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294 examples of  maestro  in sentences

294 examples of maestro in sentences

Truly he was a "maestro," as he had said; a genius whose star had risen, flashed across the sky and suddenly faded, leaving his future a blank.

Even if he could be taught to perform like a maestro, this would not enhance his value as a minstrel of the woods.

" "Maestro mio!" cried Marcantonio at length, in ecstasy; "none among us may learn the marvel of thine art!"

" "Thou art wrong to scorn them, caro maestro, for in them is chronicled the glory of Venice.

Will you tell the maestro?

"Peace be with thee and to thine house, my daughter," said the Padre Maestro Paolo, spreading out his hands in priestly salutation as he entered the oratory of the palazzo Giustiniani, where the Lady Marina awaited him.

Obsolete for maestro, 'master,' a title of respect.

Siempre dice que no es más que un pobre organista de convento, y puede dar lecciones de solfa al mismo maestro de capilla de la Primada; como que echó los dientes en el oficio.

Pues, señor; parece cosa hecha que el organista de San Román, aquel bisojo, que siempre está echando pestes de los otros organistas; aquel perdulariote, que más parece jifero de la puerta de la Carne que maestro de solfa, va á tocar esta Noche-Buena en lugar de maese Pérez.

caperuza, f., pointed cap, pointed hood, hood. capilla, f., chapel; maestro de , choir-master, one who composes and directs church music; mayor, main chapel (containing the pulpit and high altar, and in most Spanish churches opposite the coro and separated from the transept by a railing).

maestro, m., master, teacher; de capilla, choir-master, one who composes and directs church music. magnate, m., magnate.

Then she chose a faithful friend of her family, Maestro Pierfrancesco Riccio da Prato, to superintend his further education.

At first, Maestro Francesco Riccio, who had been their father's tutor also, grounded them all in Greek, Latin, grammar, music, and drawing; and then Maestro Antonio Angeli da Barga, a scholar and writer of considerable merit, took them through the higher subjects of composition, poetry, rhetoric, and geometry.

At first, Maestro Francesco Riccio, who had been their father's tutor also, grounded them all in Greek, Latin, grammar, music, and drawing; and then Maestro Antonio Angeli da Barga, a scholar and writer of considerable merit, took them through the higher subjects of composition, poetry, rhetoric, and geometry.

The very learned Maestro Pietro Vettori, when he joined the household of the Duke as teacher of Greek and philosophy to Don Francesco, was greatly struck by the young girl's attainments, and so charmed was he by her sprightly manner, that he obtained permission for her to join her brother's lessons.

Consternation reigned in the palace, the Duke's private physician, Maestro Andrea Pasquali, was sent for in all haste from Florence, and everything was done for the unfortunate lad, but, on the fourth dayit was just before Christmasthe promising young life passed away.

The members of the Ducal family were not in very robust health, and Maestro Stefano had "indicated" the healthy pastime of the chase as a cure for enfeebled constitutions.

The reports which Maestro Antonio da Barga made to his father of his son's progress were full of praise of his young pupil's aptitude and perseverance.

Maestro Brassavolaof good report as a specialist in feminine ailmentstreated her unsuccessfully.

At the autopsy of her body Maestro Pasquali of Florence declared that death was caused by putrid fever!

[Footnote 6: "Il maestro di color che sanno."

Questi pareva a me maestro e donno, Cacciando 'l lupo e i lupicirui al monte, Perchè i Pisan veder Lucca non ponno.

We sat at talk, and all the afternoon Whispered about in changing silences Of flush and sudden light and gathering shade, As though some Maestro drew out organ stops Somewhere in heaven.

But Palestrina resigned his post as maestro at Saint Peter's and entered the chapel.

But he recovered, and two months later found another post as canon of the Lateran, of which by the 1st of October, 1555, he was maestro.

Again he found another post, and ten years later was back again as maestro of the Vatican after his many wanderings and vicissitudes.

