3048 examples of mars in sentences

I question not but Milton in his Description of his furious Moloch flying from the Battel, and bellowing with the Wound he had received, had his Eye on Mars in the Iliad; who, upon his being wounded, is represented as retiring out of the Fight, and making an Outcry louder than that of a whole Army when it begins the Charge.

Mars animates the contending Armies, and lifts up his Voice in such a manner, that it is heard distinctly amidst all the Shouts and Confusion of the Fight.

Homer afterwards describes Vulcan as pouring down a Storm of Fire upon the River Xanthus, and Minerva as throwing a Rock at Mars; who, he tells us, cover'd seven Acres in his Fall.

Another tattered rhymster in the ring, With but the old plea to the sneering schools, That on him too, some secret night in spring Came the old frenzy of a hundred fools To make some thing: the old want dark and deep, The thirst of men, the hunger of the stars, Since first it tinged even the Eternal's sleep, With monstrous dreams of trees and towns and mars.

At the Salon of the Champ de Mars she exhibited a portrait in pastel, in 1901; at exhibitions of the Society of American Artists in 1898 and 1899 she exhibited miniatures; also pictures in oils at Worcester, 1903.

Prions seulement Calliope, Qu'elle inspire nos vers, nos chants Laissons Mars et toute la gloire; Livrons nous tous à l'amour; Que Bacchus nous donne à boire; A ces deux faisons la cour.

If a divine should begin his sermon with a solemn prayer to Bacchus or Apollo, to Mars or Venus, what would the people think of their preacher?

It has been sometimes thought that the description of Mars in the lap of Venus, in stanzas 122-3, suggested Botticelli's picture in the National Gallery; but, though the lines are worthy of having inspired even a more successful example of the painter's art, the resemblance is in this case too general to warrant any such conclusion.

The worship of Mars by the Venus of the white cap is one of the few vital religions left to this devoutless age.

"Who are the others?" "Waal, dey is Miss Celia, an' Mars' Harry, an' Mars' Ruyven, an' Mars' Sam'l, an' de babby, li'l Mars' Benny.

Yaas, suh, h'its dat-a-way; h'it sho' is, Mars' Ormond.

H'it dat-a-way, Mars' George, suh, h'it jess natch'ly dat-a-way in dishyere worldday, night, mo' day.

"Oh," said I, watching him, "am I to go forest-running to-day?" "Mars' Varick gwine ride de boun's," he announced, cheerfully.

"Aunt Tulip," I said, gravely, "are you voodoo?" "Folks says ah is, Mars' Ormon'," she said, in her soft Georgia accent.

"No, suh, I ain' no fool, Mars' George.

"Mars' George, yo' is wearin' yo' weddin'-ring now!" "A ring!

"Yaas, suh; dey sho' is, Mars' George," he insisted, still chuckling.

"'Scuse me, Mars' George, suh," he said, humbly.

Mars' George" He hesitated, looking up at me with gentle, dim eyes.

"Den she rub an' rub, but, bless yo' heart, Mars' George!

Is you a-weepin', Mars' George?" "Oh, Cato, Cato!"

"What dey do to mah l'il Mars' George?" he said, soothingly.

Dar de ghos'-ring! Mars' George, yo' is dess boun' to wed, suh!

As, I ween, was never seen 585 In bloodiest battle since the days of Mars!

The various tentacles of the German spy system, its checks and counter-checks, whereby one spy watches another; whereby the naval spy system has no connection with the military spy system, and the political with neither, greatly mars its utility.

3048 examples of  mars  in sentences