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Do we say manner or manor

manner 25790 occurrences

However this may be, none of the surviving members of the tribe have particularly flat heads, and all deny emphatically the statement that nature is ever interfered with in the manner stated.

Light-houses, beacons, buoys, public piers, and the removal of sand bars, sawyers, and other partial or temporary impediments in the navigable rivers and harbors which were embraced in the revenue districts from time to time established by law were authorized upon the same principle and the expense defrayed in the same manner.

Nothing could have been more considerate than the Westerner's manner, nothing could have been kinder than his prompt actionBennington saw that his pony, now cropping the brush near at hand, was black with sweatnothing could have been more straightforward than his assistance in the matter of the claims.

The dogs were in a great hurry to start, and one, a great brown-and-white beast which always followed next the leader, kept flinging up its head and howling in the most dismal manner until they were well on their way.

"There, my fine fellow; now perhaps you will understand that this is not playtime, but a working day extending into the night," she said, as she patted the great beast in an affectionate manner to show that it was repression, not punishment, which was intended by the tightening of the rope.

Yet never by word or manner had he betrayed the fact that he suspected her.

She could see by his manner that he mistrusted her, that he felt that she was keeping something back.

" She felt certain from the manner in which he spoke that he must now have some damning evidence of Frederic Hoff's guilt.

In strong contrast with her own spirit of martyrdom was Fleck's manner.

There was nothing in his manner toward her now of the obsequious chauffeur.

Still from Chief Fleck's manner she was certain that he regarded their achievement in locating the place as of the highest importance.

" There was something magnificent in his manner as he spoke, something almost regal, and Fleck regarded him with a puzzled air.

Yet, when he arrived, so full of animation did he appear to be, that the lofty manner in which she greeted him apparently went unnoticed.

Then at once the wind went down and the sea became calm, and the hearts of the men were filled with wonder and still greater faith and awe, while they said to one another, "What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?"

" Then Naomi stopped urging her to return, and they went together to Bethlehem, where the friends of Naomi were very glad to welcome her and greeted her in a very friendly manner, saying again and again, "Is this Naomi?"

He had been taught the knowledge of the Romans, and was therefore well fitted to take up this new cause in a manner which would appeal to educated people as well as to those who had no learning.

He made a gesture, turning an arm upward, and I knew an order was given immediately after, by the instantaneous manner in which the taffrail was cleared.

" It was indeed a beautiful sight for a seaman, to note the manner in which that old captain handled his vessel.

A respectable-looking elderly man, of a square, compact frame, and a fine ruddy English face, in a post-captain's undress, received me, with an extended hand, and a frank, generous, hearty manner.

I gave him an outline of what had happened to us, not deeming it necessary to relate the affair with the Speedy, however; simply mentioning the manner in which we had escaped from a French privateer, and leaving him to infer, should he see fit, that the rest of our crew had been carried away on that occasion.

" I was surprised to find Captain Rowley, who was usually cheerful and gay, talking in this manner; but it did not become me to pursue the subject.

Had one been on board her intended adversary, at that same instant, be would have been deafened by the clamour, and confused with the hurried and disorderly manner in which preparations that were long before completed on board the British, were still in progress on board the Frenchman.

Occasionally, a cheer would arise in some part of the ship; but these, and the cries of the hurt, were fire on the Briton, as well as the manner in which the English repaid all they received.

" I did not like the manner in which this was said, nor the expression of the first-lieutenant's eye while saying it.

Then Lord Harry Dermond commenced the discourse, in a manner more serious than I could have wished.

I recollected your ship, when the Black Prince and Speedy were in the act of closing with the Frenchmen, three months since; and I need scarcely say that the manner in which she got back to the place where I then saw her, requires an explanation at your hands.

" "Which is an indirect manner of saying that the wreck was owing to us?" "I shall very directly say, that I think it was; though by indirect means.

" I briefly related the manner in which we had regained the possession of the Dawn.

While he was absent, my companion, in a polite manner, gave me the particulars of the combat I had witnessed, going so far as to direct my attention to a paper he had brought on board, to show to Captain Rowley, and which contained the English official account of the whole affair.

"Mr. Wallingford," Lord Harry commenced, "I hold it to be no more than fair to let you know that your mate's account of the manner in which the Speedy's people got out of the Dawn, and your own, do not agree in a single particular.

