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787 examples of magnified in sentences

(Magnified 20 diameters.)]

54.A highly magnified view of a peptic or gastric gland, which is represented as giving off branches.

[Magnified 20 diameters.]] 143.

A, B, tubular glands seen in vertical section with their orifices at C, opening upon the membrane between the villi, D, villus (Magnified 40 diameters)]

(Magnified to the same scale.) A, from proteus, a kind of newt; B, salamander; C, frog; D, frog after addition of acetic acid, showing the central nucleus; E, bird; F, camel; G, fish; H, crab or other invertebrate animal ]

(Magnified about 500 diameters.)] 221.

(Magnified 4 diameters.)

(Magnified 8 diameters.)]

The cells are very distinct, with nuclei enclosing pigmentary granulations (Magnified 350 times)]

The Catholic historians have unduly magnified these virtues; but it was the type which piety then assumed, arising in part from a too literal interpretation of the injunctions of Christ.

He magnified the generosity of their ancestors, who, at a great expense of blood, had extorted that famous concession from the crown; but lamented their own degeneracy, who allowed so important an advantage, once obtained, to be wrested from them by a weak prince and by insolent strangers.

Secondly, from what has been said it plainly follows, that these magnified maxims are not the principles and foundations of all our other knowledge.

This is the greatest exercise and improvement of human understanding in the enlarging of knowledge, and advancing the sciences; wherein they are far enough from receiving any help from the contemplation of these or the like magnified maxims.

Under a right industrial system this would be reduced, not magnified.

At last, striking into a broader trace which came from the westward, we found ourselves some six or eight hundred feet above the sea, in scenery still like a magnified Clovelly, but amid a vegetation whichhow can I describe?

The corruption of Christianity has been due to theology with its insane licence of affirmation about God, its insane licence of affirmation about immortality; to the hypothesis of a magnified and non-natural man at the head of mankind’s and the world’s affairs; and the fancy account of God made up by putting scattered expressions of the Bible together and taking them literally.

A curious incident, which many years ago might have been magnified into a portent, occurred while the ecclesiastics were in the Artistry.

Socrates, whom all the world so much magnified, is by Lactantius and Theodoret condemned for a fool.

Wormwood, centaury, pennyroyal, are likewise magnified and much prescribed (as I shall after show), especially in hypochondriac melancholy, daily to be used, sod in whey: and as Ruffus Ephesias, Areteus relate, by breaking wind, helping concoction, many melancholy men have been cured with the frequent use of them alone.

Other things are much magnified by writers, as an old cock, a ram's head, a wolf's heart borne or eaten, which Mercurialis approves; Prosper Altinus the water of Nilus; Gomesius all seawater, and at seasonable times to be seasick: goat's milk, whey, &c. SUBSECT.

Lapis armenus and lazuli are much magnified by Alexander lib.

If Maryland and Virginia had been the authorized interpreters of the constitution for the Union, these acts of cession could hardly have been magnified more than they were by Messrs. Garland and Wise in the last Congress.

If Maryland and Virginia had been the authorized interpreters of the constitution for the Union, these acts of cession could hardly have been more magnified than they have been recently by the southern delegation in Congress.

Several passages describe the destructive policies of this Syrian ruler almost as vividly as the books of Maccabees (Dan. 8:11, 12): "It (Antiochus) magnified itself even to the Prince of the Host (Jehovah), and took away from him the daily sacrifice, and cast down the place of his sanctuary, and set up the sacrilegious thing over the daily sacrifice, and cast down truth to the ground, and did it and prospered.

As the sun disappeared in ocean, up rose the full-orbed mooncrimson and magnified by surrounding vaporsthat to the practised eye portended future tempest, calm as the ocean and the heavens then seemed.

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