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1691 examples of  manhood  in sentences

1691 examples of manhood in sentences

This is commonly a very interesting event in the life of a youth, as it reminds him that he is drawing near the period of manhood, and leaves him more a master of his actions.

He chose Petrarch for his model and guide, and in riper manhood became his most intimate friend.

Thirsting for the strength, the might and power of manhood!

Thus, after an unadventurous youth and early manhood, he spent his long maturity steering the ship of state through troublous seas abroad; then passed life's evening in the quiet haven of his home.

This theory of government gave a new dignity to manhood.

The "prairie schooner," which met the elemental forces of Nature with the proud challenge: "Pike's Peak or bust," produced as fine a type of manhood as the age which travels either in Mr. Ford's "fliver" or the more luxurious Rolls-Royce.

But at length Nature asserts her sway; and after the dancing has lasted almost without interruption for three hours, the Sidi Patel, Hassan, gives permission for a brief recess, during which he introduces to the spectators the son of the Sidi chief Makanda,a fine specimen of manhood whose six-foot stature belies the fact that he is still according to Sidi views a minor incapable of looking after his own interests.

Further word I could not speak; I could only meet her eyes with the steady, demanding look of a despairing heart, while Arthur moved in every fibre of his awakened manhood, waitedthinking, perhaps, how few minutes had passed since he hung upon the words of a fellow being for his condemnation to death, or release to the freedom which he now enjoyed.

She had grown to love them, to admire their big rough manhood and loyal hearts, before he had brought her among them; and suddenly she smiled at McCready, struggling to overcome that thrill of fear and dislike.

Exceeding wise she is, and to her wisdom she has a goodness as eminent; Icarius's daughter, Penelope the chaste: we left her a young bride when we parted from our wives to go to the wars, her first child suckling at her breast, the young Telemachus, whom you shall see grown up to manhood on your return, and he shall greet his father with befitting welcomes.

I will only mention one instance of his manhood.

But in the face of these official wrongs we have the debate in the house of lords supporting official terrorism, it is this double wrong, the affront to Islam and the injury to the manhood of the Punjab, that we feel bound to wipe out by non-co-operation.

The Khilafat wrong affects the Mussalmans of India, and the Punjab calamity very nearly overwhelms the manhood of India.

Seven years of his early life, with all his dawning manhood had been spent in the army, and now with his family of three children he found himself poor.

It was a moment of wild grief, that bore down all the usual restraints of manhood, though it was such a moment as an American frontier residence has often witnessed.


Yet there are men still living, and boys who have grown to manhood, scores of them, who toiled for years in the black dust breathed out from its throats of iron, and listened to the thunder of its grinding jaws from dawn to dark of many and many a day.

The tender of the laurel certainly gratified him: "Yet still one joy remains, that not obscure Nor useless all my vacant days have flowed, From youth's gay dawn to manhood's prime mature, Nor with the Muse's laurel unbestowed.

We could stop our writin' law-books an' our regulatin' rules If a better sort of manhood was the product of our schools.

It is consoling to feel that David, whether exultant in riches and honors, or bowed down to the earth with grief and wrath, both in the years of adversity and in his prosperous manhood, in strength and in weakness, with unfailing constancy and loyalty turned his thoughts to God as the source of all hope and consolation.

The habit of undue interference by government in private affairs breeds the habit of undue reliance upon government in private affairs at the expense of individual initiative, energy, enterprise, courage, independent manhood.

Democratic absolutism is just as repulsive, and history has shown it to be just as fatal, to the rights of individual manhood as is monarchical absolutism.

But his manner is, and always has been, sweet, gentle, composed,the very ideal of grave, tender, frank young manhood.

He amuses his old age with the studies of his youth and manhood, and writes dialogues on Motion, and even discovers the phenomena of the moon's libration; and by means of the pendulum he gives additional importance to astronomical science.

But when he describes characters like Jeanie Deans, in The Heart of Midlothian, and the old clansman, Evan Dhu, in Waverley, we know the very soul of Scotch womanhood and manhood.

Second, that Keats's letters are as much an indication of the man as is his poetry; and in his letters, with their human sympathy, their eager interest in social problems, their humor, and their keen insight into life, there is no trace of effeminacy, but rather every indication of a strong and noble manhood.

His sterling manhood is recalled in his famous letter to Lord Chesterfield, refusing the latter's patronage for the Dictionary.

He had spoken and found that the dream of his boyhood and the hope of his youth had become the proud triumph of his manhood.

The next act could not introduce him as one who had grown to manhood in the interval.

Justice (1910), which secured reforms in the English prison system, shows how a young man is affected by an inflexible but legal punishment; and how such a method fails to assist him humanely to a better manhood, but drives him to lower and lower depths.

