he fled to the mountains, went over to him.

Emily Meeks was one who stood loyal to Hinpoha.

It was his idea that the nation should make payment of an appraised value in freeing the slaves that were in the ownership of citizens who had remained loyal to the government.

LAMON, MARTHA ALBRAND. Be loyal to yourself, by Martha Albrand (Katrin Holland) (In The Writer, Sept. 1945)

Her stern sense of duty assured her that it was neither delicate nor loyal to obtrude before the presence of an outraged monarch the wife and daughter of a traitor; her haughty, though wounded, spirit shrank from the revival of her husband's history, which must be the consequence of such a conjunction, and from the startling and painful remarks which might reach the shrouded ear of her daughter.

"'Tis well to be loyal to one's friends, and I must admit, too, that Mr. Hardy is a man of many high qualities, a fact that a rivalry in business extending over many years, has proved to me.

"Although the times seem dark, and men's minds may waver for a while, they will remain loyal to their ancient allies.

He had made up his mind to be loyal to Grizel, and so all his pity could go to Elspeth.

And perhaps it was true that one or two among thousands might not have been everything they should have been," admitted Ailsa, loyal to her government in everything.

They were true borderersbrave, self-reliant, loyal to their friends, and good-hearted when their worst instincts were not suddenly aroused; but the sight of bloodshed maddened them as if they had been so many wolves.

All honor must be awarded to the men who under such conditions could be loyal to so high an ideal; but we must not refuse to see the many strong and admirable qualities in some of the men who looked less keenly into the future.

The men who proposed to enter into the scheme were certainly not loyal to their country; although the adventurers were not actuated by hostile designs against it, engaging in the adventure simply from motives of private gain.

With the election of Jefferson the dominant political party in the West became in sympathy with the party in control of the nation, and the West became stoutly loyal to the National Government.

" Randolph Shaw, loyal to his feudal promise, appeared in the road a couple of hundred yards away.

We differ politically, and I am as loyal to the South as any one, and you wear the Blue with just as much honor as I wear the Gray.

The ordinary mind calls such a man a flirt, or, in common parlance, "a jollier;" but I know you to be merely appreciative of womankind in general, while your heart is beautifully loyal to its ideal.

You cannot be loyal to a crowd as a crowd.

And so when you are really loyal to your country, your country does not mean to you merely the crowd, the mass of your separate fellow citizens.

He was an amiable, tactful man of commanding ability and unimpeachable integrity, actuated by the best of motives and loyal to the highest ideals.

The Irish beyond the Pale, and many within it, were loyal to the Church of their fathers, to the faith of Patrick, the faith of the Roman See.

The first governor, Guy Carleton, was Irish, and his subsequent governor-generalship as Lord Dorchester did much to make Canada loyal to Great Britain.

Wires were commandeered and messages sent to several towns in the northern part of the State to men known personally by members of "The Hundred" as fearless and loyal to American institutions.

One creed he owned: to live "square," fight square, and to be loyal to his friends and his "outfit."

However, Lawes was loyal to his friend, and whatever alterations his wider knowledge of the requirements of stage production may have led him to introduce into the masque as performed at Ludlow, he never sought to foist any changes of his own into the published poem, when, having tired himself with making copies for his friends, he at length decided, with Milton's consent, to send it forth into the world in its slender quarto garb.

All were true blue, all loyal to the core, all rusting with ennui, all drawn thither by the lure of the word that had been passed them in club and office, on the golf links, in the street.

The Whigs, zealous as they were for the local government, claimed to be loyal to the King: the Loyalists, however zealous for the independence of Parliament, claimed, in supporting the supremacy of law, to be friends of freedom.

But when the count knew the reason of the visit he said: "It seems to me that you little value the zeal of an honest man who, loyal to his office, does not wish, neither knows how, to break his sworn faith.

"I am greatly obliged to you," she said, "for giving me your confidence in this way, and I want you to believe that I shall be thoroughly loyal to you, and that I never will breathe anything you have said.

He was absolutely loyal to his principles and to his friends, in a time when many men changed both with as little compunction as they changed wigs and swords.

I think, however, that no one can doubt that he was quite loyal to Prussia and really wished to bring the matter to a satisfactory issue.

How often had he in the old days complained of the Liberals that they thought not as Prussians, that they were ashamed of Prussia, that they were not really loyal to Prussia.

He was far too loyal to his master and his country not to defend and adopt the policy which had been accepted; but there is much reason to believe that, had he been completely master, Germany would not have insisted on having Metz, but would have made the demand only to withdraw it.

He had been loyal to the Crownwho more so?but his loyalty had limits.

Hypercritical and eaten up by local and personal jealousies in public life, they are less loyal to parties and leaders, and less capable of permanent organization for a variety of objects.

Those who remained loyal to the United States were driven from the country.