787 examples of magnified in sentences

There were other faces there which she was sure must have come out of a dream,so unlikely was it that they should be collected in her bedchamber,and all with a sort of halo of feverish light about them; a magnified and mysterious importance.

A speck, only 1/25th of an inch in diameter, has, at ten inches from the eye, the same apparent size as an object 1/10000th of an inch in diameter, when magnified 400 times; but forms of living matter abound, the diameter of which is not more than 1/40000th of an inch.

" So Mrs. Marmaduke exalted her horn and exceedingly magnified her manoeuvring office.

The mantle of royalty and nobility, like dipsomania, excuses a multitude of sins, hypocrisy, and injustice, and inclines the world to overlook, disregard, or even condone, what in them is considered small vices, eccentricities of genius, but which in a private person are magnified into mountains of viciousness, and call forth an army of well meaning but inconsistent people to reform them by brute force.

Poor Vorticella might not have been more wearisome on a visit than the majority of her neighbours, but for this disease of magnified self-importance belonging to small authorship.

Every little bump and stone in the road seemed magnified because of the speed at which they were moving.

And so when as Araspus, in Xenophon, had so much magnified that divine face of Panthea to Cyrus, "by how much she was fairer than ordinary, by so much he was the more unwilling to see her."

Elaine Steinbeck (W) Thom Steinbeck & John Steinbeck IV (C); 6May71; R505656. <pb id='220.png' n='1971h1/A/1614' /> Steinbeck tells how ship talk magnified Mussolini's downfall.

Our life is of a microscopical nature; it is an indivisible point which, drawn out by the powerful lenses of Time and Space, becomes considerably magnified.

The infidelity, the bravado, the audacity, the menaces, and the enterprises of the Huguenots were magnified with so much of truth and art that from friends behold them converted into enemies of the king, who, nevertheless, wavering as ever, could not yet give up the desire he had conceived of winning glory and reputation by war with Spain.

With a trembling hand, I drew out my lens to examine it more closely; and, as it came into the magnified field, my heart seemed to stand still.

The seminarist admired these men, magnified by the mists of ancient history and the praises of the Church.

This God of Gabriel's having lost the corporeal form given to Him by religion, and as divulged in the history of the creation, lost at once all His attributes, and being magnified to fill the infinite and being absorbed into it, became so impalpable and subtle to the intellect as to appear a phantasm.

" And to another friend, concerning this portion of her life, she writes, "Much of my suffering arose from a morbid conscience,a conscience which magnified infirmities into crimes, and transformed our blessed Father in heaven into a stern judge, who punishes to the uttermost every real or imaginary departure from what we apprehend to be his requirements.

At that moment the figures of two men appeared on the castle battlements, silhouetted against the moon; they seemed of enormous stature, magnified in the moonlight.

His form seemed magnified against the sky till it was of unearthly size and terrible to look ondoubly terrible to those who know him.

Before the Lodge was out of press Jean Paul had begun Hesperus, or 45 Dog-post-days, which magnified the merits of the earlier novel but also exaggerated its defects.

The cemeteries are above ground, and resemble the pigeon-holes of a post-office, magnified to a sufficient size for the reception of coffins.

It is so like the voice of a steep brook much magnified, but not made coarser or more harshthat, after we have known it, each liquid call from a forest hillside will seem, like the odor of grapevines, a greeting from Niagara.

While Mr. Savage continued in high life, he did not let slip any opportunity to examine whether the merit of the great is magnified or diminished by the medium through which it is contemplated, and whether great men were selected for high stations, or high stations made great men.

BROCKEN, or BLOCKSBERG, the highest peak (3740 ft.) of the Harz Mts., cultivated to the summit; famous for a "SPECTRE" so called, long an object of superstition, but which is only the beholder's shadow projected through, and magnified by, the mists.

He would regard this unknown Maker as a "magnified non-natural man."

This conception of a magnified non-natural man, who is a Maker, being given; his Power would be recognised, and fancy would clothe one who had made such useful things with certain other moral attributes, as of Fatherhood, goodness, and regard for the ethics of his children; these ethics having been developed naturally in the evolution of social life.

Uprisen betimes, our journey we renewed, Led by the stream, ere noon-day magnified 650 Into a lordly river, broad and deep, Dimpling along in silent majesty, With mountains for its neighbours, and in view Of distant mountains and their snowy tops, And thus proceeding to Locarno's Lake, [

Was it not possible that a little passing encomium on unusual beauty was being promoted and magnified by the mother into a serious attachment?

787 examples of  magnified  in sentences