For it is on behalf of the public that I continue to toil and undergo dangers and have spent so much time yonder outside of Italy, during mature manhood and now in old age and weakness, though I can not take food without pain nor get sleep free from anxiety.

And this placid locality, with its peaceful river seemingly sleeping in the bosom of its long and level meadows, was the scene of Oliver Cromwell's young, fiery manhood.

What an overwhelming revelation it would have been to his young, honest and merry mind, if some seer, like him who told Hazael his future, could have given him a sudden glimpse of what he was to be and do in his middle manhood!

He not only advocates manhood suffrage, but womanhood suffrage, and woman-seats in Parliament.

Here was born James Wilson, once the editor of The Economist, who worked his way up, through intermediate positions of public honor and trust, to that of Finance Minister for India, and died at the meridian of his manhood in that country of dearly-bought distinctions.

the harmony of war, The trumpet's clangor, and the clash of arms, That concert animates the glowing breast, To rush on death; but when our ear is pierc'd With the sad notes which mournful beauty yields; Our manhood melts in symphathising tears.

"You are, it is true, an old man," said he, "but even old men should, at such a time, possess some manhood.

That is the sacred right of manhood.

Peter Alexiwitz of Russia, when he came to Years of Manhood, though he found himself Emperor of a vast and numerous People, Master of an endless Territory, absolute Commander of the Lives and Fortunes of his Subjects, in the midst of this unbounded Power and Greatness turned his Thoughts upon Himself and People with Sorrow.

If we were to form an Image of Dignity in a Man, we should give him Wisdom and Valour, as being essential to the Character of Manhood.

The several Weaknesses, to which Youth, Old Age and Manhood are exposed, have long since been set down by many both of the Poets and Philosophers; but I do not remember to have met with any Author who has treated of those ill Habits Men are subject to, not so much by reason of their different Ages and Tempers, as the particular Profession or Business in which they were educated and brought up.

The men whose manhood you have broken will loathe you, and will always be brooding and seeking to strike a new blow.

The kindly sympathy of youth, the deep affection of manhood, can be traced to influences that began at mother's knee.

She was left alone with these two precious ones to guide and rear to manhood and womanhood.

Childhood, motherhood, maidenhood, manhood, were never, I think, combined in so sweet a spirit of humanity.

Is not freedom older than Christianity? Does the Christian recommend his religion to a Pagan by stealing his manhood and all that belongs to it?

"Only the womanhood that is independent, only the manhood that is gentle, is good and beautiful.

Two of these sectionsone cannot call them chaptersare omitted in the translation, namely, "Allegory of Impudence" and, "Apprenticeship of Manhood.

I was about to describe the apprenticeship of my manhood, a period which, taken as a whole or in parts, I can never look back upon without a great deal of inward amusement, a little melancholy, and considerable self-satisfaction.

You accompany me through all the stages of manhood, from the utmost wantonness to the most refined spirituality.

This apology would indeed save me, but perhaps only at the enormous expense of my manhood itself; for whatever you may think of my manhood in particular, you have nevertheless a great deal against the sex in general.

This apology would indeed save me, but perhaps only at the enormous expense of my manhood itself; for whatever you may think of my manhood in particular, you have nevertheless a great deal against the sex in general.

(Perhaps in that day when the under-currents of life shall be bared, this man with his self-reliant soul will know the subtile instincts that drew him to true manhood and feeling by the homely practice of poor Lois.

The clear evening light fell on Holmes, as he stood there looking down at the dying little lamiter: a powerful figure, with a face supreme, masterful, but tender: you will find no higher type of manhood.

This was the moment all his manhood had been training and saving for.

There are three short and simple words, the hardest of all to pronounce in any language, (and I suspect they were no easier before the confusion of tongues,) but which no man or nation that cannot utter can claim to have arrived at manhood.

Anything more certain to destroy energy, to cut at the roots of thrift, to undermine all the best qualities of manhood, it would be impossible to imagine.

Besides, I often think that wars are good for the public spirit of a nation, and bring out its true manhood.

The wholesome, unsophisticated nature of our warrior ancestors derived ample food for their spirit from a sheaf of commonplace and fragmentary teachings, gleaned as it were on the highways and byways of ancient thought, and, stimulated by the demands of the age, formed from these gleanings anew and unique type of manhood.

Luxury was thought the greatest menace to manhood, and severest simplicity was required of the warrior class, sumptuary laws being enforced in many of the clans.

It is enough to quote the ringing words of one Colonel Jenkins, who addressed the judge as follows: "Picture to yourself, sir, this venerable man, waking from his dream of happiness to be robbed of his trousersthe very insignia of his manhood.

The battle has been from the first one of manhood against might.

" It was this same spirit of daring, this innate belief in his own manhood, that for three hundred years made every Irishman the custodian of his country's honor.

