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250 examples of  manliness  in sentences

250 examples of manliness in sentences

The day-laborer is discovering that to ingenuity, talent, and manliness, the whole world swings open.

Sit down, Rathson; you are the only boy among the many who must have been connected with this affairthe only one, I say, who has any sense of manliness or honour.

She does not gaze unwillingly, nor too complacently, upon old years, and dares concede that but with loss of manliness may any man encroach upon the heritage of a dog or of a trotting-horse, and consider the exploits of an ancestor to guarantee an innate and personal excellence.

" Mr. Charteris continued, with a grimace: "You have no notion, though, how annoying it is not to possess an iota of what is vulgarly considered manliness.

That, and a new and wonderful respect for the manliness of Thursday Smith, filled her heart to overflowing.

In truth, the stern manliness of his calling forbids the seaman to write poetry.

He met with the same quality of table, relieved by an intelligence that was always respectable, and a manliness of tone which, if not unmixed, had the great merit of a simplicity and nature that are not always found in more sophisticated circles.

"With Mr. Powis, in particular, we were acquainted under circumstances that left a vivid recollection of his manliness and professional skill.

The laxity of luxury had everywhere replaced the rigorous enactments of the old manliness, and even warriors themselves loved their ease too much.

He had been in situations before now that called for a show of manliness and courage, and rather prided himself on being equal to any such occasion.

He seemed to exhibit the blind confidence of a dog in an emergency calling for energy; to him Frank was a type of manliness hard to match.

There was a courteous gentleness in his manner all his own; if knighthood meant purity, goodness, truth and manliness, then Hollis Rheid was a knightly school-boy.

If we refuse to supply them with men and money, we achieve our goal, namely, Swaraj, equality, manliness.

It is common experience that Englishmen lose in character after residence in India and that Indians lose in courage and manliness by contact with Englishmen.

At the time of which I am now speaking the Prize Ring was one of our fashionable sports, supported by the wealthy of all classes, and was supposed to contribute to the manliness of our race; consequently our distinguished warriors, as well as the members of our most gentle professions, loved a good old-fashioned English "set-to," and nobody, as a rule, was the worse for it, although my poor brother Jack never recovered his half-crowns.

It likewise so happened that while indulged by his only friend, his mother, to an excess that impaired the manliness of his character, her conduct was such as in no degree to merit the affection which her wayward fondness inspired.

In respect both to it and to his ravelled fortune, a great deal too much has been too often said; and the manliness of his character has suffered by the puling.

I observed that Dr. Johnson, though he shewed that respect to his lordship, which, from principle, he always does to high rank, yet, when they came to argument, maintained that manliness which becomes the force and vigour of his understanding.

y and manliness of style, or general breadth and brightness of effect, equal those of the New Town of Edinburgh.

The people were amused with games and festivals, fed like slaves, and of course lost at last even the semblance of manliness and independence.

Slavery proved at Rome a monstrous curse, destroying all manliness of character, creating contempt of honest labor, making men timorous yet cruel, idle, frivolous, weak, dependent, powerless.

What attracted her was probably his daring masculineness, which contrasted so strongly with Lushington's quiet and rather bashful manliness.

He had taken on a new manliness, and for the first time in the story of their loves she felt herself dominated by something stronger than passion.

George had risen to the rank of lieutenant in the army, and had acquired a military bearing that considerably increased the manliness of his appearance.

But though what he recommended was to be done, it was not to be done as he recommended; yet there was a manliness about the course of action which he proposed which would of itself have won the queen's preference, if she had not been forced to consider not what was best and fittest, but what it was most easy to induce him on whom the final choice must impend, the king, to adopt.

Adam, the central character, is something of a prig; while Satan looms up a magnificent figure, entirely different from the devil of the miracle plays and completely overshadowing the hero both in interest and in manliness.

The poem upholds the ideals of personal manliness, bravery, loyalty, devotion to duty.

Scarcely less than the delight in Guy's return was the discovery that his partner was none other than the new Earl of Luxmore, who, as plain Mr. William Ravenel, had by his life in America proved John Halifax was right when he said it was not too late for him to model his life on lines of true manliness.

It was not until Sir Walter Scott arose with his wholesome manliness that the embargo against novels was removed.

Here was true heroism, genuine manliness!

His person was marked by an air of manliness and dignity that bespoke the superiority of his mind.

Have you not received manliness?

Yet I will show to you that you have powers and means for greatness of soul and manliness; but what powers you have for finding fault making accusations, do you show me.

The sense of man and all his mind possess, As beauty's loveliest bait, that doth procure Great warriors erst their rigour to suppress, And mighty hands forget their manliness, Driven with the power of an heart-burning eye, And lapt in flowers of a golden tress.

With a manliness unusual in a child, he walked straight up to the lady, and, bowing, said: "I have come to see you, because my mother is very sick, and we are too poor to get food and medicine.