He was the Maestro de Capilla of the King's Chapel at Grenada; he was of either Flemish or English birth, and, though he was a churchman, was a gambler and drunkard; he kept a mistress, who ought to have been pretty to fit her pretty name, Juana de Espinosa.

I sign myself, "JOSEPH HAYDN, "Maestro di Cappella of his Highness, the Prince Esterhazy. Vienna, May 23, 1800.

[Footnote 1: Toltecatl, according to Molina, is "oficial de arte mecanica ò maestro," (Vocabulario de la Lengua Mexicana, s.v.).

Now?" The Maestro sat down beside Kirk The slack length of it flew suddenly aboard "PhilPhil!"

" The sculptor who had spoiled this block of marble is called "Maestro Simone" by Vasari; but the abundant documents in our possession, by aid of which we are enabled to trace the whole history of Michelangelo's David with minuteness, show that Vasari was misinformed.

Accordingly, the sculptor, who had no practical knowledge of bronze-founding, sent to Florence for a man distinguished in that craft, Maestro dal Ponte of Milan.

I could not manage to prevent him from using the Tityos, and it is now being executed by Maestro Giovanni.

There is a fine Tityos with the vulture at Windsor, so exquisitely finished and perfectly preserved that one can scarcely believe it passed through the hands of Maestro Giovanni.

Before the end of the year he must have recovered, for we find him writing to Del Riccio: "I am well again now, and hope to live yet some years, seeing that God has placed my health under the care of Maestro Baccio Rontini and the trebbian wine of the Ulivieri.

The most important object was a box sealed with several seals, which the Governor ordered to be opened in the presence of Messer Tommaso dei Cavalieri and Maestro Daniele da Volterra, who had been sent for by Michelangelo before his death.

So one fine day armed with a recommendation from the late music maestro-priest Fr Lourdinho Barreto, who hailed from my village of Galgibaga in the southern extreme of Goa, to Fr Freddy for the post of proof reader I arrived at the Gulab office.

I.In Venice Little Consuelo, at the age of fourteen, was the best of all the pupils of the Maestro Porpora, a famous Italian composer, of the eighteenth century.

Vexation and sorrow had imprinted their marks on the brow of the old maestro.

" "My noble Maestro!" exclaimed Marie de Medicis; "I would with confidence trust my life in your hands.

As the painter-prince returned to the apartment, the Queen placed this letter in his hands; and glancing at his travelling-garb, said in a faltering voice: "So soon, Maestro?

"Maestro," said Lavretsky one morning at breakfast, "you will soon have to compose a triumphal cantata.

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Maestro murders.

<pb id='023.png' /> BERNIE, BEN. Ben Bernie, the ole maestro; collection of favorite songs.

SUMMY-BIRCHARD CO. Ben Bernie, the ole maestro.

World maestro of music (Arturo Toscanini)

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<pb id='301.png' n='1962h2/A/1996' /> Monologue to the maestro.

<pb id='023.png' /> BERNIE, BEN. Ben Bernie, the ole maestro; collection of favorite songs.

My name is Benvenuto, the son of Maestro Giovanni Cellini; my mother was Maria Lisabetta, daughter to Stefano Granacci; and both my parents were citizens of Florence.

After having analyzed the maestro's theory of vocal art, he says: "The study of gesture and its agents has been subjected by M. Delsarte to an analysis no less profound.

Let us trust that long ere this they have reached home unwounded, and that the grand old maestro has no further ills in store for his declining years.

The fact that in 1511 he signs himself simply "Io tician di Cador Dpñtore" and not Maestro would be more intelligible in a young man of twenty-two than in an accomplished master of thirty-five, and the character of his letter addressed to the Senate in 1513 would be more natural to an ambitious aspirant of twenty-four than to a man in his maturity of thirty-seven.

"If I were a big man," quoth he, "but really big, I would sing in church, like Maestro De Pretis.

But Mariuccia, who was knitting in the hall-way, called out that it was just what Maestro Ercole had sung the day before at vespers, every syllable.

