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865 examples of lulls in sentences

In the course of the morning, the officers on board both schooners, profiting by lulls and clear moments, had got so many views of the land from aloft, as to be fully aware of their respective situations.

Whenever one of these lulls occurred, the men would haul upon the line, gradually getting nearer and nearer to the fish, until they were within fifty feet of his tremendous flukes.

She never smiles but when the wretched weep, Nor lulls her malice with a moment's sleep, Restless in spite: while watchful to destroy, She pines and sickens at another's joy; 90 Foe to herself, distressing and distressed, She bears her own tormentor in her breast.

Within hys lodginge will I hyde me safe, And when sleepe lulls hymfarwell Ganelon!

Oh, to be a sound that soothes and lulls!

And the PHEASANT-HEN gently lulls him, murmuring.]

This pleasing humour; this soft and whispering popular air, Amabilis insania; this delectable frenzy, most irrefragable passion, Mentis gratissimus error, this acceptable disease, which so sweetly sets upon us, ravisheth our senses, lulls our souls asleep, puffs up our hearts as so many bladders, and that without all feeling, [1906]insomuch as "those that are misaffected with it, never so much as once perceive it, or think of any cure."

Golden insects with wings of light, whose buzzing lulls to sleep on heated afternoons, should come and hover round their chalices, and one would be obliged to draw aside the leafy curtain to read my name, now blurred by time and moisture.

The words which she was reading rose and fell with the screams and lulls of the child, and she felt obliged to close her book, until the storm was over.

That gilds the black abyss, that lulls the storm.

She was beginning to dread these occasional lulls in business.

"And what is friendship but a name, A charm that lulls to sleep; A shade that follows wealth or fame, But leaves the wretch to weep?"

A charm that lulls to sleep.

Her wonderful calmness, refreshing the whole soul, must aid both conscience and intellect in the end, but sometimes lulls both temporarily, when immediate issues are pending.

Hypotheses are cradle-songs by which the teacher lulls his scholars to sleep.

Soon we heard the eternal diapason of these shores, the constant and immortal music of the breakers on the white stone barrier, a low, deep, resonant note that lulls the soul to sleep by day as it does the body by night.

This narcotic lulls to sleep all pecuniary economy.

When the lard-hunt ruffles Rose Wordsworth lulls her to repose, While a snippet from the "Swan" Stops the jam-yearn of Yvonne.

This lulls me to sleep!

The dishes of luxury cover his table, the voice of harmony lulls him in his bowers; he breathes the fragrance of the groves of Java, and sleeps upon the down of the cygnets of Ganges.

Distances grow to nightmare scale, and that which in the summer was no more than a minute's bare-headed run, is half an hour's gasping struggle, each foot won between the lulls.

It doth tame the raging wild beast, Lulls to sleep the poisonous serpent, And makes evil genii, who Are revolted spiritsrebels Fly in fear, and in this art I have always been most perfect: Wrongly would I act to-day, In not striving for the splendid Prize which will be mine, when I See myself the loved and wedded Wife of the great senator's son, And the mistress of such treasures.

This latest leisure equal lulls The beggar and his queen; Propitiate this democrat By summer's gracious mien. XVII.

And is not such a scene as this the spell, That lulls the restless passions into peace?

Out of the grey northwest, where many a day gone by Ye tugged and howled in your tempestuous grot, And evermore the huge frost giants lie, Your wizard guards in vigilance unforgot, Out of the grey northwest, for now the bonds are riven, On wide white wings your thongless flight is driven, That lulls but resteth not.

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