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Do we say   mall   or  maul

Do we say mall or maul

mall 356 occurrences

And I have brib'd her Maid to bring her this Morning into the Mall.

Now, Sham, art not thou a damn'd lying Rogue, to make me saunter up and down the Mall all this Morning, after a Woman that thou know'st in thy Conscience was not likely to be there? Sham.

While the last century was in its teens, and on one sunshiny morning in June, there drove up to the great iron gate of Miss Pinkerton's Academy for young ladies, on Chiswick Mall, a large family coach, with two fat horses in blazing harness, driven by a fat coachman in a three-cornered hat and wig, at the rate of four miles an hour.

* THE MALL, CHISWICK, June 15, 18.

Madam: After her six years' residence at the Mall, I have the honour and happiness of presenting Miss Amelia Sedley to her parents, as a young lady not unworthy to occupy a fitting position in their polished and refined circle.

This letter completed, Miss Pinkerton proceeded to write her own name and Miss Sedley's in the fly-leaf of a Johnson's Dictionary, the interesting work which she invariably presented to her scholars on their departure from the Mall.

On the cover was inserted a copy of "Lines addressed to a young lady on quitting Miss Pinkerton's school, at the Mall; by the late revered Dr. Samuel Johnson."

Then came the ending of Becky's studio days, and, an orphan, she was transplanted to the Mall as her home.

She could not only sing like a lark, and dance divinely, and embroider beautifully, and spell as well as a "Dixonary" itself, but she had such a kindly, smiling, tender, gentle, generous heart of her own as won the love of everybody who came near her, from Miss Minerva herself down to the poor girl in the scullery and the one-eyed tart woman's daughter, who was permitted to vend her wares once a week to the young ladies in the Mall.

The world is before the two young ladies; and so, farewell to Chiswick Mall.

The pictures were exhibited in the Shakespeare Gallery in Pall Mall, and the engravings were published in 1802.

Angerstein's art treasures were to be seen until his death in his house in Pall Mall, where the Reform Club now stands.

The wedding was that of Sarah Burney, daughter of Lamb's old friends, Rear-Admiral James Burney and his wife Sarah Burney, to her cousin, John Payne, of Pall Mall, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, in April, 1821.

Colnaghi's. Colnaghi, the printseller, then in Cockspur Street, now Pall Mall East.

After a life thus usefully employed, he died at his house in Pall-mall, on the 29th of December, 1689, and was buried in the aisle, near the south door of the church of St. James, in Westminster.

"Drove straight through the Park, Constitution Hill, the Mall, Strand, to top of Arundel Street.

If, my dear, you will write, against prohibition, be pleased to direct, To Miss Laetitia Beaumont; to be left till called for, at Mr. Wilson's, in Pall Mall.

But then I will be persuaded by Mrs. Sinclair, that I have of late confined myself too much; and so will have a chair called, and be carried to the Park; where I will try to walk half the length of the Mall, or so; and in my return, amuse myself at White's or the Cocoa.

Virga, be gone, thy twigs I'll turn to steel; These fingers, that were expert in the jerk; Instead of lashing of the trembling podex, Must learn pash and knock, and beat and mall, Cleave pates and caputs; he that enters here, Comes on to his death!

Come hither, Mall, is none here but we two?

But, sir, will Mistress Mall be there? Y. ART.

I beg to present you with a brief notice of the School of Painting at the British Institution, Pall Mall; you may rely upon its correctness, as I have been extremely cautious in making my notes, and in ascertaining every particular relative to the subject.

It was asked in England, too, in the clubs of Pall Mall, but nowhere with so passionate an outcry as in the house at the foot of the Sussex Downs.

" After the publication of Balfour's Life of Stevenson (1901), Mr. Henley contributed to the Pall Mall Magazine in December of that year an article called R.L.S., which made a tremendous sensation.

This charming resort of the dissipated was originally established in Pall Mall in 1764, and the manager was that same Almack who afterwards opened a lady's club in the rooms now called Willis's, in King Street, St. James's; who also owned the famous Thatched House, and whom Gilly Williams described as having a 'Scotch face, in a bag-wig,' waiting on the ladies at supper.

