4436 examples of magnificent in sentences

Her other admirable feature was a pair of magnificent deep blue eyesmerry, mischievous and scintillating as diamonds.

The magnificent spiritual gifts of the Germans gave them an Emanuel Kant, the greatest thinker of modern times, Beethoven, their greatest exponent of music, and Goethe, their greatest poet.

She admired herself too much and too openly, but succeeded in affirming her magnificent expansion in a greatness and prosperity without rival.

It was a magnificent programme of world policy.

I The fourth Christian century was far past its meridian, when, high above the summit of the supreme peak of Caucasus, a magnificent eagle came sailing on broad fans into the blue, and his shadow skimmed the glittering snow as it had done day by day for thousands of years.

She had always a new bonnet on; and flowers bloomed perpetually in it, or else magnificent curling ostrich feathers, soft and snowy as camellias.

But as soon as such thoughts came to him he brought his tremendous will and magnificent courage to the rescue, and arose and struggled on.

It's what they call a suite in their magnificent language, and the photographs in the advertisements make it look like a palatial apartment!'

At last she succeeded in making her escape to Switzerland, and lived a while in her magnificent country-seat near Geneva, surrounded with illustrious exiles.

In short, the whole thing would have been considered magnificent anywhere.

The effect of the domain within, with its dropping trees (not yews, I see, but pines of some sort, many of them with spreading branches like cedars), being somewhat that of a magnificent English park.

"Isn't he magnificent?" he said.

" "Yes," said Father Payne, "but that's a fault, though it may be a magnificent fault.

It isn't a sacred thing, rank, and it isn't a magnificent

I'll tell you a man who would have made a magnificent biographyLord Melbourne.

Of course it is magnificent to see a streak of the divine turning up again and again in human naturebut you have got to wash the dirt to find the diamond.

Hugo is often pompous, shallow, empty, unreal, but he is at least an artist, and when he thinks of the artist and forgets the prophet, as in "Les Chansons des Rues et des Bois," his juggling with the verse is magnificent, superb.

What immortality would be gained by the destruction of one half of his magnificent works, what oblivion is secured by the publication of these posthumous volumes.

In such an hour of artistic convulsion and renewal of thought thou wast, and thou wast a magnificent rallying point for all comers; it was thou who didst theorise our confused aspirations, and by thy holy example didst save us from all base commercialism, from all hateful prostitution; thou wast ever our high priest, and from thy high altar turned to us the white host, the ideal, the true and living God of all men.

What he has got, and what you can't take away from him, is a magnificent execution.

The traveller passes without the slightest intermediate gradation from the dreary scene which has been described, into the shade and the beauty of a region of magnificent and well-managed forest!

The father in question very shortly made his appearance, a magnificent figure, whose long black beard flowing over his perfectly clean white robe made as picturesque a presentment of a friar as could be desired.

The way is long and steep, through magnificent forests, with every here and there a lovely enclosed lawn, and fugitive peeps over the distant country.

It was a magnificent day; but as I looked over the landscape I thought I understood why the woods, which one looks down on from a similar Italian height, are called macchiestains, whereas our ordinarily more picturesque language knows no such term and no such image.

But my poetry, especially that by that wonderful young creature Miss Barrett, Mr. Kenyon, and Mr. Procter, is certainly such as has seldom before been seen in an annual, and joined with Finden's magnificent engravings ought to make an attractive work.

4436 examples of  magnificent  in sentences