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475 examples of  make money  in sentences

475 examples of make money in sentences

He was going to "make money and marry a Spanish woman."

And then," he continued, "I can keep bees, and make money that way, too, for the mountains above here are just full of honey in the summer-time, and one of my neighbors down here says that he will let me have a whole lot of hives, on shares, to start with.


" "The trouble with this world is it takes money to make money.

I may not make money, at first, but I'll play pretty nearly even and have something to do.

We did not undertake this publication to make money, and it does not cost us more than we are willing to pay for the exceptional experiences we are gaining.

Pa says he made a speech at the managers' meeting, in which he showed that the business man who attended strictly to the business which he knew all about, would make money, while the man who knew about dry goods, but worked in a millinery store or a stock of tinware, got it in the neck.

"Why, papa, it's the Tea Club, you know; and we're going to have an entertainment to make money for the Day Nurseryoh, you just ought to see those cunning little babies!

"Whatfor example?" "Travel, for one thing, make money, for another.

An hour later, however, Mrs. Kinzer's first reply to her son, after listening to a calculation of his, which almost made it seem as if Dick would make money by going to Grantley, was, "What if Mrs. Lee should say she can't spare him?" Dab's countenance fell.

They run this concern to make money, and they want some of ours.

I may be a dreamer; and I may consider, in my turn, as wilder dreamers than myself, certain persons who fancy that their only business in life is to make money, the scientific man's only business is to show them how to make money, and the soldier's only business to guard their money for them.

"I began to make money after I'd been here awhile and my health come back.

She wanted to make money and get to know people who could help her, and she's done itdone it in the most astounding way.

After the Revolution had broken out in Paris, they tried to make money by publishing libels on the queen, in which they are believed to have obtained the aid of some who in former times had been under great personal obligations to Marie Antoinette.

"She has lost nearly all her own relations in the war, her husband has spent the greater part of her fortune, flaunted his affairs with various actresses in the face of all London, shilly-shallied through the war as a recruiting officer, or on any odd job that kept him safely at home, and now he openly associates with a little company of men in the City who are out to make money any old way they can get hold of it.

If we can make money out of wheat, it's our business and nobody else's.

Every year it gets more difficult to make money.

We'll make money!" He attended to some routine matters, and then the first of the afternoon audience began to arrive.

His business was to make money, and it was his pleasure to spend it; but he was unable to repress the discontents of Paris, or to control the French revolutionary ideas, which were spreading over the whole Continent, especially in Belgium, in which a revolution took place, accompanied by a separation from Holland.

trump card; hit, stroke, score; lucky hit, fortunate hit, good hit, good stroke; direct hit, bull's eye; goal, point, touchdown; home run, homer, hole-in-one, grand slam; killing [make money], windfall bold stroke, master stroke; ten strike [U.S.];

You can make money by minding your own business.

He was to make money out of the new discoveries after all, though not in the way he had comtemplated.

'I am a busy merchant, toiling hard to make money, and obliged to come to this quiet place to recruit my wearied energies.'

I have another jewell heere which I found in the Princes pocket when I chang'd apparell with him; that will I make money of, and go to the jeweller that bought the cup of mee.

They do not aim to make money on their meat.

Somebody's got to make money out of this, and we should be the ones.

They said you were trying to make money on that navy yard.

How can you win for Altacoola without letting these grafters make money out of it?" asked Haines in astonishment as the other two walked away.

"There has arisen ground to suspect a member of this body with having endeavored to make money at the Government's expense out of land which he is alleged to have desired his own committee to choose as the naval base.

They told me yesterday that you had sent the Titiens and Paul Veroneses of the Louvre to London, in order to be able to make money out of them.

One might have imagined that the sole aim of brewery companies was to make money, and that the patriotism of old-world brewers, that patriotism which impelled them to supply an honest English beer to the honest English working-man at a purely nominal price, was scorned and forgotten.

You must make money!' "When father came to see her he would talk with a candor with which I am sure he never talked to your mother.

Seemed to be a resourceful sort of chap who knew how to make money behave itself, and do its little tricks without balking in the harness.

'Ho, d'you mean you don't want to make money?' said Aronsen.

"You could make money with these.

" "Is that what you want to do, Joe, make money?" "Some, anyway.

He was there for the same purpose as yesterday: to make money for his wife and child.

"I have not time to make money," said the naturalist, Agassiz, when his friends advised some pecuniary advantage; and, in the same way, every really fortunate man says he has no time to bother about living.

But what he and Hood don't allow for is that I've never tried to make money.

Stay with your engine, and if anything goes wrong at the separator, you are ready to stop and stop quickly, and if you are signalled to start you are ready to start at once You are therefore making time for your employer or for yourself and to make time while running a threshing outfit, means to make money.

I've never wanted to make money on the grand scale.

One, a pecuniary one, which he should have disposed of as did Agassiz, when such was advanced to induce him to give lyceum lectures:"Sir, I cannot afford to make money!"

And so these Virginian planters and certain Englishmen formed a company called the Ohio Company, the object of which was to explore the country, and make money by establishing trading posts and settlements there.

the power to make money plenty or scarce at its pleasure, at any time and in any quarter of the Union, by controlling the issues of other banks and permitting an expansion or compelling a general contraction of the circulating medium, according to its own will.

How he used to make money!