Could a man and horse be engaged for her?Only to go for a letter left for her, at one Mr. Wilson's, in Pall-mall.

To the searchers into life and manners, Hogarth's moral paintings, to which branch of art the above belong, are treasures of great prize; and whether over his originals at the gallery in Pall Mall, or their copies at the printsellersthe Elephant in Fenchurch-street, or the "painting moralist's" tomb in Chiswick churchyardEnglishmen have just cause to be proud of his name.

Mrs. Aders was also there, and Foss, the bookseller in Pall Mall, and his brother.

When your note came, my sister went to Pall Mall, to find you, and saw Mrs. L. and was a little comforted to find Mrs. A. had returned to Enfield before the distresful event.

Parade in the early morning, rackets and billiards during the day, a drive or ride along the Mall in the cool of the evening, and the usual mess dinnerthese constituted the routine of our uneventful existence.

Therefore, the Colonel having glanced through the well-known names of those at Lady Pevensey's last cotillion, groaned and glared at his daughter, who sat opposite him, and reviled his daughter's friends with point and fluency, and characterised them as above, for the reason that he was hungered at heart for the shady side of Pall Mall, and that their presence at Selwoode prevented his attaining this Elysium.

The books were afterwards sold by Mr. Evans at his house, 26, Pall Mall, on April 5, 1816, and the following day.

Although she exhibits the diamond tassels sparkling in St. James's sun or the musk and amber that perfume the Mall, she never penetrates beyond externalities.


No; And you would find that Chiswick Mall At half-past nine at night or so Is far from being Bacchanal; For, though there come from Chiswick Eyot Soft sounds of something going on Where the wild herons congregate And revel madly with the swan, You might suppose the people dead.


We are exceedingly pleased to note that our contemporary, The Pall Mall Gazette, preaches frugality in the most practical manner by providing a daily menu card, with helpful comments on the preparation of the viands.

The bus passed through an industrial area and then along the shore by several blocks of downtown business buildings, a marina, a park, and a large shopping mall.

He dressed and walked toward the shopping mall, stopping at a Tops Restaurant busy with cab drivers, early risers, and night owls winding down.

He drove aimlessly, passed the mall, and headed north.

He said goodbye and drove to the Maine Mall.

The Village, in quarto, published by J. Dodsley, Pall Mall, appeared in May 1783, and at once attracted attention by novel qualities.

"The Newspaper, a Poem, by the Rev. George Crabbe, Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Rutland, printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall Mall," appeared as a quarto pamphlet (price 2s.) in 1785, with a felicitous motto from Ovid's Metamorphoses on the title-page, and a politic dedication to Lord Thurlow, evincing a gratitude for past favours, and (unexpressed) a lively sense of favours to come.

When prepared to continue my descent of the river, I went to the beautiful natural mall, which exists between the mouth of the Beargrass Creek and the Ohio, where boats usually land, and took passage in a fine ark, which had just come down from the waters of the Monongahela.

On first reaching London, "we drove," she writes in the Conway MSS., "to the Royal Hotel in Pall Mall, and, arriving early, I proposed going to the Play.

Mr. Not, in the Pall Mall, for binding of books.

Now if there be one of our million of friends who, like the fop in the play, thinks all beyond Hyde Park a desert, let him forthwith proceed on a pilgrimage to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of SHAKSPEARE; and though he be the veriest Londoner that ever sung of the "sweet shady side of Pall Mall," we venture to predict his reform.

The new Terrace, fronting the Grand Mall.

New Carriage-road, recently the Northern Mall.

The new Mall, now the Northern Mall.

The new Mall, now the Northern Mall.

He goes on to say, "My heart ached, and the tears started from my eyes as I brought to mind the crowds of beauty, rank, and fashion, which till within these few years used to be displayed in the centre mall on evenings during the spring and summer.

