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269 examples of  mandarin  in sentences

269 examples of mandarin in sentences

In China, under the Tang dynasty, early in the seventh century of the Christian era, lived a learned and virtuous, but poor mandarin who had three sons, Fu-su, Tu-sin, and Wang-li.

But you must bring her a token, a shawl or something, and remember a sprightly little mandarin for our mantelpiece, as a companion to the child I am going to purchase at the museum.

They walked round the garden and down to the pond where there were ornamental waterfowl, teal, widgeon and mandarin ducks, and seeing these again gave her great pleasure.

Here is a young and courtly Mandarin, handing tea to a lady from a salvertwo miles off.

'Oh yes, it will, for Mr. Feist plays a part in your life.' 'About as distant as Voltaire's Chinese Mandarin, I fancy,' Margaret suggested.

To make a long story short, we were so successful as to be able to persuade even the Mandarin of the Province to listen to our message.

You must understand that at the time of the Mandarin's death an English traveller, who had been passing through the Western Provinces, reached our city and took up his abode with us.

About an hour ago, we turned sharply to our left, and found on that hand a series of red sand-bluffs leading to a range of considerable blue hills which faced us in the distance; the river, as has been the case since we left the Rebel country, was covered with small country junks, and here and there a mandarin one, covered with flags, and with its highly-polished brass gun in the prow.

When 'foreign' parties landed yesterday, they were a good deal pestered by officious mandarin followers, who, by way of keeping order, kept bambooing all the unhappy natives who evinced a desire to see the foreigners.

Some of the mandarin satellites tried to accompany us on our walk, but we soon sent them about their business.

We then agreed that the Commanders-in-Chief should send a notification to the chief mandarin of Tung-chow, to the effect that, unless our countrymen were forthwith restored, Pekin would be assaulted.

To the Chinese the "south-pointing needle" continued to be a mere plaything to be seen every day in the sedan chair of a mandarin, or in wheeled vehicles.

"Now, mandarin, now!

It issued a decree forbidding any mandarin to hold any post longer than three years in the same province, and prohibiting any one from possessing any official appointment in his native province.

Take that toasted child away, and fan her like a Chinese mandarin, while I dish up this dreadful dinner.

Louisa had a china mandarin in her hand, which her mother had sent her that very morning; it was all broke to pieces by the fall.

"Oh! my mandarin!" cried Louisa, bursting into tears.

In turning, Louisa threw down the remains of the mandarin; the head, which she had placed in the socket, fell from the shoulders, and rolled bounding along the gravel-walk.

I can buy her another mandarin the next time that old pedlar comes to the door, if that's all.

"I don't desire to have such a friend, who would quarrel with me for happening to throw down little Louisahow could I tell that she had a mandarin in her hand?

The injury, however, Louisa had already forgotten; perhaps, to tell things just as they were, she was not quite so much inclined to kiss Cecilia as she would have been before the fall of her mandarin, but this was the utmost extent of her malice, if it can be called malice.

Cecilia paid the money, and was just going to carry off the mandarin, when the pedlar took out of his great-coat pocket a neat mahogany case; it was about a foot long, and fastened at each end by two little clasps; it had besides a small lock in the middle.

"How provoking!" said she; "then I can't have itwhere's the mandarin?

"Louisa would so like this Flora," said she, arguing with herself; "besides, it would be so generous in me to give it to her instead of that ugly mandarin; that would be doing only common justice, for I promised it to her, and she expects it.

Though, when I come to look at this mandarin, it is not even so good as hers was; the gilding is all rubbed off, so that I absolutely must buy this for her.

and then every body will say it is the prettiest thing they ever saw, and the broken mandarin will be forgotten forever.

"Yes, take it, and keep it for my sake; you know that I broke your mandarin.

I should only have done what I was bound to do if I had only given you a mandarin.

I'm very much obliged to you, but I won't take it by way of payment for the mandarin you broke; for I'm sure you could not help that; and, besides, I should have broken it myself by this time.

He ought to be some mandarin of mark.

There is a name I must know as soon as possible, that of the mandarin returning to China in the form of a mortuary parcel.

With regard to my newspaper, and that telegram relative to the mandarin our train is "conveying" in the funereal acceptation of the word?

