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3971 example sentences with  mars

3971 example sentences with mars

Hearken, thou shalt hear a noise Shall fill the air with a shrilling sound, And thunder music to the gods above: Mars shall himself breathe down A peerless crown upon brave Envy's head, And raise his chival with a lasting fame.

In bloodiest battle since the days of Mars!

A Suggested Experiment to Illustrate the 'Canals' of Mars.

Such a series of experiments would probably throw further light on the physical conditions which have produced the gigantic system of fissures or channels we see upon the surface of Mars, though it would not, of course, prove that such conditions actually existed there.

The one great feature of Mars which led Mr. Lowell to adopt the view of its being inhabited by a race of highly intelligent beings, and, with ever-increasing discovery to uphold this theory to the present time, is undoubtedly that of the so-called 'canals'their straightness, their enormous length, their great abundance, and their extension over the planet's whole surface from one polar snow-cap to the other.

How, with such a desert as he describes three-fourths of Mars to be, did the inhabitants ever get to know anything of the equatorial regions and its needs, so as to start right away to supply those needs?

He also fails to consider the difficulty, that, if these canals are necessary for existence in Mars, how did the inhabitants ever reach a sufficiently large population with surplus food and leisure enabling them to rise from the low condition of savages to one of civilisation, and ultimately to scientific knowledge?

Further Considerations on the Climate of Mars.

Surely this phenomenon, everywhere manifested on the earth even under the equator, of a regular decrease of temperature with altitude, the only cause of which is a less dense atmosphere, should have been fairly grappled with, and some attempt made to show why it should not apply to Mars, except the weak remark that on a level surface it will not have the same effect as on exposed mountain heights.

It will be seen that this lower rate would bring the temperature of Mars at the equator down to 20ยฐ F. below the freezing point of water from this cause alone.

It is therefore certain that the combined effect of both causes must bring the temperature of Mars down to at least 70ยฐ or 80ยฐbelow the freezing point.

What this lowering is can be seen in the universal fact, that even within the tropics perpetual snow covers the higher mountain summits, while on the high plains of the Andes, at 15,000 or 16,000 feet altitude, where there is very little or no snow, travellers are often frozen to death when delayed by storms; yet at this elevation the atmosphere has much more than double the density of that of Mars!

The error in Mr. Lowell's argument is, that he claims for the scanty atmosphere of Mars that it allows more sun-heat to reach the surface; but he omits to take account of the enormously increased loss of heat by direct radiation, as well as by the diminution of air-radiation, which together necessarily produce a great reduction of temperature.

It is this great principle of the prepotency of radiation over absorption with a diminishing atmosphere that explains the excessively low temperature of the moon's surface, a fact which also serves to indicate a very low temperature for Mars, as I have shown in Chapter VI.

These two independent argumentsfrom alpine temperatures and from those of the moonsupport and enforce each other, and afford a conclusive proof (as against anything advanced by Mr. Lowell) that the temperature of Mars must be far too low to support animal life.

A third independent argument leading to the same result is Dr. Johnstone Stoney's proof that aqueous vapour cannot exist on Mars; and this fact Mr. Lowell does not attempt to controvert.

To put the whole case in the fewest possible words: All physicists are agreed that, owing to the distance of Mars from the sun, it would have a mean temperature of about-35ยฐ F. (= 456ยฐ F. abs.)

But the very low temperatures on the earth under the equator, at a height where the barometer stands at about three times as high as on Mars, proves, that from scantiness of atmosphere alone Mars cannot possibly have a temperature as high as the freezing point of water; and this proof is supported by Langley's determination of the low maximum temperature of the full moon.

But the very low temperatures on the earth under the equator, at a height where the barometer stands at about three times as high as on Mars, proves, that from scantiness of atmosphere alone Mars cannot possibly have a temperature as high as the freezing point of water; and this proof is supported by Langley's determination of the low maximum temperature of the full moon.

The combination of these two results must bring down the temperature of Mars to a degree wholly incompatible with the existence of animal life.

(3) The quite independent proof that water-vapour cannot exist on Mars, and that therefore, the first essential of organic lifewateris non-existent.

Mars, therefore, is not only uninhabited by intelligent beings such as Mr. Lowell postulates, but is absolutely UNINH

It has this name perhaps because it received the images of many gods and among them the statues of Mars and Venus; but my own opinion is that the name is due to its round shape, like the sky.

Indeed, in honor of his success he both commanded sacrifices to be voted and performed them, besides constructing a temple of Mars Ultor on the Capitol, in imitation of Jupiter Feretrius, for the offering up of the standards.

Has Mars, who presided at the town-hall, a seat in the lecture-room of this Theological Seminary?

They also paved with square stones the roads from the Capuan gate to the temple of Mars.

In the same year the paving of the road from the temple of Mars to Bovillae was completed by the curule aediles, who exhibited those games out of fines levied on the farmers of the pastures.

Aulus Postumius, consul, being priest of Mars, forcibly detained in the city by Caecilius Metellus, the high priest, and not suffered to go forth to war, being obliged by law to attend to the sacred duties of his office.

