222 examples of loyally in sentences

" "You look all right," said Bob loyally.

But I drank loyally to Mrs. Caroline Lansdale and whatsoever that woman would.

" Mrs. Keyts stepped loyally into the breach thus effected.

By character he was too loftily absorbed in loyalty and reverence for the law of obedience as a root-principle of his life, to deplore any want of appreciation of his worth on the part of the Government which he had so loyally served.

" "What uses hath the Senate for this cloistered scholar, skilled in many sciences and master of tongues," the Lady Laura persisted, "that it should create an officewhich since the serrata it hath not been known to doand appoint a friar over the heads of our nobles who have loyally served the Republic since our ancestors first sat in the Consiglio?

XXI So life went on, and those who looked to see the people fail and falter under this burden which the rebellion of their rulers had brought upon them saw them, with unshaken confidence, still loyally upholding the banner of Saint Mark.

And here shalt thou remain, as master, until my returnkeeping all in order, as thou knowest how, and loyally serving the interest of the stabilimento.

She was most loyally affectionate to her mother, but the sentiment was not a wholly filial one.

His instinct was too keen, his will too strong: he compelled all his home-seeking, wife-loving thoughts to turn away from Mercy; and, six months after her departure, he had loyally and lovingly promised to be the husband of another.

My knowledge of the drama commenced at the early age of seven years, amidst this royal fellowship in fun; and most loyally did I laugh when his majesty, leaning back in his capacious arm-chair in the stage-box, shook the house with his genuine peals of hearty merriment.

It is incumbent upon them loyally to accept the principle that these measures involve the surrender of some portion of the authority and control which they now exercise, and some modifications of the methods of administration.

For when once it is heartily and loyally realized that not our partial likings, but the eternal harmony of the Whole, is the glory of God, we already anticipate the peace of absorption in the Infinite.

" "No woman is good enough for you," returned Jeanne loyally.

The civilian is playing his part just as loyally as the soldier, the women as bravely as the men.

I think Moose Jones is the best man in the world, an' about the strongest," volunteered the boy loyally.

Of course should Mego's pups prove faster than his own team, he would loyally give all credit due the driver and dogs; but it would be a bitter disappointment indeed if Spot did not manifest the wonderful speed that Matt had always predicted for him, and if there was no evidence in superior ability, of the long hours of careful attention that George had devoted to his education as a leader.

" "Mebbe it's cause he don't understand the game," answered Ben loyally.

"These Veterans have served us too long and too loyally."

Tyrant as he was, he could be just when his temper was not roused, and he kept his word loyally in this case.

He had more than once assisted the deputy to put down risings in the north, and, on the whole, had borne his part loyally as a dutiful subject of the queen.

There are within here but a small number of us knights and squires who have loyally served our lord the King of France even as you would serve yours in like case; but we would suffer greater evils than ever men have had to endure rather than consent that the meanest 'prentice-boy or varlet of the town should have other evil than the greatest of us.

"The prince replied that he firmly held and believed that the said marshal and Robert de Clermont had well and loyally served and advised him.

The French were masters of the battle-field; Sir Bertrand and his Bretons acquitted themselves loyally, and ever kept themselves well together, giving aid one to another; but it cost them dear in men.

As the people were seeking for a ruler, they immediately recognized the hand of Odin in this mysterious advent, proclaimed the child king, and obeyed him loyally as long as he lived.

I've faithfully striven to imitate My Mentor in dress and diction, And loyally laboured to cultivate A taste for the latest fiction; Though I still read DICKENS upon the sly, And even SCOTT, when nobody's by.

222 examples of  loyally  in sentences