3788 examples of mailing in sentences

A century or two ago the Highlands of Scotland were peopled by a race in a state of perpetual conflict with civilization, averse to labor, gaining (except such of them as were enrolled in the English Army) a precarious support by plunder, black-mailing, smuggling, and other illegal pursuits.

A man in St. Paul offers by letter a certain piece of property at a certain price to a man in Chicago; an hour after mailing the letter he changes his mind; how can he prevent a contract? 5.

For extra services, such as mailing letters from distant points, of course there will be extra charges.

Our mailing list is in hopeless shape.

"Now, the mailing list.

She does a lot of the mailing list work.

" She showed him a box of file cardsthe mailing list.

It would be nice to be able to print mailing labels, and we need to keep track of who has contributed.

When he got home, he put it in his pocket and rubbed his thumb over the O, the plus sign, and the F. By Saturday, he had programmed a prototype design for the mailing list.

She objected to his mailing list screens.

He put the experience in the back of his mind and resumed working on the box and the mailing list program.

Oliver worked on the mailing list all week.

"We'll put you on the mailing list.

"Och, I see, that's the mailing o' the bag, thin.

So I signed on to serve King George an' his missus an' kids for ever an' ever, or duration of war, Amen, with a mental footnote, which last was the only part I mentioned in mailing my dad, that I was a Benevolent Neutral.

He is founder of the Goajourno, India-EJ and ThirdWorld-EJ mailing lists, that seek to build collaborative networks among journalists.

One doesn't have to go too far only till the Goajourno Mailing List (http://indialists.org/mailman/listinfo/goajourno) to figure out how far the hack pack from Goa go.

In a letter to her husband, dated "Somewhere on the road, five o'clock P.M.," she wrote: "M. is laughing at me because, Paddy-like, I proposed informing you in a P. S. that we had reached Dorset; as if the fact of mailing a letter there could not prove it.

The cruise continued for some weeks without entering any port, but about the 20th of March, 1843, the Grampus appeared off the bar of Charleston, S. C., and sent in a letter-bag for mailing.

"I'll spoil it for mailing," she said.

In this service all readers are invited to join by mailing to the Journal clippings, news, articles, items, poems, pictures, jokes, examples of discriminations against women, examples of women's achievements, and ideas of all kinds.

The third step in receiving a subscription is to write the name in the proper place on the subscription lists that go to the mailing company every Tuesday night.

After an entry has been made in the mailing books, the subscription order, before it is filed, goes to the subscription cards.

If the bosses of many State machines were consulted in private, they would agree that the only really legitimate expenditures are the hiring of halls, and the mailing of at most one printed circular to every voter in the district.

These we mail to you for 5 cents per hundred which partly pays the cost of mailing.

3788 examples of  mailing  in sentences
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