Let it, however, be added in his exculpation, that another man of undoubted and scrupulous honesty,Afranius Burrusa man of the old, blunt, faithful type of Roman manliness, whom Agrippina had raised to the Prefectship of the Praetorian cohorts, was willing to share his danger and his responsibilities.

He says that from his grandfather he learned (or, might have learned) good morals and the government of his temper; from the reputation and remembrance of his father, modesty and manliness; from his mother, piety, and beneficence, and abstinence not only from evil deeds, but even from evil thoughts; and, further, simplicity of life far removed from the habits of the rich.

'He's not wanting in pluck and manliness,' Mrs. Platt observed, for she always had a good word to say for her little grandson when he was not present.

We were at first a mere handful, but when We had recourse to marriage and begot children we came to surpass all mankind not only in manliness but in populousness.

Can it show one mark of manliness or goodness?

He has a peculiar sweetness in his smile, and great depth and manliness and a rugged harmony, in the tones of his voice.

It is obvious that the youth depicted in No. 75 detracts from the manliness of his face and emphasizes the pointed appearance of his countenance by wearing a hat with a broad brim projecting over his ears.

He would have been most horribly ashamed of tears at any other time, but Katherine's danger had been so imminent that even his natural desire for manliness was forgotten for the moment.

The British public are essentially hero worshippers, and especially do they worship men who show manliness and pluck; and those feelings of respect and admiration that it is to be hoped in more stirring times would be reserved for a Nelson or a Wellington have been recently lavished on our Graces, our Stoddarts, our Ranjitsinhjis, and our Steels.

It will be a bad day for England when success in our sports and pastimes no longer depends on the exercise of pluck and manliness; when hunting gives place to bicycling, and cricket to golf; when, in fact, the wholesome element of danger is removed from our recreation and pursuits.

Manliness may not fail, but man himself may be broken.

It may be said that even in suicide these men displayed the manliness of their tempers.

True, but it was the manliness of the deserter who runs the risk of being shot for the sake of avoiding the risks and fatigues of service in war.[O]

Yet this Mr. Hughes accomplished; and it was in a great measure due to the fact, that beneath the charm of style the reader felt a real basis of manliness and sincerity.

As to regular schoolboys, they are rude, because schoolboys in general are famed for bad manners, and young gentlemen seem to like to bring this odium on schools, fancying rudeness is manliness, when in reality it is a decided sign of the contrary.

It conveyed no impression of strength, but did possess a certain element, feline rather than feminine, which subtly negatived the idea of manliness.

These observations, however, are not intended for those who can check the tide of lust; nor for those who can enter into marriage during the season of youth, and offer and impart to their wives the first fruits of their manliness.

We leave it to others to admire the manliness of the transaction, and the courage displayed by a mob of hundreds, in the various outrages upon the persons and property of three or four individuals who fell under its vengeance.

We leave it to others to admire the manliness of the transaction, and the courage displayed by a mob of hundreds, in the various outrages upon the persons and property of three or four individuals who fell under its vengeance.

Mr. Hughes has the true, wholesome English love of home, the English delight in rude physical sports, the English hatred of hypocrisy and cant, the English fidelity to facts, the English disbelief in all piety and morality which are not grounded in manliness.

His idea of manliness precluded any exhibition of fear in front of me, if he could possibly restrain himself.

If we shall succeed in this war, the rout of Bull Run will no more destroy our character for manliness than the rout of Landen destroyed the character of Englishmen for the same virtue.

I like this manliness of reply.

(Greek, andria or andreia, "manliness.") ANDREW, gardener, at Ellangowan, to Godfrey Bertram the laird.

Nevertheless, the effect was to arouse all that there was of manliness and seamanship in Captain Crutchely, who from that instant appeared to be himself again.

In the halcyon days of plenty and prosperity men know little of each other; trade has its accustomed way; balances are smoothly adjusted; notes are given and paid with smiling faces; one would think that honor and manliness were the commonest of qualities.

"I ask you, Mr Hawden, if you have any sense of manliness, from this hour to cease persecuting me with your idiotic professions of love.

My appeal to his manliness had no effect.

He was, he conceived, bound by his calling to be what people called impertinent, and manliness had nothing to do with him.

And to drive forward the blade if but a little, and to plant any seed of justice and of joy, any sense of manliness or moral worth, to aid in any way the gospel which is the friend of liberty, the companion of the conscience and the parent of the intellectual enlightenmentis not that enough?

And Mr. Gladstone has recognised it, and borne himself in it with a manliness, earnestness, and temper which justify those who have never despaired of his doing worthy service to the Church, with whose cause he so early identified himself.

Times are hard here as everywhere, but if they cannot, for the present season, put more in that purse, its contents are not, at all events, much diminished, and enable them to maintain the same straightforward manliness and independence.