The sound-board has a crack in it somewhere, Nino says, and two of the notes are dumb since the great German maestro came home with my boy one night, and insisted on playing an accompaniment after supper.

Nino could not sit still, and went and leaned over Sor Ercole, as we call the maestro, hanging on the notes, not daring to try and sing, for he had lost his voice, but making the words with his lips.

"Per Bacco, I should think so," said the maestro.

When the boy had finished, he stood looking at the maestro, blushing very scarlet, and altogether ashamed of himself.

Maestro Ercole De Pretis lives in the Via Paola, close to the Ponte Sant' Angelo, in a most decent little housethat is, of course, on a floor of a house, as we all do.

Maestro Ercole sang, and all the others, turn and turn about, and so at last it came to the benediction.

"Who are they, and how does the maestro know them?" "Eh, caro mio, what am I to know?"

" "In fine, maestro mio, who are they?" "What a diavolo of a boy!

"Who goes slowly goes surely," said the maestro sententiously; and he stopped to light a cigar as black and twisted as his moustache.

"And her name is Edvigia," volunteered the maestro.

" "I did once, maestro mio.

"Maestro," said Nino, suddenly.

But give me a lesson to-morrow, like a good maestro as you are.

De Pretis knew perfectly well that Nino had only asked for the extra lesson in order to get a chance of talking about the Contessina di Lira, and so, to tease him, as soon as he appeared, the maestro made a great bustle about singing scales, and insisted on beginning at once.

"But I am out of breath, maestro," protested Nino, who wanted to talk.

"Can she sing,this contessina of yours, maestro?"

Am I crazy, to ruin people's voices like that?" "Caro maestro, what is the matter with you this morning?

And the maestro looked long at Nino when he had done, but he did not say anything.

"Piano, piano," objected the maestro, disengaging himself from his pupil's embrace.

Besides, the maestro is as liberal in his views of life as he is conservative in his ideas about government.

The latter had spoken to De Pretis about the lessons in literature, to which he attached great importance, and the maestro had turned the idea to account for his pupil.

One night, as Nino walked homeward with De Pretis, who had come to supper with us, he induced the maestro to go out of his way at least half a mile, to pass the Palazzo Carmandola.

"I must tell the maestro not to let him sing in the open air; he will lose his voice.

He came out of the little stage door of the Apollo theatre at Tor di Nona, and his eyes fell upon the broad bills and posters announcing the first appearance of "Giovanni Cardegna, the most distinguished pupil of the Maestro Ercole de Pretis, in Donizetti's opera the 'Favorita.'"

"Excuse me, maestro," said Hedwig, as Nino bowed himself out; "it was a question of arranging certain lessons.

The good maestro did not seem greatly disturbed by the interruption.

Nino was soon waked by the maestro's noise, and came to the door of his chamber, which opens into the little sitting-room, to inquire what the matter might be.

Nino asked if the maestro were peddling cabbages, that he should scream so loudly.

With that he slammed his door in the maestro's face, and went on with his dressing.

"Now, then," said he, preparing for a tussle, "what is the matter, my dear maestro?"

" "You do not know that boy," said the maestro, taking snuff.

"You are so well known to us, my dear Maestro, that I doubt if you could find a family where your name is spoken more often, or with greater enthusiasm.

As Count Nobili waxed furious, Maestro Guglielmi grew calm.

" Maestro Guglielmi bows and moves toward the door.

"Maestro Guglielmi," he said, with that sonorous voice which lent importance to his slightest utterances, "I am glad to find you here.

Maestro Guglielmi puts in his hatchet face and glaring teeth.

The investigation is so perfectly satisfactory that Maestro Guglielmi cannot suppress a grin of delight.

Maestro Guglielmi is not a man easily daunted; yet once within the room, and the desired evidence obtained, he cannot but feel all the awkwardness of his position.

[Note 1: Maestro de los cabelleros de su corte en las artes liberates.