865 examples of lulls in sentences

In this way Coubitant dodged the path of the Nausetts while they traversed the forests and savannas, the lulls and the valleys, that led them at length to the great lake, now so well known as Lake Superior.

In the evening this order is reversed; and after the comedy is concluded, Nature lulls us to meditation and repose by the mellow notes of the little Vesper-bird, and the pensive and still more melodious strains of the solitary Thrushes.

Those who condemn it, do it chiefly on the ground that it produces a whirling motion of the brain, which, while it inclines to giddiness and lulls to sleep, disturbs, in some degree, the process of digestion.

In the brief lulls of the tempest wild, The dogs howl in the yard; and hark!

In the course of the morning, the officers on board both schooners, profiting by lulls and clear moments, had got so many views of the land from aloft, as to be fully aware of their respective situations.

Whenever one of these lulls occurred, the men would haul upon the line, gradually getting nearer and nearer to the fish, until they were within fifty feet of his tremendous flukes.

Then comes the reflective operation of the mind: it now and then lulls conscience to sleep, now and then modifies particulars, and now and then raises it to the degree of conviction.

Yet there was no response, save that in the lulls Scundoo's voice rose eerily in incantation.

This pleasing humour; this soft and whispering popular air, Amabilis insania; this delectable frenzy, most irrefragable passion, Mentis gratissimus error, this acceptable disease, which so sweetly sets upon us, ravisheth our senses, lulls our souls asleep, puffs up our hearts as so many bladders, and that without all feeling, [1906]insomuch as "those that are misaffected with it, never so much as once perceive it, or think of any cure."

The words which she was reading rose and fell with the screams and lulls of the child, and she felt obliged to close her book, until the storm was over.

That gilds the black abyss, that lulls the storm.

A detective story of the lurid type that lulls us to sleep.

Soon we heard the eternal diapason of these shores, the constant and immortal music of the breakers on the white stone barrier, a low, deep, resonant note that lulls the soul to sleep by day as it does the body by night.

There lurks instead a poisonous anodyne in the heavy, scented aira drug that lulls the spirit to an evil repose counterfeiting the peacefulness whence alone high thoughts can spring.

This narcotic lulls to sleep all pecuniary economy.

It was a glorious thing to see our good ship mount slowly up the side of one of these watery lulls, till her prow was lifted high in air, then, rocking over its brow, plunge with a slight quiver downward, and plough up a briny cataract, as she struck the vale.

Flocks of seabirds take refuge in the cavern from the gale, and at intervals, when it lulls, almost deafen us with their screaming.

Falsely he lulls into some dangerous noose, And then as meanly labours to get loose.

Soon the swift motion lulls our brains into the accustomed muddle; we seem to be dragged along like a miserable thread pulled through the eye of an ever-lasting needle,through and through, and never through,while here and there, like painful knots, the dépôts stop us, the poor thread is arrested for a minute, and then the pulling begins again.

It soothes him, it lulls him, and knowing that he can't use the period of the storm for traveling, he uses it for sleep, thus enabling him to take less later on when the storm has ceased.

"Sleep, sleep, thou sad one, on the sea; The wash of waters lulls thee now; His arm no more will pillow thee, Thy hand upon his brow; He is not near, to hurt thee, or to save:

Last night, after we had been asleep about an hour, (for habit, that "lulls the wet sea-boy on the high and giddy mast," has reconciled us to sleep even here,) we were alarmed by the trampling of feet, and sudden unlocking of our door.

But thou [Goethe] hast sung me a cradle song, and to that song, which lulls me into a dream on the fate of my days, I must listen to the end of my days."

And is not such a scene as this the spell, That lulls the restless passions into peace?

It was not fright which overpowered me, but, oddly enough, down there in the depths, I remembered that a year before, about the same time, I had been in a storm on the North Sea, and I now felt that it would be an agreeable change could I feel the rocking of the ship, hear the wind with its thunder-trumpet tones, while amid its lulls sounded the hearty cry of the sailors, and all above was freshly swept by God's own free airyes, sir!

865 examples of  lulls  in sentences