301 examples of mag in sentences

Mag. 1784, p. 711.

Mag. 1785, p. 755, his disapproval of the publication.

Mag. 1787, pp.

Mag. 1785, p. 412, or possibly to an Ode on p. 50 of his poems.

Mag. 1759, p. 392.

My deare Mother! Mag.

If forced by spells and philters, saith Paracelsus, it must be eased by characters, Mag. lib.

Porta, Mag. lib.

Dear M.The R.A. here memorised was George Dawe, whom I knew well and heard many anecdotes of, from DANIELS and WESTALL, at H. Rogers'sto each of them it will be well to send a Mag. in my name.

I have agreed not for my sister to know the subjects I chuse till the Mag. comes out; so beware of speaking of 'em, or writing about

Gardener's Mag.

New Monthly Mag.

Mag., 127 and 128.

| -la's mag | -iste | -rial pride.

Mag. i. 91. 1735 Publishes Lobo's Abyssinia, i. 87.

Mag. i. 113.

serially in Pictorial review mag, Jan.-June 1957.

The work of M. Bullet, quoted by your correspondent "HERMES," is full of ignorant blunders similar to that which he commits, when he tells us that Armagh in compounded of "Ar, article, and mag, ville.

" The article, in Irish, is An, not ar; and mag does not signify a town.


(see Gent.'s Mag., July, 1847, p. 19, note): "[Greek: 'Otan de Daimon andri porsynae kaka, Ton noun exlapse proton].

He curled his long legs upon the rickety sofa and spoke of the British public as the "B.P.," and of the magazine as the "mag," and in the office which I had marked down as my own I saw him installed as a genius.

Mag., xxii (1885), 20 (Affray because of an arrest under the writ.

Mag., xxxv (1907), passim.

Same, Local Information reprinted from the Chagford Parish Mag.

301 examples of  mag  in sentences