241 examples of lullaby in sentences

"As the clocks struck ten, the poor child lay down, saying, as she drank the last bitter draught life could give her, 'It's very cold, but soon I shall not feel it;' and with her quiet eyes fixed on the cross that glimmered in the moonlight above me, she lay waiting for the sleep that needs no lullaby.

Whispering between her teeth a lullaby for her sleeping child in her blanket, she searches for something forgotten.

The chamber was beautiful with the moon shining through its rose-tinted drapery, and the murmur of the ocean was a soothing lullaby.

Barley heads and crested wheat, Swaying gently to and fro, Sing the music of the heat, Sing the drowsiest song you know, Something slow, something low, Lulla-lullaby.

But "cursed be Canaan" is a poor drug to ease a throbbing consciencea mocking lullaby to unquiet tossings.

At any rate, the faint memory inspired him and, raising his violin, he played a beautiful lullaby.

Then he and Dave were given a couple of blankets apiece, and with the beat of the powerful engines as a lullaby were soon sleeping soundly.

Fay said no more, and in a few minutes she tripped down stairs, and when her mamma followed soon after, she heard the creak of Fay's little rocking chair, and the words, "Sleep, baby, sleep," which told her as she peeped through a crack in the door, that Susy was getting her last lullaby from the fond little mother, who at the proper time presented Susy all dressed for her journey to Tougaloo.

Gypsy lullaby; w Velma Bell, m C. Austin Miles.

HERSCHER, LOU. Virginia lullaby.

Sing me an old fashioned lullaby.

Jack R. Long & Beverly Moss (C of Jimmy Long); 14Mar63; R312127. Sing me an old fashioned lullaby.

Sing me an old fashioned lullaby.

Forgotten lullaby.

Forgotten lullaby.

<pb id='283.png' n='1971h2/A/3668' /> Lullaby: why the pussy-cat washes himself so often; a folktale adapted from the Polish.

JARRELL, RANDALL. Losses; A lullaby; A front; The angels at Hamburg; The sick nought.

Lullaby: why the pussy-cat washes himself so often.

Lullaby with lugers.

CRADLE SONG OF A COSSACK MOTHER Slumber sweet, my fairest baby, Slumber calmly, sleep Peaceful moonbeams light thy chamber, In thy cradle creep; I will tell to thee a story, Pure as dewdrop glow, Close those two beloved eyelids Lullaby, By-low! List!

The Terek o'er its pebbles Blusters through the vale, On its shores the little Khirgez Whets his murdrous blade; Yet thy father grey in battle Guards thee, child of woe, Safely rest thee in thy cradle, Lullaby, By-low!

Thou shalt on a charger gallop, Curbing at desire; And a saddle girth all silken Sadly I will sew, Slumber now my wide-eyed darling, Lullaby, By-low!

Nightly in the empty chamber Blinding tears will flow, Sleep my angel, sweetest dear one, Lullaby, By-low!

I shall fancy thou wilt suffer, As a stranger grow Sleep while yet thou nought regrettest, Lullaby, By-low!

Think of me in bloody battle, Dearest child of woe, Slumber soft within thy cradle, Lullaby, By-low!

241 examples of  lullaby  in sentences