78 examples of market-day in sentences

It was a market-day, and the country-people were all assembled with their baskets of poultry, eggs, and such things; the postilion had no sooner lashed the man who would have taken hold of his horse, but a great cabbage came whirling like a bombshell into the carriage, at which my lord laughed more, for it knocked my lady's fan out of her hand, and plumped into Father Holt's stomach.

It is market-day, and you will probably find him somewhere in the high street for an hour or two to come," answered he.

Saturday is the great market-day of the week, and not only then is the "Place de Strasbourg," at the end of the "Rue du Centre," well crowded, but evenas happens on no other daythe Place Lafayette, in front of the hotel, and the top of the Coustous as well.

On a market-day the streets in the vicinity of the old church, builtpartly in the 12th and finished between the 15th and 16th centuriesby the Templars, assume a wonderfully gay appearance, and towards the back of the church we noticed one old house whose balconies, if a trifle warped and weather-beaten under the thin covering of white paint, were nevertheless bright with pots of geraniums, wallflowers, and stocks.

It must have been market-day at Laruns (233/4 miles), for when we arrived there at noon the streets were so full of carts and people that it was a matter of difficulty to get past.

The next market-day Rauchen encountered the former suitor and publicly charged him with the slander, in such terms as his baseness deserved.

Upon the market-day he is much haunted with urinals, where if he find anything (though he know nothing), yet he will say somewhat, which if it hit to some purpose, with a few fustian words he will seem a piece of strange stuff.

How much such discourses are needed in this place, I leave you to judge from the following extract from the New Orleans Guide: "The greatest market-day is Sunday.

Two days afterwards, when Ned came home to tea, he thought with pleasure that to-morrow was market-day at the town where Mr. Stockwell lived; and he ran in and out twenty times, to look at, and admire, his beautiful apricot-tree.

Besides, it was but two years before that period, that they had come into fierce and open hostility with the planters for abolishing the Sunday market, and giving them no market-day instead thereof.

and you only bought her last market-day.

Every Wednesday, which was market-day in Alcira and brought a great crowd of orchard-folk to town, the street where don Jaime lived was the busiest in the city.

It was not a market-day, but Stephen Whitelaw had announced at dinner-time that he had an appointment at Malsham, and had set out immediately after dinner in the chaise-cart, much to the wonderment of Mrs. Tadman, who was an inveterate gossip, and never easy until she arrived at the bottom of any small household mystery.

"I haven't known him go to Malsham, except of a market-day, not once in a twelvemonth.

It was a market-day, the household work was finished, and Ellen was sitting with Mrs. Tadman in the parlour, where those two spent so many weary hours of their lives, the tedium whereof was relieved only by woman's homely resource, needlework.

It was market-day; Stephen Whitelaw was not expected home till tea-time, and the meal was to be eaten at a later hour than usual.

Truck-garden market-day.

My mother always took him to town on a market-day in a light gig.

On a market-day there is a great bustle; men hustle in and out, with a bluff disregard of conventional politeness, but with no intention of rudeness.

But market-day is a tradition with all classes; even the gentry appear in greater numbers.

They tell me that to-morrow's the market-day, and I thought that you might give me a pass, and let me go out about the town.

He very politely acceded to our request of visiting the bazaar the following morning, which being market-day, the influx of strangers from the Tartar encampments at the different oases of the Bokhara Desert, and country people from the Toorkisth[=a]n mountains, was very great.

The Great Market-day.

There, don't go falling into a flustration; don't now, Esther, and to-morrow market-day and all!

Nearly all choose Wednesday or Thursday, so as not to interfere with the Saturday market-day of the farmers.

78 examples of  market-day  in sentences