250 examples of manliness in sentences

He met with the same quality of table, relieved by an intelligence that was always respectable, and a manliness of tone which, if not unmixed, had the great merit of a simplicity and nature that are not always found in more sophisticated circles.

The laxity of luxury had everywhere replaced the rigorous enactments of the old manliness, and even warriors themselves loved their ease too much.

He had been in situations before now that called for a show of manliness and courage, and rather prided himself on being equal to any such occasion.

He seemed to exhibit the blind confidence of a dog in an emergency calling for energy; to him Frank was a type of manliness hard to match.

In respect both to it and to his ravelled fortune, a great deal too much has been too often said; and the manliness of his character has suffered by the puling.

His person was marked by an air of manliness and dignity that bespoke the superiority of his mind.

Can it show one mark of manliness or goodness?

He would have been most horribly ashamed of tears at any other time, but Katherine's danger had been so imminent that even his natural desire for manliness was forgotten for the moment.

As to regular schoolboys, they are rude, because schoolboys in general are famed for bad manners, and young gentlemen seem to like to bring this odium on schools, fancying rudeness is manliness, when in reality it is a decided sign of the contrary.

These observations, however, are not intended for those who can check the tide of lust; nor for those who can enter into marriage during the season of youth, and offer and impart to their wives the first fruits of their manliness.

We leave it to others to admire the manliness of the transaction, and the courage displayed by a mob of hundreds, in the various outrages upon the persons and property of three or four individuals who fell under its vengeance.

Times are hard here as everywhere, but if they cannot, for the present season, put more in that purse, its contents are not, at all events, much diminished, and enable them to maintain the same straightforward manliness and independence.

The worst was that this sense of being under an immoveable ban sapped at all the roots of manliness and honourable ambition.

Kolben says he often witnessed such insolence, which was even applauded as a sign of manliness and courage.

In Tibullus there is a note of tenderness which, however, is a mark of effeminacy rather than of an improved manliness.

Now is the time to show courage, manliness, and the strength of your bodies.

" There was so much manliness and quiet dignity in Raoul's deportment, that whatever he said made an impression.

Whether this proof of what seemed in Indian opinion a want of manliness had anything to do with their conduct or not, I cannot say, but certain it is that no further ceremonies towards making him a red-man were performed though he was allowed to wear his Indian costume.

I glanced across at him, noting how straight he stood in his well-worn uniform, how gray his hair was, and the stern manliness of his face.

Exquisite grace and true kindliness, here associated with familiar ways and common incidents of everyday life, gave many an honest man fresh sense of the best happiness that lies in common duties honestly performed, and a fresh energy, free as Christianity itself from malicefor so both Steele and Addison meant that it should bein opposing themselves to the frivolities and small frauds on the conscience by which manliness is undermined.

You sayand you are witty That Iand, tis a pity Of manhood lack but dress; But you lack manliness, A body clean and new, A soul within it, too.

Any who have had personal and intimate experience of how schools work with it and without it, know what a Palladium it is of happiness and morality; how it prevents bullying, upholds manliness, is the bulwark of discipline, and makes boys more earnest and thoughtful, often at the most critical period of their lives, by enlisting all their sympathies and interests on the side of the honorable and the just.

It was a long walk from Divinity Hall to the river nor was the exercise brief, I have found rarely more rapturous pleasure than in the strenuous pulls I had on the Charles, and I witnessed the development of much sturdy manliness among those who, forsaking for a time their hermeneutics and homilies, gave themselves to the outdoor sport.

It was not, however, free from objection, for he had not the open manliness of the larger of the two.

"You are asked here, in return for that you inquire, if she you seek is sought in sincerity?" Ludlow reddened; the manliness of the profession to which he belonged, however, overcame the reluctance natural to self-esteem; and he answered, firmly "She is."

250 examples of  manliness  in sentences