" "And it is?" "Yen Lou, the great mandarin Yen Lou of Pekin.

Took from Douchak the body of the great mandarin Yen Lou coming from Persia to Pekin.

Surely he will not have to worry himself about the mandarin Yen Lou, shut up in this traveling catafalque!

In the rear of the train the Persians are keeping faithful guard round the mandarin Yen Lou.

As we are leaving the car I am near Major Noltitz, who asks young Pan Chao: "Have you ever heard of this mandarin Yen Lou, whose body is being taken to Pekin?" "Never, major.

" "And so, this mandarin, Yen Lou?" "I never heard him mentioned.

A waste of time for the sake of a mandarinand a dead mandarin!

Was it the mandarin, Yen Lou?

When you are dealing with a mandarin, you should always be on the lookout.

Instead of twelve carriages, there are now only ten, placed in the following order: engine, tender, front van, two first-class cars, dining car, two second-class cars, the van with the defunct mandarin, rear van.

The scene we witness is not devoid of interest; it is the giving over of the corpse of the mandarin Yen Lou by the Persian guards to a detachment of soldiers of the Green Standard, who form the Chinese gendarmerie.

"Well," said I to the major, "this mandarin must be some very exalted personage if the Son of Heaven sends him a guard of honor" "Or of defence," replies the major.

Is it a reply to my wire sent from Merv, relative to the mandarin Yen Lou? I open it.

"It is not the corpse of a mandarin that the train is taking to Pekin, but the imperial treasure, value fifteen millions, sent from Persia to China, as announced in the Paris newspapers eight days ago; endeavor to be better informed for the future.

And so, for greater security, the Persian government, in agreement with the Chinese government, has allowed it to be believed that we were carrying the corpse of a mandarin, when we were really taking to Pekin a treasure worth fifteen million of francs.

"And that was why I questioned Pan-Chao regarding the dead mandarin.

Some would rather travel with the millions than carry a corpse along with them, even though it was that of a first-class mandarin.

If I was mistaken about the mandarin Yen Lou, at least I had not mistaken the general manager of the Transasiatic or the famous bandit of Yunnan.

"In China," said Pan-Chao, "it is not the bullfinch but the mandarin duck that symbolizes fidelity in marriage.

There is no mistake possible, as in the case of that pretended mandarin, Yen-Lou, which I shall never forgetbut then, it was in the country of the false Smerdis and that must be my excuse.

Here, for the first time, the Caternas saw pass along between the inhabitants, who stood at attention more from fear than respect, a mandarin on horseback, preceded by a servant carrying a fringed parasol, the mark of his master's dignity.

The aim of modern education in China is to work towards the establishment of "High Chinese", the former official (Mandarin) language, throughout the country, and to set limits to the use of the various dialects.

The government's aim was to make Mandarin Chinese the language of all Chinese in Taiwan, as it had been in mainland China long before the War, and to weaken the Taiwanese dialects.

Soon almost every child had a minimum of six years of education (increased in 1968 to nine years), with Mandarin Chinese as the medium of instruction.

As the children of Taiwanese and mainland families went to school together, the Taiwanese children quickly learned Mandarin, while most mainland children became familiar with the Taiwan dialect.

The tong of U.S. Chinatowns (tang in Mandarin) are late and organizations of businessmen only (S. Yokoyama and Laai Yi-faai).

He bowed, and in the mandarin language invoked good fortune upon me.

See the cap on the temple of that Chinese Mandarin, poking above yon clump of firs, with its bell furniture; he seems pondering on the aphorisms of Confucius, regardless of that booby faced conservatory, whose bald, rounded pate glitters in the sun.

Instead, he went to Bombay to quarrel with newspaper vendors, went to the Gulf to start up a dot-bomb, went to Singapore to learn Mandarin, and is now wondering if those bribes are still on offer.

It grows abundantly in the Chinese island of Formosa, and 'camphor mandarin' is the title of a rich Chinaman who pays the government for the privilege of extracting all the camphor, which he sends to other countries at a large profit.

This, by the way, is a phrase never used to designate foreigners in this region except by those in the mandarin offices.