" I uttered this in a sufficiently magnificent manner; and, to own the truth, I felt a little magnificently at the time.

I cannot say that my health suffered, a circumstance that was probably owing to the cleanliness of the ship, and the admirable manner in which she was ventilated.

This sign I returned in a significant manner.

In this manner we got through the night, feeling no apprehensions of being pursued, the darkness affording an effectual cover.

I did not deem it prudent to tell our story, but we agreed to ship together in some American, and work our way home in the best manner we could.

I pass over the manner and time of our being on the road between Philadelphia and New York, as things belonging to a former age, and to be forgotten.

I had supposed him to be at work there still; but the look he gave methe tears that I could see were forcing themselves from his eyeshis whole manner, indeed,gave me at once to understand that all was not right.

At length, a ship from Jamaica brought in a blind story of the manner in which I had re-taken my vessel from Sennit; and, it now being known that we were only four left in the vessel, the conjecture was hazarded that we had been wrecked for want of force to take care of the ship; and I was set down as a drowned man.

If you will have the goodness to furnish me with the outlines, sir," coolly producing pen, ink, and paper without further ceremony, and preparing to write, "I promise you that the whole narrative shall appear in the Freeman of to-morrow, related in a manner of which you shall have no reason to complain.

From his own mouth we learn the following outline of the vile and illegal manner in which he has been treated by an English man-of-war called the Speedy, commanded by a sprig of nobility y'clepped Lord"I have left a blank for the name"an account which will awaken in the bosom of every true-hearted American sentiments of horror and feelings of indignation, at this new instance of British faith and British insolence on the high-seas.

It is unnecessary to tell people of the world the manner in which stories to the prejudice of an unpopular man are fabricated, and with what industry they are circulated; so I shall leave the reader to imagine what would have been our fate, had we not possessed the prudence to cease dwelling on our wrongs.

"Marble, my dear fellow, why, how fare you?" said our old ship-mate, descending the steps, with an indolent, half-cordial, half-condescending manner; extending his hand at the same time, which Moses received and shook heartily.

" "Yes, I dare say, you'll do remarkably well, Wallingford," Rupert answered, in a patronizing manner.

I was quite as much surprised at my own manner towards Rupert, as he could be himself.

Many an educated girl comes from the Old World to find a position as governess or teacher, who is taken up in this manner, and is never heard from again, or is only found in the most wretched condition.

To furnish the rooms had cost us comparatively little, as we had brought a complete set of household furniture with us; but paying the rent and completing the arrangements had not left us more than enough to live upon, in the most economical manner, until the 1st of August.

We lived in this manner until the middle of July, when I lost patience; for practice did not come as readily as I wished, nor was I in a position for making money in any other way.

They all know how to embroider in the most beautiful manner; and, knowing that this is well paid for in Europe, seek to find employment of this kind in the stores.

Having many friends in the best circles of that city, she immediately found a good practice again; and is now, as she says, enjoying life in a civilized manner.

I only know that I said that I would take the position of nurse, if I could enter one of the large hospitals, in order to learn the manner in which they were managed in this country.

While in Berlin I had learned from the prostitutes in the hospital in what manner educated women often became what they then were.

It cannot hurt me; but, by all means, spare the young and beautiful the same experience!" I dealt somewhat haughtily with the merchants whom I have described, in a manner that at once convinced them of my position.

This lady (Mrs. Caroline M. Severance) replied in the most friendly manner, saying that I might come directly to her house, and that she would see that my board for the winter was secured by the Physiological Society over which she presided.

But a bright star soon broke through the clouds, in the shape of Mr. Severance, who came into the parlor directly after dinner, calling for me in so easy and so cordial a manner, that I forgot every thing, and was perfectly happy.

The winter passed in very much the same manner as the first, with the difference that I spoke better English, and visited many friends whom I had made during the preceding year.

I cannot tell you here in what manner I became acquainted with a circle of noble women, who had both means and the disposition to employ them for such a purpose: it suffices to say, that I interested them in the undertaking and obtained a hundred dollars towards the expenses of the fair, together with a promise of a large table of fancy-goods, and an invitation to come again in case any further aid was needed.

