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80 examples of  maggot  in sentences

80 examples of maggot in sentences

A whim; crotchet; maggot; conceit.

Whimms, Maggots and such like.' p. 222 jiggiting.

It is a matter of everyday experience that it is difficult to prevent many articles of food from becoming covered with mould; that fruit, sound enough to all appearance, often contains grubs at the core; that meat, left to itself in the air, is apt to putrefy and swarm with maggots.

Here are dead animals, or pieces of meat, says he; I expose them to the air in hot weather, and in a few days they swarm with maggots.

You tell me that these are generated in the dead flesh; but if I put similar bodies, while quite fresh, into a jar, and tie some fine gauze over the top of the jar, not a maggot makes its appearance, while the dead substances, nevertheless, putrefy just in the same way as before.

It is obvious, therefore, that the maggots are not generated by the corruption of the meat; and that the cause of their formation must be a something which is kept away by gauze.

Nor is one long left in doubt what these solid particles are; for the blowflies, attracted by the odour of the meat, swarm round the vessel, and, urged by a powerful but in this case misleading instinct, lay eggs out of which maggots are immediately hatched, upon the gauze.

The conclusion, therefore, is unavoidable; the maggots are not generated by the meat, but the eggs which give rise to them are brought through the air by the flies.

There is no accounting for tastes, and it maybe hard to show why mould, which is vegetation, should not be eaten as well as salad, or maggots as well as eels.

Here she beholds the chaos dark and deep, Where nameless somethings in their causes sleep, Till genial Jacob or a warm third day Call forth each mass, a poem or a play: How hints, like spawn, scarce quick in embryo lie; How new-born nonsense first is taught to cry; Maggots, half formed, in rhyme exactly meet, And learn to crawl upon poetic feet.

In about ten days this egg develops into a fully grown larva, in other words a white maggot with a black head.

For as long as I can get Tolambu's History of Mustard, Frederigo Devastation of Pepper, The Dragon, with cuts, Mandringo's Pismires rebuffeted and retro-confounded, Is qui me dubitat, or a flap against the Maggot of Heresie, Efflorescentina Flosculorum, or a choice collection of F. (sic) Withers Poems or the like, I do not intend to meddle with it.

The maggot is the larva of the fly, and the zoea is the larva of the Crab.

A great number of maggots were bred in Ymer's body, and they became gnomes or dwarfs, little beings whom the gods gave human sense and appearance.

The smoke of the wet wood caused their faces and eyes to swell so much that they were afraid of becoming totally blind; and, what added prodigiously to their sufferings, they were almost devoured by lice and maggots, which they threw by handfuls into the fire.

Yet in a Filbert I have often known Maggots survive when all the kernel's gone.

Examine them carefully for maggots.

If possible sieve all flour before measuring, as maggots are sometimes to be found therein; also because tightly-compressed flour naturally measures less than flour which has been well shaken up.

Brown ant-like creatures, white maggot-like creatures, of several shapes and sizes, were hurrying up and down, as busy as human beings in Cheapside.

conceit, maggot, figment, myth, dream, vision, shadow, chimera; phantasm, phantasy; fantasy, fancy; whim, whimsey^, whimsy; vagary, rhapsody, romance, gest^, geste^, extravaganza; air drawn dagger, bugbear, nightmare.

Caprice N. caprice, fancy, humor; whim, whimsy, whimsey^, whimwham^; crotchet, capriccio, quirk, freak, maggot, fad, vagary, prank, fit, flimflam, escapade, boutade

V. be capricious &c adj.; have a maggot in the brain; take it into one's head, strain at a gnat and swallow a camel; blow hot and cold; play fast and loose, play fantastic tricks; tourner casaque [Fr.].

[Object of desire] desideratum; want &c (requirement) 630; a consummation devoutly to be wished; attraction, magnet, allurement, fancy, temptation, seduction, fascination, prestige, height of one's ambition, idol; whim, whimsy, whimsey^; maggot; hobby, hobby-horse.

AN IGNORANT GLORY-HUNTER Is an insectum animal, for he is the maggot of opinion; his behaviour is another thing from himself, and is glued and but set on.

As a fly turns to a maggot, so the corruption of the cunning man is the generation of an empiric; his works fly forth in small volumes, yet not all, for many ride post to chandlers and tobacco shops in folio.

All his conceptions are produced by equivocal generation, which makes them justly esteemed but maggots.

His head is as full of maggots as a pastoral poet's flock.

He imposes upon himself in believing the infirmity of his nature to be the strength of his judgment, and thinks he changes his religion when he changes himself, and turns as naturally from one thing to another as a maggot does to a fly.

Moll, bit by a new maggot, tells me this morning she will have a great feast on Christmas day, and bids me order matters accordingly.

guisa, f., manner, guise; รก de, by way of. gusano, m., worm, maggot.

I don't want to disgust you; but the thing we looked at was a maggot.

"The maggot which had dropped from his disgusting leg of mutton had been an accident, and beyond even his horrible planning.

The ant lays eggs in the manner of common flies; from these eggs are hatched small maggots, or worms without legs; these, after a short time, change into large white aureliae, or chrysales, which are usually called ant's eggs.

Hamlet says, "For if the sun breed maggots in a dead dog, being a god-kissing carrion."

When his sneers against Lady Byron and her mother are recorded, it would lessen their effect if it were shown that he sneered at all man and womankind in turn; and that the friend of his choicest selection, or the mistress of his maddest love, were served no better, when the maggot (selfishness) bit, than his wife or his mother-in-law.

