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100 examples of  mani  in sentences

100 examples of mani in sentences

My last glimpse ... the old manI remember now how the grey had spread through his beardhe was growing oldit had been ageing labour.

Sho! a Pox of the Devil, ManI can't attend to speak with him now.

"O Giles!" gasped Roger, "O Giles!" "Roger, II do love her, manI do love her, heart and soul!

Better a hundred times that a manI had almost said any manshould have been with them here, than that they should be closeted together in a spot so secluded, with rancour and cause for complaint in one heart, and a biting, deadly flame in the other, which once reaching up must from its very nature leave behind it a corrosive impress.

Some manI could not recognise him from where I stoodhad forestalled me.

And did the same young manI presume he was youngenlighten you about this, the most fatal parental weakness?

This plant, says Mr. Dorman, was the Mandioca, named from Mani, and Oca, house.

Blessings on the red sash of the drosky-manI caught at that!

The daughter had turned away, and entered the door; but she faced around again, and extending her arms toward her mother, cried: "How canhe is a white manI am a poor" "Ah! chérie," replied Madame Delphine, seizing the outstretched hands, "it is thereit is there that he shows himself the best man alive!

I grant it is not the highest style of manI deprecate the manes of Sarah Battleshe lives not, alas!

A wise old manI believe he was a bishoponce said he knew "that outside the real world is a world of fine fabling.

At the end she invited them to come into the lodge to see a good manI quote her verbatiman upright citizen, a credit to his country and an ornament to society, take the pledge.

These topes are very numerous, at least twenty were visible at one time, and some of great size and in a very good state of preservationmore than one quite as large as the famous tope of Mani Kiyala.

There is a manI won't mention his name, but you know it very well, and maybe it is in your mind nowwho wants me to marry him.

A manI do not say a geologist, but simply a man, squire or ploughmansees a small valley, say one of the side-glens which open into the larger valleys in the Windsor forest district.

{104b} Triton-weasels. {104c} Greek, [Greek], cancri-mani, crab's hands.

I am ready to proceed this instant; and I take it this worthy manI think you called him Stridesis quite as willing.

But in the meantime you can find out a bit about Fullaway and this millionaire manI can find out for you, if you like, in a few hours.

The mystic formula or "mani" is imprinted on the pavement of the streets, it floats on flags from the temples, and the wealthy Buddhists maintain sculptor-missionaries, Old Mortalities of the water-lily, who, wandering to distant lands, carve the blessed words upon cliff and stone.

The learned Brahmins call the Egyptian deities Padma Devi, or Lotus-Gods; the second of the eighteen Hindoo Puranas is styled the Padma Purana, because it treats of the "epoch when the world was a golden Lotus"; and the sacred incantation which goes murmuring through Thibet is "Om mani padme houm."

They derived their doctrines from Manes, or Mani, who flourished in Persia in the second half of the third century, and who engrafted some Christian doctrines on his system, which was essentially the dualism of Zoroaster and the pantheism of Buddha.

That is a different thing from a young woman, who has a deep sense of what she owes to her Redeemer, becoming deliberately, and with a full sense of what she is doing, the wife of one who regards her God as merely a manI care not how you qualify this opinion, by saying a pure and sinless man; it will be man, still.

Podczaski (aside).He is a manI have a hundred florins in my pocket already.

O good sir, if I had known your mind before; for my father hath already given the induction to a chaplain of his ownto a proper manI know not of what university he is. ACADEMICO.

It is not muchonly a littleI am not a rich manI had hoped to be, but it would mean a fortune to you no doubt.

Like the Roman catholics, they had rosaries, containing 108 beads, and their prayer is, Hom-Mani-Pema- Hum.

But its true import is, that Mani, who holds the flowers of the Lotus, and is the beginning and end of the higher Magic, may hear their prayers, be propitious to them, and render them happy.

Mani or Manes is named Thenaoui by the oriental Christians, and the sect of Manicheans they call Al-Thenaouib, or those who hold the doctrines of the two principles.

Here I finished my chupatties, and some kind manI think it was Borradailegave me a stick of chocolate, my own store having run out, but I managed to get it replenished at Mastuj.

On which Lacy said wildly, 'A grave, manI want nothing but a grave, and any ditch will furnish me that,' with which he went away.


May you live long to make speeches and beg breadthe unrivalled orator and most notorious beggar of the Dahcotahs! OYE-KAR-MANI-VIM; THE TRACK-MAKER.

Four species of igname or batata, are mentioned in Barbot as originally from Benin, Anwerre, Mani-Congo, and Saffrance.

Al savio suol bastar poche parole, Disse Morgante: tu il potrai vedere, De' miei fratelli, Orlando, se mi duole, E s'io m'accordero di Dio al volere, Come tu di che in ciel servar si suole: Morti co' morti; or pensiam di godere: Io vo' tagliar le mani a tutti quanti, E porterolle a que' monaci santi.