Nor was this boy the leader, but his father Hamilcar himself, a second Mars, as these people would have it: but we had not refrained from Tarentum, that is, from Italy, according to the treaty; as now we do not refrain from Saguntum.

At Falerii, that the heavens appeared cleft as if with a great chasm; and, that where it had opened, a vast light had shone forth; that the prophetic tablets had spontaneously become less; and that one had fallen out thus inscribed, "Mars shakes his spear."

During the same time, that the statue of Mars at Rome, on the Appian way, had sweated at the sight of images of wolves.

Six couches were seen, for Jupiter and Juno one, for Neptune and Minerva another, for Mars and Venus a third, for Apollo and Diana a fourth, for Vulcan and Vesta a fifth, for Mercury and Ceres a sixth.

This curiosity of the French was particularly exhibited when the kings of the first royal dynasty held their Champs de Mars, the kings of the second dynasty their Cours Pleniรจres, and the kings of the third dynasty their Cours Couronnรฉes.

The Champ de Mars was one of the principal fรชtes of the year, and was held sometimes in the centre of some large town, sometimes in a royal domain, and sometimes in the open country.

Charlemagne also held Champs de Mars, but called them Cours Royales, at which he appeared dressed in cloth of gold studded all over with pearls and precious stones.

The present generation seem unwilling to "realize" by slow and sure degrees; but choose rather to set their whole hopes upon a single cast, which either makes or mars them forever!

The situation is on a wide avenue and central for many purposes; close to the Champs Elysรฉes, near also to the Bois de Boulogne, and within a few minutes walk of the Champ de Mars, so that we shall be most eligibly situated to visit the great Exposition when it opens in April.

Besides these sons of Mars, Cuba has considered her history enriched by the achievements of colored men in peaceful walks of life.

"Make room | for the com | -bat, make room; Sound the trum | -pet and drum; A fair | -er than Ve | -nus prepares To encoun | -ter a great | -er than Mars.

"Let trum |-pets and tym |-b~als, Let at~a |bals and cym |-b~als, Let drums | and let haut |-boys give o |-v~er; B~ut l~et fl=utes, And l~et l=utes Our pas |-sions excite To gent |-ler delight, And ev |-ery Mars | be a lov |-~er.

"Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars Hill, and said," &c.Scott cor.

[Sidenote: The Field of Mars.]

The time for the celebration of the funeral ceremonies was made known by proclamation, and, as the concourse of strangers and citizens of Rome was likely to be so great as to forbid the forming of all into one procession without consuming more than one day, the various classes of the community were invited to come, each in their own way, to the Field of Mars, bringing with them such insignia, offerings, and oblations as they pleased.

The Field of Mars was an immense parade ground, reserved for military reviews, spectacles, and shows.

The bed was then taken up, with the body upon it, and borne out into the Forum, preparatory to conveying it to the pile which had been prepared for it upon the Field of Mars, A question, however, here arose among the multitude assembled in respect to the proper place for burning the body.

He had the whole county from Arkadelphia clean down to Princeton and Tulipour old mars did.

And tho in these ancient religions that await the Bridegroom, the mortal stains the immortal and the human mars the beauty of the divine, in the light of His appearing they will assume new attitudes and receive His quickening and thrill with His pulse.

"Comrades," cried a soldier, "flight and death are on the side where you see stretched on the ground the hind of Diana; the wolf belongs to Mars; he is unwounded, and reminds us of our father and founder; we shall conquer even as he."

He halted, placed a javelin beneath his feet, and covering his head with a fold of his robe, and supporting his chin on his right hand, repeated after the pontiff this sacred form of words: "Janus, Jupiter, our father Mars, Quirinus, Bellona, Lares, .

In armor clad, like maddened Mars he moves; The trembling Huguenot cowers at his glance; A prop for holy church is his good lance; His eye is ever mild to those he loves.

the fancy-created deity, the wreath of fame, and all that poets have imagined to decorate the horrors of war, are not necessary to tempt the gross barbarity of the Parisian: he seeks not glory, but carnagehis incentive is the groans of defenceless victimshe inlists under the standard of the Guillotine, and acknowledges the executioner for his tutelary Mars.

They have found everywhere a platform already erected, like that on which Paul stood in the midst of Mars Hill, and on which they could stand and say to heathen communities, "Him whom ye ignorantly worship declare I unto you!

The Loves of Mars and Venus; a Masque set to Music, performed at the Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, 1696; dedicated to colonel Codrington.

From 1892-1896 pupil of Laurens and Raphael Collin in Paris, where her works were hung on the line at the New Gallery, Champ de Mars.

"And to what planet is my lord a satellite?" "Nay, I know not; thou dost question of one who knows little of astronomy; but I think perhaps Mars, as the planet doth resemble earth more closely than any other.

"Mars' George," murmured the old man, "yo' look lak yo' is gwine wed wif mah li'l Miss Dorry."

