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301 examples of  mag  in sentences

301 examples of mag in sentences

Mag. *

" London Lyrics-New Monthly Mag.

Mag. 1784, p. 711.

Mag. 1785, p. 755, his disapproval of the publication.

Mag. 1787, pp.

Mag. 1785, p. 412, or possibly to an Ode on p. 50 of his poems.

Mag. 1759, p. 392.

'London Mag. 1778, p.199.

"' Town and Country Mag.

'London Mag. 1783, p. 124.

Mag. 1778, p. 391.

Mag. 1750, p. 325.

Mag. 1774, p. 420.

Mag. 1755, p. 574.

Boswell, in one of his Hypochondriacks (London Mag. 1778, p. 173), says:'For Seneca I have a double reverence, both for his own worth, and because he was the heathen sage whom my grandfather constantly studied.'

This word occurs in an amusing story that Boswell tells in one of his Hypochondriacks (London Mag. 1779,

London Mag.


Mag. England, in relation to his places of departure and landing. 1851 Nov. 14 Account of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on R. Astr.

Mag. 1856 Aug. 30 Science and the Government.

Mag. 1858 May 20 Report of the Ordnance Survey Commission; together with Minutes of Evidence and Appendix.


Mag. Theorem, and on Prof. Challis's Proof that Equations have Roots.

Mag. Variations.

Mag. most Advantageous Form of Magnets.

Mag. Maps.

Mag. Faces of Oblique Arches.

Mag. on Dalton's Theory of Vapour, &c. 1862 Nov. 6 On the Strains in the Interior of Beams.


Mag. 1865 Aug. 22 On the Value of the Moon's Semidiameter R. Astr.

Mag. Pendulum.

Mag. of Accuracy in the usual process for Forming a Plane Surface.

Mag. Iron Ships without use of a Fixed Mark.

Mag. Scale for Gauging Cylindrical Measures of Capacity.

Mag. of numerical values of Vulgar Fractions, when arranged in a series of consecutive magnitudes.

My deare Mother! Mag.

Lipsius, de mag.

If forced by spells and philters, saith Paracelsus, it must be eased by characters, Mag. lib.

Porta, Mag. lib.

Mag. 1748, p. 8.

Dear M.The R.A. here memorised was George Dawe, whom I knew well and heard many anecdotes of, from DANIELS and WESTALL, at H. Rogers'sto each of them it will be well to send a Mag. in my name.

I have agreed not for my sister to know the subjects I chuse till the Mag. comes out; so beware of speaking of 'em, or writing about

Blackwood's Mag.

" Monthly Mag.

"You are not the only pebble on the beach; did you think you were, Mag? There are others, you see!

Why, he's been sweet on Mag for at least three months, and that's a long time for Jim.

"Oh, I just love Mag Bradythat's why I said it I Can't you see for yourself how much I love her?" CHAPTER XX.

"If there's a girl in this place I hate it's Mag Brady," she said candidly, "and she knows it, you bet!

I'm different from Mag, I hit straight out from the shoulder!

"Well, the rest ain't so lovely!" said the cash girl, grinning, "for I saw Mag Brady on the street last night.

"Why, any one with half an eye could see that Mag Brady loves whiskey.

"Why, I knew Mag Brady when she was as innocent as you are.

Mag Brady must save herself if she wants to be saved, but, between you and me, I don't think she wants to.

Why, even Mag Brady could see through your sly actions!" Faith looked at her in astonishment, her veins throbbing with indignation.

"Well, that's a hard one on Mag Brady; she was hired expressly for those bargains.

" "Yes, she's cut Mag Brady out for good in that direction.

"Perhaps he intended it for Mag," suggested another.


Mag Brady has been arrested!

"First, I had to find the boy that brought the candy to the store," went on the detective; "then I traced it step by step until I reached Mag Brady.

"Here she comes!here comes Mag's rival!" cried Miss Jones, when she saw Faith coming.

You know Mag Brady isn't the only jealous woman in creation!" Faith looked at her steadily before she answered, and for a second the treacherous eyes wavered and Miss Jones felt decidedly uncomfortable.

Blackwood's Mag.

Blackwood's Mag.

New Monthly Mag.

Gardener's Mag.

New Monthly Mag.

From a Critical Notice of The Life of Korner, New Monthly Mag. * * * * * Cannot he that wisely declines walking upon the ice for fear of falling, though possibly it might carry him sooner to his journey's end, as wisely forbear drinking more wine than is necessary, for fear of being drunk and the ill-consequences thereof?Lord Clarendon.

Mag., 127 and 128.


"Sharpe's Mag.

For earlier scenes see Monthly Review, xvi., and Owens College Union Mag., Jan. 1904, pp.

| -la's mag | -iste | -rial pride.

Mag., 17: Deinde cum matris hortatu filiam Desiderii regis Langobardorum duxisset uxorem, incertum qua de causa, post annum eam repudiavit et Hildigardam de gente Suaborum praecipuae nobilitatis feminam in matrimonium duxit ...

New Monthly Mag.

Mag. for 1799, p. 1171, who had been employed in Strahan's printing-works, says that 'Stewart was useful to Johnson in the explanation of low cant phrases; all words relating to gambling and card-playing, such as All-Fours, Catch-honours [not in Johnson's Dictionary], Cribbage [merely defined as A game at cards], were said to be Stewart's corrected by the Doctor.'

Mag. i. 91. 1735 Publishes Lobo's Abyssinia, i. 87.

Mag. i. 113.

MADRID, v. 23, n. 1. MAECENAS, iii. 296, n. 1. Mag.

Mag., edits, i. 90, n. 4; iv. 437; Johnson, anecdotes of, iv.

serially in Pictorial review mag, Jan.-June 1957.

serially in Pictorial review mag, Jan.-June 1957.

The work of M. Bullet, quoted by your correspondent "HERMES," is full of ignorant blunders similar to that which he commits, when he tells us that Armagh in compounded of "Ar, article, and mag, ville.

" The article, in Irish, is An, not ar; and mag does not signify a town.


Git up, Mag!" He jogged on down the road, and the boy, sobered walked on.

Chelmon marginalis, Richardson, Annals and Mag. of Nat. Hist.

2 250) and Tmesidera westwood (in Guerin's Mag. de Zool.

And so we made our way to the villa publica, where we found Appius Claudius, the Augur, seated on a bench waiting for any call for his services by the Consul: on his left was Cornelius Merula (blackbird) of the Consular family of that name, and Fircellius Pavo (pea-cock) of Reate, and on his right Minutius Pica (mag-pie) and M. Petronius Passer (sparrow).

(see Gent.'s Mag., July, 1847, p. 19, note): "[Greek: 'Otan de Daimon andri porsynae kaka, Ton noun exlapse proton].

RAB-MAG, Master of the Magi.

He curled his long legs upon the rickety sofa and spoke of the British public as the "B.P.," and of the magazine as the "mag," and in the office which I had marked down as my own I saw him installed as a genius.

Dey livin' in de rue Royale in mag-niffycen' style on top de drug-sto' of Proffis-or Frowenfel'.

Mag., June, 1903; BLACKSTONE'S Commentaries; A Tale of the Witches (STONE); LECKY'S Rationalism in Europe; The Witch Persecutions (BURR); Encyc.

Mag., xxxiii (1904), 358.

Mag., xxxiii (1904), 358-9. E.g., the Canons of 1571, sec.

Mag., xxii (1885), 20 (Affray because of an arrest under the writ.

Mag., xxxv (1907), passim.

Same, Local Information reprinted from the Chagford Parish Mag.

Monthly Mag. * *