"Resolved, that the committee of the District of Columbia be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law, for the gradual abolition of Slavery in the District, in such manner that no individual shall be injured thereby."

If he have betrothed her unto his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters.

If he have betrothed her unto his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters;' i.e., he shall take care that his son uses her as his wife, that he does not despise or maltreat her.

It will be a great thing if the subject can be introduced into your legislatures in any way, even by women, and they will be the most likely to introduce it there in the best possible manner, as a matter of morals and religion, not of expediency or politics.

Read the first eight verses of the eighteenth chapter of Genesis, and tell me, if you ever saw Gov. McDuffie or any other Southern patriarch (for the governor desires to have all slaveholders looked upon in the character of patriarchs) putting himself on a level with his servants, and "working with his hands," after the manner of Abraham and Sarah? 2d.

The word shall be given by the winner of the same, in the following manner, viz: "Gentlemen are you ready?"

Wilson said, in an angry tone, 'Sit down, or you had better;' and thrust his hand into his bosom, and drew out a large bowie knife, 10 or 11 inches in length, and descended from the Speaker's chair to the floor, with the knife drawn in a menacing manner.

But, sir, as if ashamed of this open position in favor of slavery, they, in a very coy manner, say that some of them are not slaveholders, and might be forbidden by conscience to hold slaves.

Permit me to read a paragraph, worthy an American freeman: "But who would have thought until lately, that any would have doubted the right to petition in a respectful manner to Congress?

Turning from the subject of amendments, the Major entered largely into the consideration of the 9th section, and in the most pathetic and feeling manner, described the miseries of the poor natives of Africa, who are kidnapped and sold for slaves.

I believe I can assign a reason, why that mode of expression was used, and why the term slave was not admitted in this constitutionand as to the manner of laying taxes, this is not the first time that the subject has come into the view of the United States, and of the legislatures of the several states.

I mention these misconstructions, not with a view to give them an answer, for they deserve none; but as specimens of the manner and spirit, in which some have thought fit to conduct their opposition to the proposed government.

He thought that some regulation respecting them was also proper; but it being a different subject, it ought to be taken up in a different manner.

But, why do these men set themselves up, in such a particular manner, against slavery?

It is not a form of words, to be interpreted in any manner, or to any extent, or for the accomplishment of any purpose, that individuals in office under it may determine.

The manner in which the 9th Section was agreed to, by the national convention that formed the constitution, is thus frankly avowed by the Hon.

On the thirtieth and thirty-first of that month, and the first of the ensuing, those articles were debated which determined the proportion or quota of money which each State should furnish to the common treasury, and the manner of voting in Congress.

Writing of the Choctaws, Bartram, in alluding to the ossuary, or bone-house, mentions that so soon as this is filled a general inhumation takes place, in this manner: Then the respective coffins are borne by the nearest relatives of the deceased to the place of interment, where they are all piled one upon another in the form of a pyramid, and the conical hill of earth heaped above.

In like manner, the first pail of milk that is drawn is taken to the grave and poured overย it.

In a case of the kind which occurred at this agency some time ago, the squaws prepared the body in the usual manner; the men of the tribe selected a spot for the burial, and the employee at the agency, after digging a grave and depositing the corpse therein, filled it up according to the fashion of civilized people, and then at the request of the Indians rolled large fragments of rocks on top.

These were deposited in a remarkable manner, precisely similar to that adopted by most of the continental Innuit, but equally different from the modern Aleut fashion.

According to Pinkerton,[30] who took the account from Smith's Virginia, the Werowance of Virginia preserved their dead as follows: In their Temples they have his [their chief God, the Devil's] image euill favouredly carved, and then painted and adorned with chaines of copper, and beads, and covered with a skin, in such manner as the deformitie may well suit with such a God.

The manner of their interment is thus: Aย mole or pyramid of earth is raised, the mould thereof being worked very smooth and even, sometimes higher or lower according to the dignity of the person whose monument it is.

the whole wrapped in deer-skins, the hair of which was shaved off in the manner in which the Indians prepare them for market.

In Cary's translation of Herodotus (1853, p. 180) the following passage occurs which purports to describe the manner in which the Macrobrian Ethiopians preserved their dead.