"No, suh, I ain' no fool, Mars' George.

"Mars' George, yo' is wearin' yo' weddin'-ring now!

"Yaas, suh; dey sho' is, Mars' George," he insisted, still chuckling.

"'Scuse me, Mars' George, suh," he said, humbly.

Mars' George" He hesitated, looking up at me with gentle, dim eyes.

Cato,' she say, 'whar Mars' George?'

"Den she rub an' rub, but, bless yo' heart, Mars' George!

Is you a-weepin', Mars' George?" "Oh, Cato, Cato!"

"What dey do to mah l'il Mars' George?" he said, soothingly.

Mars' George, yo' is dess boun' to wed, suh!

I assure you, he had the form of Hercules, the eye of Mars.

This defalcation to the common cause was apparently unnoticed at the time, but was made the subject of remark, and subsequently of a challenge by the Mars of the family, as Gregory denominated Major Favrauda challenge which circumstances compelled Captain Wentworth reluctantly to accept.

Under the directions of the same commissioner the line claimed by Great Britain from Mars Hill and that recently chosen by Messrs. Mudge and Featherstonhaugh have been surveyed westward from the meridian line to the highlands near the head waters of the Aroostook, and the necessary data obtained for the construction of a correct map of that portion of country.

So far, however, from this being the case, 26 miles out of the 32 between the base of Parks Ridge, near Houlton, and the river Des Chutes (6 miles north of the latitude of Mars Hill) have actually been found to be below the level of the monument and intersected by swamps covered with a thick growth of cedar and other timber common to such land, extremely difficult to cut away.

In the midst of this, and at a distance of nearly 30 miles, Mars Hill alone breaks the monotonous prospect, and from its isolated position assumes to the eye an importance to which its altitude of less than 1,800 feet would not otherwise entitle it.

This is a prolongation of Mars Hill toward the north, and, being both of less height and breadth than that mountain, is hidden by it from the view of a spectator on Parks Hill.

Mars Hill is itself an isolated eminence, and is in fact nearly an island, for the Presque Isle and Gissiguit rivers, running the one to the north and the other to the south of it, have branches which take their rise in the same swamp on its northwestern side.

Mars Hill would then have appeared to be in truth as well as in claim the northwest angle of the Province of Nova Scotia; and although the rest of the line would not have fulfilled the conditions, the United States might by an arbitrator have been compelled to accept this point as the beginning of their boundary.

The British commissioners, although they give a profile of this ridge, do not pretend to have examined it except at Mars Hill, near the Aroostook, and at the Grand Falls of the St. John.

If received, they would have set aside the pretensions that a continuous ridge of mountains existed between the Metjarmette portage and Mars Hill.

On the other hand, the course of Messrs. Mudge and Featherstonhaugh being confined, except where they ascended Mars Hill, to the valleys of the streams, they were for the most part excluded from a prospect.

In describing the view from Mars Hill, however, they have pictured in most accurate terms the true features of the country: "The character of the country may be well discerned and understood from this insulated hill.

This is, like Mars Hill, isolated, and affords an extensive view.

To the north and west the prospect is bounded by a continuous line of horizon, which, instead of being obviously below the level of the eye, as in the view of the disputed territory from Mars Hill, is evidently of even greater height than the Green River Mountain itself.

A dust devil on Mars, seen from space.

An artist's idea of what ancient Mars may have looked like, based on geological data.

It was the first successful mission to Mars.

It was written by Mars, Ronson, Jeff Bhasker, Philip Lawrence, Devon Gallaspy, Lonnie Simmons, Rudolph Taylor, and Robert, Ronnie, and Charlie Wilson.

It will explore Mars with greater range than any other rover.

Megaflooding on Earth and Mars.

This is earth, weโ€™re not in dream land neither are we in MARSโ€ฆ.

This summer, four missions are scheduled to launch to Mars.

This summer the planets favorably align for spacecrafts to reach Mars with the least amount of fuel.

Though not directly involved in the NASA mission, scientists like Udry and UNLV professor Christopher Adcock will be able to use that to do computer modeling and answer their own questions about Mars geology.

Tomorrow, harmonious Venus makes a supportive connection with fiery Mars, which is already in a tense link with restrictive Saturn.

Two get a crew for off Mars would require 55,000 pounds of oxygen to produce thrust from 15,000 pounds rocket fuel.

AT least 110 humans would be needed to start a new civilisation on Mars, a study has calculated.

A whopping 174 seismic events have been recorded by the landerโ€™s seismometer on Mars, indicating an active plate with intriguing tectonics.

Venus wants you to travel for pleasure; while Mars wants you to be saucy and courageous about doing your own thing!

But do take a break and check out the Moon and Mars on the 25th.

But Mars has another side if we can rally our inner forces.

Clint was a founding member of the leadership team at Mars Hill Ministries.

Almond isn't interested in ""The Big Three"" (Nestle, Hershey's and Mars).

The kids imagine they are exploring planet Mars when they go, and with the red sand and barren landscape I donโ€™t think they are too far off.