He was developing the one ambition that Benton senior could thoroughly understand and properly appreciate, the desire to get on, to grasp opportunities, to achieve material success, to make money.

" "He'll make money, I imagine," Stella admitted, "but I don't know what good that will do him.

Michelangelo, although he made the David and the Sistine, had also to make money.

I did not ask for the commission in order to make money; nothing of the sort is in my head."

His marriage has been a little too early, for one of his means, perhaps; but I feel encouraged now that I find he can make money honourably, and legally, and justly.

Cato loved to make money and knew very well how to do it, as his own treatise on agriculture plainly shows; but he wished to do it in a legitimate way, and to spend profitably the money he made, and he spared no pains to prevent others from making it illegally and spending it unprofitably.

The town, nevertheless, is very pleasant despite its strenuous endeavour to make money in a way Mercian rather than West Saxon.

It is too fine to be hawked about as a thing to make money with.

I fully believe that he is more concerned to make his people comfortable and happy than he is to make money.

Besides, he had set apart the coming three or four years of his life to make money in, enough for the time to come.

If mammon be unrighteous, we make money into mammon, when we make an idol of it, and worship it more than God's law of right and justice.

As the first attempt at a wire entanglement in our new position went heavenward ten seconds after its emplacement, and a big tree just to our right collapsed suddenly like a dying pig, he turned round with a grin, observing: 'Well, sir, we do see a bit of life, if we don't make money.'

What sort of philosophy is that which says, "John is a fool; Jane is a genius; nevertheless, John, being a man, should learn, lead, make laws, make money; Jane, being a woman, shall be ignorant, dependent, disfranchised, underpaid.

Dawsonlean and keen, tough and brown of skin, and so carelessly dressed that he looked as if he slept in his clotheslistened with the sympathetic, unwandering attention which men give only him who comes telling where and how they can make money.

" "The factories can't make money on such a plan as that," said Adelaide, again repeating a remark of Ross's, but deliberately, because she believed it could be answered, wished to hear it answered.

It's easy enough to make money if you've got moneyand ain't too finicky about the look and the smell of the dollars before you gulp 'em down.

If an English member of parliament desired now to make money out of his position, he would have to corrupt a whole series of officials in no way dependent on his favour, who perhaps intensely dislike the human type to which he belongs, and who would be condemned to disgrace or imprisonment years after he had lost his seat if some record of their joint misdoing were unearthed.

They were anxious to do something in the way of mining, and particularly anxious to make money.

I have a grim satisfaction in thinking how ridiculous a man like Kromitzki must seem, who is turning summersaults in the East in his effort to make money, while somebody whispers love vows into his wife's ears; and sooner or later Aniela must see it in this light.

I said this on purpose; it was the same as to say to Aniela: "See, while my whole being is occupied with you he thinks of nothing but how to make money.

They get a pass to split rails for a neighbor and make money.

The road-makers lead you a pretty dance here; those gentlemen know how to make money, and like to show people the scenery from a variety of points.

This obvious truism is often forgotten by those who look on finance as an independent influence that can make money power out of nothing; and those who forget it are very likely to find themselves entangled in a maze of error.

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You can make money in the South.

LEIGH, RUTH. 101 new ways for women to make money.

EGNER, FRANK. How to make sales letters make money.

EGNER, LUCY M. How to make sales letters make money.

PORTER, S. F. How to make money in Government bonds.

You can make money in the South.

In 1807, he called upon Friend Hopper and told him that his eagerness to make money had chiefly arisen from a strong desire to redeem his children from bondage.

The men who organized them wished to make money.

They were willing to turn their attention to any new business in which there was a chance to make money, whether it was to put up a mill, to build a forge, to undertake a contract for the delivery of wheat to some big flour merchant, or to build a flotilla of flatboats, and take the produce of a given neighborhood down to New Orleans for shipment to the West Indies.

There's plenty of chances for you to make money.

Yet all will admit that merely to amuse, merely to make money, merely to gain popularity is a prostitution of genius.

The first three years he will only make his living ordinarily so; after that time he will make money.

But usually his aim is to make money at something else so that he can give free rein to his real ambitions.

And whether the end and aim of a publication is to make money or to make converts to some cause or idea, the editorial policy cannot be planned independent of the circulation of the paper without running the risk of defeating its purpose.

They gather loanable funds, reduce hoarding, make money move more rapidly, and create a central market between borrowers and lenders for the sale of credit.

If Mr. Samuel Hart does not make money yet out of poor Mountjoy I shall be surprised.

"Your principle is the best, I cannot dispute that; but whether you can act it outreformers do not make money, you know."

He had formerly mortgaged, by little and little, most of his lands, and nothing now remained to make money of, but the Castle itself and a few acres around it, with the exception only of a cottage and a small field, hitherto occupied by a labourer, which lay in a kind of hollow on the side of the knoll, where the entrance of the secret cavern was.

Make money, honestly if possible, but make money.

Make money, honestly if possible, but make money.

Some people in England seem to think that the Germans are anxious to keep these businesses alive in order to make money.

"I have no time to make money," he cried.

"What made you go crazy?" "I was trying to make money out of the newspaper business," replied the editor, to humor the demented one.

We were all trying to make money, since there was so precious little of it about.

his poor little flower withered, and her death robbed him of ยฃ20,000, and indeed of ten times that sum, for he had now bought experience in trade and speculation, and had learned to make money out of money, a heap out of a handful.