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358 example sentences with  management's

358 example sentences with management's

In something pink, silk, and conservatively V, she was a careful management's last bland ingredient to an evening that might leave too Cayenne a sting to the tongue.

But your full right to your bargain with the management is in the fullest manner recognized by him officially.

The management is all one can desire, the people so keen and hospitable.

The management's chief business should be to take man as he is found on earth and place each one where he will accomplish the best results for both the organization and himself.

One of the most satisfactory policies of management is that which tends toward getting the best return or profit per dollar of investment.

The success of Tarun Bharat stems from its management's professional approach to journalism.

In my opinion, the Gomantak management's lackadaisical attitude towards its readers worked in favour of Tarun Bharat.

Mr. Chesterton is sure that better management is only arrived at by "killing and being killed."

COLUMELLA I, I. The study of the Roman treatises on farm management is profitable to the modern farmer however practical and scientific he may be.

Varro's treatise on farm management is the best practical book on the subject which has come down to us from antiquity.

There are more than three times as many of them as of reported savings banks, their management is much more democratic than is that of the banks, and many of their members attend and participate in the meetings and understand how they are conducted.

A better code of business morality has developed, and the railroad management's relationship of private trusteeship toward the shareholders and of public trusteeship toward the patrons of the road is now much more fully recognized.

Key to this management is the management of large scale and systematic scanning of physical documents (such as the Google book scanning project).

Logical volume management is a method of allocating computer storage.

Property management is used in various situations, like building a home, where property manager looks over the process of construction, management of resources and security.

Certain statements made in these materials, including some management targets, may contain forward-looking statements which reflect management's views and assumptions.

CONSTELLATION BRANDS : Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Conditi.

Effective disinfection and crowd management be ensured in places like railway stations, metro stations, bus stands, and airports.

Ajir said that inviting of military to force students to write 2019/2020 first semester examination recently by the VC and school management is not only barbaric but negates the civil university traditions.

I have a great team on our show and they really helped out there, because office management is not really my forte.

It added that the discussions are almost concluded and management is hopeful that the GC-Net GCMS system will be operational by today 29 April 2020.

KBL Merger Corp. IV focused on this industry due to its management's deep experience in this large, growing segment of the U.S. economy.

Management is currently reviewing other opportunities and projects to build up the Company portfolio and generate shareholder value.

Management is headed by president and CEO Scott Hutton, who has been with the firm since March 2018 and was previously SVP and General Manager of the Vascular Intervention division at Spectranetics (

Management is holding a series of virtual โ€œtown hall meetingsโ€ to soothe employees, who are asking, straight up, why this man was promoted, given his known history.

Management is responsible for such other information, which comprise the Management Report.

Management's estimates and underlying assumptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Management's estimates were lowered due to record wet weather in the US, which led to record high prevented planting acres and lower demand for crop inputs.

Management's positive comments towards a quick resumption also point to that direction.

More Japanese companies are using stocks as part of executive pay, seeking to shift management's focus to strategies that will increased share prices over the long term.

PATTERSON UTI ENERGY : Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Conditi.

Presort Lead Jameel Henricksen, right, and Sorter Jerome Thomas remove plastic bags at Waste Management's SMaRT Center in Spokane.

She explained that the function of environmental management is overseen by national, provincial and local government.

Similarly, Indian team management is eagerly waiting for Hardik to become โ€œbowling fitโ€ for white-ball matches post back surgery and will be an automatic choice for ODIs if fit.

Statements contained in this news release that concern Euronet's or its management's intentions, expectations, or predictions of future performance, are forward-looking statements.

The failure of the project has been blamed on several factors with poor management being the leading factor.

The hope for Yankeesโ€™ management is that the time on the Injured List has allowed Torres to heal his body and calm his mind.

The ineffectiveness of monetary policy in demand management is disturbing.

The provision at reporting date represents management's best estimate of the present value of the future decommissioning costs required.

These forward-looking statements are based on the management's current plans, expectations, estimates and projections.

They also trade at 16.5x management's adjusted of $2.69 for a 6.1% earnings yield.

The zoo management is scrambling to find donations of money and food to keep hundreds of animals fed at the zoo that normally relied on ticket sales to run after it was closed to visitors last month due to the new coronavirus outbreak.

Time management is an invaluable skill as you become more experienced and advance in your career.

At the current share price, the stock is trading at roughly 30 times management's adjusted EPS guidance.

With the focus on short-haul flights, management is counting mainly on the non-replacement of retiring workers or voluntary departures and increasing geographic mobility.

Additional information about the mineral resource estimates is included in the Company's Management's Discussion & Analysis for the three and nine months ended December 31, 2015.

A finding that there is no inherent fetter on Management's right to assign work does not have the effect of destroying the binding nature of the contract between the parties as suggested by Arbitrator Veniot.

Command Intention, what upper management wants done; meant to imply that Scientology's management is able to "make it go right", infallible, and quite capable of achieving anything.

