83 examples of manie in sentences

Last, that he never his young maister beat, But he must ask his mother to define, How manie jerkes she would his breech should line. All these observed, he could contented bee, To give five markes and winter liverie.

With manie garlands for his victories, And with rich spoyles, which late he did purchas Through brave atcheivements from his enemies: 655 Fainting at last through long infirmities, He smote his steed, that straight to heaven him bore, And left me here his losse for to deplore. VI.

So am I made the servant of the manie, And laughing stocke of all that list to scorne, Not honored nor cared for of anie, 225 But loath'd of losels* as a thing forlorne: Therefore I mourne and sorrow with the rest, Untill my cause of sorrow be redrest.

Some on th'Euboick cliffs in pieces rent; Some scattred on the Hercaean** shores unknowne; And manie lost, of whom no moniment Remaines, nor memorie is to be showne: 590 Whilst all the purchase@ of the Phrigian pray, Tost on salt billowes, round about doth stray.

[@ Purchase, booty.] "Here manie other like heroës bee, Equall in honour to the former crue, Whom ye in goodly seates may placed see, 595 Descended all from Rome by linage due; From Rome, that holds the world in sovereigntie, And doth all nations unto her subdue: Here Fabii and Decii doo dwell, Horatii that in vertue did excell.

Emongst the rest a wicked maladie Raign'd emongst men, that manie did to die, 10 Depriv'd of sense and ordinarie reason; That it to leaches seemed strange and geason.

My fortune was, mongst manie others moe, To be partaker of their common woe; And my weake bodie, set on fire with griefe, 15 Was rob'd of rest and naturall reliefe.

Thus manie yeares I now have spent and worne, In meane regard, and basest fortunes scorne, 60 Dooing my countrey service as I might, No lesse I dare saie than the prowdest wight; And still I hoped to be up advaunced For my good parts; but still it hath mischaunced.

Hard is our hap, if we, emongst so manie, 170 Light not on some that may our state amend; Sildome but some good commeth ere the end.

" The pasport ended, both they forward went; The Ape clad souldierlike, fit for th'intent, In a blew iacket with a crosse of redd 205 And manie slits, as if that he had shedd Much blood throgh many wounds therein receaved, Which had the use of his right arme bereaved, Upon his head an old Scotch cap he wore, With a plume feather all to peeces tore; 210

Yet manie waies they sought, and manie tryed; 225

Yet would they take no paines to get their living, But seeke some other way to gaine by giving, 350 Much like to begging, but much better named; For manie beg which are thereof ashamed.

Who passing foorth, as their adventures fell, Through manie haps, which needs not here to tell, 360 At length chaunst with a formall Priest to meete, [Formall, regular.]

Both by your wittie words and by your works. Is not that name enough to make a living To him that hath a whit of Natures giving? How manie honest men see ye arize Daylie thereby, and grow to goodly prize; 420 To deanes, to archdeacons, to commissaries, To lords, to principalls, to prebendaries? All iolly prelates, worthie rule to beare, Who ever them envie: yet spite bites neare.

But they that are great clerkes have nearer wayes For learning sake to living them to raise: Yet manie eke of them (God wote) are driven T'accept a benefice in peeces riven.

Manie good companions cannot abide to eate meate at home, ye know.

Now fill two cans of your ould strongest beare; That make so manie loose their little wits, And make indentures as they go along.

I cannot buy my beare, my bread, my meate, My fagots, coales, and such like necessaries, At the best hand, because I want the coine, That manie misers cofer up in bagges, Having enough to serve their turnes besides.

But I maie see, if I have eyes to see, And if my understanding be not blind, How manie dangers do alreadie waight, Upon my steppes of bold securitie.

Elle me dit toujours de parler à la troisième personne, et nous ne sommes que deux!" Quelle place la paysanne avait-elle trouvée?Est-elle restée longtemps loin de son village?Comment se plaisait-elle à la ville?Est-ce qu'elle s'entendait assez bien avec sa maîtresse?Quel avertissement la dame lui avait-elle donnéEst-ce que la paysanne est parvenue à s'expliquer cette manie de Madame?À quai l'attribuait-elle?

La manie des noms d'animaux; monologue.

La manie des noms d'animaux.

La manie des noms d'animaux; monologue.

La manie des noms d'animaux.

Ch. 5.00 Mazo Manie.

83 examples of  manie  in sentences