Great moreover was their meekness and patience in sickness or ill-health as appears from the case of the monk out of the wounds of whose body maggots fell as he walked; yet he never complained or told anyone or left his work for two moments although it was plain from his appearance that his health was declining, and he was growing thinner from day to day.

Ay, a strange creature, Oline, crawling about fat and round as a maggot, and over seventy years and all, but still getting about.

Lapps always keep to the outlying spots, in dark places; light and air distress them, they cannot thrive; 'tis with them as with maggots and vermin.

"Maggots are breeding in it," said the Monkey.

Several insects are transformed, sometimes into flies, sometimes into worms, or maggots.

The men were not obliged to get their fresh meat by picking maggots out of dried apples and dried peaches as has been the case sometimes in the past on our "Wild West Frontier."

Till the fat dropped out and the maggots crawled in," etc.

But, at whatever thing she looked, it would either disappear or become full of worms and maggots.

Great moreover was their meekness and patience in sickness or ill-health as appears from the case of the monk out of the wounds of whose body maggots fell as he walked; yet he never complained or told anyone or left his work for two moments although it was plain from his appearance that his health was declining, and he was growing thinner from day to day.

As single words were not always explosive enough to make a report equal to their feelings, they had recourse to compounds;"pert and prating popinjay," "hackneyed gutscraper," "maggot of corruption," "toad on a dung-heap," "snivelling sophisticating hound," are a few of the chain-shot which strike our eyes in turning over the yellow faded files.

So in the Introduction to "The Tale of a Tub," he, half in jest and half in earnest, declares that "wisdom is like a cheese, whereof to a judicious taste the maggots are the best."

The flesh would be cut in great gaps and the maggits (maggots) would get in them and they would squirm in misery.

I could not help comparing them to an over-grown maggot, and their motion is similar to that insect.

(9) Gentiles, because a cheese should not be full of maggots or gentils.

The fly-blown text creates a crawling brood, And turns to maggots what was meant for food.

SANDFORD You well-fed and unprofitable grooms, Maintained for state, not use; You lazy feasters at another's cost, That eat like maggots into an estate, And do as little work, Being indeed but foul excrescences,

You cannot from our absent author hope He should equip the stage with such a fop: Fools change in England, and new fools arise, For though the immortal species never dies, Yet every year new maggots make new flies; But where he lives abroad, he scarce can find One fool for millions that he left behind.

"An ass will with his long ears fray The flies that tickle him away; But man delights to have his ears Blown maggots in by flatterers.

Hazlitt, himself a Radical, wrote of Shelley: "He has a fire in his eye, a fever in his blood, a maggot in his brain, a hectic flutter in his speech, which mark out the philosophic fanatic.

A big, raw-boned animal, named Gentle Maggot, floundering along with one foot in the franc side an' tother in the enclosure, with two other feet that couldn't be simultaneously located, was leading, an' a chestnut named Coughdrop was a good second.

She passed three, got level with Coughdrop, passed 'er, an' thirty yards from home was neck with Gentle Maggot.

'Tis nothing but vapours, nothing but a maggot.

These useful insects, he says, at breeding-time sweat prodigiously; and each lays four eggs at the bottom of each cell: soon after which, he has observed the combs to become full of maggots, which must be carefully destroyed by smoke!

Bees, however, hatched in very old cells, will be somewhat smaller: as each maggot leaves a skin behind which, though thinner than the finest silk, layer after layer, contracts the cells, and somewhat compresses the future bee.

She got three maggots and says, 'Scrubbs, see what I got out your little head.'

Them maggots big as a sage broom straw.

That rot may fall upon their flocks and maggots make them their pasture and their prey between this and the great feast of Christmas!

Mr. Fortune's maggot.

Mr. Fortune's maggot.

Keep a sharp look-out for maggots in the spring, which will generally be found where the leaves are curled up.

The arm mortified and maggots formed and in a few days Jerba himself told them that he would not recover; he told them how the witches chased him and that he had recognised them as women of his own village and shortly afterwards he became speechless and died.

Ward was much affronted when he read Mr. Jacob's account, in which he mentions his keeping a public house in the city, and in a book called Apollo's Maggot, declared this account to be a great falsity, protesting that his public house was not in the City, but in Moorfields[A].

Apollo's Maggot in his Cups, or The Whimsical Creation of a Little Satirical Poet; a Lyric Ode, dedicated to Dickey Dickenson, the witty, but deformed Governor of Scarborough Spaw, 8vo.

Some of them were over half an inch long, with black heads and many feet, but most were maggots.

They swarmed in the hold like maggots.

Good Night-caps keep brains warm, or Maggots will breed in 'em.

Good night-caps Keepe braines warme, or Maggots will breed in 'm.

He would have chosen such a Wolf, a Canker, A Maggot-pate, to be his whole Executor?

There's maggots in your nose, I'le fetch 'em out Sir. Hem.

Poets, like other maggots, will be produced when fermentation comes.

Half in jest and half in earnest, the father maintained that the maggots were the very essence of the cheese, and that to remove them was to lose the finest flavour.

In the voyage to Barbadoes he several times ate dolphin; he notes that the bread was almost "eaten up by Weavel & Maggots," and became quite enthusiastic over some "very fine Bristol tripe" and "a fine Irish Ling & Potatoes.

"He's like a maggot in a fresh nut!"

don't get that maggot agait again.

If there be maggots in any of the chestnuts, they will come out of the chestnuts and work up through the sand to get to the air; and thus you have your chestnuts sweet and sound and fresh.