6714 examples of marketing in sentences

When the meal was over, Avery generally went marketing while Jeanie dressed, and they then went to the shore.

If there were no marketing to be done, Avery would go down to the beach alone and wait for her there.

The free market came to be understood as just another kind of marketing.

Vote.com, as the name suggests, reduces representative democracy to just another marketing survey.

A new Present for a Servant-Maid: containing Rules for her moral Conduct, both with respect to herself and her Superiors: the whole Art of Cookery, Pickling, and Preserving, &c. With Marketing Tables, and Tables for casting up Expences, &c. By Mrs. Haywood.

Fowler specifically gave his negroes the privilege of marketing their produce and poultry "at suitable leisure times."

The larger of these woodlands, the Tongass National Forest, is estimated to contain 70,000,000,000 board feet of timber ripe for marketing.

Often the farmer errs in marketing his tree crops.

As it is, we take our tea and tobacco and coffee and sugar and wine and oranges and bananas and cheap bread and meat, all as a matter of course, but we could never have enjoyed them if international trade had not brought them to our shores, and if international finance had not quickened and cheapened their growth and transport and marketing.


Scientific marketing management, its principles and methods.

KILLOUGH, HUGH B. The economics of marketing, by Hugh B. Killough & Barrington Associates, Inc.

NYSTROM, PAUL H. Marketing, Salesmanship, Credits, collections.


Dairying problems in production, marketing and management, by Howard Campbell Jackson, Isaac Walker Rupel & Glen Wallace Vergerount.


Rand McNally commercial atlas and marketing guide.

Market and marketing analysis.

Article writing and marketing.

"Does he never sleep?" "Oh, yes, he goes to sleep when it is really dark, but at this nesting season the night in Birdland is very short; some of the feathered people are stirring at three o'clock, and by four all thrifty birds have dressed themselves to go out marketing for breakfast.

The Egyptians regarded work at the loom more as a matter of skill than the Greeks did; and if they allowed the women to do the marketing, that may have been because they preferred to have them carry the heavy burdens and do the harder work, after the fashion of savages and barbarians.

I began driving over to the new railroad to do my marketing, though it was twice as close to go to Monterey Centre.

Within the town the lamps were being lit in the booths, the folks busy marketing, and the watchmen already perambulating the city and crying the hours at the street corners.

He knew that it was a piece of pure hypocrisy to call once or twice a week to see if he could be of any service, when he was aware that Mr. Minford had hired a woman, who lived on the floor below, to do all their household work, marketing, cooking, and general errands.

He gave the order, and Stanislas has gone ashore to buy provisions. Marketing," said Mrs. Mortimer, "is not my husband's strong point, but we'll hope for the best.

6714 examples of  marketing  in sentences