Com' un poco di raggio si fu messo Nel doloroso carcere, ed io scorsi Per quattro visi il mio aspetto stesso, Ambo le mani per dolor mi morsi: E quei pensando ch' i 'l fessi per voglia Di manicar, di subito levorsi E disser: Padre, assai ci sia men doglia, Se tu mangi di noi: tu ne vestisti Queste misere carni, e tu le spoglia.

[Footnote 25: "Tar-u-mani izzu Sarri," son of the faith, the fire of kings, or fire-king.]

"'I was that old manI am now the lover long seeking a bride.

Mani-boos or Manitoos or Munedoos, Spirits.

On arrival at the village of the Simplon, which lies at nearly the greatest elevation off the road and is more than half-way across, I wrote in my enthusiasm for the author of this gigantic work, the following lines: O viaggiator, se avessi tu veduto Quel monte, pria che fosse il cammin fatto, Leveresti le mani, e stupefatto Diresti, "chi l'avrebbe mai creduto? Son come quel

He is a brave manI will do him that justiceand a cool one; and used to be a sweet shot.

Previous to the destruction of Mayapan temples were built to him, and he was worshiped throughout the land, but after that event he was paid such honor only in the province of Mani (governed by the Xiu).

Nevertheless, in gratitude for what all recognized they owed to him, the kings of the neighboring provinces sent yearly to Mani, on the occasion of his annual festival, which took place on the 16th of the month Xul (November 8th), either four or five magnificent feather banners.

MS.; El Libro de Chilan Balam de Mani, 1595, MS.

When I have journeyed through forests, where ten thousand shrubs and vines exist without apparent use; through prairies, whose undulations exhibit sheets of flowers innumerable, and absolutely dazzling the eye with their prodigality of beautybeauty, not a tithe of which is ever seen by manI have said, it is plain that God is himself passionately fond of beauty, and the earth is his garden, as an acre is man's.

Sustaining the position that I dopassing as I am for a white manI am obliged to be very circumspect, and have often been compelled to give her pain by avoiding many of her dearest friends when I have encountered them in public places, because of their complexion.

It was very dim, and after yet an hour's search, I was returning weary and disgusted to the ship, when I saw some shadow like a bear sailing away on my left, and at the same time sighted a manI did not know whomrunning like a handicapped ghost some little distance to the right.

There was a manI don't know whohe come 'round and said, 'You're all free.'

I used to be a round manI could work any place.

Lucilius drew a graphic picture of this feverish life, which is fortunately preserved; it refers of course to a time before Cicero's birth (Fragm. 9, Baehrens): nunc vero a mani ad noctem, festo atque profesto, totus item pariter populus, plebesque patresque, iactare indu foro se omnes, decedere nusquam:

In the wide domain even of our free states, there is not one city of refuge for the poor runaway fugitive; not one spot upon which he can stand and say, I am a free manI am protected in my rights as a man, by the strong arm of the law;

In the wide domain even of our free states, there is not one city of refuge for the poor runaway fugitive; not one spot upon which he can stand and say, I am a free manI am protected in my rights as a man, by the strong arm of the law;

"But," he exclaimed, "how mistaken I was about that manI am convinced of it nowO

In the wide domain even of our free states, there is not one city of refuge for the poor runaway fugitive; not one spot upon which he can stand and say, I am a free manI am protected in my rights as a man, by the strong arm of the law;

In the wide domain even of our free states, there is not one city of refuge for the poor runaway fugitive; not one spot upon which he can stand and say, I am a free manI am protected in my rights as a man, by the strong arm of the law;

"But," he exclaimed, "how mistaken I was about that manI am convinced of it nowO

"Yes," she said, "young manI amI should say I wasyour mother; the mother, the protectress, of all that was noble in EnglandI am Margaret of Anjou.

Still later narratives tell of his going to Turkestan (where a temple was actually built in his honour in the Medieval period); according to other sources he travelled as far as India or Sogdiana (Samarkand and Bokhara), where according to some accounts he was the teacher or forerunner of Buddha, and according to others of Mani, the founder of Manichaeism.

But Wakefield's pride was severely hurt, and he answered disdainfully, "Take it all mantake it allnever make two bites of a cherrythou canst talk over the gentry, and blear a plain man's eyeOut upon you, manI would not kiss any man's dirty latchets for leave to bake in his oven.

[Footnote 1: "I am a manI hold that nothing which concerns mankind can be matter of unconcern to me".]

It was in fact so crowded with plantation supplies that Tracy wrote on the eve of sailing: "I have throw out mani things of my own yet is ye midill and upper extre[m]li pestered so that ouer men will not lie like men and ye mareners hath not rome to stir God is abel in ye gretest weknes to helpe we will trust to marsi for he must help be yond hope."

The story is told of some celebrated manI think it was Dr. Franklinwho had a friend visiting him on one occasion.

Then, naturally, the thought would come into the mind of a wise and serious manI punish my child, or my dog, and God punishes me.

I started out under a white manI can't remember his name.

