400 examples of mantelpiece in sentences

The photograph which I took from the mantelpiece and threw into the fire was the photograph of my own cousin.

And then I came back and I saw his picture, my cousin's picture, upon the mantelpiece.

he remarked, taking a cigarette from the mantelpiece and lighting it.

"I should sayvery remarkable, sir!" Bellew took out his pipe again, looked at it very much as if he had never seen such a thing before, and laid it down upon the mantelpiece.

The clock on Wingate's mantelpiece struck one.

If the two gentlemen had faults, unpunctuality was certainly not one of them, for the clock upon the mantelpiece had scarcely finished striking the hour of four, when I heard footsteps in the office outside, and next moment they were shown into my own sanctum.

The doctor, accustomed to rapid decisions and even more rapid action, remembered that a brandy flask stood upon the mantelpiece, and in less than a second he had seized it and was holding it out towards the space above the chair recently occupied by the visible Mudge.

It deadens the vibrations!" cried the faint voice in his interior, as he withdrew the flask and set it back upon the mantelpiece.

At last, just as it touched the picture of the Good Shepherd which hung over the mantelpiece, I heard my aunt snoring in her room, and knew that I was free.

Emma's father and mother was there and two or three of 'er brothers and sisters, but the fust thing that Charlie noticed was a great lump of a man standing by the mantelpiece staring at 'im.

Meagle led the way with the candle, and, first melting a drop or two of tallow, stuck it on the mantelpiece.

" Barnes struck a match and relighting the candle stuck it on the mantelpiece, and sitting down took up his cards again.

Barnes shook him off, and putting the candle back on the mantelpiece, tried again to arouse the sleepers.

With a sudden resolution he snatched the candle from the mantelpiece and held the flame to White's finger.

Collapse of the Putney System Now, just at the end of lunch, over the last stage of which they usually sat a long time, Alice got up quickly, in the midst of her Stilton, and, going to the mantelpiece, took a letter therefrom.

At that moment she caught sight of the corner of a letter lying on the mantelpiece.

Julia got up from her husband's knees and stood by the mantelpiece, leaning upon it.

The furniture throughout was neat and plain: the usual comfortable arm-chairs and sofas, the indispensable clock and mirror over the mantelpiece, and in each fireplace a cheerful wood-fire.

Whose bulging sack is pregnant with delight; Who comest in the middle of the night To stuff distracting playthings in the maws Of stockings never built for infant shins, Suspended from the mantelpiece by pins.

It was a house in a neat little terrace on the outskirts of the town; a house approached by a flight of steep stone steps of spotless purity, and a half-glass door, which opened at once into a bright airy-looking parlour, faintly perfumed with rose-leaves and lavender mouldering in the china vases on the mantelpiece.

There was a ponderous carved-oak bookcase on one side of the room; on all the others the paraphernalia of sportinggunnery and fishing-tackle, small-swords, whips, and boxing-glovesartistically arranged against the panelling; and over the mantelpiece an elaborate collection of meerschaum pipes.

Gilbert Fenton found Jacob Nowell worse; so much worse, that he had been obliged to take to his bed, and was lying in a dull shabby room upstairs, faintly lighted by one tallow candle on the mantelpiece.

Mr. Macready as Othello, in a spangled tunic, with vest of actual satin let into the picture, after the pre-Raphaelite or realistic tendency commonly found in such juvenile works of art, hung over the narrow painted mantelpiece.

Over the mantelpiece hung the picture of the scornful Spanish lady; a heavy bookcase stood in one corner; comfortable chairs and couches were scattered round the room; beautiful landscapes against the wall seemed like windows cut into foreign scenery.

His prayer-book, he thought, would be lying on the mantelpiece in the kitchen, and he hoped to find it with the help of the faint moonlight.

400 examples of  mantelpiece  in sentences