Here could be seen in one moving mass, extending the whole length of the mall 10,000 of the most lovely women, in this country of female beauty, all splendidly attired, and accompanied by as many well-dressed men.

Another writer, speaking of the park in Charles's time, with its Dorimants, Millamours, and Millamants, says, "every thing around breathes of beauty and gaiety, the air is courtly, silks are rustling, and feathers fluttering in the mall; fair forms are hovering, and bright eyes glancing round; at every turn you encounter lords and beauties."

" The magnificent range of buildings intended to occupy the site of Carlton-house and gardens, and to extend from Spring Garden, Charing Cross on the east, to the Ordnance office, in Pall Mall, on the west, is already commenced in the last mentioned quarter.

Leviculus was now hopeless and disconsolate, till one Sunday he saw a lady in the Mall, whom her dress declared a widow, and whom, by the jolting prance of her gait, and the broad resplendence of her countenance, he guessed to have lately buried some prosperous citizen.

He is twice a day in the Mall, where he studies the dress of every man splendid enough to attract his notice, and never comes home without some observation upon sleeves, button-holes, and embroidery.

A saw was a side show, they used mall, axe and wedge.


*** Inquiries, says The Pall Mall Gazette, disclose a wide-spread habit among customers of bribing the assistants in grocery shops.

Only let the reader step into Mr. Colnaghi's parlours, in Cockspur-street, and we might say the spacious print gallery in Pall Mall.

The favourite promenade of the Bostonians, is the Mall, which has trees on each side, as in St. James's Park, London.

Cromwell was abiding in a house in Pall Mall.

] According to the Pall Mall Gazette, Mr. Lloyd George's double was seen at Cardiff the other day.

Rosy and smiling mid her furs Along the Mall her way she trips With subalterns whose worship stirs The cynic swiftness of her lips.

My note on the subject is, that Mirry-land toune means nothing more than Miry-, Muddy-land Town, a designation that its situation certainly entitles it to; and Pa' is certainly not the Po, but an abbreviated form of Pall, i.e. a place to play Ba' or ball in, of which we have a well-known instance in Pall Mall.

He wrote dramatic criticisms for the Pall Mall Gazette and other journals, during many years.

Subscriptions for the relief of Mrs. ELIZABETH FOSTER, granddaughter to JOHN MILTON, are taken in by Mr. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; Messrs. Cox and Collings, under the Royal Exchange; Mr. Cave, at St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell; and Messrs. Payne and Bouquet, in Paternoster-Row. FOOTNOTES:

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How to make the mall order business pay, by Walter Greb & John Fiescher.

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He urged me to write short stories for the Pall Mall Budget, and persuaded me by his simple and buoyant conviction that I could do what he desired.

The rig of the stranger had been noted two hours before by one or two old coasters, who habitually passed their idle moments on the heights, examining the signs of the weather, and indulging in gossip; and their conjectures had drawn to the Porto Ferrajo mall some twenty men, who fancied themselves, or who actually were, cognoscenti in matters of the sea.

Mall Gazette.

Were you to see Gatty walk the Park at high Mall, you would expect those who followed her and those who met her could immediately draw their Swords for her.

Not caring however to speak much by my self, and to draw upon me the whole Attention of those I conversed with, I used, for some time, to walk every Morning in the Mall, and talk in Chorus with a Parcel of Frenchmen.

She ordered, a fortnight ago, that the first time she was abroad all day I should choose her a new set of coffee-cups at the china-shop: of this she reminded me yesterday, as she was going down stairs, by saying, You can't find your way now to Pall-mall.

All this would never vex me, if, by increasing my trouble, she spared her own; but, dear Mr. Idler, is it not as easy to say coffee-cups, as Pall-mall?

I loaded this gun with three balls, and went to a spot at a considerable distance from the great Mall.

The Pall Mall Gazette voiced the general feeling.

Thus the Pall Mall Gazette wrote: "Whatever may be the personal or political or religious aversion which is excited by Mr. Bradlaugh, it is impossible for even his bitterest opponents to deny the brilliance of the series of victories which he has won in the law courts.

