1691 examples of manhood in sentences

And this placid locality, with its peaceful river seemingly sleeping in the bosom of its long and level meadows, was the scene of Oliver Cromwell's young, fiery manhood.

What an overwhelming revelation it would have been to his young, honest and merry mind, if some seer, like him who told Hazael his future, could have given him a sudden glimpse of what he was to be and do in his middle manhood!

He not only advocates manhood suffrage, but womanhood suffrage, and woman-seats in Parliament.

Here was born James Wilson, once the editor of The Economist, who worked his way up, through intermediate positions of public honor and trust, to that of Finance Minister for India, and died at the meridian of his manhood in that country of dearly-bought distinctions.

Peter Alexiwitz of Russia, when he came to Years of Manhood, though he found himself Emperor of a vast and numerous People, Master of an endless Territory, absolute Commander of the Lives and Fortunes of his Subjects, in the midst of this unbounded Power and Greatness turned his Thoughts upon Himself and People with Sorrow.

If we were to form an Image of Dignity in a Man, we should give him Wisdom and Valour, as being essential to the Character of Manhood.

The several Weaknesses, to which Youth, Old Age and Manhood are exposed, have long since been set down by many both of the Poets and Philosophers; but I do not remember to have met with any Author who has treated of those ill Habits Men are subject to, not so much by reason of their different Ages and Tempers, as the particular Profession or Business in which they were educated and brought up.

Childhood, motherhood, maidenhood, manhood, were never, I think, combined in so sweet a spirit of humanity.

"Only the womanhood that is independent, only the manhood that is gentle, is good and beautiful.

Two of these sectionsone cannot call them chaptersare omitted in the translation, namely, "Allegory of Impudence" and, "Apprenticeship of Manhood.

I was about to describe the apprenticeship of my manhood, a period which, taken as a whole or in parts, I can never look back upon without a great deal of inward amusement, a little melancholy, and considerable self-satisfaction.

You accompany me through all the stages of manhood, from the utmost wantonness to the most refined spirituality.

This apology would indeed save me, but perhaps only at the enormous expense of my manhood itself; for whatever you may think of my manhood in particular, you have nevertheless a great deal against the sex in general.

This apology would indeed save me, but perhaps only at the enormous expense of my manhood itself; for whatever you may think of my manhood in particular, you have nevertheless a great deal against the sex in general.

(Perhaps in that day when the under-currents of life shall be bared, this man with his self-reliant soul will know the subtile instincts that drew him to true manhood and feeling by the homely practice of poor Lois.

The clear evening light fell on Holmes, as he stood there looking down at the dying little lamiter: a powerful figure, with a face supreme, masterful, but tender: you will find no higher type of manhood.

This was the moment all his manhood had been training and saving for.

There are three short and simple words, the hardest of all to pronounce in any language, (and I suspect they were no easier before the confusion of tongues,) but which no man or nation that cannot utter can claim to have arrived at manhood.

And now, last of all, when some million or two of long-forgotten and neglected "Mountain Whites" are brought to its attention, it sees in these abjectly poor, dispirited and superstitious people, only another opportunity for elevating humanity, and proving the power of Christianity to restore the lost manhood of every race.

It has sought to develop manhood and womanhood after the pattern and by the power that is in Jesus Christ.

This is the path familiar to his foot From infancy to manhood and old age; For in a chamber of that ancient house

Thus passed his manhood; then to other lands He strayed, a stainless figure among courts Beside the Manzanares and the Thames.

I will tell you some of the marks of his servicea few of the badges of his householdfor he has no visible temple; no man bends the knee to him; it is only his soul, his manhood, that the worshiper casts in the dust before him.

2. "Manhood suffrage" is not to be extended to Asiatics, often actually as under strictly conventional constitutional construction.

In the hush of that night ride I grew to manhood; I put away childish things.

1691 examples of  manhood  in sentences