1415 examples of lung in sentences

There'll be crashin' amung some on 'em afore lung."

He's hardly fit for it; but he'll do it as lung as he can keep ov his feet.

Aw'll tell yo what ruins me; it's these lung warps.

Aw will howd eawt as lung as aw can; but, yo know, what'll barely keep one alive 'll clem two.

Deft Chinese waiters slipped silently from guest to guest with bird's-nest soup, guy soo main, mon goo guy pan, shark's fin and lung har made of shreds of lobster, water chestnuts, rice and the succulent shoots of the young bamboo, while three musicians in a corner sang through their nose a syncopated dirge.

The first two divisions, or branches, of the trachea; one enters each lung.

A membrane covering the lung, and lining the chest.

A morbid product occurring in certain lung diseases.

The left lung is not in a healthy condition.

"He is afraid of lung trouble," Avery said.

It passed through his left forearm, pierced one lung and lodged in the muscles of his breast, where it lies imbedded.

Upon Pietro and Bianca he bestowed a charming palace, on the Lung 'Arno, and provided them with ample means to maintain themselves and it.

Just as he is about to drag the comrade into the zone of safety, a bullet pierces his lung.

Yin Huan-chang discussed most recently Lung-shan culture and the mound-dwellers.

I owed it to the fortunate and intelligent woodcraft of my guides that I was not caught in the depth of the forest by the increasing lung trouble, probably never to return to civilization.

Kai Lung unrolls his mat.

"Are you thinking of enlisting, sir?" "No; I can't pass the examination for lung power.

Here he contracted a lung trouble and was sent to the Caucas.

When his left lung gave out, he moved to Yalta in the Crimea.

She was weak and run down, he said, and couldn't stand a run of lung fever, which had carried her off.

Well, sir, I was taken that night with a painjust hereand it ran through the lung to the point of the shoulder-bladehere.

When they tried to put me into the mustard-pot, I yelled lustily and showed more lung-power than aptitude for the stage.

CALF'S LUNG AND HEART Lay the lung and heart in water for half an hour

CALF'S LUNG AND HEART Lay the lung and heart in water for half an hour

When yellow, add the hashed lung and heart, salt, pepper, soup stock and thicken with flour.

1415 examples of  lung  in sentences