His eye was wandering sternly, but understandingly, over the scene, though he spoke not, nor in any other manner betrayed the deep interest he felt in the past.

Wilder might have nursed long and vainly, however, on the equivocal manner in which he had been answered, had not the approach of a body of the hostile crew, among whom he instantly recognised the most prominent of the late mutineers of the "Dolphin," speedily supplied a clue to the hidden meaning of their leader.

" Had any doubt remained in the mind of Wilder, as to the meaning of these terrible claimants of justice it would have vanished at the sullen, ominous manner with which he and his two companions were immediately dragged before the lawless chief.

" Strong and nearly unconquerable disgust was apparent in the manner of the youth; but, with a mighty effort, he subdued it, and, turning to the crew, continued, "Then even to these will I humble myself in petitions.

Beware the hour when these things shall be visited, in almighty power on your own devoted head!" "Look!" said the Rover, smiling, but with an expression that was haggard, in spite of the unnatural exultation that struggled about his quivering lip, "here are the evidences of the manner in which Heaven protects the right!"

Turning to the divine, he added, with all the former composure of his wonderful manner, "Forget not your sacred officetime is leaving us."

With a facility, that was in some degree owing to the character of the individual his construction of the other's meaning was favourable to himself, as was quite evident by the manner in which he resumed, "Well, well, mayhap we may.

"They are neither more nor less than the manner in which a circumstance was logged, which is now of no consequence, seeing that the cruise is nearly up with all who are chiefly concerned.

With a haughty gesture of the hand, and a manner that was too well understood to be mistaken, he said, "Disperse!

Adieu!" The manner in which the Rover spoke forbade delay.

"I have seen much and hard service," he replied, "and well do I know that the prudent manner does not dismiss the pilot, until the ship is safely moored.

It has no railway station, no pier, no bandstand, no parade, in fact the old village turns its back upon the sea in an unmistakable manner.

You can't get by without principles, manner, and good behavior.

From her appearance and manner, either might be true.

As I have thus mused along with the reader, a reader I hope not too imaginary, the manner in which the phrase with which I began has recurred to my pen has been no mere accident, nor yet has it been a mere literary device.

" Now such a dialogue as this, if the teacher speaks in a good-humored, though decided manner, would be universally well received in any school.

If, however, exactness and precision in all the operations of a class and of the school are introduced and enforced in the proper manner, that is, by a firm, but mild and good-humored authority, scholars will universally be pleased with them.

The form and manner in which this plan may be adopted is various.

" In the same manner the other columns were designated.

manor 1124 occurrences

She employed a private tutor and again mingled with the lords and ladies, and became one of the sparkling lights of Greensprings Manor.

What was the use of the old ancestral manor near Caistor in Lincolnshire, or the town-house in Park Street, the snug hunting-box at Melton, or the beautiful palm-shaded, flower-embowered villa overlooking the blue southern sea at San Remo?

" Make an end of scraping, purchasing this manor, this field, that house, for this and that child; thou hast enough for thyself and them: "Quod petis hic est, Est Ulubris, animus si te non deficit aequus.

The lord of this manor, in the reign of Henry III. held it by this service, viz.

In one place they saw a pretty old manor.

They were of every varietyhere a castle, there a cottage; then a low manor house appeared, or a mansion, with many small towers.

We understand that the bridal pair will take up their residence with the groom's father, at his stately country-seat, Chelsworth Manor, Suffolk.

The career of the manor system is typical.

Every grant of one thousand, later two thousand acres, was to be made a manor, with its appropriate court to settle differences between lord and tenant, to adjudge civil cases between tenants where the issues involved did not exceed the value of two pounds sterling, and to have cognizance of misdemeanors committed on the manor.

Every grant of one thousand, later two thousand acres, was to be made a manor, with its appropriate court to settle differences between lord and tenant, to adjudge civil cases between tenants where the issues involved did not exceed the value of two pounds sterling, and to have cognizance of misdemeanors committed on the manor.

For St. Clement's Manor, near the mouth of the Potomac, for example, court records between 1659 and 1672 are extant.

St. Clement's was probably almost unique in its perseverance as a true manor; and it probably discarded its medieval machinery not long after the end of the existing record.