And a little later I found that my friend Mr. W.T. Stead, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, had long been brooding over a similar thought, and wondering whether men 'might not be persuaded to be as earnest about making this world happy as they are over saving their souls.'

Our working classes were not readers of the Pall Mall Gazette or purchasers of four-and-sixpenny tracts bound in white cloth.

HAMPTON & SONS, Pall Mall East, London.

"When we have translated half of Mr Meredith's utterances into possible human speech, then we can enjoy him," says the Pall Mall Gazette.

" From the Pall Mall Gazette.

NOTES: Oxford Lecture, reported in the Pall Mall Gazette, Nov. 10, 1884.

JAMES'S PALACE, an old, brick-built palace in Pall Mall, London, originally a hospital, converted into a manor by Henry VIII., and became eventually a royal residence.

A respectable seedsman who lived in Pall-Mall was the first who prepared it in this state for sale.

maul 53 occurrences

<Whip, chastise, castigate, flagellate, scourge, lash, trounce, thrash, flog, maul, drub, switch, spank, bastinado.

St. John, as well as Pultney, knows, That I had some repute for prose; And, till they drove me out of date, Could maul a minister of state.

At first curiosity attracted this animal, and later the hunting instinct caused him to maul his prey.

Villain, I'll maul thee for thine old offences, And grind thy bones to powder with this pestle!

'It seems,' said he, 'you met him on your road hither, when he was in the hands of some base fellows that had a mind to maul himdo you remember such a matter?'

But, indeed, there was no time left to us, before there came bounding up, three great boar-hounds, that had been loosed to her whistle; and she had some ado to keep the brutes off me; and I then to beat them off the men upon the earth, lest they maul them as they lay.

wrong, aggrieve, oppress, persecute; trample upon, tread upon, bear hard upon, put upon; overburden; weigh down, weigh heavy on; victimize; run down; molest &c 830. maltreat, abuse; ill-use, ill-treat; buffet, bruise, scratch, maul; smite &c (scourge) 972; do violence, do harm, do a mischief; stab, pierce, outrage.

rent roll; income &c (receipts) 810; maul and wedges

It has the majestic grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, as well as the startling beauty of the Nuuanu Pali near Honolulu, and the enchanting vistas of the Koolau Ditch Trail on Maul.

But being that we are so peevish and perverse, insolent and proud, so factious and seditious, so malicious and envious; we do invicem angariare, maul and vex one another, torture, disquiet, and precipitate ourselves into that gulf of woes and cares, aggravate our misery and melancholy, heap upon us hell and eternal damnation.

7, puts melancholy amongst one of those five principal plagues of students, 'tis a common Maul unto them all, and almost in some measure an inseparable companion.

well I will be valiant, And beat some dozen of these Whelps; I will; and there's Another of 'em, a trim cheating souldier, I'le maul that Rascal, h'as out-brav'd me twice; But now I thank the Gods I am valiant; Go, get you in, I'le take a course with all.

Nun sag ich dir etwas ins Ohrdu nun mirnun machen wir dass Maul auf und zu immer mehrund mehrendlich sagen wir;es ist wagen SlampiStrampi, du kannst dir nun dabei denken was du willst das ist ebben die Comoditรคt.

He continued to maul and tear for ten minutes after the black was dead.

The Poodle was tried for retrieving with some success, and he showed considerable aptitude in finding and fetching wounded wild duck; but he, too, was inclined to maul his birds and deliver them dead.

He turned on the light and found the maul leaning against the corner where he had left it.

He swung the maul and tossed the wood and pretended that Suzanne wasn't sitting in her quiet living room, pretended that nothing had happened.

There was only the splitting, the thunk of the maul into the chopping block, the klokking sound of pieces thrown on the pile . . .

we'll maul and mangle him.

I'll to the maul-stick, and you and Aunt Jemima shall be as cross as two sticks; and as for Nina, with her bright eyes, and her pleasant voice, and her merry ways, I don't know what sort of a stick we should make of her."

