7860 examples of majores in sentences

Its present appearance is ancient, but not possessing any of those magic features which render the mansions of our majores so grand and magnificently solemn; a hall and chapel of imposing neatness and simplicity are still in good condition, but several of the apartments are dilapidated in part, and during a wet season admit the aqueous fluid through the chinks and fissures of their venerable walls.

The third and fourth cantos of Childe Harold placed him on another platform, that of the Dii Majores of English verse.

LOVELACE, TO JOHN BELFORD, ESQ. TUESDAY, MAY 2. Mercury, as the fabulist tells us, having the curiosity to know the estimation he stood in among mortals, descended in disguise, and in a statuary's shop cheapened a Jupiter, then a Juno, then one, then another, of the dii majores; and, at last, asked, What price that same statue of Mercury bore?

To the west again of Bizantium, quite to the salt mere of the Arzuges[80]; this nation has to the east the Syrtes Majores, with the land of Rogathite; and to the south the Natabres, Geothulas, and Garamantes, quite to the sea of Bizantium.

E. Probably some corruption of Syrtes Majores, or of Syrenaica.

No sooner had intelligence of Lee's resignation of his commission in the United States Army reached Richmond, than Governor Letcher appointed him major-general of the military forces of Virginia.

It will be remembered that Lee held no commission from the Confederate States; he was major-general of the Provisional Army of Virginia, and to place this Provisional Army in a condition to take the field was the first duty before him.

Ministri locupletiores iis quibus ministratur, servus majores opes habens quam patronus.

In defuncti locum eum jussit subrogari, qui inter majores virtute reliquis praeiret; non fuit apud mortales ullum excellentius certamen, aut cujus victoria magis esset expetenda, non enim inter celeres, celerrimo, non inter robustos robustissimo, &c. 649.

Formae majestatem Barbari verentur, nec alii majores quam quos eximia forma natura donata est, Herod, lib.

The old 'Major Capt[=a]n.

The old 'Major Capt[=a]n,' as they called our sporting host, was shouting out to me not to fire.

The old Major Capt[=a]n was a curious character.

Our old Major seemed to be civil and lenient, but in some districts the exactions and extortions of the rulers have driven many of the hard-working Nepaulese over the border into our territory.

The selection of the method to be used is made by the captain or major, the choice depending upon conditions arising during the progress of the advance.

The movements of the support as a whole and the dispatch of reenforcements from it to the firing line are controlled by the major.

The captain of a company in support is constantly on the alert for the major's signals or commands.

when acting alone, is employed according to the principles applicable to the battalion acting alone; the captain employs platoons as the major employs companies, making due allowance for the difference in strength.

Ordinarily the major will assign to the company an objective in attack or sector in defense; the company's target will lie within the limits so assigned.

But Benvenuto says nothing of the sort; his words are, "Idest, ubi erant majores Haeretici, vel ratione scientiae, vel potentiae.

The principal aim of this great man, for he rightly has his niche among the polar Dii Majores, was the advancement of knowledge.

I say modestly with him of old, Majores majora sonent.

The Tirthakuras may be regarded as the dii majores of the Jainas, [Footnote: For an account of the ritual of the Svetâmbara sect of Jainas, see my account in the Indian Antiquary, vol.

"The United States troops under the command of Major Stoddard arrived here and took possession of this country in the month of February, 1804.

It is only now, when they have escaped from the dii majores, and have become for a brief period tranquil free agents, that we can see them as they are.

7860 examples of  majores  in sentences