Besides the absurdity of charging foreigners with distributing poison, the whole confession bears the evidence not only of falsehood, but, if ever made, of having been put into the man's mouth by those inside the mandarin offices and forced from him by torture, for the express purpose of exciting the intensest hatred against foreigners.

Christopher Morley (A); 4Jan54; R123572. Mandarin in Manhattan.

Character text for Mandarin primer.

Mandarin primer: an intensive course in spoken Chinese.

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The mandarin coat.

Der wunderbare Mandarin, pantomime in 1 act.

Mandarin in Manhattan.

Mandarin in Manhattan.

ROWBOTHAM, ARNOLD H. Missionary and mandarin; the Jesuits at the court of China.

Character text for Mandarin primer.

Mandarin primer: an intensive course in spoken Chinese.

[Illustration: MILITARY MANDARIN.]

He is too old to go to China and turn mandarin; in a word, if he is wise, there is no place but France for him.

"What the dl has got into her?" exclaimed the captain; "she topples like a mock mandarin; she used to be as stiff as a church!

And he reached his fingers over The rim of the sea, like sails from Dover, And caught a Mandarin at prayer, And tickled his nose in Orion's hair.

Here is a young and courtly Mandarin, handing tea to a lady from a salvertwo miles off.

The old Lady, however, begged him first of all to hear her Story, by which he learned that she was sister to a great Mandarin, who would infallibly make the Fortune of his Brother-in-Law as soon as he should know to whose Lot she fell.

Her home at Mandarin, with its great moss-covered oaks and profusion of flowers, is a restful and happy place after these most fruitful years.

" Hugh again impersonated a Chinese mandarin.

But he generally used the mandarin dialect.

The rail was hung with a gay mandarin robe.

How many years it was since her grandfather, Georges De Grapion, captain of dragoons, had had his fatal meeting with a Mandarin de Grandissime, she did not remember.

There, opposite her on the wall, was the portrait of a young man in a corslet who might have been M. Mandarin himself.

"See what foreign education does!" cried a Mandarin de Grandissime of the Baton Rouge Coast.

A tall, bronzed, slender young man, who prefixes to Grandissime the maternal St. Blancard, asks where his wife is, is answered from a distance, throws her a kiss and sits down on a step, with Jean Baptiste de Grandissime, a piratical-looking black-beard, above him, and Alphonse Mandarin, an olive-skinned boy, below.

screamed two or three ladies, "we are bewitched!" "Look to your wives and daughters!" shouted a Brahmin-Mandarin.

"Shoot the black devils without mercy!" cried a Mandarin-Fusilier, unconsciously putting into a single outflash of words the whole Creole treatment of race troubles.

The short, black-bearded man in buckskin breeches on his right was Jean-Baptiste Grandissime, and the slight one on the left, who, with the prettiest and most graceful gestures and balancings, was leading the conversation, was Hippolyte Brahmin-Mandarin, a cousin and counterpart of that sturdy-hearted challenger of Agricola, Sylvestre.

Somewhat apart from the rest, on an old cypress stump, half-stood, half-sat, in whispered consultation, Jean-Baptiste Grandissime and Charlie Mandarin.

"Eh bien, old woman," said Mandarin, turning, without rising, and speaking sharply in the negro French, "have you any reason to give why you should not be hung to that limb over your head?

It was Charlie Mandarin who spoke.

This canal ran from the interior of the county to the St. John's River near Green Cove Springs, and with Mandarin on the other side of the river still a major shipping point, the canal handled much of the commerce of Bradford and Clay Counties.

Very valuable as an animal is the cooly: he is a Jack-at-all-trades; works at the scull of a boat, or in a tea pack-house; bears a mandarin's sedan-chair, or sweeps out a chamber.

The sly remarks of Richter upon the Transparencies and Well-born and Excellencies of his time, with their faded taste and dreary mandarin-life varied by loose morals and contempt for the invisible, could not have suited the man whose best friend was a real Duke, as it happened, one of Nature's noblemen, one whose wife, the Duchess Sophia, afterwards held Bonaparte so tranquilly at bay upon her palace-steps.

"Come and dine with us tonight," the mandarin said graciously.

But where are you dining tonight?" asked the mandarin curiously.