" Fifteen minutes before the appointed time Louis Mitchell was fidgeting nervously outside the Filbert Street cold-water "walk-up" known as Geraldine Manor, wondering if Miss Dunlap would notice his clothes.

The Starmen were sitting in a makeshift room under a temporary atmosphere dome on an isolated asteroid, but St. George's courtliness and genuine respect for his visitors made them feel as if they were in a manor house.

She had never known a real friendship in manor womanhad not even sought friendship, because life had taught her that, for her, such things did not exist.

She turned her eyewhich she constrained to be wateryupon the angry Lady of the Manor, and wiped suds from her hands.

he manor-house you could see nothing of it; so thick and dark grew the timber of the gloomy wood about it.

Thus was established the peculiar type of Virginia society, the aristocracy of planters, that dotted the Old Dominion with lordly manor-houses and filled them with gay, ample lifea life almost feudal in its pride and power.

From kindly responses to our notes of inquiry, we also knew that long-suffering Virginia courtesy was not yet quite exhausted, and that it still swung wide the doors of those old manor-houses to even the passing stranger.

And up the stream came ships from "London Towne," spreading soft white clouds of canvas where sail was never seen before; and carrying past the naked Indian in his tepee the sweet-scented powders and the rose brocade that the weed of his peace-pipe had bought for the Lady of the Manor.

From the chart we could tell that somewhere beyond that forest wall, over near the bank of the river, was the old manor-house that we had come chiefly to seeBrandon, one of America's most noted colonial homes.

Henry was a good forager; and we were confident, as his strong strokes carried him from the houseboat shoreward, that he would soon put us in touch with all the necessary sources of supply, so that in the afternoon we could make our visit to the old manor-house.

And there in the dusk and the fire-glow, where shadows half hid and half revealed, where old mahogany now loomed dark and now flashed back the flickering light, where old-time worthies fitfully came and went upon the shadowy, panelled wallswe made our acquaintance with Brandon and with the gracious lady of the manor.


It left little upon the plantation except the old manor-house itself, and that injured and defaced.

On ahead, we could see the great grove in which the manor-house stands, looming up in the midst of the cleared land like a small forest reservation.

" That day when we left the manor-house, we started homeward, or boatward, with our faces set the wrong way; for we wandered first into the old garden.

The attractions of harbour life did not keep us away from the old manor-house.

There were letters and packages for the mistress of the plantation and for the daughter and the son living in the manor-house with her, and also for the other daughter and her husband, Mr. Randolph Cuyler, who live across the lawn in Brandon Cottage with its dormer windows and wistaria-draped veranda.

He had bethought him of a book containing some chapters on Brandon that we had got from the manor-house.

It shows that at that time the central portion of the manor-house had not been built as only two disconnected buildings (the present wings) are given.

We were half way to Brandon when she concluded that it was not the manor-house that she wished to visit first, but the old graveyard.

Back again in the manor-house, we spent our last hour at Brandon; for Gadabout was to sail away next day.

We wondered where the manor-house had stood in those early colonial days when Sir George Yeardley, the governor, made his home here, with many indented servants and half the negroes in the colony to serve him; and where had been the several dwellings and store-houses, stoutly palisaded, that had formed quite a village for his day.

They know how to weave the spells that bring back old manor-houses and gallants and ladies and tall London ships and the vanished scenes of love and of war.

It was the old-time Shirley, the strange, incongruous Shirley that was a bright bit of English manor life within; and, without, wilderness and savages and tobacco-fields and Africans.

Around it, we had travelled six miles since leaving Shirley, and now had the satisfaction of knowing that the old manor-house itself stood just across from these buildings, less than a mile away.

Sir John Forster was governor of it in Elizabeth's reign; and his grandson John obtained a grant of it and the manor from James the First.

THE DARKNESS AT WINDON MANOR, by Max Brand [pseud. of Frederick Faust] (In Argosy magazine)

The manor, by Sara Haardt.

Early manor and plantation houses of Maryland; an architectural and historical compendium, 1634-1800. Introd.

Eleanor was the eldest sister of Edmund, Lord Ros, who resided at the manor-house of Elsinges, in Enfield, Middlesex, where he died without issue in the year 1508.

William the Conqueror and his son Rufus retained the Castle in their own possession; but the third son of William, Henry I., granted it, with the Manor of Framlingham, to Roger Bigod.