Energy management is engineering's future and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Ensure that Committee members receive appropriate orientation regarding the work of the Committee, and that training to enhance financial literacy and best practices in risk management is made available.

โ€œEspecially when you know how difficult disaster management is in the Philippines, it really makes you feel bad.โ€

Facilities management's security personnel maintain a vigilant eye on campus.

For threads executing a limited number of JVMTI calls before returning from native code (for example, threads processing events), it may be determined that no explicit management is needed.

Given the active mandates in place at August 31, 2018, the expected tracking error or volatility of the added value from active management is estimated to be less than 1% p.a. This volatility measure is known as the Alpha Risk Budget.

He said improving the quality of management is critical because various research shows that regardless of industry, better managed firms tend to have more educated managers.

However, to my colleague, supply management is a domestic marketing situation.

I come from an environment where user ID management is problematic at best.

An active and engaged community member with a wit that disarms, Peter is the definition of leadership in a world where management is not enough to achieve real success.

If we understand our biases and believe that people with obesity deserve quality health care, and we also adopt behaviour change techniques, all thatโ€™s left to developing exercise programs to address weight management is the exercises themselves.

"In these circumstances, stress management is a necessary process for dealing with change and transition," says Sharon Stewart, a human resources manager with the ministry.

Inventory management is critical for a food business.

It's a great family company, management is strict but they do listen.

Management is at the core to make new business models and practices that are adaptable to changing conditions.

Management is given strict deadlines for profits and how their targets should be met.

Management is middling to poor.

Management is scrambled and gossipped about far too often.

Management is very kind and understanding of things that occur outside of work that you cannot control.

Management's disregard for worker safety combined with the workers' need to keep their jobs seemed to cause a sense of urgency in keeping the mine going.

Meet Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management's current PhD students.

Modern human resource management is focused on finding and retaining talented employees.

Natural Resource Management Canadian natural resource management is examined with attention to the context within which management occurs, and the requirement to address different interests, understandings, and issues.

Options to streamline the organization were very carefully considered with client service and effective management being the primary focus.

Program Coordinator Diana Lewis and the Faculty of Management's Vivian Howard, who was instrumental in helping develop the new Indigenous Studies minor, with the Grand Council Flag of the Mi'kmaq Nation.

Project management is provided by Agra-Monenco/Canatom.

Removing management's ability to provide care and appropriate instruction is counter-productive to the education of children.

Risk management is a life-long process that involves five steps: identification, evaluation, control, financing and monitoring.

Self-management is also a society at the service of all, which does not leave a part of the population in the galley.

So far, city management is allowing the programs at Dufferin Grove to continue.

Sometimes a Trust Audit is completed for a private company in situations where the owners/financiers need to establish the accuracy of management's financial procedures and information.

"Stability and harmony should be maintained in Tibet, with social management being enhanced and improved," he told the deputies to the National People's Congress.

Strong data mining and analysis skills โ€“ must be familiar with SQL, BI โ€ฆ Global supply chain management is what we do, but at the heart โ€ฆ

The aim of this policy is to provide a on how risk management is to be performed within Basketball Manitoba.

Asset management is concerned with the maintenance and use of real property.

The deceit surrounding the government settlement proposal was quickly confirmed a few days later with ABI management's acceptance of it as a "framework" to reach a final agreement to end the lockout and restart the plant.

The management is friendly and reasonable.

The purpose of supply chain management is to improve trust and collaboration among supply chain partners, thus improving inventory visibility and improving inventory velocity.

There is almost three-quarters of a page of management's comments with respect to this issue, Mr. Speaker, and I have not seen that much management comment with respect to an outstanding issue for quite some time in the Auditor General's report.

At Lululemon, management is really concerned with your goals and vision and helps in everyone's growth.

At Rehab First, case management is governed by our Client Pathwaysโ„ข service model.

Attention to proper fluid management is paramount.

This Government's approach to water and to water management is not just one narrowly defined as drainage.

This kind of continued active management is a departure for grounds management, which calls for areas to be left undisturbed.

Unfortunately, or instead, they chose to locate elsewhere, citing that, and I quote: One of the main reasons was employees' and management's concern about downtown safety at night.

Bear-proof waste management is a team effort that requires Parks Canada, park municipalities, residents, businesses and visitors to work togetherto stop the loss of wildlife due to food-conditioning.

Berns, who was program director of the station from August 1987 until last December, resigned when "it became clear that the management's definition of 'modern rock' was not the same as my definition of modern rock.

Watershed management is volunteer consensual decision making where you get together with groups and individuals who are interested in development of the watershed.

We have heard stories of child-care workers and management being harassed offsite by parents at the facility.

Weโ€™re intent on securing ourright to book rooms and host further events at Emerson, management be damned.

Wildlife management is where our interest lies, not on where an outfitter gets his money to buy an outfit.

Working in remote, rural areas with regular power outages, limited bandwidth and limited access to computer retail and repair means that knowledge management is crucial.