They are essentially popular forms of sport, and the muscular manhood of city and country finds in them a natural outlet for their characteristic Celtic vigor.

Bravery was the sign of true manhood.

And now, last of all, when some million or two of long-forgotten and neglected "Mountain Whites" are brought to its attention, it sees in these abjectly poor, dispirited and superstitious people, only another opportunity for elevating humanity, and proving the power of Christianity to restore the lost manhood of every race.

It has sought to develop manhood and womanhood after the pattern and by the power that is in Jesus Christ.

In his young manhood he had meant to do fine things.

The unexampled rapidity with which, owing to the opportunities of war-time, men in all walks of life have reached the top of the tree in early manhood is leading on to strange but inevitable results.

AN INTELLECTUAL FEAST.Professor Louis Agassiz in his early manhood visited Germany to consult Oken, the transcendentalist in zoรถlogical classification.

But there were others, committed by you when you were at or near manhood, exhibiting, if trueunderstand, I say, if truea moral depravity for which no extenuation can be found.

Only a few wrinkles, and a few hairs, which grew wide apart on his cheeks and chin, indicated his manhood.

And he was born To ape the otherslies, greed, roguery, And aught but manhood.

May I, may I, indeed, behold in the playmate of my infancy a friend in manhood, the partner of my lifemy own Mary as my assistant in labours of love?

We do not easily forget the associations of our boyhood, my young friend, particularly when manhood has been a dreary blank, or tinged with pain.

He had entered prison a boy, with all the fresh, elastic buoyancy of youth, he quitted it a man; but, oh, how was that manhood's prime, to which in his visions of futurity he had looked with such bright anticipation as the zenith of his naval fame, now about to pass?

This is the path familiar to his foot From infancy to manhood and old age; For in a chamber of that ancient house

Thus passed his manhood; then to other lands He strayed, a stainless figure among courts Beside the Manzanares and the Thames.

Beethoven came to Vienna in the full vigor of youth just emerging into manhood.

" He loves children, and the boy still fresh in his manhood.

For there sit the audience, each one taking a separate color; and there are blue Christians and red Christians, there are yellow saints and orange saints, there are purple Christians and green Christians; but how few are simple, pure, white Christians, uniting all the cardinal graces, and proud, not of separate colors, but of the whole manhood of Christ!"

Taking the five primary divisions, infancy, childhood, youth, manhood, old age, each of these has its own three periods of immaturity, complete development, and decline.

Nature gets us out of youth into manhood, as sailors are hurried on board of vessels,in a state of intoxication.

The lecturer will allow us to say that he is the donkey; we know we shall grumble at old age, but we want to live through youth and manhood, in spite of the troubles we shall groan over.

The companion of his youth and his manhood, for whom he would willingly, at any time, have given up his own life, Franklin Pierce, was there among the rest, and scattered flowers into the grave.

Meanwhile, my hope has been, that I might fetch 620 Invigorating thoughts from former years; Might fix the wavering balance of my mind, And haply meet reproaches too, whose power May spur me on, in manhood now mature To honourable toil.

I will tell you some of the marks of his servicea few of the badges of his householdfor he has no visible temple; no man bends the knee to him; it is only his soul, his manhood, that the worshiper casts in the dust before him.

2. "Manhood suffrage" is not to be extended to Asiatics, often actually as under strictly conventional constitutional construction.

Thus, even amid the roar of cannon and the confusion of war, cotton-planting, as a free-labor institution, is beginning its infant life, to grow hereafter to a glorious manhood.

As we trace this stock through the ages, apples of Sodom, no doubt, will be found in abundance, but now and then it flowers into heroic manhood and lovely womanhood.

And we may be happy in so considering them, since they would betray a character, even in earliest manhood, too depraved and debased for honorable mention, although his errors were no doubt altogether beyond the palliation of a woman's pen.

Yet we would fain look at him, in youth at least, as undebauched and uncorrupt, however stained may be the record of his manhood.

To close with this devil, this wolf-man, to set his big fingers in the smooth, almost girlish throat, to choke the yellow light out of those eyesor else to die, but like a man proving his manhood before the girl.

In the hush of that night ride I grew to manhood; I put away childish things.

For it comes to pass oft that a terrible oath, with a swaggering accent sharply twanged off, gives manhood more approbation than ever proof itself would have earned him.

There are points to which manhood and experience may pass, and there are those where all is left to one mightier than the elements!" Words like these, coming from the lips of one of the known character of the 'Skimmer of the Seas,' were not given to the winds.

You lived so long with a man who was almost perfect, that you cannot make allowances for impulsive and indiscreet young manhood.

She had always given him that same dark red flower after he had turned into manhood.

"By the purity of your own life guard the purity of your sons for the long honor of our manhood."

To say that intelligence should take nature as its guide is to ask civilised man to put off both his civilisation and his manhood.