45 examples of malcolm's in sentences

He grew careless of life, and wished for death; but the near approach of Malcolm's army roused in him what remained of his ancient courage, and he determined to die (as he expressed it) "with armour on his back."

It then was proposed to carry him in one of Malcolm's boats to Lochbroom, though the distance was fifteen leagues coastwise.

But he acquiesced in Malcolm's opinion.

See Tod's Rajasthan, i. 066.] in Tod's book and Sir J. Malcolm's is the most romantic and the most interesting I know.

I had another letter from the Duke enclosing a letter to him from Sir J. Malcolm and a copy of Sir J. Malcolm's letter to Lord W. Bentinck, respecting the unauthorised publication of my private letterthe same I received yesterday.

Sir J. Malcolm's sentiments are known, and his nomination would show the feeling of the Government here.

In 1812 he published Sir John Malcolm's "Sketch of the Sikhs," and in the following year Mr. Macdonald Kinneir's "Persia."

We stepped over to Mrs. Malcolm's house, where we found the saintly woman with Kate and Erne and Willie, preparing to read their Bible for the night.

It was sanctified by me before we left Mrs. Malcolm's, the young couple setting off in the laird's chaise to Glasgow, and authorising me to break the matter to Lady Macadam.


It is his method of treatment, therefore, that we shall give, and this we shall do by liberal extracts from Mr. Malcolm's own writings.

(Malcolm's Treatment[A]).

Among the apartments shown to visitors, are a wardrobe containing a curious collection of old state dresses; the armoury, in which are preserved the sword and coat of mail of Macbeth, as well as some articles supposed to have been carried off by Malcolm's murderers, and found in the Loch of Forfar, during the last century; and the chapel built about 1500, the furniture of which remains in its original state.

'Do you know where Squire Malcolm's cotton field is?'

'Where Squire Malcolm's old field is?' 'Yes, sir,' said David, (beginning to be bewildered).

'Do you know where Squire Malcolm's cotton field is?'

Sir J. Malcolm's History of Persia.

As his scroll-saw was just then the delight of Malcolm's heart, he felt particularly interested in butternuts, and immediately mapped out in his mind something very beautiful to be wrought with them for his governess.

A wave of pity swept through Malcolm's generous little heart as he looked at Jonesy, and the man watching him shrewdly saw it.

Couldn't you raise any more money than that?" It was Malcolm's turn to shake his head.

" Aunt Allison answered Malcolm's last remark a little sternly.

Malcolm's warning shout came just in time to save her from being gored by the angry animal, who charged at her with lowered horns.

" Matters went on more smoothly after Malcolm's efforts at peacemaking, and when it was decided that Ginger could be a brave, too, instead of a squaw, they were soon playing together as pleasantly as if they had found the happy hunting grounds.

"Good night, papa, good night, mamma!" whispered Keith, touching his lips hastily to each picture while Malcolm's back was turned.

"It is written under Malcolm's picture, too.

45 examples of  malcolm's  in sentences