1865 examples of maggies in sentences

Perhaps in that enfranchised day there will be no Katies and Maggies' and the Norahs will know their place no more.

For the Toms and Maggies, the Franks and Rosamonds, of real life, such monitory anecdotes as these may be very good and useful; but it seems to us that they are out of place in a book intended for readers who have got beyond the early domestic schoolroom.

Maggie, their youngest sister, migrated between shop and bar, and spent much of her time in rolling up "ha'porths o' twist" in scraps of newspaper.

" "'There's not one o' the girls in these parts I'd let him take up with at all,' went on the reader, 'but it come to me mind that if you was willin' we might make up a match between himself an' one o' your fine young daughters' "Yous 'ull have all the luck, I suppose?" put in Maggie Nolan enviously.

Maggie Nolan's eyes met hers in wrathful protest as she helped herself.

"He'll be apt to be pickin' wan o' the young onesI shouldn't wonder if it was yourself, Maggie."

"If it wasn't for the money I dare say you'd have as good a chance as the rest of us," said Maggie, mollified by this tribute; "but of course the father wouldn't hear of any girl without a fortun'.

I s'pose she's the youngest of them?" "Well, there isn't much to choose between her and Maggie there," returned his hostess; "and, indeed, I may say the same o' my daughter Anna Maria.

An' then Maggie maybe 'ud have a turn" "Och, don't be goin' on with such nonsense, child," interrupted her mother, quick to observe certain tokens of an impending storm.


An' here I'm afther sarchin' high an' low for Maggie, an' where was she?

" Maggie jerked her flaxen locks backwards with a slightly defiant air, and inquired of her parent if she was comin' on out o' that.

Thus adjured, Maggie led the way up a steep and stony path, followed by her mother, Mrs. Murphy, and sundry other of the neighbours, all agog with excitement and curiosity.

Maggie was hustled to the front and the packet placed in her hand.

" "Who's it from, Maggie asthore?

Maggie drew the letter from the envelope and slowly unfolded it.

How much is it for, now, Maggie?" "Ah! good gracious!

" "'My dear uncle and aunt,'" began Maggie, slowly spelling out.

"My dear Uncle and Aunt," began Maggie] Mrs. Brophy uttered a shrill scream, and clapped her hands together.

" "Listen to the man, an' him the only nephew that ever we had," began "herself" shrilly; but Maggie's childish pipe, proceeding with the reading, drowned the rest of her remonstrance.

There isn't anythin' about a corpse in it, Maggie asthore, is there?" "'C-o-r-p-s,' spelled out Maggie, "corpse; yes, there it is, as plain as print.

There isn't anythin' about a corpse in it, Maggie asthore, is there?" "'C-o-r-p-s,' spelled out Maggie, "corpse; yes, there it is, as plain as print.

"Go on, Maggie.

"'Me an' me wife both feels,' went on Maggie, 'that we couldn't rest happy unless we made sure that yous ended your days in peace and comfort.

'I was gaun for to say that a Henrietta an' so forth wud be easier traced nor a Maggie, Maggies bein' as common as wulks at Dunoon, whereas' 'D'ye imagine Christinaoh, dinna be silly, man!' 'But, MaggieI mean Lizzie' 'Oh, for ony favour gang to sleep an' rest yer brains.

1865 examples of  maggies  in sentences