After a few years of really perfect domestic bliss Elizabeth and her "Harry" had a rather serious quarrel, which ended in Lord Valmond's going off to shoot big game in the wilds of Africa, leaving Elizabeth, who (in the absence of her mother and her favourite cousin, Octavia, abroad) had taken refuge with her great aunt Maria at Heaviland Manor, in an obstinate and disconsolate frame of mind.

Lord Valmond was two days out on his voyage when Elizabeth wrote to her parent: HEAVILAND MANOR Heaviland Manor Dearest Mamma,I hope you are taking every possible care of Hurstbridge and Ermyntrude and seeing that the sweet angels do not eat pounds of chocolate between meals.

Lord Valmond was two days out on his voyage when Elizabeth wrote to her parent: HEAVILAND MANOR Heaviland Manor Dearest Mamma,I hope you are taking every possible care of Hurstbridge and Ermyntrude and seeing that the sweet angels do not eat pounds of chocolate between meals.

Their women haue their necks, armes and eares decked with rings of siluer, copper, tinne, and with round hoopes made of Iuorie, adorned with amber stones, and with many agats, and they are marked with a great spot of red in their foreheads, and a stroke of red vp to the crowne, and so it runneth three manor of wayes.

A dais-man is still a popular term for an arbitrator in the North, and Domesday-Book (with the name of which I suppose every one to be familiar) is known to be a list of manor-houses.

Amanda was in the Bloom of her Youth and Beauty, when the Lord of the Manor, who often called in at the Farmer's House as he followd his Country Sports, fell passionately in love with her.

He pays and receives visits, and has loitered in publick or in solitude, talking in summer of the town, and in winter of the country, without knowing that his fortune is impaired, till his steward told him this morning, that he could pay the workmen no longer but by mortgaging a manor.

"We were told at Putnam Manor that we might be able to get dinner here," he began.

I'll tell you, madam, it has upon it a very fair manor house; from one side you have in prospect an hanging garden.

all this while a-studying for a name of your manor?

The word may, however, be derived from some man's name, though I can find none at all like it in a long list of tenants upon Hackney Manor that I have searched.

"If you want to know my precise idea," replied Mr. Lindsey, "it's just thisMichael Carstairs and Martin Smeaton are one and the same manor, I should say, were!

"Do you know the lord of the manor?"

Varick Manor is the first house four miles ahead.

Yet, angry and disgusted as I was, there was nothing for me to do except to swallow the humiliation, walk in, and twiddle my thumbs until the boorish lord of the manor waked to greet his invited guest.

I hear the plain folk of the country speak ill of us for the free life we lead at homeI mean the Palatines and the canting Dutch, not our tenants, though what even they may think of the manor house and of us I can only suspect, for they are all rebels at heart, Sir John says, and wear blue noses at the first run o' king's cider.

If Schuyler at Albany knew they visited me, his dragoons would gallop into Varick Manor and hang me to my barn door!

"I'm lord of this manor!"

The passion for cleanliness in the Dutch lies not in their men folk; a Dutch mistress of this manor house had died o' shame long sinceor died o' scrubbing.

My lands, if not already confiscated by rebel commissioners, are occupied by rebels; my manor-houses, my forts, my mills, my tenants' farms are held by the rebels and my revenues denied me.

But Dorothy shook her head, saying that she meant to ride the boundary with us; and the children, after vainly soliciting my company, trooped off towards that same grist-mill in the ravine below the bridge which I had observed on my first arrival at Varick Manor.

And she waved her small cap of silver fox, calling in a clear, sweet voice the Indian cry of triumph, "Kรดue!" VIII RIDING THE BOUNDS For the first half-mile our road lay over that same golden, hilly country, and through the same splendid forests which I had traversed on my way to the manor.

Had it been any other patroon but me, he'd turn his manor-house into a court-house, arrest 'em, try 'em, and hang a few for luck!

"I am summoned to the manor to confer with General Schuyler on this very matter of the Iroquois.

" "Nobody," said I, "goes thirsty or hungry at Varick Manor.

He congratulated me warmly, and asked, in his pleasant way, for news of the manor, yet did not name Dorothy, which surprised me to the verge of resentment.

