3048 examples of mars in sentences

The fool within mars our play without.

Where'er we in the wide world playing be, Misfortune bears a part, and mars our melody; Impossible to please with music's strain, Our heart-strings broke are, ne'er to be tun'd again.

Thus have I pass'd the beating billows of the sea, By Ithac's rocks and wat'ry Neptune's bounds: And wafted safe from Mars his bloody fields, Where trumpets sound tantara to the fight,

But here, in sight of sacred heav'ns, I swear By all the sorrows of the Stygian souls, By Mars his bloody blade, and fair Bellona's bowers, I vow, these eyes shall ne'er behold my father's face, These feet shall never pass these desert plains; But pilgrim-like, I'll wander in these woods, Until I find out Sopho's secret walks.

About a week after, when his lady was pretty well recovered, Mr. Dryden took occasion to tell her that he had been calculating the child's nativity, and observed, with grief, that he was born in an evil hour, for Jupiter, Venus, and the sun, were all under the earth, and the lord of his ascendant afflicted with a hateful square of Mars and Saturn.

*** "Next to the field of Mars we must pay homage to the forge of Vulcan," said the KAISER in a recent speech.

'Hullo, "Anthony!"' 'Aha, "Charley," how d'ye do?' 'By Jove, "Ferdie," where have you turned up from?' 'Has the "Skipper" arrived?' 'Have any of you seen "Jamie?"' 'Where's big "Mars'" tents?' 'Have any of ye seen my "Bearer?"' 'Has the "Bump" come in?'

On the lid of the coffin is the following inscription: Ici est Le Corps De Très-Haut, Très-Puissant Prince Louis-Antoine-Henri De Bourbon Duc D'Enghien, Prince du Sang Pair de France Mort A Vincennes, Le 21 Mars 1804 A L'age de XXXI Ans VII mois XVIII Jours.

" It has been said of Mars, the God of War, that he was susceptible to the wiles of Venus, even when intent on deeds of daring, so, too, was it true of Condottiere Giovanni de' Medici.

Indeed, in honor of his success he both commanded sacrifices to be voted and performed them, besides constructing a temple of Mars Ultor on the Capitol, in imitation of Jupiter Feretrius, for the offering up of the standards.

These were the exercises in honor of Mars.

'Mademoiselle Mars never did anything better.

The consul, riding up to the place where the fight was most warm, leaped from his horse, and called "Jupiter, Mars, and the other gods to witness, that he had come into that place, not in pursuit of any glory to himself, but of booty for his soldiers; nor could any other fault be charged on him, than too great a solicitude to enrich his soldiers at the expense of the enemy.

They also paved with square stones the roads from the Capuan gate to the temple of Mars.

At Falerii, that the heavens appeared cleft as if with a great chasm; and, that where it had opened, a vast light had shone forth; that the prophetic tablets had spontaneously become less; and that one had fallen out thus inscribed, "Mars shakes his spear."

During the same time, that the statue of Mars at Rome, on the Appian way, had sweated at the sight of images of wolves.

Six couches were seen, for Jupiter and Juno one, for Neptune and Minerva another, for Mars and Venus a third, for Apollo and Diana a fourth, for Vulcan and Vesta a fifth, for Mercury and Ceres a sixth.

Our first object should be to ascertain and trace the north boundary of Nova Scotia, which is the south boundary of the Province of Quebec, and see if Canada comes as far down as Mars Hill.

O Mars, battle's Lord!

Among Frenchmen, the author of "Cinq Mars" may be cited as a tolerably successful one.

He had even learned how to use many of the asteroid's capabilities, and then had made it the base for his foolish attempt to take over Mars.

How could you miss seeing that the three Starmen who completely destroyed our plans on Mars were your passengers for three days!

Within an hour of the impact, Lurton Zimbardo opened a channel that allowed him to speak through nearly every communication system on Mars.

Gene had previously discovered a method for entering and using all communication bands on Mars except those that were most closely guarded.

The chessboard of Mars.

3048 examples of  mars  in sentences