823 examples of madman in sentences

Madman that I was, ever to hope to contend with such dauntless youth, such tireless vigour!

" "Do you believe in this madman, Shalah?"

Whoever the madman was, he knew the mystery of Indian souls, for in a little he would have had that host lusting blindly for death.

I give you your marching orders, for though you are half a madman you are whiles a man.

On the happiness of madmen, as the case is not very frequent, it is not necessary to raise a disquisition, but I cannot forbear to observe, that I never yet knew disorders of mind increase felicity: every madman is either arrogant and irascible, or gloomy and suspicious, or possessed by some passion, or notion, destructive to his quiet.

[Footnote 1: This fine speech is yet spoken in the character of madman, which Hamlet puts on once more the moment he has to appear before the king.

Jealous of the boastfulness of Laertes' affection, he began at oncein keeping with his assumed character of madman, but not the less in harmony with his feelingsto outrave him.]

Does the madman do any other things than the things which seem to him right?

This was more than the brain of man could endure, and Villefort turned from the tragic scene a raving madman, rushing wildly to the garden, and beginning to dig with a spade.

Mademoiselle de Villefort will share them with you; for I entreat her to give to the poor the immense fortune reverting to her from her father, now a madman, and her brother, who died last September with his mother.

Henery Walker wouldn't listen to 'em, and he jumped up and carried on like a madman.

Theophrastus saith as much of Heraclitus, for that he continually wept, and Laertius of Menedemus Lampsacus, because he ran like a madman, saying, "he came from hell as a spy, to tell the devils what mortal men did."

It was believed that the unquiet ghost of the murdered madman haunted the palace, and long before it had been laid to rest by the forms of decent sepulchre, a new emperor of the great Julian family was securely seated upon the throne.

If any one had told the late Francisque Sarcey, or the late Clement Scott, that a play could be made out of this slender material, which should hold an audience absorbed through four acts, and stir them to real enthusiasm, these eminent critics would have thought him a madman.

But I prethee, practise some milder behaviour at the ordinarie, be not al madman.

In all but this, a man of sober life, Fond of his friend, and civil to his wife; Not quite a madman, though a pasty fell, And much too wise to walk into a well.

" Foreman's head drooped, and for a moment he was deep in thought, while Sowers stood over him, sad, but triumphant, in the feeling that he had at last brought this madman to his senses, now that his dollars were gone.

Intellectually, he must be a man in the full possession of his intellects, not so young that his mind shall not have been formed, nor so old that it shall have fallen into dotage; neither a fool, an idiot, nor a madman; and with so much education as to enable him to avail himself of the teachings of Masonry, and to cultivate at his leisure a knowledge of the principles and doctrines of our royal art.

Am I a madman, to risk all this?

Now Heaven have mercy on him for a madman who mixes in this devil's brew!

For the child's life!" said Dorothy, and the fisher rowed like a madman.

It were to put a charitable construction upon his conduct to say that no one but a madman could be capable of it; but there was too much consistency in what he has said and done to admit of such an inference.

If my master did give them that paper he must have been out of his senses, and you need not, therefore, regard it as other than the act of a madman." "Peace, shallow-pated fool!" cried Sir Giles.

The cab rocked from side to side, the horse was galloping, and this brute beating him like a madman.

The King will be a mere madman if he dares to touch a hair of their heads.

823 examples of  madman  in sentences