All those tigers among men are heroes of high prowess in war, gifted with the strength of ten thousand elephants, with bodies hard as the thunderbolt, holding fast by their promises, and proud of their manliness!

Hast thou from despair been deprived of thy manliness?

Thou seest that manliness dwelleth in us.

In that crude, ingenuous book The Professor, the hero, who is a good instance of how Charlotte Brontรซ confused rigidity of nature with manliness, surprised by an outbreak of passionate emotion on the part of his quiet and self-contained wife, and still more surprised by its sudden quiescence, asks her what has become of her emotion and where it is gone.

The worst was that this sense of being under an immoveable ban sapped at all the roots of manliness and honourable ambition.

Yet even in the ridiculous position in which the mistake placed himin the wrong and with all his heroics wastedhe retained a sort of manliness.

Kolben says he often witnessed such insolence, which was even applauded as a sign of manliness and courage.

In Tibullus there is a note of tenderness which, however, is a mark of effeminacy rather than of an improved manliness.

Now is the time to show courage, manliness, and the strength of your bodies.

" There was so much manliness and quiet dignity in Raoul's deportment, that whatever he said made an impression.

Whether this proof of what seemed in Indian opinion a want of manliness had anything to do with their conduct or not, I cannot say, but certain it is that no further ceremonies towards making him a red-man were performed though he was allowed to wear his Indian costume.

The very first sound of his voice had prejudiced me, and when I saw him I knew I was rightwith him manliness was but veneer.

I glanced across at him, noting how straight he stood in his well-worn uniform, how gray his hair was, and the stern manliness of his face.

When he performs any small kindness, praise his manliness.

Exquisite grace and true kindliness, here associated with familiar ways and common incidents of everyday life, gave many an honest man fresh sense of the best happiness that lies in common duties honestly performed, and a fresh energy, free as Christianity itself from malicefor so both Steele and Addison meant that it should bein opposing themselves to the frivolities and small frauds on the conscience by which manliness is undermined.

You sayand you are witty That Iand, tis a pity Of manhood lack but dress; But you lack manliness, A body clean and new, A soul within it, too.

Having, at the time of setting out, talked before both men and women so highly of thy manliness, why wouldst thou desist from the fight?

Vaisampayana continued, "The son of Dhritarashtra, O chastiser of foes, having said this, Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and Drona's son all applauded his manliness!"

What manliness is there in such an act?

Any who have had personal and intimate experience of how schools work with it and without it, know what a Palladium it is of happiness and morality; how it prevents bullying, upholds manliness, is the bulwark of discipline, and makes boys more earnest and thoughtful, often at the most critical period of their lives, by enlisting all their sympathies and interests on the side of the honorable and the just.

Let us say won, for no man's case is desperate till he parts with manliness.

There was as it were a vacillation in his lips which took away from the manliness of his physiognomy.

One day a handsome boy came to him, craving permission to retain the sword his father had won, a favour which the General, pleased by the boy's frankness and manliness, granted.

I went to the capitals of the old world to see life, but in seeing life I became acquainted with death, the death of true manliness and self-respect.

You look astonished; but I tell you, Alf, there is many a poor clod-hopper, on whom are the dust and grime of unremitting toil, who feels more self-respect and true manliness than many of us with our family prestige, social position, and proud ancestral halls.

She admired his manliness and respected his character.

"In short, Naufal having rewarded all of them according to their desserts, thought it contrary to gentlemanly conduct and manliness of character to harbour enmity and strife towards a man like Hatim, from whom multitudes received happiness, and who, for the sake of the necessitous, did not even spare his own life, and was entirely devoted to the ways of God.

But curtly dismissing the fallacy, that the moral and spiritual faculties are likely to find a sound basis in a cowed and craven reason, we come to a form of fear that practically paralyzes independent thought more than any other, while it is incompatible with manliness and self-respect.

In these remarks, which we trust our readers have at least been kind enough to consider worthy of an effort of patience, we have attempted to connect all genuine intellectual success with manliness of character; have endeavored to show that force of individual being is its primary condition; that this force is augmented and enriched, or weakened and impoverished, according as it is or is not directed to appropriate objects;

And I knowed to once that it wuz our Teddy, so dear to the heart of them that set store by manliness, fearlessness, bravery, bright badges from Heaven's mint shinin' on the breast of a man faithful to wife, children and country.

It was a long walk from Divinity Hall to the river nor was the exercise brief, I have found rarely more rapturous pleasure than in the strenuous pulls I had on the Charles, and I witnessed the development of much sturdy manliness among those who, forsaking for a time their hermeneutics and homilies, gave themselves to the outdoor sport.

It was not, however, free from objection, for he had not the open manliness of the larger of the two.

"You are asked here, in return for that you inquire, if she you seek is sought in sincerity?" Ludlow reddened; the manliness of the profession to which he belonged, however, overcame the reluctance natural to self-esteem; and he answered, firmly "She is."