"You kin go out over the perairah yander," said the farmer, dropping his maul beside a rail he had just split off,"there's a plain trail from Sykes's that'll bring you onto the road not fur from Sugar Crick."

You ridicule the idea of the abolition of slavery, because it would make the slaveholder "so poor, as to oblige him to take hold of the maul and wedge himselfhe must catch, curry, and saddle his own horsehe must black his own brogans (for he will not be able to buy boots)his wife must go herself to the wash-tubtake hold of the scrubbing broom, wash the pots, and cook all that she and her rail-mauler will eat."

This same person got offended with another of his slaves, knocked him down, and struck out one of his eyes with a maul.

You ridicule the idea of the abolition of slavery, because it would make the slaveholder "so poor, as to oblige him to take hold of the maul and wedge himselfhe must catch, curry, and saddle his own horsehe must black his own brogans (for he will not be able to buy boots)his wife must go herself to the wash-tubtake hold of the scrubbing broom, wash the pots, and cook all that she and her rail-mauler will eat."

This same person got offended with another of his slaves, knocked him down, and struck out one of his eyes with a maul.

This brand of vulture, most obscene, May have designs upon the Dove; Its carrion taste was never keen On the Millennial reign of Love; And I, for one, am stiff with fear About our little friend's career, Lest that disgusting fowl should maul And eat it, olive-branch and all.

No miscreant now Creeps Thug-like up, to maul the passer-by.

They went on, and toward evening, one of them found a stone maul and a dog travois.

I know this maul and this travois.

The man who had taken the maul and the dog travois, when he got home and smelled the smoke from the fire, died, and so did his horse.

Each one held a puk'-sah-tchis,a maul,with which she was to beat time to the singing.

So I hope | from hencefor | -ward you ne'er | will ask, can | I maul

" "How finely would the sparks be caught to-day, Should a Whig poet write a Tory play, And you, possessed with rage before, should send Your random shot abroad and maul a friend?

Soon of my flesh they'll scarce have left an ounce, They so persistently maul, mulct, and milk me.

Our airliners, by Irving Crump & Norman Maul.


Our airliners, by Irving Crump & Norman Maul.


They maul each other's faces with savage violence, and if one is knocked down her friends assist her to regain her feet, and the brutal combat is renewed until one or the other is driven from the wigwam.

"Misnomer," B.; Rex v. Billinghurst, 3 Maul. & S. 254.: but these passages throw no additional light upon our immediate subject.

"He might maul him a little, but I won't.

It was hottest there around the bend of our line, from our view-point; for there they must maul the trench into formless debris and cut the barbed wire in front of it before the charge was made.

He had struck a former hand once with a heavy maul.

So I went to him and told him that if he said a word about it, I should maul him into a slop and feed him to the hogs.

"Maul, my troth, what sayest thou?

Suppose in Pennsylvania one thousand men meet and say: "John Smith has taken a job and is a scab, and we will go around and maul him to-night," and they do, or they don't; if they are tried, the fact whether they did maul him or not has nothing to do with the matter of the conspiracy.

Suppose in Pennsylvania one thousand men meet and say: "John Smith has taken a job and is a scab, and we will go around and maul him to-night," and they do, or they don't; if they are tried, the fact whether they did maul him or not has nothing to do with the matter of the conspiracy.

I saw one half-naked creature, awful in his paint, run up and strike a soldier full in the face with his fist, then dash out his brains with a death-maul and tear his scalp off.

There is a death-maul painted below in black; it shows how she was killed.

(12) Twelve of women; one unbraideda very fine scalp (bought of a Wyandot from Burgoyne's army), which I paid full price for; nine braided, hoops blue, red tear-marks; two very gray; black hoops, plain brown color inside; death-maul marked in red.

A horrified silence followed; the chief reeled back, dropping the death-maul.

Such is the action on the felloes and spokes of a wagon wheel passing over a rough road; on a hammer handle when a blow is struck; on a maul when it strikes a wedge.

"Maul halten!" (shut your mouth!)