"I saw a manI saw a man," and then, without stopping to take breath, or to finish the story, it flew up into the air, and hurried homeward again.

Now this manI speak among men who know the facts, so that I shall not falsify in the least degree, for I should be caught in the very act, nor heap up exaggerated praises, for then I should obtain the opposite results of what I wish.

" "My dear sir, if I might venture upon a word of friendly advicenot in a professional spirit, but as between man and manI should warn you against wasting your time and fortune upon a useless pursuit.

The king-snake will feed greedily on other snakes in the presence of manI knew of one case where it partly swallowed another snake while both were in a small boy's pocket.

The fair one, though looking like a mani

This Mr. Griffin appears to be a fine young manI like his account of the way he handled his fire-ship; though the French scoundrel did contrive to escape!

"I know you are a strong manI believe you to be a brave one; in grief of this kind the first great thing is to regain self-control.

" "And Deever's manI got a glimpse of himstruck me as a liar in the first degree.

"I know it, manI know it; but you seem to avoid me.

He say, 'She'll work widout no watchin' an' overseers aint nothin', nohow.' "Dey was a white manI aint lyin'I know him an' I seen him.

MANI, the founder, represented himself as "a man invested with a divine mission."

Prayers and Hymns addressed to the source of light, exhortations to subdue the dark and sensuous element within, and the study of the marvellous book of Mani, constituted their devotion.

Mani met with fierce hostility from West and East alike; and at last was entrapped by the Persian king Baharam, and "was flayed alive.

The extent of its success may be calculated by the implacable hostility of other religions to the doctrines of Mani; the causes of that success are more difficult to conjecture.

Poor manI wonder if anything can be warmer than a clerical waistcoat.

Nay, an you go to tantalize a manI love upon the square, I can endure no tricks to be used to me.

"Then, if you will not go with me," said he, "I will leave you; but you shall never be the wife of any other manI will mark you!" Saying this, he flew upon her, and bit off the end of her nose.

But it seemed such a pity such a splendid manI meanI think.

'Sogliono il più delle volte gli alti e spaziosi alberi negli orridi monti dalla natura prodotti, più che le coltivate piante, da dotte mani espurgate negli adorni giardini, a' riguardanti aggradare,' remarks Sannazzaro at the outset.

Poco discosto da costoro si vedean due fanciulli pur nudi, i quali avendosi posti due volti orribili di maschere cacciavano per le bocche di quelli le picciole mani, per porre spavento a duo altri, che davanti loro stavano; de' quali l' uno fuggendo si volgea in dietro, e per paura gridava; l' altro caduto già in terra piangeva, e non possendosi altrimenti aitare, stendeva la mano per graffiarlo.

Huexotzincayotl ic moquichitoya in tlatoque Huexotzinca mani mecatca; yexcan inic tlatlamantitica, teuccuicatl ahnoço quauhcuicatl, xochicuicatl, icnocuicatl.

ya zanio oncan in huel on mani tlalla ohuaya ohuaya. 20.

Manton ahuiacan antocnihuan aya ma on nequech nahualo nican huiya a xochintlaticpac ontiyanemi yenican ayac quitlamitehuaz in xochitl in cuicatl in mani a ichan ipalnemohuani yi ao ailili yi ao aya hue aye ohuaya.

Zan niquittoaya ye ni Mexicatl mani ya huiya nohtlatoca tequantepec ni yahui polihuin chittepehua a ya ye choca in tequantepehua o huaye.

ayacachicahuactimani; composed of ayacachtli, the rattle (see ante, page 24); and icahuaca, to sing (of birds); to the theme of this verb is added the connective syllable ti, and the verb mani, which, in such connection, indicates that the action of the former verb is expended over a large surface, broadly and widely (see Olmos, Gram.

MAMANI, v. See Mani. MANA, v. To offer offerings.

XVII, 3. MANCA, v. Imp. of Mani.

That not, that it does not happen, etc. MANI, v. To be (of broad or wide things); to be stretched out.

" 2. Ayauitl, mist; coçamalotl, rainbow; tonameyotl, shining, brightness; ti, connective; mani, substantive verb.

You are well aware that nothing can justify a healthy, middle-aged manI may say, a young onein retiring from active life and society, and becoming a great lazy mope.

SURYJA MANI (Hibiscus Phoeniceus).A small red flower.

The waiter was a proud manI never saw a prouder.

A manI put it to youhas got to hustle after culture in these days and take it, so to speak, in tabloids.

MANES, MANI, or MANICHÆANS, the founder of the MANICHÆANS (q. v.), a native of Persia, and who died A.D. 274.

Mani, the founder of it, appears to have borrowed his system in great part from Zoroaster.

M. de Bourbourg fitly closes his interesting volumesfrom which we have here given a résumé of only the opening chapterswith a remarkable prophecy, made in the court of Yucatan by the high-priest of Mani.

Now, the manI don't mean myself, but the sort of a man for whom I stand updoes act, does his duty, without the strength of that belief: is he not then the stronger?Let us drop the word noble.