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Many an educated girl comes from the Old World to find a position as governess or teacher, who is taken up in this manner, and is never heard from again, or is only found in the most wretched condition.

To furnish the rooms had cost us comparatively little, as we had brought a complete set of household furniture with us; but paying the rent and completing the arrangements had not left us more than enough to live upon, in the most economical manner, until the 1st of August.

But a bright star soon broke through the clouds, in the shape of Mr. Severance, who came into the parlor directly after dinner, calling for me in so easy and so cordial a manner, that I forgot every thing, and was perfectly happy.

"Resolved, that the committee of the District of Columbia be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law, for the gradual abolition of Slavery in the District, in such manner that no individual shall be injured thereby."

The word shall be given by the winner of the same, in the following manner, viz: "Gentlemen are you ready?"

Wilson said, in an angry tone, 'Sit down, or you had better;' and thrust his hand into his bosom, and drew out a large bowie knife, 10 or 11 inches in length, and descended from the Speaker's chair to the floor, with the knife drawn in a menacing manner.

But, sir, as if ashamed of this open position in favor of slavery, they, in a very coy manner, say that some of them are not slaveholders, and might be forbidden by conscience to hold slaves.

Permit me to read a paragraph, worthy an American freeman: "But who would have thought until lately, that any would have doubted the right to petition in a respectful manner to Congress?

Turning from the subject of amendments, the Major entered largely into the consideration of the 9th section, and in the most pathetic and feeling manner, described the miseries of the poor natives of Africa, who are kidnapped and sold for slaves.

I believe I can assign a reason, why that mode of expression was used, and why the term slave was not admitted in this constitutionand as to the manner of laying taxes, this is not the first time that the subject has come into the view of the United States, and of the legislatures of the several states.

I mention these misconstructions, not with a view to give them an answer, for they deserve none; but as specimens of the manner and spirit, in which some have thought fit to conduct their opposition to the proposed government.

He thought that some regulation respecting them was also proper; but it being a different subject, it ought to be taken up in a different manner.

But, why do these men set themselves up, in such a particular manner, against slavery?

It is not a form of words, to be interpreted in any manner, or to any extent, or for the accomplishment of any purpose, that individuals in office under it may determine.

The manner in which the 9th Section was agreed to, by the national convention that formed the constitution, is thus frankly avowed by the Hon.

On the thirtieth and thirty-first of that month, and the first of the ensuing, those articles were debated which determined the proportion or quota of money which each State should furnish to the common treasury, and the manner of voting in Congress.

His eye was wandering sternly, but understandingly, over the scene, though he spoke not, nor in any other manner betrayed the deep interest he felt in the past.

Wilder might have nursed long and vainly, however, on the equivocal manner in which he had been answered, had not the approach of a body of the hostile crew, among whom he instantly recognised the most prominent of the late mutineers of the "Dolphin," speedily supplied a clue to the hidden meaning of their leader.

" Strong and nearly unconquerable disgust was apparent in the manner of the youth; but, with a mighty effort, he subdued it, and, turning to the crew, continued, "Then even to these will I humble myself in petitions.

"They are neither more nor less than the manner in which a circumstance was logged, which is now of no consequence, seeing that the cruise is nearly up with all who are chiefly concerned.

With a haughty gesture of the hand, and a manner that was too well understood to be mistaken, he said, "Disperse!

You can't get by without principles, manner, and good behavior.

From her appearance and manner, either might be true.

As I have thus mused along with the reader, a reader I hope not too imaginary, the manner in which the phrase with which I began has recurred to my pen has been no mere accident, nor yet has it been a mere literary device.

" Now such a dialogue as this, if the teacher speaks in a good-humored, though decided manner, would be universally well received in any school.

manor 1124 occurrences

What was the use of the old ancestral manor near Caistor in Lincolnshire, or the town-house in Park Street, the snug hunting-box at Melton, or the beautiful palm-shaded, flower-embowered villa overlooking the blue southern sea at San Remo?

