100 examples of mani in sentences

Some manI could not recognise him from where I stoodhad forestalled me.

And did the same young manI presume he was youngenlighten you about this, the most fatal parental weakness?

Blessings on the red sash of the drosky-manI caught at that!

A manI do not say a geologist, but simply a man, squire or ploughmansees a small valley, say one of the side-glens which open into the larger valleys in the Windsor forest district.

{104b} Triton-weasels. {104c} Greek, [Greek], cancri-mani, crab's hands.

Here I finished my chupatties, and some kind manI think it was Borradailegave me a stick of chocolate, my own store having run out, but I managed to get it replenished at Mastuj.

[Footnote 25: "Tar-u-mani izzu Sarri," son of the faith, the fire of kings, or fire-king.]

When I have journeyed through forests, where ten thousand shrubs and vines exist without apparent use; through prairies, whose undulations exhibit sheets of flowers innumerable, and absolutely dazzling the eye with their prodigality of beautybeauty, not a tithe of which is ever seen by manI have said, it is plain that God is himself passionately fond of beauty, and the earth is his garden, as an acre is man's.

Sustaining the position that I dopassing as I am for a white manI am obliged to be very circumspect, and have often been compelled to give her pain by avoiding many of her dearest friends when I have encountered them in public places, because of their complexion.

I used to be a round manI could work any place.

Lucilius drew a graphic picture of this feverish life, which is fortunately preserved; it refers of course to a time before Cicero's birth (Fragm. 9, Baehrens): nunc vero a mani ad noctem, festo atque profesto, totus item pariter populus, plebesque patresque, iactare indu foro se omnes, decedere nusquam:

But Wakefield's pride was severely hurt, and he answered disdainfully, "Take it all mantake it allnever make two bites of a cherrythou canst talk over the gentry, and blear a plain man's eyeOut upon you, manI would not kiss any man's dirty latchets for leave to bake in his oven.

[Footnote 1: "I am a manI hold that nothing which concerns mankind can be matter of unconcern to me".]

Then, naturally, the thought would come into the mind of a wise and serious manI punish my child, or my dog, and God punishes me.

I started out under a white manI can't remember his name.

Now this manI speak among men who know the facts, so that I shall not falsify in the least degree, for I should be caught in the very act, nor heap up exaggerated praises, for then I should obtain the opposite results of what I wish.

The king-snake will feed greedily on other snakes in the presence of manI knew of one case where it partly swallowed another snake while both were in a small boy's pocket.

This Mr. Griffin appears to be a fine young manI like his account of the way he handled his fire-ship; though the French scoundrel did contrive to escape!

Nay, an you go to tantalize a manI love upon the square, I can endure no tricks to be used to me.

Huexotzincayotl ic moquichitoya in tlatoque Huexotzinca mani mecatca; yexcan inic tlatlamantitica, teuccuicatl ahnoço quauhcuicatl, xochicuicatl, icnocuicatl.

ya zanio oncan in huel on mani tlalla ohuaya ohuaya. 20.

Manton ahuiacan antocnihuan aya ma on nequech nahualo nican huiya a xochintlaticpac ontiyanemi yenican ayac quitlamitehuaz in xochitl in cuicatl in mani a ichan ipalnemohuani yi ao ailili yi ao aya hue aye ohuaya.

Zan niquittoaya ye ni Mexicatl mani ya huiya nohtlatoca tequantepec ni yahui polihuin chittepehua a ya ye choca in tequantepehua o huaye.

You are well aware that nothing can justify a healthy, middle-aged manI may say, a young onein retiring from active life and society, and becoming a great lazy mope.

A manI put it to youhas got to hustle after culture in these days and take it, so to speak, in tabloids.

100 examples of  mani  in sentences
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