120 examples of lubber in sentences

And the reason is that she's fond of the lubber.

[80] Mr Todd found this word in Baret's "Alveary," 1580, as well as in Cotgrave; but he quotes no authority for the signification he attaches to itviz., a lubber.

A plaguy, heavy Lubber!

I don't suppose I should ever have remembered the lubber from that day to this, except that I liked the looks of Molly smiling at him through the dark.

and take that for your pains!" Upon that he kicks the poor little lubber from quarter-deck to bowsprit, or nearly, and goes down to his supper.

Where's that lubber Kent?

However, I ought not to talk on this subject, for I am the merest civilian and land-lubber.

The activity of his mind being diverted from the genuine field of utility and distinction, showed itself in the rude tricks of an overgrown lubber.

My uncle pitied my dejection, and bid me prepare myself against next year, for no land-lubber should touch his money.

Charge through them, my bullies; a halbert to the hero who shall reach his heart!" "Avast, ye lubber!" returned the stern tones of the staunch Richard.

Venetians do not more uncouthly ride, Than did their lubber state mankind bestride.

"Where are your eyes, you Irish lubber?"

It describes a lubber-land, or fool's paradise, where the geese fly down all roasted on the spit, bringing garlic in their bills for their dressing, and where there is a nunnery upon a river of sweet milk, and an abbey of white monks and gray, whose walls, like the hall of little King Pepin, are "of pie-crust and pastry crust," with flouren cakes for the shingles and fat puddings for the pins.

As we went I saw the wild head and staring eyeballs of Jan the Lubber Fiend peering at us.

"Lubber Jan," said she, "go and sit in the yard.

The Lubber Fiend pulled his forelock, and reaching downward his head, as if he had the power of stretching out his neck like an arm, he kissed the cold pavement where her foot had rested a moment before.

I felt oafish and awkward, as Jan Lubber Fiend might have done before the King.

Hardly had I looked out of the main door that morning, desiring no more than to pass away the time till the trial should begin again, before I saw the Lubber Fiend, smirking and becking across the way.

"See," I said, "do you desire gold, Sir Lubber Fiend?" He wagged his great head and shook his cabbage-leaf ears till they made currents in the heavy air, to signify that he loved the touch of the yellow metal.

"See then, Lubber," said I, "you shall have ten of these now, and ten more afterwards, if you will carry a letter to the Prince at Plassenburg, or meet him on the way.

I feared that it might be some ill news from the Lubber Fiend, who, though I had seen him clear of the gate, might very well have returned and told my message to Master Gerard.

"That lantern went into a boat, Captain Ludlow, though a lubber carried it!" said the positive old forecastle-man, shaking his head and beginning to pace across the deck, with the air of a man who needed no further confirmation of his suspicions.

Often he fancied himself the lubber fiend resting at the fire his hairy strength, and watching for cock-crow as the signal for flinging out-of-doors.

"Such as fencing with that lubber Robert, and trying to bend his stiff limbs to the noble art of l'escrime.

" "With God and our engineer," he resumed, tersely; "them sails is of little account, now the mainmast is struck away; them floppen petticoats, wat the wind loves to play in and out, layin' along like a lazy lubber that it is, and leaving its work for others to do.

120 examples of  lubber  in sentences