" Make an end of scraping, purchasing this manor, this field, that house, for this and that child; thou hast enough for thyself and them: "Quod petis hic est, Est Ulubris, animus si te non deficit aequus.

Every grant of one thousand, later two thousand acres, was to be made a manor, with its appropriate court to settle differences between lord and tenant, to adjudge civil cases between tenants where the issues involved did not exceed the value of two pounds sterling, and to have cognizance of misdemeanors committed on the manor.

St. Clement's was probably almost unique in its perseverance as a true manor; and it probably discarded its medieval machinery not long after the end of the existing record.

The Starmen were sitting in a makeshift room under a temporary atmosphere dome on an isolated asteroid, but St. George's courtliness and genuine respect for his visitors made them feel as if they were in a manor house.

She had never known a real friendship in manor womanhad not even sought friendship, because life had taught her that, for her, such things did not exist.

She turned her eyewhich she constrained to be wateryupon the angry Lady of the Manor, and wiped suds from her hands.

Sir John Forster was governor of it in Elizabeth's reign; and his grandson John obtained a grant of it and the manor from James the First.

THE DARKNESS AT WINDON MANOR, by Max Brand [pseud. of Frederick Faust] (In Argosy magazine)

The manor, by Sara Haardt.

Early manor and plantation houses of Maryland; an architectural and historical compendium, 1634-1800. Introd.

William the Conqueror and his son Rufus retained the Castle in their own possession; but the third son of William, Henry I., granted it, with the Manor of Framlingham, to Roger Bigod.

After a few years of really perfect domestic bliss Elizabeth and her "Harry" had a rather serious quarrel, which ended in Lord Valmond's going off to shoot big game in the wilds of Africa, leaving Elizabeth, who (in the absence of her mother and her favourite cousin, Octavia, abroad) had taken refuge with her great aunt Maria at Heaviland Manor, in an obstinate and disconsolate frame of mind.

Lord Valmond was two days out on his voyage when Elizabeth wrote to her parent: HEAVILAND MANOR Heaviland Manor Dearest Mamma,I hope you are taking every possible care of Hurstbridge and Ermyntrude and seeing that the sweet angels do not eat pounds of chocolate between meals.

Lord Valmond was two days out on his voyage when Elizabeth wrote to her parent: HEAVILAND MANOR Heaviland Manor Dearest Mamma,I hope you are taking every possible care of Hurstbridge and Ermyntrude and seeing that the sweet angels do not eat pounds of chocolate between meals.

Their women haue their necks, armes and eares decked with rings of siluer, copper, tinne, and with round hoopes made of Iuorie, adorned with amber stones, and with many agats, and they are marked with a great spot of red in their foreheads, and a stroke of red vp to the crowne, and so it runneth three manor of wayes.

A dais-man is still a popular term for an arbitrator in the North, and Domesday-Book (with the name of which I suppose every one to be familiar) is known to be a list of manor-houses.

Editor's (Mr. Barmby's) introd., ibid., 4. (Dean) G.W. Kitchen, The Manor of Manydown, Hants Rec.

In 1564 the parishioners of Chagford, Devon, bought from the lord of the manor for £10 the local markets and fairs, subject to a yearly rent of 16s., which they had always paid as tenants.

Also Kitchen, Manor of Manydown, 172-3 (Lists of delicacies provided at the Wootton ale in 1600.

HUGHENDEN, a parish in Buckinghamshire, in the Chiltern district, 2 m. N. of High Wycombe; is interesting as the seat of Hughenden Manor, for many years the residence of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield.

As I remember her, she was just as much a Southerner as if she had been to the manor born.

Greville Manor, March 13.

Mamma has, I know, some weeks ago, written to Mrs. Hamilton, to tell her Greville Manor is to be sold.

The Manor is to be sold in June: for my sake, mamma ventured to implore my father to dispose of another estate, which has lately become his, instead of this, but he would not listen to her; and I implored her not to harrow her feelings by vain supplications again.

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