What do you mean to do with Murphy and Elerson?" "Elerson rides back to the manor with our horses; we've no further use for them here.

I broke the seal and read my orders under the feeble, flickering light: "TEMPORARY HEADQUARTERS, VARICK MANOR, June 1, 1777.

If possible, make Walter Butler also prisoner, and send him to Albany under charge of Timothy Murphy; but, above all, secure the person of Magdalen Brant and send her to Varick Manor under escort of Sir George Covert.

That meant that Beacraft must hang; a most disagreeable feeling came over me, and I tore open the third and last paper, a bulky document, and read it: "VARICK MANOR, "June the 2d.

So at last I felt forced to return to Varick Manor; but the fear of the dread future was in me, and all the hopeless misery of a hopeless passion made of me a coward, so that I shrank from the pain I must surely inflict and endure.

"General Arnold has despatches for you, Captain Ormond," he said; "I am Drummond, Brigade Major; we expected you at Varick Manor on the ninthyou wrote to your cousin, Miss Varick, from Oriskany, you know.

"Colonel George Ormond, on Scout: "SIR,By order of Major-General Gates, commanding this department, you will, upon reception of this order, instantly repair to Varick Manor and report your arrival by express or a native runner to be trusted, preferably an Oneida.

And in my trembling hand I held my written orders to report at Varick Manor.

" "How far are we from the manor?"

"I was ordered to Varick Manor," I said, looking at Sir George.

Nobody chased him; they'll know at the manor by this time; they knew long ago....

I drowsed in the very presence of death; and the stupor settled heavily, bringing, for the first time since I left Varick Manor, rest and immunity from despair or even desire.

Then they seized Sir George and forced him into his saddle, calling on four troopers to pilot him within sight of the manor and shoot him if he attempted to return.

Editor's (Mr. Barmby's) introd., ibid., 4. (Dean) G.W. Kitchen, The Manor of Manydown, Hants Rec.

In 1564 the parishioners of Chagford, Devon, bought from the lord of the manor for ยฃ10 the local markets and fairs, subject to a yearly rent of 16s., which they had always paid as tenants.

Also Kitchen, Manor of Manydown, 172-3 (Lists of delicacies provided at the Wootton ale in 1600.

HUGHENDEN, a parish in Buckinghamshire, in the Chiltern district, 2 m. N. of High Wycombe; is interesting as the seat of Hughenden Manor, for many years the residence of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield.

As I remember her, she was just as much a Southerner as if she had been to the manor born.

Greville Manor, March 13.

Mamma has, I know, some weeks ago, written to Mrs. Hamilton, to tell her Greville Manor is to be sold.

The Manor is to be sold in June: for my sake, mamma ventured to implore my father to dispose of another estate, which has lately become his, instead of this, but he would not listen to her; and I implored her not to harrow her feelings by vain supplications again.

The De Veres, Earls of Oxford, whose names are blazoned in our history, held the manor from the reign of Henry I. till that of Elizabeth, and one of the noble family obtained a charter from Edward III. authorizing his tenants at this place to pass toll-free throughout all England, which grant was confirmed by Elizabeth.

Oh, my dear father!see, Basil, here are his patents of nobilityhere is the certificate of my birthhere are the title-deeds of the manor of Sainte Aulaire!

"He seems a man to live on air!" "My old friend, the last Patroon, left noble assets," continued the Alderman, rubbing his hands; "besides the manor.

Arrived at the manor house, a physician who had been summoned, pronounced Arthur's hurt to be serious, but not dangerous.

During the four succeeding days, the house hold at Riverside manor were much alarmed for Arthur's safety, for a violent fever had ensued, and, to judge from the physician's evasive answers, the event was doubtful.

It was determined that both should leave Riverside manor on the morrow, and that Oriana should be left to commune with her own heart, and take counsel of time and meditation.

#chรขteau#, m., manor house, country seat; # en Espagne#, air castle.

Last year it had dwindled to three hundred and fifty acres, but upon its old land thirty-three homesteads had risen that kept between them sixty-two horses and two hundred and fifty-two cows, beside the sheep, and the manor farm was worth twice as much as before.

"Is the lord of the manor ready for his breakfast?"

Somewhere in it was an old one-story manor house of rambling ells and verandas.